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  1. Get your X waiver and do some extra hours at a medication assisted treatment clinic . It’s not hard work, the patients are grateful and not entitled, there is very little documentation required on your notes , and you’d be prescribing 2-3 meds tops
  2. A 3 or 4 day work week (you can still do full time - 3 12 hr shifts, 4 10's etc) can be life changing. It was for me (4 9.5's) Something about a weekday off feels more like a "break". Good luck. You'll figure it out. I have a feeling you can still be a PA and be happy.
  3. I will never get my head around how NPs are licensed to practice medicine by a nursing board.
  4. Addiction Medicine pros : great hours, no call , no weekends , no procedures (to some that may be a con) , adequate time for each visit , patients stay engaged months to years so you really get to know them and their families , super rewarding to see people in recovery cons: it can be heartbreaking to see your patients relapse , Suboxone scripts with your DEA # are at huge risk of diversion , patients lie A LOT
  5. C'mon Pennsylvania PA's - let's do this See you at the Capitol l 9/24! From the PSPA It is vital that we get as many of our members to Harrisburg as possible. Just as a reminder, we will be lobbying to support the modernization of our practice. Our legislation includes the following provisions: Place a Physician Assistant on the Medical Board and Osteopathic Board with a permanent seat. Remove the requirement of a physician countersignature on 100% of patient files. Allows a written agreement to be "filed" instead of "approved" by the Medical and Osteopathic Boards. This will allow Physician Assistants to immediately begin working instead of waiting 120 days or longer for the Medical Boards. Outlines what supervision means, to ensure laws and regulations do not hinder the Physician, Physician Assistant, Patient relationship.
  6. I did - when I worked in Primary Care . Now that I'm in Addiction Medicine I literally love going to work every day.
  7. I was 48 when I graduated from PA school. Doubled my salary from my previous career. No regrets at all. Do it.
  8. I actually agree with a lot of your posts. . Was just curious what brought you here.
  9. I have also wondered why you are so active on a PA forum when you are not a PA??
  10. The craziest part is my only Press Ganey complaints from patients were that I was "too rushed" . I wanted to bang my head off a wall when I saw those.
  11. Ideally she should have been confronted, without judgement, about her past and current substance use, and if opioid addicted, referred to a medicated assisted treatment (MAT) program and offered Bupenorphine , a partial agonist, while in a mild state of withdrawal .
  12. On the pricing list they misspelled "qualitative"
  13. I heard somewhere recently that increasing access to care does not improve overall population health. This is evident in the corporate primary care office I have recently resigned from. Here, we have central schedulers at some call center (none of us even know where it is) just popping patients into any empty holes in the schedule, resulting in us full to the gills by that first screen refresh at 8:08 am or so. So , here you have first come first serve, 25 yo 2 day URI's that close out the schedule so we end up overbooking the fluid overloaded CHF-er that walks in SOB. In fact, all our oldest and sickest tend to walk in because they do not like to talk to a call center, so we end up having to accommodate them. Our front office and nurses are exhausted, and our providers are fried. I miss the connections I have made in my years in Family Medicine, but will never go back.
  14. Wow- I could not imagine loudly scolding or verbally threatening a patient who comes to me seeking help to recover from addiction. Addiction is not a moral failing- it's a disease. Sure, bad choices play into it- but don't all of our greatest health problems in the U,S. ie DM2, CAD and HTN? Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) using medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol can turn lives around, and we see it every day. It appears to me you may have been involved in more of a "pill mill" situation than a true recovery model. I'm sure you are well-qualified for Family Medicine, however choose very wisely, as the burnout is real. Read the boards here. And best of luck with whatever you choose . It will get better for you.
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