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  1. our opinion literally does not matter.... what maters is perception and politics in these realms the degree matters. period this horse has left the barn.....
  2. rent a toyota prius with unlimited miles - drive - max out driving time (like 15 hours a day) bring one nice suit rent motel one night (night before interview) SSS in motel - put nice clothes on interview and drive home Prius will get 50+ mpg on highway 100 miles each way = 2000miles 40 gallons of gas, $3/gal = $120 in gas $100 motel $100 car rental under $350 spent...
  3. lots of grumbling about the survery but honestly if she has been there 8 years she has gone beyond her shelf life. AAPA is not the same from 8 years ago - or even 4 years ago out with the old, in with the new..... lead, follow or get out of the way as the saying goes.....
  4. because we are not a provider, we are an assistant.....
  5. on Indeed this AM LiceDoctors (www.licedoctors.com) is in need of part time head lice professionals in your area. We have successfully treated over 300,000 clients. This opportunity is part time, on an on-call basis; the frequency of calls varies from week to week. Full availability is good, but hoping you, at least, have solid blocks of time and a willingness to prioritize this work in your schedule. We pay by the job project - $35 per hour plus travel expenses. The average length of a job is 2.5 to 5 hours. You must have reliable transportation as you will likely treat families in their home or at an agreed upon location. Head Lice Removal Technician Qualifications: You are knowledgeable about removing head lice. Have a metal lice comb that you will sell to the client - (will need 1 metal comb per job which you can purchase through our vendor for $9.95 and sell to the client for $20. Client will need the comb to follow up with our treatment program.) Have olive oil available for the job - which averages about $3.00 per job. Have current valid driver's license/proof of auto insurance. Preferred but not required Technician Qualifications: You have worked before or work now In healthcare (nurse, school nurse, HHA, CNA, phlebotomist, CMA, RN, CHHA, LPN, Homecare, Care Coordinator, prn, health clinician, physician assistant, health practitioner, doula, massage/occupational/physical therapist) In the beauty/hair/spa industry (cosmetics, hairdresser, hair stylist, cosmetologist, barber, colorist, beautician, manicurist/pedicurist, esthetician, braider, salon attendant) Part time Gig-Economy Jobs (on call, chauffeur, delivery driver, taxi driver, Uber, Lyft, musician, artist, author, actor) With children (Teacher, teacher aide, school aide, Pre-school, childcare, baby sitter, au pair) As a Domestic Engineer (stay at home parent, home school, housekeeping) You need to be a pleasant, articulate, confident individual who enjoys helping people solve a problem. You will work with moms or dads who are stressed. The mother or father will be looking to you as a professional personal assistant to help with this problem. We have a treatment protocol to share with you that we know to be successful, but as a lice operator, you may use your own as long as it is safe and effective. Great for a homemaker re-entering the workforce, those with a self-paced, flexible schedule and have an interest in the childcare, healthcare or hair industry. If you have questions or want to know more, we can talk when we contact you once we have your application. We want you to feel confident that you are dealing with a legitimate company. We welcome you to check out our website, FB page, and BBB rating! Job Type: Part-time Salary: $35.00 /hour
  6. Been kicked around before. Need to be an RN first. Then NP. No way to get from PA to NP without doing full program. Bridge to NP would be a very real threat to PA in primary care fields. Ie I would do hospice, but I can’t, need to be an NP.
  7. 55 not bad for emoloyee. No way on 1099 min 70 as 1099 as stated you can not get health ins through them.
  8. you can try with one sit down meeting bring some data about what an average number of patients to see is state that you are trying to protect the facility from getting sued hold firm - just see the right number of patients for you (making sure you have a job lined up) One more thing...... although I dislike unions I am starting to see more and more need for them to push back against corp greed and policy which turns into medical decision making.... start organizing a union.... Who cares if you get let go you are going to quit anyways....
  9. Tired of having DNP coming ahead of us. Admin types and hospital types bragging about their new grad NPs that can’t do 1/10 of what I do. Like it or not we need to keep up. Period. I will I’ll get a DMSc. Hoping Nebraska does one soon and cheap for alum. We need to fill up admin with Doctoral trained PA.
  10. Do a good job on each patient. Make them wait. Push back. Have your cv ready. Quality medicine is marketable and you will likely have to leave.
  11. but what about the down stream harm of the patient realizing they were lied to? They loose faith in medical providers, and boom you have hurt them in the future.... nope not gonna outright lie.....
  12. on the CANCER topic I try to NEVER lean forward and say the C word - till there is a tissue Dx - every single patient has that in their mind as a fear. I see no reason in pouring gas on the fire of fear. I just say there is a bunch of things it could be (and I have seen some things I was POSITIVE was CA come back as benign......) and leave it at that. only if they really really push do I start to give a Ddx listing.... and then usually all the benign stuff first..... I wold not call this a lie - but instead the art of medicine and patient care.
  13. Some generalizations i have had over the years - (I have been asked by a number of patients to facilitate their passing and it was always and immediate no that is illegal answer) We keep patients alive by interventions, medications, procedures - we play god already I believe there is a difference with stopping treatments and I would not consider this assisted suicide - this is just no longer interfering with the natural course I used to be unsure about assisted suicide. Recently however I have come to believe this should only be done by providers with very specific training and with some type of oversight. Think radiation for CA treatment - not every PA/NP/MD/DO can order this and there is a a large oversight component that has to be satisfied I personally have decided I would never want taking a life on my own soul. I can allow mother nature to takes it course and not provide life sustaining treatment, but I could not take someone's life purposefully with my medical knowledge. I honestly do not know where society should stand on this issue and would defer to the medical ethics experts to help guide out laws. I am however fearful that only a few sides of this highly complex and very difficult topic are being utilized - i.e. religion and ethics.... I can only say I could never do it, but I can not speak for others.
  14. even for MH and crisis patients (and especially for them) I never lie. I might not tell the whole truth but lying to them is just a really bad idea. Paternalistic decision making is just plain \bad....
  15. ugh, PA or EMT.... something has got to change.....
  16. I posted this more on the the thought.... An NP recommended Admission. A PHYSICIAN denies the admission The Doc gets sued....... Is this possibly a turf war? Outside of all the questions and specifics - the NP contact the Doc for discussion and likely requested admission - but was denied..... now doc is liable.... wondering if it somehow is used by NP lobby to show that NP's are correct
  17. ummm didn't read the article because I don't need to lying to the patient - never
  18. We used to have direct admits. But they have fallen out of favor. I had had a few instances in the ER where hospitalist declined admission. I asked them to come write a note stating this..... they would come down and likely the patient ended up admitted. Seems it is harder to say no when you have to sign your name to it now that I am not ED I prefer to let the ED attending decide rather patient gets admitted (usually we agree).
  19. https://www.apnews.com/23e5e89c97bd401faaf934ca9a501d9c
  20. Where in CT? Cost of living? if first job the mentoring is really key. Ask if they have PAs there. Have they worked with newer PAs? might go for $2500 cme. It pays to keep you smart.
  21. Crud. The whole article did not paste. The critical cal point was that the doc getting sued refused to admit the patient because it the patients provider was an NP!!
  22. By GLENN HOWATT , STAR TRIBUNE May 27, 2019 - 6:58 AM In a ruling that is causing a stir in Minnesota’s medical and legal communities, the state Supreme Court has said that a doctor can be sued for malpractice even in the absence of a traditional physician-patient relationship. Medical groups say the opinion could subject physicians to more lawsuits, even in cases when they are simply giving informal advice to colleagues. The expansion of liability, they say, could also increase malpractice insurance premiums and have a chilling effect on consultations. correction the whole article did not paste first time. Here it is. Issue I see is NP MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A recent ruling from the Minnesota Supreme Court saying doctors can be sued for malpractice even if they're not directly treating a patient is causing angst in the state's medical and legal communities. The high court said in its ruling last month that the decision was aimed at doctors whose decisions have consequences. The decision came in a case involving a hospital doctor who allegedly refused to admit a patient who was being treated by a nurse practitioner at the Essentia Health Clinic in Hibbing in August 2014. The nurse spoke with Dr. Richard Dinter at Fairview Range Medical Center and asked him to admit 54-year-old Susan Warren because she was suffering from abdominal pain, fever, chills and other symptoms, according to the lawsuit from the patient's family. The lawsuit alleges Dinter declined admission after a 10-minute phone call. But court records in the case show that the doctor and nurse disagree about several aspects of their conversation, including whether the nurse made the request for Warrant to be admitted. Warren died several days later.
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