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  1. SCHW9076

    Transferring Way Too Much?!

    6 transcript, 0 issues.
  2. Agree with above. PCE is weak. You should be hitting the 6000 mark after applying 3 years, and you really only have 2000 of mediocre experience. I got in with your exact GPA (but had 14000 hours to round out my app). You decide what to do next, but you need to show improvement on your app if you decide to pursue the PA route. Good luck, OP!
  3. SCHW9076

    Concerned boyfriend

    PCE sounds pretty weak. Consider getting better hands on experience. That will help offset the low GPA and make her a more rounded applicant. Good luck!
  4. SCHW9076

    Chemistry grades?

    I minored in chemistry and got a C in all my chem courses but 1. Got accepted to my top2 schools Don't sweat it.
  5. SCHW9076

    Multiple Ws On Transcript

    I had like 5+ Ws. Wasn't a problem. Good luck OP.
  6. SCHW9076

    Anyone accepted with C's?

    Yep, chem minor with all Cs. Couple Ds from other courses that I re-took as well. Applied with 14,000 hours second round, 3.2c 3.1s. You got this. Keep working on your PC, that's what got me in. Good luck, OP.
  7. SCHW9076

    Reapplicant HELP!

    Second year applying you should have at minimum 4,000 hours PCE. Rack em up OP!
  8. Bio major, minor in chem, minor in engineering
  9. Sorry if I missed it, but what's your patient care experience like?
  10. SCHW9076

    critical access PA

    Following this thread for info. This is my dream job. Doing an EM fellowship right now to help me get one of these jobs.
  11. AF mechanic here 1999-2006. paramedic after getting out. Finished PA school in June, doing an EM fellowship now.
  12. SCHW9076

    Low GPA, High HCE

    I was accepted my second cycle with 3.2c/ 3.1s, 14,000 hours as a medic. Plan to apply broadly and be malleable... as applicants, we can only try to fit in the mold, not the other way around. Good luck, OP!
  13. SCHW9076

    California Licensure prior EMT with NREMT

    Dang, this sounds frustrating. I'm currently in the process of licensing in California, and also waiting for NREMT to send form PA-7 (along with 3 other states for license verification). I'm glad I read this thread so I know what to expect with NREMT. Good luck, OP, thanks for sharing your story.
  14. SCHW9076

    Lynchburg DMS

    @dizzyjon, I searched for your group on FB, and nothing came up.

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