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  1. Why PA over MD?

    Oh lord E, just wait till you have another 10 years on your body and you start looking and talking like Clint Eastwood telling folks to "get outta my ED" or "get outta my ambulance bay" as you swing your stethoscope at them. People tell me that I've developed a tic because I'm always nodding my head. It's actually a conscious shaking to keep me from asking them to "make my day".
  2. I think the med school connection makes a significant difference, especially with resident lecturers.
  3. I definitely heard a murmur

    The pre-op clearance pt. is AS until proven otherwise. By chance did you check carotids (specifically right side)? If nothing else they failed to add to the profit margin by getting the echo. No way we’d let that out our doors in the late 80’s/early 90’s w/o an echo. You did right.
  4. From one of the older, cantankerous souls on this forum I have to ask, what went wrong with lectures? I never missed a lecture, and aside from pharmacology there are always personal insights that can share additional light.