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    • One of their representatives was at our grad fair yesterday and I asked her when we should be hearing back. She said that they had a record number of applicants and so it’s been taking a little longer to go through all of them, so it might be a little later this year. 
    • I interviewed on 9/7 in the afternoon and was waitlisted as well! Good luck to everyone going forward! 
    • hi everyone! i’m going to be applying in 2019, and I know this seems unrelated, but does anyone know what the total tuition is for the program currently? the way it is displayed on the program website isn’t making sense to me! 
    • Go and shadow.... In a small practice personalities and compatibilities matter a LOT.  I would be appalled if a job hired me off the resume and didn't do much interviewing.  You need to work well together - this is as much for you as it is for him.  I interviewed with 6 people for my current position, half of which I won't even be working closely with (if at all) but it gave me a better idea of the practice as a whole.   Without knowing all the details I'm inclined to think the MD kept the second one informal as a way to get to know you and assess how well you'd mesh without the pressure of canned interview question/responses.  A private practice is a different ballgame than an urgent care factory.
    • When was the interview date they invited you for ? I am anxiously waiting to hear something. I haven’t received a rejection in the mail so I know that’s a good thing. I’m just nervous about getting a call. 

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