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Found 21 results

  1. Hello! Would love some advice from other prospective PA students. It is November, and I am still waiting to hear from six schools. I have been rejected from four. No interviews yet. Overall GPA: 3.0 Science: 2.9 HCE/PCE: >1000 Medical Scribe hours in ER and outpatient urology Volunteer: 900 hours with mission trip to Romania orphanage, soup kitchen, youth camp, community cleanup, etc. Also have 150 shadowing NP, Dr, and PA in different specialties And thousands of hours with extracurriculars: dance, college clubs (medical and science), tutoring, and was a TA for ana
  2. Hello! I am currently waitlisted at two schools. I am sitting at #9 on the waitlist at one and unsure where I am at the second program. The second program does not give any information on where the student is on the list, but they do inform us that it is ranked based off of our interview score. I am getting extremely impatient but am trying to stay positive!! I was wondering if I should reach out to the second program to inform them of any changes to my application since my interview date in September. I have gained about 450 PCE hours and have started volunteering again. Do you think it
  3. Was just accepted off the waitlist from one of my top choice programs and boy does it feel good!! I'm not sure how much ranking plays but this was certainly a reach school for me. Stats for this cycle: 27 y/o M cGPA: 3.11 sGPA: 3.22 GRE: 309. 4.5 writing. PCE: 4010 hours as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist Shadowing: 18 hours with an OBGYN PA // 30 hours with a senior cardiology PA // 75 hours with a GI PA Volunteer: 100 hours at a senior center // 50 hours as an Anatomy & Physiology tutor. Thousands of hours in extracurriculars as a choreographe
  4. Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and this was my first cycle applying! I interviewed at one school in mid December and was waitlisted. It says right on the website and through an email that they encourage updates, but I was wondering which way is the best. Phone call- call the admissions assistant who gave out her business card/direct line and ask how they accept updates. Would it be better to just call the general admissions number? Email- email the admissions assistant who gave out her business card/direct line and ask how to update or just automatically send the updates in? Aga
  5. Hi everyone, I was recently placed on the waitlist for Nova Ft. Lauderdale. Does anyone know when they usually start pulling people from the list or how long the waitlist is? Also, I thought I'd start a topic so all of us on the waitlist can keep each other updated! Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Hi everyone, Just looking for some help and guidance with what to do. I applied to 11 schools this cycle, denied from 4 schools and had interviews to 5 (still waiting to hear from 2 but likely denied as well). Everyone school that I interviewed at I was waitlisted. I was accepted to one school, but with the school being on probation, I feel that it is not a wise choice to attend as they do not seem that they are doing much to fix this. It was also very apparent after attending other interviews that this school does not seem to care much about their students. They are up for another r
  7. I have applied to 16 PA schools and 1 NP school. I've been denied by about 6 schools, accepted interview invite to one school, and still waiting to hear back from the others. How do you cope with the agony of waiting?? Until I received the invite for one school I was beginning to think maybe I'm not cut out for this, or maybe it's because of my race, or maybe it's because of the state and school I came from, etc... Are you experiencing self-doubt? Any tips or advice?
  8. Hi everyone, I was placed on the waitlist for Nova Orlando back in November. I thought I'd start a topic so all of us on the waitlist can keep each other updated! Best of luck to everyone!
  9. I know this has been addressed as a general topic, but has anyone been waitlisted at PCOM (specifically) and successfully worked your way off of it? If so, how did you do it? I just found out that I've been waitlisted and now that I'm done licking my wounds, I've been working on my letter of intent and lining up more shadowing opportunities. I desperately want to attend but don't know how to stand out. Furthermore, they state that they do not rank or order their list. Please help!
  10. To all those who were waitlisted or turned down this year. Do not give up. I applied to 65 schools over the last 4 years and was turned down by everyone (including this cycle) but one. I must admit it was not easy receiving rejection after rejection. Do not give up. Hold your head up high. It is totally worth it when you finally get that one acceptance. I was driving to work when I got the call. I actually pulled over to the side of the highway and cried. I cannot stress enough to keep your head up and move forward. When I was struggling with things as a kid my father would always tell me "All
  11. Applied to around 10 schools and got 4 interview offers so far. Waitlisted at two and have 2 more interviews coming up in the next few weeks. I know I should be honored that I have interviews at all since it's my first time applying but being waitlisted from my top 2 schools has gotten me really discouraged, especially since I felt like I've put my best foot forward.. One school ranks their alternate list, and I'm currently at #6, which seems like a long shot. The other school does not rank their list, but supposedly reviews all their applicants after every interview date, which also se
  12. Just curious if anyone has any insight on how the wait list situation works for SLU? It's my top choice. I've interviewed and been placed on the wait list. I know they don't rank their waitlist but I'm curious as to how many they take off the wait list and what my chances are? Pretty bummed out at this point.
  13. Hello All, I just interviewed and was waitlisted. I was wondering how I should respond to the waitlist email. Can I ask what position I am on that waitlist or is that a no-no? Also, is there anything in particular people would reccomend me to say in my first email-other than the obvious thank yous and why i am interested in the school-? I am planning to do some shadowing and send a hand-written letter in the next couple months if I don't hear anything. Thanks so much for the help guys and good luck to you all!
  14. Which residency, if any ultimately lead to a quick salary increase? How much of a pay increase can one expect? Which Specialty in your opinion is the highest pay after doing a residency? Over time....every year how much of a pay increase can one expect per year? I have read so many articles on the internet....however, can't seem to come to a good consensus. All of your comments are all very appreciative.
  15. I have searched the forums regarding my question, however I mostly come up with people asking about what type of jobs count towards HCE/PCE. My question is a little different from what I have seen during my search. I have experience as an EMT and as a Paramedic, and I am currently a firefighter/paramedic (mostly assigned to an ambulance). I work 24 hours on and 48 hours off in a busy 911 system. I am years away from completing my pre-reqs, but I am curious how HCE/PCE is calculated when I go to apply for schools. Do I count all 24 hours for each shift towards experience hours? I ask because I
  16. Hi, I was placed on the wait list for Nova Orlando back in November. I thought I'd start a topic so all of us on the waitlist can keep each other updated! Good luck to everyone!
  17. Hello everyone, Since there hasn't been a thread for this year's cycle I thought I would start one! I was not fully accepted, but I was placed on the wait list for the start in 2015. Anyone on here accepted or on the wait list? I'm really hoping to get offered a spot eventually, Lacrosse is my number 1.
  18. How many people are usually taken from the waitlist for PA programs? Im #2, and I'm wondering how likely it is that I'll get in. Waiting is torture...
  19. Hi Guys Just wondering what I should be doing while on an alternate list? And wondering how many students on the waitlist actually get accepted?
  20. Hello Everyone! I am starting this thread to keep in touch with those who have been placed on the waitlist. I LOVED this school when I interviewed there. It would be great to know where everyone stands on the list (if you know) and if there is any movement on it. This could help us in our future planning and more importantly, offer some hope that we may still have a chance for this cycle. If you see this and it applies to you, lets keep in touch please! Thanks!!
  21. This is the final copy and is ready to be placed in my application. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! My decision to become a physician assistant stems from personal interests and experiences that have shaped who I am. As a child, I was fascinated by nature and spent hours watching National Geographic programs or reading books about psychology or equine anatomy. But it was my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis that became the catalyst for my interest in health and medicine. I was eager to learn as much as I could about preventative and alternative medicine in an attempt
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