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  1. Speaking from the perspective of >30 years of experience, you will always be proving yourself to others that you interact with, just as I have to each and every day.
  2. Yes, we do. A short ten (?) question PC multiple choice questionnaire. Ranges from current day treatment recommendations, ability to spot warning s/s, and knowledge of common organisms for common conditions. You'd be surprised at how many basic questions are missed. The sad thing is that many of these are providers who have been out at least a year and are providing care to others.
  3. They still don't trust me with one after 34 years I guess since no one ever asks. UTMB for me is not just down the street here in N. Texas. UTSW or UNT Ft. Worth don't know that I exist, or care. I presume that they think I'll pull a Clint Eastwood and tell the student to "get off my lawn".
  4. Shhh! Don't let the secret out that we play musical chairs with a lot of these positions. I'm not getting out of my chair till I'm ready to leave the party.
  5. THIS sums it up pretty well.
  6. Very quick/simple test and one of those "you see it, you will know it" findings. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Local government agencies. I did something similar for a local agency several years back, though I was predominantly responsible for employee health. Went through ADLS, BDLS, bioterrorism training, radiologic terrorism training, etc.. Also was "volunteered" for Katrina relocation care.
  8. Texas for example requires the equivalent of six months of FT work every two years to maintain your license, at least this was the case about three years ago when I took an extended break due to family care matters.
  9. It has been this way since PAs first appeared in the ED (early 90's locally). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Trip will be first week of July next year. Anniversary is in April so we'll splurge initially and go to Burger King. Maybe Taco Bueno if we're feeling "spicy". [emoji8] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for the opinion.
  12. 30th wedding anniversary next year and I can't get her to leave so I figured I owe her a nice trip to somewhere. Considering Kauai resort where we had our honeymoon (though we've been blessed to be able to make several trips to this particular island), Rome, Switzerland (either Geneva or Zurich and use the location as a jumping off point to go look for Julie Andrews up in the Alps, or at least a Saint Bernard with a cask around his neck), or south of France near Nice (we don't mind mingling with snobs though it isn't our usual scene...said by a guy that doesn't typically eat out unless there's a drive thru window). Business class seats for flights if we go across the pond or back to Hawaii ("First class" to Hawaii on AA is European business class) so we're comfortable in route and coming home. Hotel choices for now, in order of location, are St. Regis Princeville, J.K. Place Roma, Mandarin Oriental with river view in Geneva, Widder in Zurich, or Four Seasons Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat (can't help but think that they have ferrets there). Costs, with airport transfers, excluding Hawaii, are all about $15.6 (Geneva) to $20K for Nice. Late 50's so I don't know how much longer I could delay a big trip such as this though no encumbering health issues at present time. LADIES! Where would you want to go?
  13. It isn't listed as a full-time position necessarily. Work schedule is "variable". Might not be a bad retirement gig. As they say, the devils in the details.
  14. NAACP. What does the "P" stand for with abnormal neutrophils? You have your answer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk