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  1. Still would do PA. The PA training and model is definitely for me. While the NP laws are nice the far majority of PAs are not in primary care or an out patient setting where this would make tremendous difference. How many APRN has you seen put up a shingle and have a successful private practice ? PAs need to improve the brand and push for greater autonomy and even indep in primary care. This is essential for the profession.
  2. i believe there is some safety data to support treating UTI over phone However a sexual history over the phone is not that easy and chlamydia can present like a simple UTI and cause PID/infertility if not treated properly Our society has selected a fee for service health system. Why are we delivering this service outside of an office visit over the phone ? More importantly you cannot differentiate viral vs. bacterial over the phone for a URI. I do not treat people over the phone. It is irresponsible on so many accounts.
  3. a polite email stating this is not a great idea for the following reasons .... thank the student very much and indicate it will be spent on a charity toy or staff makes a lot of sense to me. if you precept a lot of students and this issue comes up again you could mention it to the PA program that they should address the issue in student guidelines handbook
  4. see the PA literature section I started above. The literature on PA quality of care is terribly inadequate given the role we are about to play in the health care system.
  5. agreed unregulated had a nice post. however i disagree with one element. PAs HAVE NOT completed training following PA school. Training is on the job and requires mentorship. PAs do not receive formalized residency training and that IN PERSON HANDS ON tutelage is essential to clinical competency. PAs need to receive that experience through employment. many physicians .. perhaps even the one hiring you .. do not understand the limitations of a new grad PA. Even a physician who worked with PAs in the past might not be aware. We all know PAs who practice as good with as much command as attending physician's. If this is what the MD had been exposed to during his training he may think PAs at all levels of experience are similar. The MD training model does not lend itself to understanding the PA on the job model.
  6. Does not sound like a great situation. What if you want someone to look at a rash or ECG ? Do you send photos to the SP ? I learned a lot discussing patient presentation and bringing colleagues into the exam room for a second look. Unless you were an RN or military medic for 20 years I would have very strong hesitations about this. Has the physician operated like this before? he may not even recognize all the barriers which could come up this way.
  7. much of this discussion depends on how aware patients are of the policy in my prior practice I would give all patients a HAND WRITTEN copy of the late policy which they had to sign agreement towards. They were advised if they did not show up on time they would be billed a 50 no show fee and would not be seen that day. We considered late missing the appointment ... so showing up 15+ minutes late.
  8. pay attention to the cost ..... if all you save once you factor in the cost of a masters elsewhere is less than 10 thousand dollars ... it might be worth the expense to go where you want and will have the best experience. That being said I am sure many CC PA programs offer a good experience. I can also guarantee you will be doing that masters in the near future. The question is will you be doing a doctorate of PA as well hah.
  9. what is the cost for insurance ?? If you have dependents you could be paying hundreds of dollars each month.
  10. big movement towards masters as the terminal degree. some states require masters for license. it is likely PA programs will be required to deliver masters degree in near future. generally CC partner with another University to offer a masters. i would investigate your options and how current students rate that experience.
  11. nice job. ill make another annual PAFT donation.
  12. It is all about business and dollars ... the MD wants to keep the business going .... We need our own PR campaigns and to show how ridiculous from an economic and health perspective a physician led model is. Also the bridge programs just further this statement. How can a PA manage patients when PAs need to go back to school and complete residency to be an MD ?
  13. it should look like joining PAFT and advocating for PA professional advancement. And being the best clinician in your practice.
  14. focus on developing PA profession. Advocating for PA to MD programs is ridiculous. Further damaging our healthcare system. We need PA and APRN to grow to manage general medicine and assist physician driver specialty care. Total waste of time and money. I hope federal funds are not supporting this in anyway. Lets focus on a proven cost effective model.
  15. The education does not sound as robust through the fnp You must recognize that When you see a pa and fnp program compared like that it raises flags for the indep practice movement That said fnp appears the way to go especially if you have strong hce. It sounds like you do Too bad Stanford medical school does not award a masters degree. Sounds like an odd design You are making the right call. Maybe do a residency after graduation
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