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  1. I got my acceptance call on Friday!! Can't wait to meet this year's class and congrats to everyone who got in!
  2. Got an email for the alternate list.
  3. Just received an call for interview on 2/22 - see you all there! If anyone can share what they do all day (8-5pm) that would be great. I don't need specifics, but general idea on itinerary
  4. Ktcan10 - yes through the mail (not email). crimy3 - yes I am from California. Thanks and good luck everyone~!
  5. I got a validation interview for the end of this month. So if you get a letter from Stanford..its good news :) Good luck everyone!
  6. Can you tell me more about didactic year and how manageable it is? I know the first three quarters range from 19-21 units and fully aware that quarter system is already face paced coming from my own experience. Any input would be great on how a typical day during didactic year looks like!
  7. I just got a call today as well for an interview! Super excited! I'll be there Jan 28th.
  8. I've been looking at the course work required for Stony Brook's didactic year and wondering if current students can share their experience? I must have seen almost 12 classes for Fall Qtr alone (~30 units). Is this a manageable course load? I understand PA programs are rigorous and exams are almost every week during didactic year. However, some other PA programs only have ~20 units per semester. I would appreciate any feedback!
  9. jasdy123

    2014 Cycle

    I also interviewed on 10/26 and I GOT IN!! I'm so excited and couldn't believe it! Congrats to all of you who got in so far and for those who haven't heard..don't give up!
  10. lifeisgood - thank you for your input!
  11. This sounds like a silly question, but when we go for the interview I'm guessing we shake the ADCOMs hand after the interview correct? Or do we get close enough where we can shake them before as well?
  12. I received an interview invite back in September. Will be going October 31st.
  13. Located in SJ and looking for any shadowing opportunity. I already finished shadowing for 2 other PA's (30 hrs total) and looking to shadow for more experience in any field. Flexible on time and this will be short-term.

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