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  1. Some of us were such dinosaurs that we had to BEG our program to get us approved to be able to take ACLS. Myself, and a classmate who also had an EMS background, were the first two at UTMB-Galveston. Yes, we both passed. As I think about this statement for a moment, I have to wonder how far it would’ve set things back at this institution if we had made a poor showing?
  2. Might help to post your asking price. I’ve thought about going back and buying a more modern setup but with grandchildren on the horizon, I can use one of the Amazon camera/apps to visualize a TM for a child for what, $20-30? I love a panoptic but I don’t have need for one in retirement.
  3. It was my experience that when you show up and take over for someone else, or even enter a new position and practice EBM; the majority of patients already have a preconception of what they want, regardless of whether it is correct or not. If you don’t meet THEIR expections, right or not, then you and the profession may pay a high price. In my case at one position, everyone should have received antibiotics (per department admin who BTW was an RN and had authority over the MD). I never gave in, and nor did admin. I’d had enough after 8 years. I’m going to get on my high horse for a moment. I never worked with an NP who I felt had the background/base knowledge that I did. One was somewhat close, but only one.
  4. Since I rarely see anybody except for an annual f/u for thyroid meds, etc., and I’m just a couple of years out from Medicare (already looked into it and planning on Medicare with Medicare supplement plan G as opposed to a Medigap policy), I’m debating on whether to just drop $2K on a concierge doc and use Obamacare for hospitalization/labs over the six month lapse I’ll have with my wife’s COBRA and me hitting M’Care, or just forget the COBRA for myself next January and go ahead to the Obamacare for a year and a half. I do my couple of prescriptions using GoodRx anyway. No screening procedures indicated after I have my 5 yr. follow up c-oscopy this summer. When you factor in that we’ll be in the “12 %” (yay!) tax bracket this year due to how I drawing down on savings before hitting SS/pensions that is also of benefit because it lowers my OOP cost on the Obamacare premium!
  5. I remember those days. Felt like some were taking advantage of the situation back then. Amazing how they never showed up at MY facility, but that I was always called down to theirs. Even telling admin with the group that I had had a glass or two of wine didn’t matter. Still waiting on my virtual neuro visit that is now 25” late.
  6. Laundry in dryer at the moment while I peruse the web each morning after my morning 1.3 mile walk and having breakfast (weight staying in the 150’s after being in 220’s prior to retirement). I listen to one Christian radio broadcast while on my 20” walk, and then another 20” when I get home (after loading laundry). Rest of morning is spent on web, taking care of any dishes, and addressing any financial matters. Same routine, day after day. I just sent my wife back this morning for her last college semester as a dental hygiene professor. She’s already acknowledged that she’s going to mess up my routine. The afternoon? Groceries if needed, YT channels, and a couple of segments of sports talk radio when they’re covering non-sports related stuff for the most part. I usually repeat my walk about 2:30-3:00p and prepare for what we’ll eat that evening. Vacuuming/dusting when needed. During summer it’s lawn mowing thrown in during the morning and this time of year it’s the darn leaves that build up too much to allow them to break down on their own. I know, it’s all too exciting for many, LOL. Can’t wait to get started on taxes for family, as well as my late mom to close out her life. My treat for this week is a virtual neuro appt. tomorrow morning to get my annual levetiracetam refill due to my isolated “seizure” 1/11. As a bonus, I even got to vacuum out my Wrangler to get the glitter off the seats/carpeting that came off Christmas packaging!
  7. Me also, but it was because I didn’t think that I had it in me to deal with another flu season. Imagine that…
  8. Same to all as well. I’m tired of my part-time gig. Working with some short, blond haired guy who says he doesn’t like making toys and wants to be a dentist.
  9. I was thinking more like Soylent Green. I’ve already signed up for my vacation package.
  10. Some states have/had a time away commitment that restricts state licensure. Tx for example had been two years. Last I looked I could no longer find it.
  11. This is why it pays to have your own insurance as opposed to hiding under an employer umbrella. At least with your own carrier, even at minimal coverage amounts, you have someone who in theory is at least looking out for your best interest. I’ve had the pleasure of being depo’d in two cases, one I was named in because a surgeon after the patient had left the ED and was on the floor later developed a compartment syndrome, along with a missed vascular injury during the initial surgery, that resulted in a BKA. The second case was an altered mental status with a report of a foot injury from jumping off a wall that also later became a compartment syndrome. After a year or more I was dropped from both but it’s a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that it’s always hanging over your head until you are told/get the letter telling you that they don’t want you to play any longer. I had made a mental note to remember the recent passage of my 2 year SOL from the time of my retirement.
  12. Probably the most routine question I asked at an interview. “Is this position being newly created, or has there been a prior provider?”. RARELY did applicants ask this question at interviews where I was looking for a replacement provider. I came to the conclusion that folks just don’t know how to talk to one another without a phone between them, much less interview.
  13. On a lighter side, it doesn’t end in retirement. Do you know how hard it is to assimilate into the early afternoon grocery store community? “Who is this new, younger whipper snapper?” On the the serious side, you probably ARE inadequate at six months. i still remember how a spinal surgeon in our spine group made me feel right out of school. Looking back, he DEFINITELY wasn’t anything special and had more complications than the other two partners combined. When i left the group after 4 1/2 years my doc (nationally respected) said i could assess a spine patient better than any PCP. I came around, and you will as well if you give it time. Everyone expects to come out of school present day knowing everything and it just isn’t possible.
  14. As a retired older, I was moving a foot toward the door when the NP profession first started making their move. Frankly, at that point it wasn’t going to impact me and I had already seen the light with regard to AAPA being worthless in my situation, and TAPA as well (“yes, I’m referring to you worthless former TAPA female president”). I had attempted to get involved with state/national organizations back in the mid-80’s but it was such a “click” situation that I just washed my hands of it. I’ll return to the porch, my cooler, and my sidearm as I attempt to keep folks off my yard…unless they want to rake it again for me.
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