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  1. "Rehab" lol, good term. I'll have to remember that. I have been saying "academic redemption"...
  2. I'm old and I don't get out much. I was recently surprised at the number of PA admissions folks that have told me this is what they recommend to applicants. Anyone have to do this or know someone that did? Thanks LESH
  3. Choose a program that's better for your mental and physical well-being. Choose a program where you will have the best family support system. IMHO students usually do best in that situation. Good luck in your future PA endeavors. LesH
  4. I just saw this and thought the blogger made some good points: http://usobusa.blogspot.com/2015/11/5-reasons-physician-assistant-career-is.html Hope this helps. LesH
  5. LESH


    Thanks for posting Marverick87. I knew a few PA students that got these awards back in the 90s. You are right it was a better deal than the Military & NHSC. Especially for Vets. LesH
  6. http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/veterans/paprogramresources.html http://www.military.com/veteran-jobs/search/healthcare-nursing-jobs/physician-assistants-job.html http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/veterans/physicianassistants.html http://www.alliedhealthworld.com/physician-assistant-programs-post-911-gi-bill.html http://www.paeaonline.org/index.php?ht=a/GetDocumentAction/i/133825 http://www.corpsman.com/forum/showthread.php?120196-Military-Medic-Corpsman-to-Physician-Assistant http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Healthcare/Physician-assistants.htm http://www.lynchburg.edu/content/military-friendly#.U0VYoLHn_IU
  7. I recommend that you have your transcripts/diploma evaluated by one of the many organizations, agencies, or institutions: http://ierf.org/ World Educational Services (WES) You can do a search and find others. The programs most likely will want you to do this as part of the application process. It will also correlate your PA training to current training here in the U.S.Then it is up to the program what they will or will not accept.
  8. I think the OP has made a call that was based on what was important to them and that is okay. It is hard to compete with the CSU FNP programs for applicants because of how they are set up and cost. As long as the seat in the Stanford program is freed up for someone else then it pretty much is a wash IMHO.
  9. Prima I am being more pragmatic that any thing else. I will say that I give kudos to the administration and faculty at Stanford for offering the deferral. They have come along way. There was a time that wouldn't be an option.
  10. Finish the FNP program.
  11. Looks good to me. Keep up the good work. Look for Vet friendly PA programs.
  12. Yeah it was really hard for me to learn phlebotomy being taught using leeches and all...
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