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  1. charlietelesco

    Arrowhead ER Residency

    From the website EMPA Fellowship Administration Department of Emergency Medicine Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 400 N. Pepper Ave, Ste. 1M107 Colton, CA 92324 Phone: (909) 580-2178 Fax: (909) 580-1388 admin@empafellowship.com I'm not comfortable posting personal emails
  2. charlietelesco

    Arrowhead ER Residency

    I was just accepted for the upcoming class of Arrowhead EM residents. I think what they are primarily looking for are people who are interested in emergency medicine, interested in working hard to be good at EM, and looking to be in EM for the long haul. I was probably not a spectacular candidate on paper, I did not have a spectacular PA school GPA (3.22), I did my elective in the cardiothoracic critical care unit, went to PA school on the opposite side of the country and my background pre-pa school was as a physical therapy aide. My impression was that the program director was not looking for people who were EM stars, rather they know we come out and need help to get up to speed and it is their goal to help us get there with less struggle and take us to a much higher level than a typical PA would be after 1 year of working in the ED. Good luck with first year!
  3. charlietelesco

    Critical Care Opportunities for PA's

    Hello, do opportunities exist for PA's to practice in critical care settings in California? I am going to school in new york and PA's here run many of the surgical ICU's but it seems staffing and practice patterns differ between NY and Ca, so do opportunities exist for a PA to practice critical/ICU level care in hospitals in the state? -Charlie
  4. I am a 2nd year and can tell you I was freaking out before starting the didactic year, but its not that bad. The heavy credit/course load looks scary on paper but is not that bad in reality. You spend 40 hours a week in the classroom and take tests frequently but the faculty are very good at getting students through the program. All you have to do is show up, pay attention and then study on the evenings/weekends. You'll be busy with school but probably no more busy than other programs
  5. charlietelesco

    San Joaquin Community EMPA residency

    Does anyone know if the fellowship is still going, went to the website but can't seem to access the application page and can't find any contact info of the program administrators
  6. I currently work as a PT aide and am accepted for the upcoming class at Stony Brook. I also had some doubt about whether it was competitive HCE, but it worked out okay for me. I had about 8000hrs of PT aide experience...
  7. Well, after waiting a little over two weeks from my 9/30 interview date I got my rejection letter today. Congrats to all who have been accepted, and good luck to those interviewing.
  8. Well, after waiting a little over two weeks from my 9/30 interview date I got my rejection letter today. Congrats to all who have been accepted, and good luck to those interviewing.
  9. the interview process is very low key in my opinion, I would not stress out about it. There is an hour long introduction/orientation with 1st year students, a q&a with 2nd year students, a tour, and then a thirty minute interview with a faculty member and a student (not necessarily in that order). Other than the orientation, the whole interview day is conducted by current students and not graded/evaluated. Good luck.
  10. thats kind of what i expected, i thought it would be pretty interesting if a program was able to prepare PA's without any additional phys coursework, thanks for the reply
  11. I was looking over the didactic curriculum for RFUMS and noticed that there doesnt appear to be any physiology courses in the first year. Can any current or past students confirm if this is the case or is the course material tucked in with a different course of under a different title?

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