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  1. Got an email today -- Ive been accepted off waitlist!!!!
  2. I also received a call asking about my fall grades. im assuming its good to get a call as opposed to a rejection!
  3. U didn't eat cheesecake with me but you'll have plenty opportunity to lol
  4. Accepted!!!! Got my package today :))) good luck to all of you and CONGRATS to all accepted - cant wait to meet you!!!
  5. ACCEPTED!!!! Just got my package today! My name is Ashley and I live 30 min away from school in Bowie. I look forward to meeting you! I'm too excited right now :))))))
  6. Congratulations! What group were you in? Should I look for large or small letter???
  7. I'm in MD - just checked my mail and didn't get anything! Maybe tomorrow.... I'll hold my breath for another day
  8. I called the admissions office and I was told that they would call in December to schedule January interviews. The person I spoke with also said they are looking to have two more interview sessions - Jan & Feb. I'm crossing my fingers!!
  9. That's great to know! My application was received at the beginning of August and I havent heard back. I spoke with the Admissions Director last week and she said I met the screening criteria but they have a lot of applications and mine had not been reviewed. She told me not to worry because they interview through Jan or February. Still get worried because some have applied after me and received interviews. Like Beeazy - I'd rather get the rejection sooner rather than later!
  10. Im still waiting :( Havent heard anything since 8/17 saying I was under review --- I guess it could be worse so I'm not counting myself out just yet!!! Good luck to all of you and congrats!
  11. I got an email today saying that my supplemental app was reviewed and processed by the admissions committee and "You will be receiving notification regarding interview selection no later than the end of October 2012. If you have any questions, please contact Inbal Neun at 410-777-7493 or ineun@aacc.edu." Did anyone else get this email???
  12. Congrats Lioness21!!! I am still holding my breath and waiting to hear something back. My application is being reviewed. When did u submit CASPA and supplemental? How long did it take to get the invite afterward?
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