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  1. Hospitals don’t get overwhelmed with HIV or MRSA patients all presenting at the same time .
  2. Maybe finally PAs will be able to sign for diabetic shoes ..
  3. That has been my favorite so far - wish more were on to it !
  4. They do get off Suboxone eventually. Average length of engagment in our clinic is 2 years, but the desire to wean off is patient-led. This is evidence based practice . We have one guy 7 years clean who is in no rush though, so we don't push him. Better than the alternative of going back out and using.
  5. No beating will happen, as this is a huge misconception so I'll be happy to respond . When prescribing buprenorphine the goal is not to decrease, but to settle in at a dose where patients are no longer craving opioids they have been obtaining illicitly. This is usually 12- 16 mg daily for most, and they can be on bup for years, as any other meds for a chronic disease. Patients are so happy to not wake up dope sick and craving they tend to be quite grateful and engaged. I had a patient come in today with his smiling wife, 10 yo son and baby girl who said "This is life the way I've dreamed it to be". There is nothing more fulfilling than helping patients achieve recovery and get their lives back. Sure we have the occasional grumpy patient , but these are few and far between and wayyyyyy less entitled than patients I had to deal with in Family Medicine .
  6. It’s pretty easy work , patients are thankful - and not the litigious types . Colleagues tend to be quite open minded and tolerant . Overall a very pleasant specialty . Left family medicine for addiction and will never go back . Highly recommend . And - agree with above posters a very brave post . You’ll get through this and come out stronger . Best of luck
  7. If you are second -guessing your entire career path based on posts to the PA Forum and Reddit then you may consider avoiding medicine altogether .
  8. I agree with above posters that although your credentials are impressive your resume screams “student “ . Bullet point your qualifications and do not list rotations . Really that’s a “given “ since PA education is standardized , so write a solid cover letter and show up in person to drop off your materials with a hiring manager . good luck !
  9. I come to this forum to expecting intelligent science based exchange of information but unfortunately we have dissolved into a divided politicalized mess of a platform . I could have read all this stuff on Facebook or Twitter .
  10. Apologies for the horrible copy and paste job- but I was quite disheartened to read this exchange on my Linkedin feed under the Advance Practice group. Appears there is a large telehealth contract out there for Covid tracers -PAs are not considered for this role. I do not understand how this can be possible?? Anyone else aware of this issue? Anyone looking for Telehealth COVID Screening work or know anyone that is? We have a client that needs several hundred people to fill a government subcontract. This work is for USA citizens only. Thanks. #telehealth Like Ron Ripple, DMSc, PA-C’S comment1 Like1 Like on Ron Ripple, DMSc, PA-C’S comment 8 Replies8 Replies on Ron Ripple, DMSc, PA-C’S comment Jason Lee AuthorWe help companies and business owners optimize their sales processes, increase conversions, and create and scale advertising using smart data. 3d PAs are not qualified for the need Ron, I apologize. it's driven by a government DOH contract. Like Jason Lee’s comment Status is reachable Ron Ripple, DMSc, PA-C out of network 3rd+Physician Assistant at Minimal Invasive Spine Center 3d Jason Lee Would you be so kind as to expand on that please Like Ron Ripple, DMSc, PA-C’S comment Jason Lee AuthorWe help companies and business owners optimize their sales processes, increase conversions, and create and scale advertising using smart data. 3d That's the only information I have, we are contracted to find them qualified applicants and do not know why the contract won't allow PAs. sorry I'm not more helpful. 14 60 Comments
  11. Thank you Scott, for representing our profession so well .
  12. Our hospital announced there will be no raises this year - never mind bonuses .
  13. I think it’s crazy that the PA programs are requiring students to buy the items that will be ON SITE at your rotations . I was broke when I was in PA school . The only item I bought was a good stethoscope (Littman cardio III ) and got by just fine . I hope you find one if that’s what you really want - but do NOT stress if you don’t ! And best of luck to you in rotations !
  14. Just curious - I’ve seen a lot of conversations popping up encouraging PAs to train as AA’s (or CAA’s) - a concept being pushed by Physician Anesthesiologists. Although it seems like a nice career track - I’m also sensing this is a ploy to push out CRNAs . Although I’m not personally interested in pursuing this - I’m curious about others’ take on it. I generally try to be positive but also hate to see PAs made into political pawns . We are working hard enough on our own political issues and don’t need more pushback . So would this advance our cause or just muddy the waters ?
  15. I’m quite hopeful the pandemic highlighted how versatile PAs are . In my institution the weekly featured “heroes on the front line “ have consistently been PAs who have been redeployed from specialties to areas of need , and the articles do point out how adaptable and well-trained PAs are . . So far - no NPs. It’s refreshing for us to finally get a bit of the spotlight . .
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