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  1. congrats to those who got in already. Does anyone know how many seats are there for Oakland campus?
  2. I am going to withdraw my offer for waitlist from this school because I got into another school closer to my home. Hopefully this will help you guys in the waitlist pool. Good luck everyone! Don't give up.
  3. Hey. not working today. Hopefully you got your email soon! best of luck!
  4. yup. got waitlisted as well. interviewed on oct 26. I knew it. Once you were not selected days after the interview, you are more likely to be on the waitlist.
  5. Hi. How do they send out invites ?call or text ?
  6. Congrats! Did you get into Oakland or Fresno?
  7. Same here lol haven’t heard anything yet.
  8. hey thank you for your words of wisdom. I really appreciate that. Yeah. Being in this position sucks. But we are all keeping our hopes up! You are my inspiration. You must have good interview skills.
  9. Mannnn. I have a feeling that if you don't get call within days after each interview session, we are more likely to be put on the waitlist or rejected. Or at least we got higher chances to be on the waitlist.
  10. Yes and according to my interview group, lots of people like this school a lot so chances are not looking good for us =/
  11. ya. what a bummer. I got waitlisted too. all those wait for nothing but waitlisted. =/
  12. congrats! Which campus did you get accepted? Oakland or Fresno?
  13. I got a weird email from them saying that they didn't receive my supplemental application. But when I looked on the website, application was submitted and also paid. SO they were saying my application was withdrawn. I called them and left a voice mail. Did anyone receive this kind of email?
  14. May I ask how did they send out the invite?

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