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  1. For those who have seen myxedema felt to be due to hypothyroidism, what level of TSH were you finding on the patient? I’m more specifically interested in peripheral edema. Can’t say that I ever saw it and put two and two together.
  2. If burns is an option you might want to consider that. While I did plastics back in my day as opposed to burns, everyone that came off the rotation knew fluids management inside and out.
  3. Prinzmetal’s. Saw it up close and personal in the cath lab on a patient. On ETT in office he tried to sail out of the office still attached to the machine due to the wind sails that he developed. Rolled him over to the hospital telemetry floor, did his H&P, went with him to cath lab that afternoon, and clean as a whistle...until he got the the joy juice and then he started screaming bloody murder that his pain was present. CCB time. BTW, what happened to the head CT discussion? What was the answer?
  4. I wrote for a few scripts of it when it first came out, but only because I had manufacturer coupons that dropped the cost to $30 for the patient as I recall? I didn’t exactly have a top 10% income population.
  5. Looking at the dash of the 300Z was like looking at the cockpit of Airwolf. It’s a shame that on vehicle start up that it didn’t play the Airwolf opening theme.
  6. I started a new PA society entitled "PA's of Yesteryear". There are no dues since we can't remember where we left things or when to pay bills. We're coincidentally known as "PAY". For those of you still working, join PAFT.
  7. Heck NO! I'm in my onesie, diaper changed, and a bottle in my mouth by 9p. LOL. It'd be strictly weekday hours in whichever type of setting. The large FM clinic would be the better likelihood I would think. This network controls from north of Dallas down Interstate 35 to Temple area. Thinking back 38 years, it would've been nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of that wouldn't have impacted your rotation grade. The residents and interns were too busy watching out for themselves to teach a student outside the classroom. We had PGY3s (before there was a PGY3 label) who taught our clinical medicine classes, one of whom I did a cardiology preceptorship with which was the biggest waste of time ever. Sat in office reading journals each and every day for 8 weeks and commuted from Dallas to FW and back each weekday as he was trying to build a <1 year old practice. Learned nothing.
  8. Don’t know about the rest of the world but it is common place for adjunct physicians to come in and cover clinic/department hours as a supervisory resource for residents/students. It happened in my era (early 80’s) and continues to happen today (mom’s gerontologist covers UTSW clinic during the week for a couple of hours). During my 2nd year clinical rotations there was no one there to hold our hand. We were assigned patients and had the same responsibilities as the MS3/4 students and answered to the residents/attendings. The only time we saw the rotation PA faculty rep was on Friday during lunch rotation discussions. I’m not interested in maintaining my license per se (don’t need it if I’m not going to use it any longer) but was rather interested in helping out those who might need some more senior insight or just someone to bounce something off of. As already mentioned, my SP’s are in a large network organization who have frozen all hires (even though I wouldn’t be a hire per se I would still need authorization to see patients/med records). Things have been frozen since COVID appeared and I had just retired a couple months before and wanted to be a slug over the holidays last year. Bottom line, it was just an idea. Finished mowing the lawn, had lunch, and I’ll sit on my arse for the afternoon.
  9. As noted above, mine didn’t. Maybe things are different present day. If they are then something isn’t working based upon all the threads detailing “I don’t feel competent” or “My SP isn’t teaching me anything”. That’s why my former SP’s saw a need for this before I left my final practice (they were contracted and we were not part of their group network) and were interested in my filling such a role. Then COVID struck... They’re still interested, at least as of yesterday. I’m not talking about being available each and every day of ones’ rotation. I’m talking about dropping in maybe a day a week to spend a couple of hours answering questions about specific situations encountered and maybe tagging along with them during those few hours. Still seems like a waste of insight and experience for those wishing to get up to speed as soon as possible. Is it the program’s responsibility? Sure it is. For whatever the reason though it wasn’t done that way in my era and apparently isn’t happening present day with 100 member classes (Mine was only 24). I recognize that the cost for such insight may be unreasonable. Free doesn’t comprehend well. BTW, if this idea isn’t reasonable then why do hospitals/med schools have adjunct faculty come in and cover clinics and EDs’?
  10. I’m talking about clinical rotations and not elective rotations. There were no preceptors on my clinical rotations, only attendings and residents. My education on each rotation was what I made of it. My program faculty who were assigned to each rotation specialty were very rarely ever seen in those settings. Maybe this isn’t reality today. If someone were precepting a student then there wouldn’t be a need for a third wheel. In my world we were on university hospital rotations with the exception of off-site FM options for half the rotation. With all the dime a dozen programs out there now not associated with medical schools maybe the rotations have to be done elsewhere with a preceptor. I’ll go back to my rocking chair on the porch, sip my morning Geritol, and leave the educating to you young ones who are more aware of the current day to day activities.
  11. Since I’m retired it would require an affiliation with a program or a large practice network. My former SP’s from my last position are interested but are in a hiring freeze.
  12. I did a forum search and failed to find this topic mentioned. Do programs allow for volunteer mentoring of students from current/retired PA’s while on their program affiliated clinical roations, i.e.-EM, IM, etc.? The mentor would not be responsible for direct clinical care but could shadow the student in certain rotational settings to answer questions and provide additional insight. I had a former EM director who volunteered at UTSW/Parkland a day every couple of weeks and I would be willing to do the same just to get out of the house and to validate maintaining my license past next August. I recognize that it would require authorization/background checks as well as a program title such as adjunct professor even though it would be a voluntary (no pay) position. Seems it could be a win/win for both the student and the geezer, ahem, retired PA who still has some clinical acumen to share. Comments?
  13. Many are now advocating these HCP’s (HSA specifically) as an additional retirement vehicle since the average post-retirement health care cost is estimated at >$200K.
  14. No brainer for me. EM and IM. EM was very first rotation and it helped that it was during the summer at UTMB as folks crashed/burned in their surries off the Galveston seawall onto boulders and got bit by venomous snakes in the dune grasses. What I wouldn’t give to be close and be able to offer time to mentor students in their now Tier 1 ED.
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