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  1. I was accepted. Got the call on 04/21. Best news ever!
  2. Just submitted my supplemental application. When did you guys submit yours?
  3. any ideas about the supplemental application questions? what sort of questions? Can i resume and edit my app??
  4. any ideas about the supplemental application questions? what sort of questions? Can i resume and edit my app??
  5. Any insights about the supplemental app. questions? PM me.
  6. Me too! I am applying this cycle and I want to know more about the program's ins. Thanks!
  7. not to make you feel bad but this really sucks. I have a friend in Yokosuka and she loves it. But thats out of the states. Btw, good luck man and be safe out there!
  8. yeah that's odd. But you know it is a duty preference, no guarantee!!! Just curious, which did u pick and why?
  9. I have to pick my top 3 duty preferences Medical Station San Diego Medical Clinic Portsmouth Medical Clinic Mayo Florida National Naval Medical Center Bethesda My top 2 are mayo clinic and san diego I am almost done with my HSCP app. I just need this and one more interview and thats it. My app is complete and is ready to be send and signed. I am by the way a pre-PA and I will begin my masters this fall.
  10. I am almost done with my HSCP app and I have to pick a duty station for orientation after I graduate PA school? For those of you who have been in either mayo clinic or san diego, which one you like more? whats the bro and cons for both? I am single and I have no relatives near either places.
  11. Any one applied from Fordham University got interviewed or got accepted? Any tips for the interview?
  12. Questions for the interview: what is the format? how long is the interview? what are some of the tricky questions? Any essays? what is your own reason why the committee accepted you personally? Wish me luck!!!!!
  13. mmleik

    Navy HSCP

    Great thanks so much. Is there something official or a website that says that the rank will be O2 upon graduation. Also, for the medical duty station? which location is better? I am single and I won't live with a family.
  14. mmleik

    Navy HSCP

    Hi I am applying for Navy HSCP and I am trying to get as much information as I can. 1. What is your rank or pay grade once you graduate from PA masters program and passing your PANCE? 2. When you become a commissioned officer after graduating your PA program, will your pay grade be for that rank with more than 2 years service or what because the 2 years studying and receiving HSCP benefits are considered active duty time as E6? 3. For medical duty station (orientation)? which should I pick and which is more preferable? San Diego or Mayo? Can I pick an overseas station like Bahrain for example? 4. What are other benefits can I receive during the 3 years active duty? Is there incentive or special pay, board certified pay or are those only for doctors and dentists? 5. Can I do a fellowship or pick a specialty to practice once I graduate PA? Do I have that option or the Navy decides for me? Any information would help.
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