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  1. Did anyone ever throw out Provider of Allopathic Medicine, or "PA"? Even if you graduated from a DO affiliated program you still provide allopathic care. One could even drop the "-C" since in my mind it would become irrelevant. Physicians aren't allowed to be licensed without graduating and passing USMLE. I know that the train has left the station for you guys but I woke up for some reason thinking about this and it seems to me like it checks off some boxes from the title list.
  2. The tail won’t be be cheap either. If you’re stuck with CM (anyone), negotiate the tail coverage cost for when you leave, because you will eventually leave.
  3. A song with real words! I do my daily walks listening to ...Love on SiriusXM (yes, I said it), and get all depressed thinking back to former loves from those years and what it was like to be young. Don't tell my wife though she IS my soulmate.
  4. Glad I know that a retired Boomer could be of help. You are more than welcome.
  5. I had wondered why I grew a third eyeball in my forehead after graduating and starting work…
  6. Ask them for an occurrence policy, maybe you cover the cost difference between what they’re paying for the other PA’s, you wouldn’t need tail coverage in that situation, and your malpractice has nothing to do with being an IC, regardless of who pays for it. Unless you have absolute, complete control of your work schedule you can’t be an IC.
  7. She won’t need tail coverage if she purchases an occurrence based policy.
  8. Man, I really enjoy trying to make folks go wheels off that smell too much of themselves.
  9. OMG, this is the way that you WANT it to be offered. Get a quote for an occurrence based policy in your name and you’re golden! Avoid C-M if you can. I’ll say it again, WTH are these programs teaching? All it would take is one lunch break during the first year to cover these simple, but frequently asked questions. OP, I’m not dissing you but understand that a lot of employers themselves don’t understand the difference. Hey UNT or UTSW; I’d drive over and do this for FREE just to educate your students on the differences and what is entailed with a malpractice claim. Retired Geezer Boo
  10. I enjoy the “living skinny” idea, literally. Took a custom suit and blazer from several years back in to get altered for an upcoming family wedding and good lord, my wife and I could’ve both fit in the pants legs. Being selfish for a moment, I sure would appreciate the legislature getting M’care down to age 62, or even 60 for those of us who are tweeners. Wife has one more year of teaching so I’ll be 63 when I need to look elsewhere. COBRA for 18 mos. will leave me 6 mos. short so I may need to look at Obamacare for a short time. As an aside, I saw an interesting article over the week
  11. Where, and in what capacity? My locale has non-emergent f/u care by advanced paramedics for frequent flyers. WE also have an advanced paramedic unit as I understand that responds to major calls in a city of 280+K residents and which has a local level I trauma center and burn unit. I could see a PA doing the follow ups but additional training I don’t believe would be a major asset considering proximity to trauma center and availability of air service if needed. As far as costs, if the PA is affiliated with the EMS director I don’t see why they couldn’t bill for their service through the
  12. As I sit outside my front door, in my lawn chair while keeping my handgun on one side and my cooler on the other as I prepare to keep folks off my lawn, you can’t blame me as an “old PA who doesn’t get it” any longer. I decided after 37.5 years and the last year and a half doing the above, that I no longer need to tie up a license. I mailed off my emeritus license form to the TMB yesterday so that now if anyone should ask me a question I can tell them that I’m not a practitioner any longer. I would like to know how many of us of the first one hundred issued licenses are still active? I got
  13. Used to work alongside several when I was in spine in the mid-80’s. Those folks were in general ortho and not spine (well, except for one in our practice who forged NCCPA documents). No formal medical training; primarily OTJ training.
  14. You need a copy of the declaration page and tail coverage, but I bet you knew this since you asked the question. Be prepared for a large, OOP expense most likely.
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