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  1. Yep, this was a thirty day notice. Good news is that she’s now established with a concierge group at $157/mo. We met at my mom’s facility yesterday. Great communication.
  2. My last ED gig I was initially hired at 6 hrs on F and M, and 10 hrs on S/S, so a four day weekend on and three days off in the middle. I’d KILL if still working to work only six hour shifts. Shoot I might even be able to be talked off my porch, hand over my firearm, let go of the cooler, and not even bother telling the kids to stay off my lawn. It’s all about the bennies. I could bum off my wife’s insurance and as long as they paid the malpractice then I’d be cool AT MY POINT IN LIFE. At your age, consider a HDHP with a funded HSA for health insurance. You probably don’t see your PC
  3. Food for thought...the ophthal/otoscopes could come in handy down the road for family screening.
  4. I did this as well, in addition to the room number and CC/significant D/C dx. I’d keep these records for two years (SOL in Tx. typically).
  5. For those of you using Cerner, how many of you have been able to figure out how to access a blank prescription to free note? It took me three years before I finally figured it out. Yes, there is a blank script built in to the system.
  6. I can’t understand a darn word when I listen to RAP...oh, you’re referencing medical RAP. Back to my porch with my firearm and cooler.
  7. I do “old man” pushups twice daily against the bathroom countertop. It’s helped with the 70 lbs weight drop. I just might be in the best shape of my life at 61 y/o! Walking 2+ mi./day. Back down close to PA school weight 81’-83’...Just with less hair.
  8. Depends on the age and experience of whom you’re asking. Me, late 70’s, MUCH fewer Med schools in Texas compared to today, competition was MUCH greater if for no other reason than numbers alone. Fast forward 40 years to today, Med school or bust. In today’s climate there is no way I’d do PA again. It paid for a nice lifestyle between them and now, and a nice retirement, but knowing what I know today having seen the transition of medicine; I want to be more knowledgeable, have more opportunities, and be higher up the food chain. Short and concise? I hit PA perfectly and couldn’t have
  9. I just don't see how an individual can become a master of all surgical specialties. I was a mess initially in the OR in a single specialty just out of school.
  10. Are you sure that you aren’t being hired to do pre-op assessments and post surgical evaluation prior to discharge? From my understanding positions such as this don’t involve actual OR time but I’m sure that you would’ve had that clarified in the description for the position. I would find it difficult to try to cover that many specialties spread across numerous picky surgeons and be successful.
  11. Final comment. There must’ve been more to the story because during a phone call with one of the company admins yesterday he alluded that others had expressed a failure of the physician to follow up and provide a list of other providers as promised. My problem actually got worse before it got better. My mom’s hospice decided that they couldn’t act as her PCP even though I had them confirm twice during initial sign up that they would in fact fill that role. Strike one against that group. The overseeing physician doesn’t have a good rating with her health scores I found. Potential strike tw
  12. Contractual, best I can tell. The primary concern was no reference for referral to receive ongoing care. I've had two docs retire on me and in each instance there was a several month notification, specific information regarding availability of records (covered in this instance), and referral sources to maintain care. If I hadn't been happy with these other providers I still have the mental/physical capability of finding other providers on my own. The latter issue is the one that leaves a bad taste. As previously noted, the institution waiting until the last week to notify responsible part
  13. Elderly parent in LT care facility (one of four residences w/ avg. max capacity of 7 residents per home) who has had a physician on contract/staff over the years that the parent has been a resident who has served as her PCP. Email sent out by the physician the first of this month stating that they were going to be leaving to work FT at UTSW, thus no physician oversight. Today, email sent out by housing management stating that they were aware that "the physician had sent an email" detailing the exit and that a list of alternate providers had been given. No provider list has been provided, at
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