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NY State just eliminated PA supervision requirements (due to COVID-19 emergency)

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Paragraph 1 of Section 6542 of the Education Law and Subdivisions (a) and (b) of Section 94.2 of Title 10 of the NYCRR to the extent necessary to permit a physician assistant to provide medical services appropriate to their education, training and experience without oversight from a supervising physician without civil or criminal penalty related to a lack of oversight by a supervising physician;

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Dallas Co judge looking for volunteers. Sent tweet saying that he and the governor are missing out on the highest trained medical providers short of physicians and yet not a word has been uttered about us.

State’s website says that “physician’s assistants” can volunteer. If you can’t get the name right then you probably can’t utilize me correctly either.

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11 hours ago, ventana said:

it is worth reading to see how progressive Govt' can be to protect it's citizens


11 hours ago, UGoLong said:

It’s times like this when people realize that their government can sometimes be the only force strong enough to solve a problem.

More government is the answer?

As big or as progressive as say, North Dakota?

Cuomo gets praise (right on, I’m glad he signed that) meanwhile other leaders doing similar are not getting any praise, in fact, some get downright lambasted... I’m just confused by that.

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18 hours ago, TexasPA28 said:

Be wary of what you wish for 

The next declaration for New York will be that foreign medical grads who can't get into a US residency program can work as a PA instead.

I don't care.  ANYTHING that moves this field out of the ditch I will support.  Let God and time separate the wheat from the chaff medically speaking going forward.  I will put my money on PA's, hopefully soon to be MCP's (Medical Care Practitioners), anytime.

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4 hours ago, surgblumm said:

I applaud Governor Cuomo and the language of this bill which protects PAs from litigation and utilizes them appropriately. A study needs to be done on the effectiveness of PAs who have had their retrictions removed after this crisis is over.

I agree, an unfortunate circumstance given the dire situation, but hopefully can cast light on the effectiveness of PAs in the states that are being allowed to practice autonomously and help push the field towards a better direction!

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