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  1. Went online yesterday afternoon and to be a core instructor one does have to take the NAEMSE course and pass the exam. I don’t wish to be a core instructor since after all, I am retiring. Based upon this, I don’t see any reason why I can’t guest lecture. I sent an email to the state for their confirmation and in typical government fashion have yet to hear back. This was during the time that I was getting the season premiere of Fast & Loud watched on Discovery channel while at work. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the insight. This will give me something to look into this afternoon between my two patients and face planting on my keyboard due to boredom.
  3. Looking at PT/PRN EMS instruction after retirement near first of next year. For those who are/have instructed I am assuming that you had to obtain NAEMSE instruction to be certified as an EMS instructor. Is this correct? I’d prefer just to give prn lectures but that encompasses instruction so I’m assuming that I’d need to obtain said certification. Upcoming course in Ft. Worth in Nov. for $600 over three days.
  4. Every time I see this school heading in the “Unread” titles I flash back to the 60’s/early 70’s and remember my brother walking around the house singing the Sesame Street song of “Roosevelt Franklin...bah...Elementary School”. Back to your thread.
  5. Let me take it a step further. If the lab comes back positive what are you going to do? Send them to the ED. If the labs come back negative have you truly excluded an MI or other life-threatening maladies (initial series only since I wouldn't sit on one in the clinic who could be having a NSTEMI, or what us old folks in wheelchairs and canes first called non-Q wave, or non-transmural MI's) and with Monday morning quarterbacks having months to second guess you how are you going to defend your decision? No, you're still concerned, so you send them to the ED. Bottom line, where do they end up? Remember that for every fifty CP patients that you see one will have the real deal which you will miss regardless of how extensive a work up you did excluding cath, and even then you can miss a Prinzmetal's.
  6. You had better stay out of my way. I may roll over your toes with my wheelchair and rap your knuckles with my cane.
  7. This is not allowed (retirement) before you serve your time in our clinic when I retire. It is mandated.
  8. I'm still having to answer "yes" to a question regarding neurological treatment w/i the past year for an isolated apparent sz. back in 2011. I've asked in the past about "new" diagnoses within the past year being a rewording of statement but as usual, crickets. As noted here previously, PHP in Austin had no clue as to what to do with me at the time when I had been asked to meet with them. Letter from neurologist said I was good to go without any restriction.
  9. Emails have been sent out warning of such. I got it through my work email I believe it was.
  10. Alas, I'm back to the world of real people this morning. Get back at 5:30 a.m., get home, unpack like the Tasmanian devil, then go outside and torture myself by mowing the lawn, etc. Time to go to bed...darn, it's only noon locally.
  11. Just read the details of the latest legislative session and of the top four bills being pushed I read it to show none of four were successful. It won’t matter for me any longer but for the rest of you I really wonder where this organization is going to take you guys. I know some will say that you have to contribute to PAC, that reps worked hard (I presume that they did though I know none of the leaders), and that there was good communication with legislators, but overall it seems little has been accomplished since prescriptive privileges was passed along with loosening of the oversight guidelines. Best of luck when the next session rolls around in two years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Great way to ruin a friendship. Left EM to help him open a FP clinic and what a shock, it wasn’t sustainable. Didn’t stay in touch and he later died. I had also done something similar prior to this event in a business setting and it also didn’t end well (spouse of former professor).
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