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  1. Consider getting your Buprenorphine waiver and treating addiction. Your stress level will go way down, and at the end of every day you will feel like you actually helped someone.
  2. The PSPA accomplished a legislative success yesterday by the passage of Senate Bill 870 and 871 out of the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure committee. Your participation during the September 2019 PSPA Hill day helped lay the foundation for this success. As advocacy conscious PAs, we ask that you continue to encourage those around you to reach out to their senators and ask them to support the bills when they come up for an anticipated vote the week of Oct 19th. You can refer PAs, PA students, physicians and the general public to the PSPA action center to send an email and to read about the research and facts behind these bills. https://pspa.net/advocacy/governmental-affairs/action-center/ Thank you for caring about moving the PA profession forward in PA! Please reach out with any questions you may have. Susan Desantis, PA-C PSPA Board Administrator PO Box 128 Greensburg, PA 15601 724 836 6411 phone 724 836 4449 fax www.pspa.net www.PSPAcareers.net
  3. My understanding is we are proceeding in "baby steps" because drastic changes would never fly- Can you believe our state MD and DO societies are opposing these small changes?!! It's infuriating.
  4. They need to be a PA state constituent, so please forward to anyone you know who lives in PA. Thanks!
  5. The PSPA has introduced Senate Bills 870 & 871 to modernize our practice Acts, giving the physician/PA team and institutions more flexibility in delivering care to our patients. The Prime sponsors for our legislation are Republican Senator Thomas Killion and Democratic Senator John Yudichak. The legislation builds on our past efforts to: 1. Reduce countersignature (12 months for new graduate and 6 months for new specialty) 2. Allow for filing of work agreements 3. Allow for physician/PA ratios to be increased to 1:7 4. Remove the requirement for physicians to be on-site at satellite locations 5. Creation of a permanent PA seat on both the medical and osteopathic boards. The Society is asking all PAs in the state to contact their Pennsylvania State Senators asking them to join Senators Killion and Yudichak in support of Senate Bills 870 & 871. Call, write and/or email your Senator today and ask them to contact Senator Tommy Tomlinson to bring the bills up for a vote in the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure committee. We had a great response from all of you last year. We hope to have even more people participate this year. Your participation is paramount in getting movement on our legislation. Please encourage PA colleagues, supervising physicians, administrators, PA students and faculty to participate as well! Click the link below to log in and send your message: https://www.votervoice.net/BroadcastLinks/AE2LTtAbr2MI3jFqu5KrCw
  6. Hate to say this but isn't November when they are just going to decide IF we change our name? Then another waiting game to find out what it will be right? I'm a patient person but this is getting ridiculous.
  7. Hospitals don’t get overwhelmed with HIV or MRSA patients all presenting at the same time .
  8. Maybe finally PAs will be able to sign for diabetic shoes ..
  9. That has been my favorite so far - wish more were on to it !
  10. They do get off Suboxone eventually. Average length of engagment in our clinic is 2 years, but the desire to wean off is patient-led. This is evidence based practice . We have one guy 7 years clean who is in no rush though, so we don't push him. Better than the alternative of going back out and using.
  11. No beating will happen, as this is a huge misconception so I'll be happy to respond . When prescribing buprenorphine the goal is not to decrease, but to settle in at a dose where patients are no longer craving opioids they have been obtaining illicitly. This is usually 12- 16 mg daily for most, and they can be on bup for years, as any other meds for a chronic disease. Patients are so happy to not wake up dope sick and craving they tend to be quite grateful and engaged. I had a patient come in today with his smiling wife, 10 yo son and baby girl who said "This is life the way I've dreamed it to be". There is nothing more fulfilling than helping patients achieve recovery and get their lives back. Sure we have the occasional grumpy patient , but these are few and far between and wayyyyyy less entitled than patients I had to deal with in Family Medicine .
  12. It’s pretty easy work , patients are thankful - and not the litigious types . Colleagues tend to be quite open minded and tolerant . Overall a very pleasant specialty . Left family medicine for addiction and will never go back . Highly recommend . And - agree with above posters a very brave post . You’ll get through this and come out stronger . Best of luck
  13. If you are second -guessing your entire career path based on posts to the PA Forum and Reddit then you may consider avoiding medicine altogether .
  14. I agree with above posters that although your credentials are impressive your resume screams “student “ . Bullet point your qualifications and do not list rotations . Really that’s a “given “ since PA education is standardized , so write a solid cover letter and show up in person to drop off your materials with a hiring manager . good luck !
  15. I come to this forum to expecting intelligent science based exchange of information but unfortunately we have dissolved into a divided politicalized mess of a platform . I could have read all this stuff on Facebook or Twitter .
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