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  1. Co-worker has one here and uses it to show patients findings. He’s happy with it considering the cheap price.
  2. In EKG interpretation you don't specifically reference a vascular structure, only areas of ischemia/infarction. For example, if an EKG shows an inferior wall infarction is it from the RCA or posterior descending branch? Anterior wall MI? LAD or diagonal? Posterolateral? LCx or an obtuse marginal branch?
  3. We're talking a positive, or upright R wave, when assessing the axis as PickRick pointed out. You are taught the the correct way to determine the axis is to find the most equiphasic limb lead and then look at the lead 90 degrees to it and determine if it is positive or negative and that will give you the axis. This is just a quick shortcut.
  4. Those with universal healthcare have a smaller population base, and without knowing for certain, a younger population base to contribute to the overall costs. We're an older society here and those generations coming behind the boomers don't contribute enough to pay for us geezers, in addition to themselves. With regard to your military spending statement, consider Canada, Switzerland, England, etc. and look at their military spending as a percentage of their GDP. It's all about priorities. The only way I see the U.S. in it's current state providing any form of universal healthcare for the working population would be in a catastrophic setting where expenses exceed a predetermined amount/percentage of income (avoiding a medical bankruptcy). As far as preventive care and chronic management are concerned the private sector and the current welfare state programs would have to continue. Another option, such as in my current work situation, would be for the employer to provide/contract for direct patient care through their own provider(s)/clinic or contract out with a defined healthcare network. The original health insurance carrier, BCBS in Texas, was designed for catastrophic coverage and not what we see today when everyone seeks care for a cold 3-4 times/year where what we offer is no different than what they can obtain OTC. Everyone demands to be better yesterday.
  5. Our EP advised the group that as long as R>S (PRWP) by V4 then we were ok in the absence of pathologic findings otherwise and we weren't concerned about ischemia.
  6. This is what I meant as well. Last ECG compared to this one. Thanks Pickle (Dill, I hope).
  7. My point was the assumption is that it is a baseline study w/o comparison.
  8. Even though I've posted this before it might be new to someone else. If I and AVF are both positive you have a normal axis. If I is positive and AVL is negative you have a LAD. If lead II is then negative in this setting there is also a fascicular block. If I and AVF are both negative then you have a RAD. Don't forget to know what a normal QT interval is. I never looked at the machine interpretation until I had read it myself just because I didn't trust the machine.
  9. How do you know that there isn't an interval change w/o a prior ECG to review?
  10. Geez. Is there a course offering on helicopter parents and how to empathize with patients who can't understand the concept of snot nose after averaging a visit per month over the last year for a darn cold?
  11. Scott, travel a bit to the west and you won't have to deal with this mess. See patients at a very reasonable pace, no stress, go home, collect the paycheck, and enjoy the bennies. I've just had enough of patients in general so that's why I'm stepping aside. You may have to take a hit on the salary but it would still be reasonable.
  12. Having worked ACC at Dallas I would NOT recommend this setting for a new grad. You have to know your stuff since all the other departments dump on you and anything/everything will be presented to you.
  13. Move to N. Texas and take over my job! It’s that simple. You would be burnt toast in this insurance setting rather quickly I suspect. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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