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  1. Hey guys! I'm Emma from the Class of 2014, and first off, congrats on those who have been accepted! Second, I would suggest making a facebook group soon, and then the first years will join and be available as a resource to you guys and any questions that you may have about the program, moving to New Haven, etc.
  2. I'm on the 27th too, afternoon session! Kasam, I don't know what stats you specifically want, but: 22 years old, B.A. Biology, Society, and the Environment from the University of Minnesota; GPA 3.924; did research in a metagenomics lab; have worked 2+ years as a direct care staff in a group home for vulnerable adults. Hope that helps.
  3. Stony Brook is quick! I just submitted my supplemental on the 7th, and got an interview invite for the 27th of October. Best of luck to you guys! :}
  4. I ended up calling them yesterday, and they said that as long as CASPA actually sent your application, you should be fine. She said that they haven't started going through anything yet. Phew!
  5. Hey, has anybody received the supplement application yet? My CASPA was sent out early July, but I haven't received the email that contains the supplemental application yet. I'm starting to get worried..
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