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  1. BrooklynPA-C

    2016-2017 Stony Brook Application Thread

    Here's a link covering tuition. If you're coming from out of state, you can get NYS rates for the second year of the program. http://www.stonybrook.edu/bursar/tuition/tuition-and-fee-rates.shtml
  2. BrooklynPA-C

    Saturday PANCE 2016...All The Nerves!

    Thanks! You too!
  3. BrooklynPA-C

    Saturday PANCE 2016...All The Nerves!

    I passed too!! Found out this morning!!
  4. BrooklynPA-C

    Saturday PANCE 2016...All The Nerves!

    I agree with JC, spend your last day or so before the exam relaxing. Have fun and give your brain a break so it's ready to go come test time.
  5. BrooklynPA-C

    Saturday PANCE 2016...All The Nerves!

    I just took it this morning. Had basically the same schedule and packrats, and I felt like a handful of the questions left me thinking "WTF?". I think I made it through, but I feel like I can't get those WTF questions out of my head.
  6. BrooklynPA-C


    Does anyone have input about pros/cons on joining a union? I have an offer from a NYC hospital and I would have to choose either 1199 or DC 37 Local 768. I have no idea what I would be getting myself into. Thanks!
  7. BrooklynPA-C

    PAs @ NYP?

    Continuing the thread here. I have a new grad offer at NYP Weill-Cornell campus. Wondering if people had thoughts/experience they'd be willing to share.
  8. I didn't see anything about this anywhere else in the forum, so I figured I'd throw it out there. At our last EOR one of our professors made an announcement that employers are looking at PANCE scores as a component of an application when hiring new grads. I'd never heard this before, and I was wondering if anyone has come across this anywhere.
  9. Same here. One of my classmates is a dental hygienist. Great HCE for applying to PA school, and she was able to work random shifts here and there for extra cash.
  10. Hey PA world, So here's the story. I'm a second year PA student and I'll be applying to a handful of EM residency programs. My wife's pregnant and depending on which program you look at, she'll be delivering somewhere around any given start date. I was wondering if anyone had any particular advice on how to handle a newborn while doing a residency. Am I completely crazy or is this completely doable?
  11. BrooklynPA-C

    Is dissection worth it?

    I can't stress enough how important cadaver lab actually is as a part of PA school. I was lucky enough to have completed a gross anatomy course in undergrad, and had the opportunity to be a TA the following year all prior to starting PA school. For one thing, those tools your talking about are some of the same tools you'll use as a practicing PA, especially if you're in the ER or OR. Despite what you see in your atlas, there's a lot of variation in human anatomy that you can't really appreciate without dissection. You'll end up seeing a lot of pathology in the lab too. I remember seeing metastatic disease in the lung for the first time in cadaver lab, and it's something I'll never forget. You'll see valve replacements, abdominal adhesions, probably a tumor or two. You should look at every cadaver you can get your hands on because no two are identical, just like your future patients.
  12. Congrats to all of you who've been accepted! I'm a second year student at Stony Brook, and if anyone has any questions about the program or Long Island don't hesitate to ask!
  13. I actually asked Audra about that and she said she's setting up a joint page after the New Year for both of our classes.
  14. BrooklynPA-C

    2015 Cycle

    I just wanted to say good luck to everyone who's interviewing tomorrow!! Just relax and be yourselves!
  15. BrooklynPA-C

    2015 Cycle

    Best of luck to everyone who's interviewing tomorrow!!

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