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  1. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    New Grad Family Practice Job

    "Medical, Dental, Vision offered - plans are pretty typical in terms of premiums and coverage." Are you responsible for these premiums or does the employer pay? How much are the premiums? Insuring yourself, a spouse, family? All of a sudden these numbers wouldn't particularly look so great. It, as stated above, is also dependent on what part of the country you're in and the COL for same.
  2. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    DOT Case Discussion Type II DM on Insulin

    Hmm. Okie dokie. I second above. No way, Jose.
  3. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    DOT Case Discussion Type II DM on Insulin

    Did FMCSA guideline change requiring a waiver (which no one ever gave) for an IDDM pt.?
  4. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    explain this to me....really?

    No, they’re fleeing Central America (El Sal. and Guatemala more specifically). I’ve never understood why if they’re going to flee that some don’t head south as opposed to north? Spanish speaking countries to the south predominantly and if they’re trying to escape gangs/domestic violence I’d rather take a shorter route and be where I don’t have to learn a second language.
  5. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    explain this to me....really?

    I was looking at Central Valley, Costa Rica real estate yesterday at work but then got a stupid email listing new housing listings in Hawaii on multiple islands so I’m feeling the breeze from last week over there again. At least over there I know it’s liberal (mod cons myself) and I can isolate myself on my lanai and just stare at the ocean all day until it’s Mai-tai time each evening.
  6. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    A calling? A job?

    I would have to say that I started out viewing it as a calling and subsequently over the decades it became a job. I still enjoy helping folks IF they're willing to be helped and therein lies the problem. Many that I have seen are more interested in trying to sell you on what they want instead of listening to the opinion of someone who in this setting probably knows more than you do and taking advantage of their recommendations to get better. Since I've dealt with all the population groups available here in the U.S., aside from Native American reservation medical care, I think that it's a problem inherent to our population base. I agree with others that when you get outside our borders and care for those who have to make an effort to get to you then you see what our profession/calling is supposed to be all about.
  7. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    A calling? A job?

    In many instances I think that the patients see it as being the same. The sad part is when one projects confidence but in reality doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on.
  8. It is beautiful up there but I’m afraid all the mean monsters from “Lost” would come back and get me since they filmed there near the Turtle Bay resort. Still looking for Kristin Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) up there at the same resort when on Oahu.
  9. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    A calling? A job?

    You don’t have to worry about projecting confidence. All the patients know what they have and what they need. Now, are they right? Uh, no; at least the majority of the tine in my setting.
  10. This sounds like the early 80’s, except the bell curve was on the upslope then. It isn’t just jobs availability but the quality of same. E and Skyblu, no success this trip for our oceanfront Hawaiian minor care tent.
  11. Lets switch it around for a moment. What about an open phone line to a parent with grandparent sitting in room with a child (parent’s at work but let’s not go down that road)? Good morning to all BTW from south Kauai. No happy condo hunting .
  12. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Pay loans or invest? I’m torn!

    One needs to factor in whether the ROR includes investment fees as well. If you earn 8% but your management fees are 2% then your net is 6%. A lower ROR with lower costs may actually pay out better. Me? Loans back in the stone age which were paid off in pelts and brontosaurus meat were paid off first. There is nothing better than not owing anyone, especially while on vacation.
  13. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Violent Patients

    You have a better setup than I did. No training. Room setup not conducive to escape. Our clientele just brought their own firearms. This is Dallas VA.
  14. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Investment Allocation

    For clarification purposes, my health insurer is Aetna however my HSA is managed by a secondary fiduciary entity. You can independently purchase a high deductible policy with built in HSA.

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