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  1. Thanks ICROB! This will be great for us all to keep in touch. Congrats everyone!
  2. Hi Kelsey, The format is great. You start in a conference room where they tell you about the program. Afterwards they give you a tour and then eat lunch. Finally, you'll have interviews. The interviews are really just to get to know you better so don't stress at all! There are 2 interviews, each with 2 faculty and 1 group exercise. The dress code is professional, for sure. I think they really want to know about YOU more than health policy. I heard back in less than 1 week- they are REALLY quick. They said if you don't hear back in 2 weeks, you are probably a "maybe." Hope that helps! Best of luck!
  3. I heard they are having problems with their website- so, you're not the only one! Yesterday, I logged in o.k but once I tried to officially "accept" through the Solar website, an Error occurred. I called the phone number on the email that was sent (the Dean's number), and they said my acceptance went through and that a few students were having problems with that particular site.
  4. Yes- I just received one this afternoon! They said they will also be sending an official one through the mail, and we'll have until Nov 28th to respond.
  5. Af1023, I heard we'll be getting the official email next week and we'll have 14 days to reply.
  6. nweston- no, it was around 1pm today.
  7. Hey everyone! First of all, congrats to everyone accepted. I figured I'd start a thread to those of us who got that exciting phone call and are attending the SB PA Program, Class of 2014. I live in the area, so I'm super excited to be staying here. Stony Brook (and LI in general) is such a nice area. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
  8. I just received a phone call while at another PA program interview! SO EXCITED, SB was my #1 choice. MSTARKS, we met up at Applebee's the night before our interview- glad to have met you and now hear you got accepted too. Are you definitely coming to Stony Brook?
  9. Hi everyone, Congrats to everyone who has received interviews. I'm interviewing Tuesday, November 8th but will be arriving Monday afternoon. At a few other schools I've interviewed with, I met up with a few interviewees the day before for coffee/tea/dinner and found it really enjoyable to meet people the day before. If anyone would be interested in meeting up Monday, I say the more the merrier- just let me know. Best of luck to everyone!
  10. hey mrsbeans, mstarks and mkle, i also live in the area and would love to meet up at apple bee's around 10. if anyone else is in the area tonight, i think this would be a great opportunity for us to all meet each other before the big day tomorrow! should we say it's definite at 10 tonight?
  11. Hey everyone- good luck to everyone who has interviews! Quick question: I've taken microbiology but do not have the lab. I know some PA programs have overlooked that I didn't have the lab (or they just require Microbio without a lab) because I had a lot of other science courses completed. Does anyone know if NOVA would do the same or are they strict about the exact pre-reqs?
  12. My CASPA was sent in mid- June and supplemental was submitted in the end of July. I received an "application complete email" in August and then received the invitation a few days ago.
  13. Just received an interview today for November 8th. Anyone else on that day?
  14. I also have an interview September 10. Is anyone going to the informal meeting on Friday night? I'm still debating if I should get a hotel and go to it or if I should just go to the interview Saturday (I live on LI, so I can just take the ferry over). Nina, I wouldn't worry- I'm guessing they have many applications and probably can't fit everyone into one day.
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