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  1. hoping I can find out before 2022 but with the feds, who knows
  2. REALLY disappointed in this.... unsure I will re-up my membership.... have to think about it total lack of vision for the future I could understand a position like 1) we support a name change 2) ideal is MCP 3) if MCP is not going to pass then support Associate But to jump in the Associate direction with out the above is disturbing....
  3. My memory is not able to recall the exact answer.... in the Medicare 855i packet - which hopefully will be all that we need to do come Jan 1, 2022, was there any requirement to list your supervising physician?? I am remembering yes, but unsure how the direct bill issue is going to effect this Looking at starting my second practice (first was a house call practice for about 5 years starting in 2012) This one will be LTC/Sub Acute rehab - no overhead, fun patients, no HR issues, just good clean medicine BUT I really want to keep the Doc's out of my pockets
  4. I support MCP 51% I support P Associate 49% I SUPPORT A NAME CHANGE 100% PAFT might indeed see the writing on the wall - the MCP is likely a non-starter and better to get the dreaded ASSISTANT out of our names then to demand MCP and loose..... and be stuck with ASSISTANT for another decade
  5. if you take time to read the report that is exactly what it says and goes on to say that the general population far preferred the MCP....
  6. honestly I am not sure what I will do with AAPA membership They are making great strides and helping across the country to get OTP going - and we must have this if HOD kills name change totally i will be PO!!! and not sure how it will go if HOD goes to ASSOCIATE I am okay with that and so be it (AAPA has no vision for the long run, no exceptional leaders that listen to anyone but their own folks who then can force change against the entrenched old guard) They used the report to justify staying with PA initials when the report specifically addresses this and the o
  7. just hit the 'unsubscribe' button on the bottom and in a few weeks they all stop
  8. That is an almost insulting bonus structure. They are making a lot of money. You should be looking at somewhere in the 15-20/rvu over base. Pcp docs typically bill 4500-4800 rvu per year (docs) and get 200k++. At 3600 you get zero bonus. If you see 4800 you would get 1200 rvu bonus =a whopping $4500. Chump change because they made a huge amount more then that off your efforts.
  9. so to provide a counter point... if every PA NP and DOC only wrote for the EBM proven drugs (well really the EBM proof is pretty lacking for most things!) then who takes care of the patients who were just taking the meds that were prescribed previously? Don't we owe something to the patients when they are just following orders? What about actually do harm to them by not offering a long slow taper? I can put my MAT/Addiction hat on and talk about risk mitigation, and then I can talk about do no harm..... but if you just fall back to "I only write what I think is
  10. agreed on most fronts but years ago when huddle first started I gave up trying to post repeatedly had posts deleted and edited for content that was not an issue (same info as my posts here) They have an agenda and use huddle to advance that agenda through moderation, deleting posts that don't agree, and allow incorrect posts to gain traction.... see below Recently they posted essentially "now that Physician Associate is the chosen name" WHAT? HOD has not voted, it is FAKE NEWS and they are trying to steer the discussion with misinformation. Just calling a
  11. Huddle = alternative facts and fake news..... they censor so much it slants the whole thing.....
  12. anyone out there have their own private practice in this field, or have inner working knowledge of the finances???
  13. you need to generate RVU tracking if you are seeing all the pre-post surgery apts what are bundled in the operative charge, your practice needs to "credit" you for these visits - pick 99213 as the code - get the wRVU for this and it gets assigned to you. This way the doc is free to do more, but you get credit for the visit, not the doc. Also, you need to avoid the non-rvu producing work. Sure it is fun and enjoyable to have variety and do various tasks, but if it does not help generate RVU income for the practice you need to be careful about counting it as "value" that the practice bea
  14. Salary is great bean counters hate it being disconnected from productivity is bad long term. 5 years from now when they are loosing money on you they are going to demand change or fire you. I truly believe base plus RVU is the best way. you have to generate revenue to be valuable. Your docs might like the help completing scut busy work but in the long run they are taking credit(pay) for your work and HR will look at the numbers and think they are way over paying you. Docs also will use thus data to boost their own pay(taking away from yours)
  15. Tough spot. I call these patients “legacy patients”. I inherited a number of them. BZD and there like drugs, ugh. I talk to them about a long slow taper(typically 6-12months!!). Slowly go through the logic and evidence. They must try at least once to reduce dose. If they are unwilling to try I tell them they need a new pcp. If they try and fail and are reliable and nice to staff and follow practice rules I will continue to write but NEVER will increase unless terminal illness. this is the hard part of medicine. Remember first do no harm. Forced mandatory taper of b
  16. 1) schedule a patient I have never seen before (nor has the practice) in ANYTHING but a complete slot 2) starting adding new patients anywhere there is an opening - just because they can (I limit # of new patients in a day) 3) "just add on one more" yeah right, you stay late for hours to finish charts..... 4) not ask when scheduling over the set number of patients in a day 5) book someone else patient on my schedule "because there was an opening" for a Chronic issue - really just set them up with their PCP 6) end of day add on - nope not happening L
  17. I am out in 5-10 years I try to hire PA (I get 10:1 NP:PA applicants) I am likely going to hire an NP I see the writing on the wall and something has to give. Just give us OTP and ANY name with out assistant in it and it will be okay. I can not overstate now is the time to act - or we risk being left behind.....
  18. in my area NPs are looking for 80k (well at least the ones that have applied whom have tele degrees and no experience) PA start at 100 for asking.... Bean counters only see this
  19. I can't wait for that day.... about 10 years out but could retire now and live skinny (but enjoy nice things so another 10 years it is)
  20. said the canary in the coal mine right before succumbing to poison gas.......
  21. Nurses - all are fighting for the same thing... unified PA's - Well NCCPA has their agenda, AAPA used to be out in left field (in past 5 years they have come around) , PAFT leading the charge.... States are hit and miss So we can not even unify ourselves to go after one goal...... sad
  22. was dumbfounded such supposedly smart people could hold such a view.... guess pHd and 30 years gets you stuck in a habit, not leading in thought..... "And for those who think the profession cannot progress without a title change, consider the 115 PA-positive legislative and regulatory wins achieved across 45 states in 2019 alone.7 Not bad for a young profession with a perception problem." UGH - forehead slap - so now they are trying to take claim to the hard work and dedicated future thinking PA's whom are FORCING change with in AAPA and at the state level. These same people
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