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  1. Your HOI deductible is also 1% of home value. Glad for the appreciation since after 29 years in my house which I built for $135K, appraisal value for sale is finally over $300K. It’ll go higher if Amazon builds here as well like Toyota did.
  2. i) Expired Annual Registration Permits. (1) If a physician assistant's registration permit has been expired for less than one year, the physician assistant may obtain a new permit by submitting to the board a completed permit application, the registration fee, as defined in §175.2(2) of this title (relating to Registration and Renewal Fees) and the penalty fee, as defined in §175.3(2) of this title (relating to Penalties). (2) If a physician assistant's registration permit has been expired for one year or longer, the physician assistant's license is automatically canceled, unless an investigation is pending, and the physician assistant may not obtain a new permit. (3) A person whose license has expired may not engage in activities that require a license until the licensed has been renewed. Practicing as a physician assistant after a physician assistant's permit has expired under subsection (a) of this section without obtaining a new registration permit for the current registration period has the same effect as, and is subject to all penalties of, practicing as a physician assistant without a license. The Board interprets §204.156 of the Act to provide the exclusive sanction that may be imposed by the board for practicing medicine after the expiration of the permit. (j) A military service member who holds a physician assistant license in Texas is entitled to two years of additional time to complete any other requirement related to the renewal of the military service member's license.
  3. Rule 185.8
  4. Should’ve moved it to inactive status. Rules/Regs at TMB site make the reobtaining licensure process clear.
  5. I gotta say. I’m getting darn tired of all these ILI patients and not a darn one gets vaccinated. Just saw a kid on round two. Still no flu shot. WTH!? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. E, I thought you were a Subaru till the end type of guy?
  7. I borrowed it from my BFF, Elon Musk. I think that the GPS gave me a wrong turn at Albuquerque.
  8. Tonight, while a fan since the beginning (yes, as a child) of 60 Minutes, stories one and three had me barfing. With regard to this thread, if law abiding, and cleared to conceal carry, I’m not sure I buy the argument that we’re all of a sudden a risk to the general population by simply crossing state lines. I try to see myself as a moderate but there isn’t such a thing any longer.
  9. I upgraded from my Jeep Wrangler.
  10. It would be my own mother. There’s nothing I would’ve done that would’ve been any different that pothole (auto correct for ophtho) did, which I already knew going in. No other family to be upset aside from daughter-in-law, granddaughter who wanted to do it herself, and other son who stays in the background. Darn wheelchair van cost more than supplies and care combined! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk This morning. BTW, Ophtho/Plastics didn’t even bother with the internal approach option. It isn’t as if she’s going to be doing eye makeup commercials. Just incise the darn thing.
  12. I've got the UAG for my 10.5" with 512GB and I like it. I predominantly use it for reading books between patients though I also have my financial software on it so I can enter revolving monthly expenses when I get the email while at work if again I'm between patients. I wonder if I need a keyboard for it sometimes.
  13. Which case with keyboard did you go with?
  14. Add me to the list of folks at the minority table of people handing it out like campaign buttons. Had a patient parent call today about abd pain after taking it. Fine. Stop the med, see your PCP since we don’t see you back, and let them exclude other source for belly pain. Is this the table where we get two desserts if we let the big people talk amongst themselves?