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  1. Wow. You all really took what I said and ran with it. I’m still in camp MCP (or similar), I was just giving an opinion on how I think it’s going to go, and what the 30000 foot view looks like. Also, PAs are not the only ones being furloughed. Additionally, those who think that someone will just snap their fingers and ‘so it shall be’ don’t really understand how the world works IMO. I don’t mean that as an insult, but rather as a realistic perspective. It’s going to take time to implement any title change. It won’t occur overnight- it’s like turning a ship. (As Cid would say, the Titanic, because we’re sinking).
  2. Given the current crisis I imagine that any rebranding will be abandoned now that PAs are now a more common household discussion. On the news, in other media, gaining name recognition, governments loosening regulations, legislators understanding what PAs are/do, etc. Whatever steam we may gain from this public health disaster would be sent back to square one if we switched the name dramatically after this. MCP and others are likely DRT. I foresee we will remain PAs, but the most we will get is what was already most likely if it is decided to move forward with title change: Physician Associate.
  3. Pay for a real accountant. Spending a few hundred could save you $1000+. The randoms on the internet are not going to be able to tell you your best course for your situation. Pay a professional.
  4. In Texas you can practice without PANCE/certification during this pandemic, so long as you have your degree or program completion certificate.
  5. I’m with this. Why the shade? “Temporary” gives opportunities for “permanent,” and also a leg to stand on when this comes to a close. “Look back, we were able to do our work more efficiently to help more patients without those restrictions.”
  6. More government is the answer? As big or as progressive as say, North Dakota? Cuomo gets praise (right on, I’m glad he signed that) meanwhile other leaders doing similar are not getting any praise, in fact, some get downright lambasted... I’m just confused by that.
  7. Here you go! See below. Also- Here is how to find your congressman: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative Subject Please Protect PAs and the Patients we Serve! Dear (Recipient's Name and Title will automatically be added by system when communication is sent.) As your constituent and one of the more than 140,000 PAs (Physician Assistants) currently practicing in the United States, I am asking for your help to ensure I can continue providing high-quality health care to my patients as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic. There is currently a shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) in our nation, with many facilities being forced to ration their supplies. Without access to this lifesaving equipment, PAs and other practitioners are being forced to provide care to patients while endangering our overall health and safety. I urge you to support getting PPE in the hands of frontline providers as quickly as possible so we can continue to provide care to our patients. Also, as the House and Senate continue negotiations to finalize the COVID-19 emergency legislation, please convey to congressional leadership and committees with jurisdiction over Medicare the urgent need that they include a provision authorizing PAs and nurse practitioners to provide home health services for Medicare patients. Including this policy in the bill will allow more patients to avoid unnecessary trips to hospitals or clinics while also freeing up capacity for hospitals to treat patients suffering the worst effects of COVID-19. This policy, modeled after the Home Health Planning Improvement Act (S. 296 / H.R. 2150), is included in the latest Senate package. Thank you for lending your voice to including the “Improving Care Planning for Medicare Home Health Services” section in the upcoming COVID-19 package and for supporting policies that will ensure access to PPE.
  8. Do this for yourself, your family, etc. and share it far and wide. http://cqrcengage.com/paea/app/onestep-write-a-letter?37&engagementId=506990
  9. And.... I wonder if we will hear what they had worked on prior to the pandemic? The May AAPA conference has been cancelled.
  10. Sadly, the AAPA May gathering has been cancelled. Just got the email.
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