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  1. That's one good thing about Stanford b/c NP are not under their nursing union. so NP and PA starts the same way. While the UC systems are heavily based on their nursing union.
  2. Don't worry. I saw this. Tuition is about $130K, which is ridiculous. Ya I know but I only got into this school so no choice for me. But it's a great school with strong foundation. The technology that they use here is amazing. A few people got $6000 from 2 scholarships that comes with the application. You can apply for more by yourself. Their interview process is the easiest one so far, that's what I think. Good luck and I hope you get into the school that you want it. I hope that I answer your question.
  3. I got the email as well. 52/60. What in the world would people think that 51 people above me will give up the seat ?LOL There is no way that I would get into this school this cycle. I don't understand why would they keep 60 people on the waitlist. Anyways. congrats to people who got in already and those who are on the waitlist, keep your hopes up. Start preparing for next cycle also! Good luck everyone!
  4. no luck today. I remember Dr. De Rosa telling me that we all will get it back by March 1. But no calls no emails today.
  5. So today the day. The last day we will Hear back from them. Hopefully.
  6. Hey congrats man. Did you get a call today? Which SMU campus did you get in? Fresno or Oakland. ?
  7. ah man. I see the # of group members to 44 on facebook, which means that Oakland is now full.
  8. congrats to those who got in already. Does anyone know how many seats are there for Oakland campus?
  9. I am going to withdraw my offer for waitlist from this school because I got into another school closer to my home. Hopefully this will help you guys in the waitlist pool. Good luck everyone! Don't give up.
  10. Hey. not working today. Hopefully you got your email soon! best of luck!
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