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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, I was curious if anyone knew specific rules or regulations regarding a PA owning their own clinic in New York; or what website has this detailed information? If anyone has gone through this as well, that would be great. I know PA owned cosmetic medi-spa's; but not so much medical clinics offering cosmetics. Thanks
  2. Hi there! I am looking to relocate to the Western NY region (most likely Buffalo) after graduation and was hoping to work out some rotations in the area. I am not yet back on rotations given the circumstances, but figured I would start to look for something. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone! I was recently accepted into a program for fall of 2020. BIOCHEM was not a prerequisite, but I have been currently retaking the class in case I had to re apply. My acceptance is conditional based on having an up to date physical and that is It (I already submitted the physical). My question is, is It worth finishing up this class strong? Or should I stop putting effort into the class and relax until my program starts? I’m not sure what to do & don’t want to waste time studying if I do not have to! Thanks !!
  4. Just wanted to start a thread for this upcoming year! Verified 6/7... CGPA- 3.83 SGPA-3.84 Patient Care - 1300 (EMT) , 150 ( voulenteer pt aid) 5 letters of rec Good luck
  5. I am taking a gap year following my undergraduate at the University of Idaho, and applying this cycle in May of 2019. I am terrified of being denied entry, I feel that there isn't much that stands out in my application. I am doing an impressive internship this summer, but will be applying before it begins. I hope to matriculate into a surgical career, but am keeping my options open at this point. Please give me your 100% candid feedback. I'm an Idaho resident, from a medically underserved area btw. cGPA: 3.54 sGPA: 3.5 Paid PCE: ~800 hours as a surgical floor CNA Unpaid PCE: 221.25 hours ED volunteer Scribe Hours: 45 hours Free clinic PA shadowing: 80 hours (FP, Surgical Speciality) MD shadowing: 15 hours (FP, Orthopedic Surgeon) Volunteer hours: ~300 Muscular Dystrophy Association, Environmental, Greek Definitely applying to: Northern Arizona, Samuel Merritt University, Western University of Health Sciences, Idaho State University, Cornell University, PACE University (Lenox Hill) Maybe applying to: Carroll University, Salus University, Sullivan University, Albany Medical College, Touro University
  6. Hello! I need some help looking for a preceptor in the Long Island, NY area. Any field works! If anyone has any tips on how to find a possible preceptor, that would be great too! Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello everyone! Based on the website, https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/csom/physician-assistant-program it says that the application will open tomorrow July 1st! I'm planning to submit ASAP...Good luck to everyone :)
  9. Hello everyone, i've made this page to start the discussion of CUNY's admission cycle. Feel free to post!
  10. Anyone else receive an interview for June 21st?? I got a call today and was offered an interview for next week on June 7th, but I'm not prepared at all so I decided to go with the 21st! I have to plan travel as well since I'm coming from the DC area. Supplemental received 05/11 CASPA app sent in 05/15 Interview invite 05/31
  11. Hi I am looking for where I can find a comprehensive summary of major practicing laws in California and New York? I found the handbooks online, however they seem rather detailed and long and I am trying to look for something more comprehensive so I have a general understanding. If anyone knows any major differences in the laws in these two states that would be great too! Thanks!
  12. Hello, new grad here in NYC just got offered a primary care contract with a private practice seeking expert opinions. 1 doc, office manager, 3 nurses, and front desk. Doc is super nice and willing to teach, got really good vibes. A little background about this practice is that it is about 70% Chinese population, which is probably why they want to hire me (bilingual). It is worth noting that I will be the first PA the doc has ever worked with. This is a rough draft that does not cover everything. But I have given them a counter offer and they have agreed to meet up and negotiate. Anything else that I should be concerned with or any thoughts about the counter offer? Any thoughts about bonus structure for second year? Thanks for any advice or comments. Draft offer : Base Salary - 100,000. Incentive bonus of 20% guaranteed second year. (not sure what that means, probably means 20% of salary increase). PTO - 2 weeks vacation first year. 3 wks second year. 4 wks third year. Hours - 5 days/week with 1 weekend day. 9am-5pm. Health insurance - $1000 per month reimburse coverage (no idea what that means). Malpractice - "professional liability coverage." 2 year restrictive covenant within 2 miles of practice. My counter offer : Starting Salary : $105,000.00 Yearly Bonus : 10% of salary. Professional License : Cover DEA license if required. Malpractice : Per occurrence coverage or claims-based with tail coverage. Include as a named provider. CME : 5 days, up to $2000.00 allowance. Sick Leaves : 5 days. 1 Year contract. Questions to discuss : Retirement Plan - 401K Health Care - Currently with wife insurance plan. Professional license second year - practice coverage. National Holidays. Other office duties. On call duties. Second year - Continuous commitment, salary, and bonus structures.
  13. Hi guys and gals, I have a question! I graduated 2013 with a BS in Business. My CGPA is 3.1. Initially, I was a chemistry major so I have about two years worth of sciences done but my grades were not that great. My existing SGPA is 2.7. I plan on retaking all the courses over that I received lower than a B. So my problem is: For the fall semester, I got into the following programs: Pre med post bacc at Hofstra University Non-matriculated program at NYU (applied for post-bacc in the spring) Non-matriculated program at Hunter (applied for post-bacc in the spring) Which program will be the best choice? The general public will obviously choose NYU based on its prestige but I will have no perks of the pre-health advisory and I’ve been warned about their “weeding out” courses. Hosftra, although not the best school, I have all the perks that come with a structured post bacc program but I don’t know if it will give me the competitive edge that I will need to separate myself. I’ve heard great things about Hunter but again, I will have no guidance and I am concerned with not impressing the adcoms. Lastly, I don’t want to wait around an entire semester to see if I got into any of the programs in the spring. I just want some feedback. I just don’t know what to do...
  14. Hello! I am a 25 year old female looking for a PA-C to shadow for a very minimal amount of time! Is anybody willing to let me shadow them in the NYC/Bronx/Queens/Brooklyn/Lower Westchester/Long Island or CT area? I am very flexible and willing to drive! Please let me know! Lindsey
  15. Good luck to everyone who applied. Just turned in all my things yesterday. Random question: do they do rolling admissions? I couldn't find anything that stated whether they do or not specifically.
  16. Hi guys! Who else has applied? Still waiting to hear back about my app being received!
  17. I am the husband of a PA student. She is busy with her rotations right now so I am trying to gather this information for her. We are looking to move to Ithaca, NY at the end of this summer for my graduate degree. My wife will graduate from her PA program in mid August and will be ready to start working. We are trying to get a better understanding of what the job market looks like for PA’s out there or NY in general. What kinds of opportunities are there? What is the role of most PA’s in and around Ithaca? I appreciate any help, thank you!
  18. Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I'm a pre-PA student looking for a PA to shadow. I'm looking in either the Burlington, VT (Northwestern Vermont) area or the Albany, NY area. I am open to any discipline/specialty, just looking for some background and experience into the everyday life of a Physician's Assistant! Please let me know if you know of anyone willing to mentor or you yourself would like to mentor! Thank you everyone for your help! -Emma
  19. Hello everyone, I am graduating this semester and want to improve my GPA for PA school. I recently applied to a Master's in Biomedical Science Program in order to improve my science GPA. My overall Gpa is 3.2 and my science GPA is 3.045. I earned a D in Genetics and Organic Chemstry. I repeated Organic Chem and got a B so it doesn't help my Gpa too much. Do you all think that the Masters degree is worth it? The only healthcare experience I have is 25 hours shadowing a DO in primary care. I really want to become a PA , but my grades just aren't there. I plan on volunteering at my local hospital this summer. Is it worth applying to PA schools or should I pursue other careers like nursing?
  20. So, I came down with some GI bug (I think food-borne) crud in the middle of the night. I still felt awful this morning so instead of going for my Saturday morning run, I laid in bed for two hours watching a broadcast of a a seminar being held in Seattle by the Harvard Business and Medical schools plus Mayo Clinic. It was about innovations in healthcare and if they are good or bad for the future. My summary, it was a freaken pep-rally for NPs . . . by MDs. Spotlighted was the tele-stroke program run by Mayo and Swedish where a NP is on the other end diagnosing acute strokes and recommending TPA - or not. Then they looked at retail clinics and the role of NPs in that setting. They discussed the fears about them (you know them all) and then disproved each fear one by one. The Harvard physician was emphatic that NPs = MDs in the quality of care and they are the future of healthcare cost containment. One of the biggest obstacles to NPs, per the speaker, were the restrictions on their scope of practice. So, I heard NPs mentioned at least 100 times. PAs? Not once. Not even alluded to ("Midlevels"). Absolutely nothing. There is a problem here folks. We are not on the radar of the thought leaders at this juncture..
  21. hello, I go to school in MA and I am looking to set up a couple rotation in nyc. Currently, I do not have any direct contacts, so I am open to any suggestions. If anyone knows of a PA or DR willing to take on a PA student, please let me know! Thank you! :)
  22. Hello, I am a recent grad and currently awaiting taking my boards in about two and a half weeks. I have a position lined up at a NY hospital, but they want me to apply for a limited permit in order to start the paperwork on their end and get me working sooner. I have heard that the limited permit takes a while and it would be pointless to do in my case, given that by the time it is approved I will have already taken and passed my PANCE (which I believe takes about 2 weeks to score) My question is, does anyone know how long it takes for a limited permit to be approved? I'd hate to throw $105 down the drain like that.... but at the same time, if they told me to do it perhaps I should just bite the bullet. Thank you!
  23. Hi all, I have recently decided to pursue a career as a PA instead of going to medical school and becoming a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. For numerous reasons, I have decided it makes much more sense for me to become a PA. Obviously, my ideal is to become a psychiatric PA as my heart lies within mental health. I studied mental health in college and most of my clinical experience has been with adolescent psychiatric inpatients. To say I am in love with the field is an understatement. Not only have I been unable to find a psychiatric PA to shadow in the NY Metropolitan Area, I cannot seem to find anyone to even speak to! Would anyone be willing to share with me their experience? Or know of any practices or individuals with whom I could shadow? Is finding a psychiatric PA in the Tri-State impossible? While I am excited about other specialties and being a PA regardless of psychiatry, it would mean a lot to me to know it is possible to be a psychiatric PA in the NY Metropolitan Area. (Both of the Psychiatry Attendings at the NYC hospital I work in and two psychiatrists I am close with do not know of any psychiatric PAs - crazy!) Maybe the Tri-State area just needs a bit more time to realize the benefits of employing psychiatric PAs! I really appreciate any contacts or advice you may have. Best, S
  24. Hey guys ! Just had my interview a week and half ago , wanted to know if anyone has heard back from them? Good luck everyone !
  25. I will be applying to PA school for the second time this upcoming April. I feel I need to prepare better for interviews and ready to answer the question why do you want to be a PA, not NP, or MD/DO? I have been researching the difference between NP and PA and there doesn't seem to be a HUGE difference so I want to make sure I'm understanding it correctly. From what I have gathered here are the differences: Nurse Practitioners can work independently of a Physician while a PA must work in conjunction with a Physician. PAs education is based more off of the medical model, and focuses more on clinical procedures. PAs are able to move around to different specialties more easily while NPs must be certified in whichever specialties they would like to practice within. Are there any other differences that are important to know?
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