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  1. I talk to PAs daily in practice and at first they are like, ew. When I dive in and start explaining and rationalizing they are all aboard. MCP makes sense. Bottom line.
  2. It’s better than nothing at all. This is how it works when you are not only behind the 8 ball but behind by 5 games.
  3. Utah just passed full OTP/autonomous practice. No SP required. Also, direct billing by PAs.
  4. No. Don’t be ridiculous. Never say yes unless it is crystal clear. Once it’s documented it’s documented forever.
  5. I have two. Been fine thus far. You don’t need multiple DEAs unless you are working actively in the states you are licensed. Just one where you are actively working/prescribing. You pay for one and can go online and transfer it to a different state for a fraction of the cost.
  6. Put your big boy/girl/unisex pants on. Let’s get a beer. We’re on the same side. There’s nothing passive aggressive about any of it. We don’t have to agree, yet I still respect your opinion. On an aside, I don’t do huddle.
  7. Out of my cohort of ~25 almost everyone has a job already; in multiple states we have alumni. So, yes, while the market may be tough in some areas it is not in others. I have an anecdote for you and you have one for me. Neither prove anything- other than the outlook for the career is apparently numero uno with explosive growth into the next decade. We all our conceive own perspective, for we all have different experiences. I don’t assume the collective of my colleagues are “lazy bastards” and I never said that they were. Some people find solutions instead of complain- that’s a desire
  8. Because they fail to network appropriately? Because they refuse to look outside of their top desired specialty? Because they refuse to move for a position? Because COVID has changed the game for the time being? Because they lack the skills to sell themselves in an interview? I agree with you on most of your thoughts- this one not so much, although. There is always room for advancing the profession with efforts such as OTP, title change, etc., yet the profession itself is still very rewarding on many fronts. I had a job before I even graduated and was li
  9. Congrats. As a recent grad myself, I've sent my info to army, navy, AF, and USCG... the only one who emailed me back was the AF to tell me my bachelors degree wasn't enough.
  10. We're not being taken over by NPs. Don't believe the hype, but do your part to advance the profession (ie join your state society, write letters, contact your legislative reps, etc).
  11. The fact you asked means you already know.
  12. An APP supervisor I knew in a large ED group oversaw about 25 APPs in the department. Made ~250k. Regular APPs who just worked their scheduled shifts with little OT ~160k. All are Hourly employees. Supervisor made more, but still worked a lot. Same benefits. Supervisor role has the ability to hire/fire, that’s the legal metric, among other administrative duties.
  13. Saw it on my state society website. I agree, compliance with the 7 days vs a one stop shop may be an issue.
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