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  1. Yep, never leave on bad terms if one can avoid it.
  2. Great example of why information needs to be given on amount of compartment compromise. Another pet peeve? Tourniquets without noting time of placement, especially if rural. With all the scan capability now we're also realizing that some internal decapitations are surviving to hospital arrival/assessment.
  3. https://www.kvue.com/mobile/article/news/deep-dive-texas/veterans-health-administration-offers-service-for-full-capacity-border-hospitals/269-9b8f9352-905c-4de7-9210-e8b461b87422 Not my source for the story but it covers the jist of it. I saw story yesterday I believe it was either DFW local station or ABC World News. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Apparently some haven’t heard of the S. Texas valley hospitals being overrun and the San Antonio VA having to offer hospital services to non-VA clientele to cover for the overrun.
  5. My years in public health were VERY political (admin and health authority, with a measure of Co. commissioners thrown in for good measure). Present day, the players have changed but not the screwball actions.
  6. Can we work out a trade deal? Both candidates for a future draft choice?
  7. This is what i was saying. CM policies, unless you buy tail, leave you exposed IF the policy is terminated, whether you’re made aware or not. Ask the employer what the cost is of tail coverage. This is why i always had a copy of the policy declaration page for any group CM umbrella coverage, on top of my own occurrence based policy. Remember that the clock starts running on the claim window once the patient is made aware of, or reasonably should be aware of, there being a potential concern; NOT when the event took place. This is where taking care of kids can come back to bite you, or leaving material behind during surgeries. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I'll be at the door waiting to welcome you to the Shingrix, PCV line when you get old enough. Still having to wait on the dual PCV (I'm not THAT old, yet).
  9. I'm just thankful that I still have 10 fingers/toes to count with, much less alphabet letters.
  10. I don’t care about legality. I just don’t want to have to worry about learning new alphabet letters.
  11. Since I'm not educated enough to teach a medical class being not only just a PA (former practitioner of allopathic medicine), but a B.S. PA at that, maybe I could volunteer some time to some of our local programs to review this most basic pieces of information such as the difference in malpractice policies. They'd probably say that I'm not qualified for that either.
  12. No to current job, yes to future employment. Occurrence is not retroactive prior to policy initiation/underwriting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I am that guy now. Self-dosing my levothyroxine with my weight loss as well. Last TSH earlier this week showed over suppression so I'm now taking my 112 mcg. god as opposed to 5x/week (Rx says qd with acceptable TSH and other normal T3/T4 values this time last year at the 112 mcg qd dosing). I'll be a good boy though and follow up with my annual exam next week. All kidding aside, my PCP is aware of my decreasing to the 5x/week but I've not heard of anyone being able to so significantly decrease their levothyroxine just from weight reduction. We're talking 784 mcg/week now down to 392 mcg/week and that still may overly suppress the thyroid. I've been on meds since ED days so that's mid-90's.
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