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  1. Likewise, I have not received mine yet. According to the AAPA site there are four options for title change, and the surveys will be sent in waves concluding on 14 November.
  2. This is maddening and saddening at the same time. Keep trying to find a provider who cares.
  3. I'm not one for censorship, but this thread could be interpreted poorly by some. This is a public web page representing PAs. IMO, this looks bad on the profession. We've got disparaging comments on everything here from race, gender, Trump, flat-earthers, other professions, science. Come on. Take it to PM. None of that relates to the OP question. Prime example of why the AAPA should stay out of politics. The only thing worse than arguing politics at a bar is arguing politics on the internet.
  4. Judging by the way this conversation drifted, it appears we are alienating ourselves.
  5. Be sure to tag someone from the AAPA finance department. Money is always a big catapult for change. Like I said earlier, I'll not renew if they do not get the title change done this time.
  6. Rosh adds questions here and there continuously. They will largely be the same, but I would encourage you to do it anyways. Good luck.
  7. You are feeling like every PA student... with a little extra anxiety which seems to be recurrent. Remember that clinical rotations are designed for exposure not mastery. You will not become an expert cardiologist or orthopod or whatever in one clinical rotation, and that does not make you incompetent. A healthy fear of not knowing everything is a good thing, and knowing your limitations is a benefit to you, your patients, and your immediate team. Push through and manage your anxiety as best you can, and if that means med adjustments I would advise that. You're close to the next bench mark, as there is no finish line- you will be a lifelong learner. Graduate no matter what.
  8. Great post! 100% have to lose physician and assistant from the name as well as associate. Can we change the name here yet or lock down MedicalPractitionerForum.com? @rev ronin
  9. Why does every post here devolve into PA vs. NP/MD? It has literally nothing to do with political activism by professional groups. That’s not what this thread is about, but I’ll raise you a rant. I’ll go a step further and say that posters on this forum AND those of other providers are small samples of the medical profession population. That goes for reddit/etc. also; sample bias must be accounted for. There is a lot of griping, yet those griping are generally the same folks over and over and if you think of how many folks are out there not griping on the net... Well, there you have it. Day to day I encounter an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers, and I have never felt like I was undervalued, discredited, or subpar. Are there assholes out there, sure. However, offline in real-world scenarios I don’t have the palpable sense that MDs and NPs are at war with PAs... I saw a post once that NPs are living rent free in the minds of many here; I have to concur.
  10. Getting closer. Official survey of possible titles to change to will be out in Nov.
  11. So long as they stay in their lane (hot comment as of late) with regards to PA policy and promoting our profession I will remain an active member. I am about as pro-title change as you can be. I know that has been attempted unsuccessfully in the past under different leadership. I remain very enthusiastic for title change, OTP, and eliminating the PANRE; each of which seem to be at the forefront of the agenda for PA professional associations. If these fail, then I see no point in renewing membership, personally. I am in my PA career infancy, so I’m sure my career will see a lot of changes. I will not spend that career putting my money into any organization that is stagnant or counter productive to the evolution of our practice. Furthermore, I do not expect people, which includes PAs to agree on every sociopolitical, socioeconomic, etc topic. Diversity in thought is a good thing, and healthy debate is a benefit to society. However, the role of any organization that represents our profession to better PA practice, career, or legislation should be strictly contained to that metric. They should refrain from public commentary or posturing on politically charged topics and events. Period. I do not care to hear the AAPA’s opinion on politics outside of the scope of a PA and their patients and PA career development.
  12. Had to use Microsoft Edge browser.... Operator error. Feel free to delete thread.
  13. Am I the only one unable to pen the report, or is this an IT issues on their website? https://www.aapa.org/download/52936/ Its just blank on laptop, and times out on iPhone.
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