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  1. I fixed that sentence too! We PAs pay attention to detail
  2. I emailed all of them- just deleted the part that says I'm a PA in Florida ! This way 100% legit.
  3. I recommend looking into a specialty. You can still have cushy hours without all the extra BS that's forced onto PCP's these days
  4. In Pa we are getting pushback from the state medical society just to not have our charts co-signed Meanwhile , the NPs are halfway there to Independent Practice I really really hate to say this , but I may need to look into a PA - NP bridge program to stay relevant as a practitioner .
  5. Horribly insulting. Does AAPA care (or even KNOW???) this is how CVS is downgrading our profession?
  6. Private prestigious university near me has 3 PAs and 1 NP in their student health center- currently advertising for a per diem PA.
  7. Worked in FM for too many years so got my X waiver in 2017, which required 24 hours of on line training, and attend CME as my time and funding allows. I work in outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment clinic seeing 15-20 patients daily. Patients are generally thankful for our care here, and we don't see the "entitlement" issue as in FM or UC, I believe in part because their self esteem is basically in the toilet from being stigmatized by other health care providers. (Which is a bad thing) . I find the work extremely rewarding and would rather leave medicine altogether before I ever went back to FM. This switch was my answer to burnout, and I'd recommend it.
  8. I hate to sound like a broken record on this forum , but switching from FM to Addiction Medicine was a game changer for me. I recommend getting your X waiver and maybe just try per diem somewhere to see if you like it. I think you'd be pleasantly suprised at how rewarding caring for this patient population can be.
  9. I was a Med Tech prior to becoming a PA . My schooling and experience were great preparation for PA school and I was way ahead of my classmates when it came to pathophysiology of disease, and of course interpretation of labs. To this day I have colleagues (including physicians ) consulting me on labs. I do enjoy my career as a PA, but it hasn't always been this way. Family Medicine burned me out badly. I am now working in addiction medicine and it's been a breath of fresh air. However, I do miss the "science-y" aspect of medicine but it's been worth the trade -off for my sanity. Just be sure to choose a specialty you'll be happy with.
  10. I'm in agreement with Sed. Your lack of certification and licensure is making it pretty tough for an employer to stick their neck out and onboard you. It'll get better.
  11. traumajd- I also practice in Pennsylvania , and I am urging you to get up to speed on what is going on here in our state. Senate Bill 25 was passed this summer, removing mandatory collaboration of NPs with physicians. House Bill 100 is still pending for complete passage in the state. The Pa Medical Society is vigorously opposing the bill, but as in many states- the nursing lobby is powerful here. If the NPs gain independence here, we PAs will be edged out for jobs as happening in many other states. We also have legislation pending to loosen up some of our restrictions to practice, the specific details are below: The PSPA has introduced Senate Bills 870 & 871 to modernize our practice Acts, giving the physician/PA team and institutions more flexibility in delivering care to our patients. The Prime sponsors for our legislation are Republican Senator Thomas Killion and Democratic Senator John Yudichak. The legislation builds on our past efforts to: 1. Eliminate countersignature 2. Allow for filing of work agreements 3. Allow for physician/PA ratios to be determined at the practice and/or facility level 4. Remove the requirement for physicians to be on-site at satellite locations 5. Creation of a permanent PA seat on both the medical and osteopathic boards. Upon introduction of the legislation, Senator Killion stated that, “Physician Assistants are a critical piece of the healthcare team. Their education and training is in the medical model and provides both physicians and patients with an excellent resource for healthcare.” He went on to say, “Pennsylvania is one of the premier states for Physician Assistant education, but lags behind legislatively for practicing Pennsylvania Physician Assistants. With this modernization, Pennsylvania will encourage a diverse range of medical professionals across the healthcare delivery system. This legislation will allow for modernization for physician assistants to practice.” The PSPA and our lobbyists have worked hard setting the stage for a successful campaign. But YOU play the most vital role! Legislators want to hear from their constituents regarding legislative issues. The Society is asking all PAs in the state to contact their Pennsylvania State Senators asking them to join Senators Killion and Yudichak in support of Senate Bills 870 & 871. Call, write and/or email your Senator today and ask them to contact Senator Tommy Tomlinson to bring the bills up for a vote in the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure committee. PLEASE visit the PSPA website and follow the links to support this important legislation. And- please consider joining PSPA and stay informed of important issues related to practice in Pa.
  12. Physician Supervision Requirements for Physician Assistants (PAs) We are updating our regulation on physician supervision of PAs to give PAs greater flexibility to practice more broadly in the current health care system in accordance with state law and state scope of practice. In the absence of any state rules, CMS is finalizing a revision to the current supervision requirement to clarify that physician supervision is a process in which a PA has a working relationship with one or more physicians to supervise the delivery of their health care services. Such physician supervision is evidenced by documenting the PA’s scope of practice and indicating the working relationship(s) the PA has with the supervising physician(s) when furnishing professional services. I guess this is good??
  13. Addiction Medicine PA here - Maximum detection time following amphetamine use is 3 days .
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