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    • Yeah that’s about right.   In my PGY-1 pediatric year, I did: 3 weeks pediatric heme onc 1 week pediatric BMT 4 weeks Neonatal icu 3 weeks pediatric icu 1 week cardiac icu 4 weeks pediatric cardiology 4 week pediatric emergency medicine 4 weeks nursery 12 weeks general wards 4 weeks pediatric specialty (either liver, GI, endocrinology, nephrology, rheumatology, or Pulmonology based on preference and availability) 4 weeks developmental-behavior pediatrics 4 weeks clinic 1 week genetics  3 weeks vacation I think that’s roughly right, with minor changes (based on my memory not being perfect).  We also had clinic half days per week most weeks except on ICU duty.   Working in an office for five years would not be equivalent and the board wouldn’t grant a physician (say board certified in internal medicine) who worked in a pediatrics office for five years credit for PGY-1 in pediatrics.    Im all for PAs taking steps and applying for residencies but I don’t think in the vast majority of cases, the boards will accept exprience or training done in non ACGME certified physician residency programs for credit. 
    • The real question people should ask is what is the incentive for medical schools to offer something like this and go through the hassle of administering it, approving it and running it all the while missing out on extra years of tuition?  If schools were hurting for qualified med students, it's one thing....but the number of applications to spots is quite high and med schools have a very rigorous criteria to be accredited so spots are always going to be limited (unlike some other fields where it is easy to open up a school).
    • Will never happen under any circumstance.  The board specialties will never approve it.  EVER.  In the past 5-10 years, they've actually gotten rid of a lot of practice pathways and combined programs.  They want a standard, structured pathway to board certification.  You are much more likely to get lessening of medical school requirements rather than residency requirements.
    • Same, but hopefully we’ll hear good news soon! 😬🤪

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