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  1. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    VENT - "our NP just got her Doctorate"

    Legit question. Could one just resubmit the same research paper for a Doctorate as they used for the MS, especially if a different program?
  2. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    VENT - "our NP just got her Doctorate"

    Oh my. Point proven I guess.
  3. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    VENT - "our NP just got her Doctorate"

    For those who are old school BS only, any of these programs being discussed allow applicants to skip the MS step? If so, and I had spent the cash on the MS upgrade to stay competitive, I’d be perturbed. I didn’t have the energy for the MS and definitely wouldn’t have had the energy to do it a second time, much less factoring in the cost.
  4. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    VENT - "our NP just got her Doctorate"

    "Dear healthcare provider, As a result of the change in professional title requested for years by your state professional organization, and recently approved by us, your friendly state medical board; we are going to require you to complete an approved bridge program that corresponds to the new professional title since we can no longer accept licensure applications/renewals from providers listed under the previous professional title, "Physician Assistant", whose degree states some variant of same. We have worked diligently with your local universities who have agreed to assist us with this new bridge requirement, and as a result of this mandated change, they have agreed to do so at the discounted rate of $10K over the next twelve months (prices will increase to $15K after this courtesy grace period). In an attempt to respect the time you spend providing quality healthcare to our residents, we have limited the amount of time required to complete this task. At present time we are mandating completion of a one hour multiple choice, open book test, to complete this requirement, or else you may watch one episode of Grey's Anatomy."
  5. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    This isn’t a student being precepted. We’re talking about a paid individual who is there to perform a specific job duty. If it’s a student that I’ve been asked to precept then that’s a different matter. To answer your last question, yes, all mentors were professionals who were being paid. All mentors now are either retired or dead.
  6. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    So what’s the point of what the scribe thinks with regard to a DDX if it doesn’t make it into the chart? Frankly, I’m not getting paid to mentor if it’s busy season and I’m trying to move the meat.
  7. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    PA/Provider Burnout

    Scott, that is insane. Sorry you're having to deal with that type of situation.
  8. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Cardiology Opportunities in WA

    Local VA?
  9. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    I think it’s fair to say that an exceptional student who can translate this information into a clinical situation, and has demonstrated same, is the ideal student. The second example given is a no go for me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    There is so much wrong with this. It’s a disaster looking for a place to happen IMO. No disrespect to your person inferred. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    Or on a forum looking through data to see what their chances are to be approved/accepted based on GPA and test scores instead of being out there seeing if they even like what they think they like. I had one in my class. Within the first week deciding they’d rather go to vet school, or attempt to. Wasted slot for someone else.
  12. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    Okie dokie, so as expected the Hx matches the film. Pt. has a slightly depressed occipital skull fx. So what else regarding the noggin do we need to think about? Students?
  13. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    Regarding the noggin, where was the primary blow most likely based on the film? What type of more specific sx would one wish to consider beside the obvious HI? Maybe later E could share the mechanism of injury which might help with the latter question.
  14. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    Nevermind, it's too late in the game for me to argue anymore.
  15. GetMeOuttaThisMess

    Life Transition: Open to Suggestions

    My first ED gig in Dallas was 9a-7p M-Th, and no major holidays if they fell during the week. It was sweet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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