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  1. Hey guys, for these of you who got accepted, when you login on to the graduate school website where we submitted our supplementary what does your status say? I received an acceptance email but when I go on the website it still says "Decision Pending". Does that just mean they will have it changed once the deposit is submitted? Thanks!
  2. can't wait until our class is finalized and facebook page created! ))
  3. Got accepted too, interviewed on Oct 3rd. However will be declining and attending my #1 choice ) so hopefully someone can have my spot :)
  4. My interview was on the 26th as well and I agree with efhalsey. I think I was literally the last person to interview, but it was not bad at all and I felt very comfortable. Thanks to all of the current PA students who took the time to answer our questions and be there for us in this stressful process. Best of luck to everyone! :))
  5. Officially accepted my spot as well :)) Yay class of 2015! p.s. Coming from Michigan.
  6. balsam88, thank you so much for your insight! So the wait time is 2 months to find out if you have been accepted or rejected?
  7. Has anyone received the email yet?
  8. Hey constantvm, Yes, they said that they will work with you as much as possible so that you will be considered a NY resident the second year. I don't have the exact number in front of me but it was around $5,700/semester for in state and around $9,500+/semester for out of state residents. Hope that helps.
  9. @ TheLurg1687: Hi Adam, I was trying to figure out the cost of living (apartments), tuition (for 1 year out-of state and 1 year of NY resident), books, travel (to school and back), equipment and supplies, health insurance, and all of the other miscellaneous fees that add up to a total cost of attending Stony Brook PA program. I know that at orientation during the interview, we were told the cost of tuition, but I live out of state and the information on cost of living and an approximate total cost would be really helpful coming from a current PA student. :) I understand that we will probably get more info later on, but I wanted to get a head start. If you have some time, I would really appreciate you help. Thank you in advance!
  10. Thanks for the tips everyone. My interview is coming up next Friday. How was the written portion? I think I am most nervous about that.
  11. @ nicolecamp425, Thanks! I felt the same when I got the call! I was just wondering how long approx. (if you know) it will take to receive the email and everything. I wanted to rewind the phone call to make sure that I heard it right :) I am the happiest girl in the world right now. @ collin41899, I think you sat next to me during the beginning of the interview process ;) congrats! -Dina
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