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  1. ECMO for everyone. It was interesting to see the video of one of their clinics with patients coming out of the woodwork and bodies lying covered in the hallway.
  2. Folks who factor in present day SSI (doubt it's going anywhere, though I could see benefits being reduced gradually over generations) need to also remember that it is taxable income IF you receive greater than a fixed amount of income through pensions, other retirement sources. In my case I will max out the tax liability at 88% of my SSI, or in other words, I pay income tax on 88% of my SSI. I don't recall the specific amount that kicks in the taxation and I'm too lazy to look right now.
  3. The "sponsorship" requirement was an EMS program/department which would vouch for your clinical background and qualify your clinical skills. I assumed it was required to walk in and take the NREMT/paramedic examination. If I had the certification, and with my EM background, that should be good enough in comparison to Joe Schmo who has ridden a box for 10 years. If they ever get around to offering an interview (the college is tied up trying to vest FT faculty slots right now I've been told) I could ask them if this would work.
  4. For a FT slot they want paramedic cert and experience. I may be able to use your suggestion to get around it since I’m only wanting adjunct status. Used to work for the health dept., and yes, there was a disaster program with the county. I figured work was enough and didn’t need even more patient exposure then.
  5. I had one in my end of career position (no cost since it was a school district) and didn't use it once in 4 1/2 years (last day was Halloween).
  6. I want to see them build that hospital in one week that they've been told to complete.
  7. Did you have to get a sponsor as I had mentioned before or is there another trick? When I last took the EMT exam in '15 it stopped me after just a few questions (I had been told by the UTSW staff that the computer can actually determine after THREE questions whether or not you'll pass). I wouldn't mind challenging it, then for grins/giggles consider the Creighton option if I could buy someone a case of brewskis to say that I was still in the ED. I want it to teach. WON'T SOMEONE TAKE MY DARN MONEY AND GET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE?!
  8. One of my old ED’s was the Ebola conundrum location. Don’t know who the initial provider was that discharged but I had worked with the doc that got it the second time around with the more classic presentation. While i joked about it earlier, it does have the potential to be a big deal like the other examples that I had mentioned. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I've made the switch to Dos Equis or Tecate. I've got the ammo so no need there. Food? As long as it isn't transferable with pizza, burgers, Mexican food (aside from Coronas, which BTW do lemon/lime slices help?) I'm ok since I hide in the house all the time now anyway. I can live off PB&J. I'll wait and see how it compares to swine flu, bird flu, etc.
  10. In Texas you can challenge the exam IF you find an EMS program sponsor. I wasn’t able to find one several years ago. They had nothing to gain from sponsoring me at the time.
  11. Take it from an old geezer. Don’t let a certification that you obtain expire.
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