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  1. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Seasonal Retail before start date

    I know this feeling, as did a fair percentage of my UTMB classmates back then. No suicides, thank goodness. I helped a college friend of mine through the first of the following year clean offices at night. And this was when there were only three programs in the state putting out around 100 grads a year.
  2. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Progress on Title-Change Investigation

    Scott, we’ll be sipping Mai-tai’s on the beach before it happens. Just imagine all the work at the state levels to change laws, and like Tx, they only meet bi-annually.
  3. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    4 years in, still regretting becoming a PA

    Folks, I realize that for many who felt that their career in medicine was a calling (I have been one) have come to the realization that it isn't what they had hoped. I just finished listening to a talk given by my pastor to a group of seminary students and he was providing tips with dealing with people. I believe this one recommendation is true for any of us, in any setting. Don't ever try to talk someone who has made their mind up out of leaving a profession or position, and never make a point of trying to talk someone into a profession or position. Even when folks want to open their souls to you, which many will, we still never truly understand their position or their full thought process. If we make our decisions based on financial incentives only, or decide to stay put in a particular location in spite of our spouse being unhappy, life isn't going to be enjoyable. Speaking from the perspective of one who is now close to the last anticipated quarter of their life, and has gone through the feelings of wanting to get out of patient care on MULTIPLE occasions, this existence goes by way too quickly to spend it doing something that we don't enjoy or truly feel called to do. Find something else and allow yourself to contribute to life in some other capacity. Chasing the money, chasing the promotion, chasing the career only leads to further emptiness and unhappiness. Look around at those who from the outside we perceive as "having it all" yet we read or hear about them taking their own lives.
  4. I had an SP who did the same, as well as a former PA colleague. I don’t know what the TxMB rules are since it doesn’t impact me.
  5. I’ve never understood how to address someone with a hyphenated last name. As a result, I either call them by their first name or I just don’t address them at all. Life is too short to try to run my brain through this process. I’m a middle namer as well. If I get called by my first name I know that they don’t know me.
  6. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Investing for retirement

    One caveat here is the note was obtained after marriage, and you reside in a “community property” state such as Texas. Certainly if you co-signed then you’re on the hook. This is the principle reason for probate and the two week window (in Tx at least) for public posting of death notification for debtors to file their claim.
  7. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Question for my fellow colleagues

    85% sensitivity based on history alone. 65% accuracy with urine dip alone. Use dip to confirm clinical suspicion, not the other way around. V, I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just stating what the "experts" say to use as the defining measurement. We've all seen those with growth of heaven knows what at less than 100K colonies. You have to draw a line in the sand at some point. Heck, we've even decided that sterile urine is not the norm any longer. If it walks, quacks, looks like one in my setting then they get medication (UTI), especially considering that I don't have culture capability there.
  8. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Question for my fellow colleagues

    Technically, you don't have a UTI at <100,000 colonies. That being said, do you actually know for a fact that the organism in the urine isn't a byproduct of the next door neighbor? If so, treat it as you would from the vagina. To answer your question from my perspective, po as well. I had an elderly lady years ago that I saw like clockwork for UTI's with either negative or <100,000 colonies on culture. Finally got her to go to urology and sure enough she had an estrogen deficient vaginitis that with treatment cured her "UTI's".
  9. After just seeing your follow up post, be aware that even derm or ENT are going to have their moments. Procedures in both of those settings that you specified, whether you do them or not, so you'll be exposed to messy situations regardless. The two settings that you used as examples are also highly competitive, just as they are for the physicians to get into their residencies.
  10. Just a suggestion before you invest the time/money to make this switch. Volunteer your time with a hospital and make them aware of your purpose for doing so and see if they can place you in the ED. You won't be involved with care but you can see a lot and still be helpful by transporting patients to the floor, getting warm towels/blankets, ice chips, helping to clean up urgent care/trauma rooms, etc. They'd probably kill for a responsible adult that doesn't move at 1 mph like all the elderly volunteers that I used to see come through my departments.
  11. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Fear of practicing as a PA

    I thought that I was well prepared to function in the PA role at the time that I graduated (roles were different then). It also helped that I had had real patient care experience (critical care) prior to going to school. In retrospect, I think that we were prepared in a broad based manner even to compete with today's treatment standard/expectations. I asked this of one of my classmates three weeks ago during dinner and he agreed that he felt that we were well prepared. That being said, it had a lot to do with what we saw with our university hospital based setting.
  12. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Does patient or parent gender affect your encounter?

    The one reason why I bring this up is that our setting is somewhat unique in that we aren't the PCP so you aren't required to come see us; it is your option to. Secondly, we don't offer any services that would/should make either gender uncomfortable. No gyn, breast exams, male genitalia examinations (aside from hernia checks in males for athletic physicals), or DRE's. The observation in our setting is that one gender specifically is noticeably more difficult to deal with, regardless of gender of provider (we have one of each). Granted, we are talking about individuals here, and no one plays nice for the most part when feeling ill, but the degree of difficulty in getting one to buy what we are selling is noticeable.
  13. As described in title, does the gender of your patient (adult), or the parent of a pediatric patient, affect your encounter, possibly even before the direct interaction? Another way to ask, is one gender in general easier to deal with? This has been a topic of discussion in our setting. If so, I’d be curious as to the provider gender and the gender of the interactive party. This is not meant as a gender beatdown so let’s be civil.
  14. Or option #3, retire in 13 months and 24 days, not that anyone would keep track. It wasn’t financially wise for me to spend that money for an MS when the time window was short and it wasn’t going to earn me a dime more. Addendum: The moment I started listening to my daily devotional my statement here came immediately to mind. For those who may be interested, James 4:13. Option #3 is my plan, today. What tomorrow holds for me is beyond my understanding at this point.
  15. I actually saw a trifecta from one family last week who were given no love by TD. “You have a virus” per parent.

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