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  1. Not me yet. I’m concerned as well. I submitted in early nov
  2. Hey my fellow RT. I’m aLSO RT. I had the interview back in November. I haven’t hear anything yet. Good luck to you. You Will do good
  3. Hey thanks for the info. I appreciate it !
  4. Congrats again on those who got acceptance call/email. I am one of those people who didn't hear anything back from the program after the NOV 17 Interview. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Is it wise to send an email to the program and ask perhaps? What do you think ?
  5. I got the invite for dec 8th! so Excited now!
  6. got an interview invite today for Dec 8th!
  7. Same here. Waitlisted. Although I m not a fan of waitlists, I will keep my hopes up! Good luck everyone! It's been such a journey like a rollercoaster.
  8. Don't worry. They said they still have 1 more interview to come next month.
  9. and Congrats to those who got accepted already. Great job guys. Hopefully, i get to be your classmates coming fall!
  10. I will see those who are going to be interviewed on 11.17 sat. Can anyone tell me what's the interview process is like?
  11. It's been almost 2 week guys. Has anyone hear back from the program yet? im getting anxious now.
  12. Maybe your personal statement needs to show them that you are passionate about PA. Did you use the prePA resources that have essay review services? here is one of the good ones. https://www.thepaplatform.com
  13. Just got my 2nd invite too. GOOD JOB everyone! We can do this. And for those who didn't get it, don't give up!
  14. hi. Does anyone know when is their last interview session after 11/6? or that is the last one? I am still waiting and haven't hear anything from them after the supplemental application.
  15. Nope not yet! I was hoping by today (Friday the 2nd), ....oh well...let's keep our hopes up!

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