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  1. Retired Clint Eastwood here, literally sitting on enclosed patio. It would be interesting to note if students, or recent grads, understand the relevance of the INR and albumin levels, and what specific question the two values answer in day today’s clinical settings? Should be relatively simple, but based on a group of other tests and how they are referenced in day-to-day activities, it may not be so clear to some. By the way, please stay off my yard, especially since I just had fertilizer sprayed. I need to consider getting a Clint Eastwood sponsored cooler for my patio.
  2. I was a lead cardiology PA in the late 80’s/early 90’s and it served no other purpose than to pass down physician dictated changes without input from the PAs.
  3. Dont forget to include folks that are sexually active and of child-bearing age. On second thought, DON’T include them. i need to have someone work to cover my Social Security income.
  4. I’d get a Moderna booster with the only caveat being that so far it doesnt look like one is needed.
  5. I never had PTO in the ED over my 10+ years dating back to the mid-90’s. You either worked and got paid, or didn’t.
  6. Great PR for the profession. First news story I read this morning had the possessive form of her title.
  7. I find this to be true. With the wife still working and me being at home, I find that I disagree and argue a lot less with my company during the day.
  8. As for myself, I was in it as a natural progression as well, and because med school was TOO competitive for me back in the late 70’s to be able to get in. Over the years the profession changed, as did the jobs (hey employer, if you want the employees to stay quit changing the rules of the game after the fact), and it became a game of can I wait it out until I retire. Thank goodness I found my final position for the last 4.5 years to get me through before I bailed. I do not miss it one iota. Best, most fun job I ever had was riding a box and also mixing in medical examiner calls for pickup in Dallas Co.
  9. I get ticked just listening to them, and I'm not even seeing patients any longer. I guess recovery will take longer than I was anticipating.
  10. Welcome to the dark side…or is it the light side? While I’m sitting on my backside (retirement) when not doing household chores, etc.; I could see going back to work in some capacity. The cremation position above would be of interest if in N. Texas.
  11. As a famous man…uh, alien, once said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”. Thank you Mr. Spock. For all the crazies at these school board meetings re: masking versus non-masking, why don’t the districts divide the grades into masked students versus non-masked students, vary the lunch and PE periods with each group, and that way both groups are happy? Pay the non-mask teachers a higher rate due to risk exposure.
  12. I did the same several years back with a UT-Arlington NP student. I don’t see why you couldn’t at least get Cat II hours. Thinking back about my CPR training courses that I gave to our gov’t employees, I bet I could’ve had a boatload there as well.
  13. I still don’t get why you think that you need malpractice coverage if you aren’t practicing? If you had an occurrence based policy previously you’re covered for actions there, regardless of when claim was filed. If you had a C-M policy then you either need a tail or make certain that the policy remains in effect at that employer. When I retired 10/19 I just let my occurrence based policy expire. The employer had a umbrella C-M policy for the clinic but that doesn’t matter at this stage since I had my own coverage. My two year SOL expires Halloween this year, though a parent could always come after me if they felt that I somehow jacked up their kid until the kid becomes a legal adult.
  14. DFW nurses are at $226/hour, so said FOX4 this week. Apparently there is a heck of a bidding war taking place for travelers.
  15. And where might his place of business be? Sounds like me at Costco 10 years ago w/o the hypotension but a souvenir occiput head lac that the ding-dong PA insisted on putting simple interrupted sutures in as opposed to a running horizontal mattress.
  16. Again, a rationale thought process whether one agrees or not. Where is the hyperbole thread again?
  17. Stop this MADNESS! We cannot tolerate rationale thought processes here. During my brief stint at the Dallas VA I tried to explain to the Employee Health staff that I had documentation of adequate antibody titers to my 80’s era Hep B and that no booster was indicated in spite of what their titer showed. I didn’t argue with them and just bared my shoulder and went through round two of the series.
  18. Sounds like a poor rotation (just like my cardiology elective before graduation where I just sat in the office and read medical journals every day, M-F, for eight weeks). NEVER saw a single patient with him in his office. He had been one of our PGY3 lecturers. Contact your clinical coordinator! Your paying for this crap so get your money’s worth.
  19. My first ED had a frequent flyer that was always in with headaches and each of us (I was only PA there) always dotted I’s and crossed T’s with her. We got canned after 16 years with original/lone ED director in a hospital power play having not had a single malpractice claim filed against anyone. Less than six months later same individual, same complaint, same issue as above with EMEDPA, and a missed diagnosis by the replacement group.
  20. Electrician or plumbing school, assuming that you can find an apprenticeship.
  21. I suspect that you are a victim of same. I got out at 59 and have no intention of going back, especially considering that I retired my license and put both that and my NCCPA cert in emeritus status. At 62 I doubt anyone would give me a second look, even if I wanted.
  22. Easier present day to become an electrician, set your own schedule, typically make as much, and not have the debt like medicine. Oh, and you’ll also be in demand, as will the other skilled labor positions. If I were doing over today, this is the route I’d probably take. Oh, and I could do my work without having to talk to others.
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