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  1. Perlman is hiring FM... only $60/hr though. Wayyy not enough for SoCal/SD.
  2. OTP is actually making the rounds through various state legislatures already. Options are opening up for states to move to... if you’re into that sort of thing.
  3. The vote has been made and people are still going on about cost and legalities. Jeeze. Start marketing and making the change. Get the legislators on the horn in every state and let them know to start amending the legislation. Lets go, already. In 10 years we will be doing this again to go with MCP. What an epic waste of time, but I am still glad to be rid of the term assistant.
  4. The final vote on title change by the HOD. PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATE: YES 198 NO 68 WE ARE AFFIRMED TO BE PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATES.
  5. Medical Care Practitioners was voted down 195 to 67. Associates, we are.
  6. Amendment put forth by Sobel for change to Medical Care Practitioner. Will discuss and then vote. Some of the same old heads still trying to find round-about ways of not going with MCP. ie cost/title protection/downstream bylaws/etc.
  7. Physician Associate 192 to 76. We are no longer Assistants. Still amendments to be heard so it can be changed to MCP or other.
  8. The voting meeting on title change is underway. The Speaker was sure to say the refcom does not choose the outcome; it is a majority vote. If we are to change the title we will do it today. There is still debate going on just prior to the voting. I am unsure who is watching other than me and the delegates.
  9. Job posting expired 23 March, but damn that’s a cool gig. I read the whole announcement even though I’m not even remotely qualified. Makes me want to do big things, so that I can get a sweet job like this in 20 or so years. Guess I’m going to get that doctorate in assisting a physician...
  10. My hope is that they do not stall on title change. Why do we need a year? It has been years already. Let's get this thing going.
  11. When will we know about the final votes? Are they made public? Does a vote for title change mean its happening or can they stall at the 11th hour?
  12. They have moved on to other topics. On Doctorate education now.
  13. Well, in summation: it was ~4.5 hours of people clamoring for some sort of title change. Many great points for MCP over PAnything.
  14. As will I. I will drop my membership faster than you can say assistant.
  15. I would concur with this assessment, unfortunately. We should move all the way forward to MCP. Keeping PA just kicks the can down the road.
  16. ARC-PA just said they have no authority over the title, as another speaker seemed to think they did.
  17. Not sure on that point, but the overwhelming majority are for change. I would be absolutely floored if there is no title change. There have been some anti-change, but almost all are emotional and personal instead of logical or based on facts and data.
  18. This guy is banging on the NP's door! Get rid of assistant. Cannot remain assistant. NP is greater than assistant or associate. Advocating to listen to the members. Not outside orgs that oppose. Change the title.
  19. Texas gal just showed up and said ignoring the data to change to MCP is akin to being a patient who won't listen to the evidence based medicine. Wondering why PA's are acting like this; related it to being childish. Listen to the data, listen to the experts. Don't mess with Texas.
  20. No, she was using it as an example for change difficulty at the federal level.
  21. Someone finally pointed out that NPs are being hired more because we are assistants.
  22. Just continuing back and forth. Still seems to be more in favor of title change. Pretty much everyone hates "assistant"
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