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  1. My first ED had a frequent flyer that was always in with headaches and each of us (I was only PA there) always dotted I’s and crossed T’s with her. We got canned after 16 years with original/lone ED director in a hospital power play having not had a single malpractice claim filed against anyone. Less than six months later same individual, same complaint, same issue as above with EMEDPA, and a missed diagnosis by the replacement group.
  2. Electrician or plumbing school, assuming that you can find an apprenticeship.
  3. I suspect that you are a victim of same. I got out at 59 and have no intention of going back, especially considering that I retired my license and put both that and my NCCPA cert in emeritus status. At 62 I doubt anyone would give me a second look, even if I wanted.
  4. Easier present day to become an electrician, set your own schedule, typically make as much, and not have the debt like medicine. Oh, and you’ll also be in demand, as will the other skilled labor positions. If I were doing over today, this is the route I’d probably take. Oh, and I could do my work without having to talk to others.
  5. Not a problem. I was just creating next year's budget (based upon this year's numbers) and adding in the COBRA costs to maintain our insurance after my wife retires in June (completion of academic year at her college). I went ahead and did a full year for '23 as well since the end of the year is when COBRA will run out. I haven't done a '24 budget when I hit 65 mid-year and start the Medicare game. She'll claim everything in '24 at 63 y/o (pension and SS income since her SS income will be about the same as my spousal benefit would be since I'll have the higher payment) and I'll start one o
  6. I was with you until this statement which I don’t understand. Are you referencing the 1.45% paid in off salary? It’s a bit of a bummer that I haven’t heard anything further about lowering the Medicare eligibility age (not to 50 or 55 in my opinion but to 60).
  7. S&P 500 is 7.86% since 11/00. Even at an annualized 10% ROI your money would double every 7 years in round numbers, and that’s 100% in the S&P 500. Assume that you are starting now and working 40 years, you’d roll over your money 5+ times. You’d have to start with a base (working backward from $4M) between $200K-250K. That would have to be a pretty remarkable market trend to accomplish that, or one would have to be adding a boatload of cash on their own over time to reach it.
  8. Sounds a little rich to me. Using the Rule of 72, for money to double every seven years you have to average just over 10% ROI each year. If one can consistently perform in such a way they are beating the historical ROI for a 100% stock portfolio.
  9. Yep, yep, and YEP! For you "young uns" who won't have a defined pension plan in most circumstances I feel for you trying to save enough to retire at some point. Pensions and Social Security (not the same as SSI I've discovered) will be our primary retirement income at 65/63 respectively in 3 years. Savings will float us through then and I'll have a pre-determined safety valve of $300+K sitting in reserve (used to be $200K but a family inheritance allowed it to be bumped up). I keep looking at downsizing now that I'm no longer tied to DFW specifically but I haven't found anything in a 2/2 1
  10. Probably didn't check for Prinzmetal’s. Wife’s co-worker had a recent cath and I had mentioned it to her. Clean cath. She mentions it while on table, he says that its very rare but he’ll check anyway. Yep, coronary spasm.
  11. YouTube has a ton of Cat I CME lectures that you could watch for free and claim Cat II. I gave up after accruing about 10 hours because I just didn't care anymore and thus retired my license.
  12. I wouldn’t mind doing it as a way to get out of the house. In my neck of the woods with two med schools in DFW there probably isn’t a big need I would guess.
  13. I was told in an email this past week that my mailed request form for placement of my license into emeritus status wasn’t followed up on with a written acknowledgement because of COVID staffing reduction, but they could send an email to me and update the website. I guess they deem this matter about name change more important and can take time to comment on it rapidly as opposed to doing their other job duties. One less PA to worry about in their eyes it would seem.
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