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  1. hi! i am a current first year. there are about 35 credits during the fall semester, and another 44 in the spring. the didactic year is definitely intense! classes are from 8-5 give or take, and during the fall there is an optional review session from 6-8 once a week. generally there is not longer than a 2-3 week period without at least one exam a week. having said that, it is doable. attendance is mandatory, and if you pay attention during class and put in good study time after, passing the exams is very doable. the professors here are phenomenal and really teach you what you need to know. on a personal note, i would say depending on the exam schedule, i spend anywhere from 1-3 hours a day studying. i highly value and need my sleep, so i rarely stay up past 10 and i have never pulled an all nighter sudying. i pack i extra on the weekends, but you also have to give yourself a break and relax or you'll go crazy :) our class is very close and often gets together on weekends to hang out too.
  2. i currently attend stony brook. all of our lectures are ppt format, and they are uploaded for us before each lecture. i am in my 30's so my undergrad was purely pen and paper 15 years ago. for me, transitioning to electronic note taking was a little hard at first, but i can't possibly imagine doing it any other way. the volume of material covered each day would give me writers cramp within the first hour if i were writing. i take notes directly on the ppts and then when i go home and study, i find it helpful to do flashcards, or write out a few things in outline format or whatever helps me learn. i don't have the time to listen to lectures again, so paying attention in class and taking good notes is key. in my opinion, i would miss a lot of what is being presented if i had to write notes down. i sometimes struggle to keep up while typing during some lectures! however, do what works best for you. some of my classmates furiously type outlines during the lectures, and it works for them. i find it beneficial for me to sit and listen and only take notes when i feel it's important or need to look up something later.
  3. I LOVE iannotate. It opens ppt or word files and converts them to PDFs that you can write, type, highlight on, etc. I highly prefer it to notability, and so do my fellow classmates who started with notability. Also get Dropbox. I use the kindle app and either buy or rent ebooks instead of paper books. Also get a good calendar or to do app to keep track of all of your classes and exams, etc. good luck!!
  4. I am thrilled to be starting PA school this summer. From what I understand, most of the clinical sites are based an hour plus away from campus (not considering the horrific traffic). A lot of students move after the didactic year to be closer. I have kids that are in Elementary school and I really don't want to have to move twice. So - would you recommend that I either stay close to campus and then deal with commuting or short term housing options once I reach rotations? Or should I find a place somewhere between and commute both years?? Right now I lean towards being close to campus and dealing with rotations as they come.
  5. i also chose to wait until my kids were in school before i also started pa school. i start this summer and my kids are 4 and 6. i felt like i still missed some of my youngest childs "babyhood" just while i was working and finishing up prereqs. i can't imagine doing pa school and having young babies. i would wait. it's only a few more years, and your babies are only young once. good luck!
  6. i also work nights at a hospital, and it can be quite overwhelming trying to keep track of everything. i keep a piece of paper in my scrub top. i have a system of writing down the diagnosis, mental state, if/how they get out of bed, fall risk, and i circle a foley or a total care pt. i also have a spot where i always write glucose finger sticks and intake/outputs. i'm a creature of routine, so as long as i have my paper, i'm pretty good at keeping track of everything. it took me a few months to be fully comfortable, but now the nurses come ask me how the patient in room 4 gets out of bed. don't worry, you'll get the hang of it and soon it will be a breeze.
  7. i had to quit my usual weekday job and found a job in a hospital working 12 hour nights on the weekends. that freed up my weekdays so i could take classes during the week, but mondays sure were rough! i also have a husband and kids and we've had to scrimp and save, and may personally keep the raman noodles company in business. :) i also always took summer classes which were more likely to be offered 1 day a week or crunched into 4 hectic weeks.
  8. Thanks for starting this thread. I appreciate Steve and the others who have been so honest and given great advice. I too have a family and have been nervous for balancing family and school, which I start in June. I am a mom and am interested also in hearing perspectives from women, as well as husbands who put their wife/girlfriend through. My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years, and he's been supportive of my windowing him as I work and go to school full time to make this PA dream come true.
  9. I accepted my seat today too! I'm coming from Albany :)
  10. No email yet. Hopefully it is coming soon. I'm anxious to formalize everything :)
  11. I'm SO HAPPY I can finally post here!!! Undergrad Ed School: Utah Valley State College, 2002 (AS) SUNY Albany, 2012 (BS Human Biology) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.5 (divided into 3.2 in '02 and current 3.89) Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.76 (would have been much better if 1st semester ochem hadn't killed my soul) Age at application time : 30 1st GRE: ~300 combined Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) 1300 hours as a PCA on the Oncology floor at time of application Extracurricular/Research Activities: Track team, 400 hours as volunteer track coach as local HS, 800+ hours as a volunteer English teacher in China Schools Applied: Albany Med, DeSales, Duke, Jefferson Health Sciences, OCHS, Rosalind Franklin, Salus, Stony Brook, Suny Upstate Med, Utah, Western Health Sciences Application Submitted Date: early June Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) sent out on first mailing, received confirmation from most within 1 month Interview Invites: DeSales, Jefferson, Salus, Stony Brook Denied: Duke, Utah, OCHS Withdrew Application: Rosalind Franklin, Western, Albany Med (and all others after my top choice acceptance) Waitlisted: none Accepted: DeSales, Salus, Stony Brook attending Stony Brook, my top choice program!!!!
  12. let's get this group started! congrats to everyone who has been accepted for the class of 2015. i'm thrilled to have been accepted and am counting down the days until we start! sbu was my top choice and the interview process solidified that. who else is joining the class of 2015?
  13. i actually just withdrew my application from there. i accepted a position at another school a few days after jefferson called me for an interview. good luck!!
  14. I received an interview invitation last week. The date they offered was in the end of Nov, and the rest were all next year.
  15. each session has about 30 applicants (60 total) for the day. we all met together for a ppt presentation and then they broke us into 3 groups. each group rotated through interviews, a tour, and staying and chatting with the current 1st year students. the day was nice and smooth. the interviews are great, and everyone was very friendly. the 1st year students are with you the entire time and there is plenty of time to ask any and all questions you may have. good luck!!!
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