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  1. Let's stay OFF topics like stocks and Bitcoin. It's not medicine. If folks like it - go for it. But don't Amway me about it.
  2. The VA doesn't pay for your license - at all. We get a free DEA if we only work within government walls - no moonlighting. I agree with Ventana - do it professionally. The idea of a lawyer writing a very formal letter on attorney letterhead and sending certified, return receipt or having it couriered with signature - that could put the professional bend on it that you are serious and have looked at your contract. No emotions, no face to face conflict - here is my contract, see highlighted areas, here are the receipts, lawyer blah blah blah and you wait for their response. The le
  3. That is unacceptable. NCCPA has to be held accountable for mistakes - particularly those that threaten the livelihood of those who pay their damn fees and count on them for accuracy. Computers are not error proof. The humans who run them are fallible. The concept of apology and accountability - not debatable in business and professionalism. Own up NCCPA. Or let AAPA take over.
  4. Cideous -pretty sure we worked with the same doc. I got Amway gift packs - so did the staff - from our guy. The whole comparison to Nazi tattoo numbers blew me away with this lady. Just NOT OK and not logical or even remotely connected. I am thinking she might need a med eval.......................
  5. P.S. No one ever asked me what animal I would be. I had no weirdo interview questions. My questions were more like - Can you handle tough patients? Can you work independently? There is a list of govt interview questions - just google it. Hmmmm - spirit animal - Mother Bear likely - play nice, pick up your toys, don't mess with my kids - I have teeth. However, the most dangerous animal on the planet is a silent smiling woman................ If you can find a person who works at the VA - another PA even - use the "in" and work it.
  6. I have been in Primary Care at the VA for several years now. I am not a vet. My hiring process was long - apply on USAJOBS.GOV and then interview. Soft job offer - then bloodwork, physical, background check, fingerprints and a packet gets sent to higher ups to consider pay offer. Then wait.................... wait some more. From application to first day on the job - 5 months. I love my job. It has its issues but it is great long term. Great bennies, pay is good. PENSION plan - a true unicorn these days. I work my butt off. Patients are hard and sick and so
  7. The entire world has gone mad about labels. We have reached a point of blatantly stupid minutia, in my opinion. It started as jokes - I am not a "housewife", I am a domestic engineer. THAT was funny. Now, everyone has to have a label of importance that sounds fancy, entitled, new, shiny. For some reason we can't just be what we are any longer - everyone has to have a word salad. I am a Primary Care Provider, Internal Medicine PA, etc. Take care of patients, do right, do no harm. Let's stop the stupid festival of new names and titles that "don't exclude
  8. Doc Houston needs to get over herself. Does she "provide" medical care and advice? Then she is a Provider. A Medical Provider who has an MD. Which does NOT stand for Medical Deity. Do I, as a PA, "provide" medical care and advice? Why, yes, I do. So, I am a Provider as well. A Medical Provider. DO YOUR DAMN JOB. See patients, do right by them, do no harm. Get over your ego.
  9. I think the younger female MD/DOs will be the Collaborators, colleagues and peers of the younger PA females. They will have trained together and done rotations together, unlike the NPs who are usually in other training sites. I think the female PAs may have a leg up in the job market with docs who know how they were trained. Another perspective
  10. In 2007, the number of certified PAs by gender in 2018 is 73.9% female and just 26.1% male. Unless men figure out how to birth them babies - the world has to adapt.
  11. Dec. 23, 2019 at 5:00 a.m. PST For the first time, women make up the majority of students in U.S. medical schools. In 2019, 46,878 medical school students (50.5 percent) are women and 45,855 (49.4 percent) are men, according to a new report from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The enrollment proportion has been shifting in women’s favor in recent years. From 2009 to 2019, for instance, the number of men in medical schools increased by 5,465, while the number of women in medical schools increased by 9,899. In the medical profession overall, male d
  12. If you are a PA in a corporate environment - then you are a cog in the machine, just as the doc and the doc should have no real "power" over what you do and when. In a solo private practice - yep, I was in one for a bit too long - you are a tool - all meanings intended. Docs see you as an employee and peon to do their bidding. No matter what - PRACTICE MEDICINE. Don't be a scud worker.
  13. 24 patients a day in Internal Medicine is DUMB. Yes, you are being abused. You should be a "partner" in the practice as far as caring for patients and being utilized to the fullest of your education and license. Find another spot and go - without guilt - you care thus you worry about your patients - that speaks volumes to me - but you have to be able to practice fully to be effective - and happy. RUN
  14. Patient: "I can see you but can't hear you --- can you hear me?" *waving arms at camera that is maladjusted and showing me his couch* "Wait.... gd it..... gd f'ing phone..... Wait, doc - I'm getting it" Me: *deep breath*, pause.....*deep breath* OR Me: "no sir, I can't see that mole behind your scrotum clearly on the phone" Some days it is really ok and we see each other - most days it is an exercise in futility, technology and patience - something I wasn't blessed with in abundance
  15. When I took my marriage license to the Social Security office way back 27 yrs ago - I was shocked. There was no internet really back then - so this was all paper, sign, notary, etc. I could change my name to Minnie Mouse and it would have been legal. You can literally pick ANY NAME you want. So weird. I did the whole maiden name as middle name thing to keep a trail of the name. It works fine and I HATED the second name I had been given at birth anyway. So, I became First Name - Maiden Name - Hubby Name. When we got the marriage license I bought 10 certified copies - didn't cos
  16. I would have married my husband with a band aid..... the ring is not the thing. Get married - quietly. Enjoy each other. Have a huge party at some point when you can afford it. Start your job without asking for time off. 27 yrs later, I am remembering my wedding with hindsight - family that didn't get along. Me stressing out over stepparents and family in same location. My wedding WAS great - I could have done it differently. I know that now. Put wedding money toward a down payment on a home. Remember WHY you are getting married and not HOW. My crusty old 2
  17. The VA uses it with HUB providers - providers who work to cover in-need situations. Your float provider lives in City X and is covering for City M - they use the remote vitals and the WOW - Workstation on Wheels - and the nurse or health tech uses the equipment as the provider requests. It helps cover situations where there would not be enough providers otherwise. Not perfect but it works as a stop gap while getting more providers at one site. I don't agree that it should be first line long term. I would think it amazing for a remote village in Alaska who needs a cardi
  18. I would not tell her you want to "improve" - screw that - ask her what she needs to know to understand the PA profession and how can you educate her. You have not done anything wrong. The best revenge is living well. Be good at your job - your patients will like you and respect your professional capacity - smile (that kills them) and keep doing your best. Some docs cannot be improved. MD stands for Medical Deity and you are screwed. I have faced this many times. Docs can't handle someone with knowledge who can do a job just like they do. Be strong, be smart and do rig
  19. Unfortunately, telemedicine is a pandemic flare for the most part and pops up like roofing companies after a hurricane. Everyone is doing it these days - existing practices and corporate medicine, work comp clinics and even urgent cares. Pop up companies and ads looking for "investors" are not likely to last or be of high quality. I just got an email for a high dollar 4 hour CME on "Maximizing Telemedicine". Telemedicine will be stronger after COVID and utilized more often - it isn't going away. I still have mixed feelings about what all it can do and how well.
  20. I have increasing regrets about not going to med school but having 2 X chromosomes and a brain would still make my path difficult. I agree with a lot of CaliPA above. Medicine as a whole is waning as an art. My current battle is the dwindling belief in science and the pain of Dr Google. Deep weary sigh....
  21. Open a roller skating rink - assuming people can come and COVID is not as big of a threat. Teach kids to skate. Skate everyday myself to my 80s music and bring at least one dog to work. Learn a few more languages. Go to school for fun stuff. Yeah, there are other things I could do if salary wasn’t an issue.
  22. The CDC said those infected COULD wait 90 days for vaccine if there was a shortage of vaccine etc. The VA says you can have a COVID vaccine as soon as 14 days after resolution of symptoms. The Vaccine will reactivate symptoms in those who have had the infection - it is like a mini deja vu back to COVID. One of our directors had a very vigorous reaction to her second vaccine 5 months after she had COVID. I had a "noisy" reaction to the second vaccine and have never knowingly been infected. Just how the vaccine works. See article in The Atlantic about immune response.
  23. Hi there I fell of the grid for a while for multiple reasons. Nothing critical but a lot at once. A tad disturbing to see that the conversations here are still beating the dead issues over and over. I have received both Moderna vaccines - the second one kicked my butt. Temp up to 100.4 for a day and then 99.4ish for another day, nausea, some weird dizziness, fatigue and my arm throbbed like no other. Some headache but that could be the computer system at work. Can't remember a day of my life without nasal congestion and allergies - so who knows on that one. I have not kn
  24. Got my first dose of Moderna today. ok so far. The whole vaccination process is a cluster - needs national organization and support. It will take far too long to get everyone done.
  25. Still waiting for my position in the food chain. ICU, Urgent Care and long term care are all first. We are supposed to get more info this week. They are rotating the number of people per dept so if there are side effects - one dept won't be decimated if folks can't work a shift. So, I am waiting.............................. Spouse works for school district - ZERO communication from them about vaccinating staff.......
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