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  1. I am waiting for the day we abolish "incident to" billing. It's a farce .
  2. I am no financial expert but from what I have heard is only around 1% of the PSLF applicants actually benefit from loan forgiveness, It is my understanding you'd probably be better off applying for one of the HRSA loan forgiveness programs. The gist is you agree to practice in an underserved area for a contracted number of years in exchange for money to pay off loans, 'Good luck! Student debt sucks but you are not alone.
  3. She decided to go back to school to become an NP
  4. You make a great point . Just because NPs are crushing it legislatively does not mean they are at fault for our issues . We can learn a lot from our colleagues . also - I see many more PAs complaining about NPs than vice versa . This is admirable . Let’s all take the high road while we are doing the hard work to advance our profession
  5. Though I am pleased with ANY change that gets "assistant" out of our title- I am now thinking with all this pushback from physician groups we should say 'screw it all " and start fresh with a non-physician name, then detach ourselves completely as a profession. They have proven , especially recently with all the negativity, that they are only out for themselves. I wish the AAPA would see it this way...
  6. I received my email link for AAPA '21. Looking over available sessions I am realizing this is NOT worth the ~$500 I spent on registration. Can honestly say nothing excites me except for Z Dogg. Totally my fault for not looking into it more closely but does anyone else feel this way?
  7. If it were my patient I'd explain the risks out weigh the benefits then work on a taper plan as opposed to cutting off abruptly.
  8. What we generally fight for is legislation that reduces the administrative burden of having a PA on any health care team. We are excellently prepared to do so, though outdated laws are holding us back. Happy to say we are making great strides and the momentum is picking up.
  9. But NPs and PAs do not make 85% of what physicians make, so I believe this will all come out in the wash in a GOOD way . I for one am tired of my hard work being hidden under a Doc's NPI.
  10. https://www.deseret.com/utah/2021/3/2/22310517/2021-legislature-passes-bill-to-expand-scope-of-physician-assistants-independent-practice
  11. Florida PAs got the shaft last time around . BEST of luck and will definitely support !
  12. I have no desire to work at a Minute Clinic but for those who were complaining about preferential hiring of NPs, this is a good development https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2021/01/convenient-care-association-voices-support-for-eliminating-barriers-to-employing-pas/
  13. Wow - great post. You give me hope for the future of our profession! Stay involved- be sure to join your state and national organizations and encourage your fellow students to do the same. Keep up the great work!
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