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  1. Your school doesn't want you tarnishing their PANCE pass rate. They have to make sure students want to keep giving them tuition dollars.
  2. I had some mild arm soreness that started a few hours after getting the first Pfizer dose. About 24 hours later I got one of those headaches that is mild in terms of pain but just ached all over my head/neck. It got a bit worse throughout the day, but luckily responded to some tylenol/ibuprofen, and then I also didn't sleep well that night. I was a-okay the following morning. Then again...maybe the headache is because I was at work and it always gives me a headache.
  3. Keep us updated on your progress. I've been giving more thought lately to going back to do a CC residency(already did HM). Did you decide to do a second residency for a career change, personal satisfaction, more knowledge, or what?
  4. One of the docs I work with has been taking ivermectin every other week since the pandemic started.
  5. I haven't gone a day without COVID+ patients in nearly 9 months and work in one of the worst areas per capita, but seem to have lucked out so far. I know that won't last forever, so I'll be getting the vaccine once it's offered. Our small community hospital is trying to buy a -80c freezer for the Pfizer vaccine.
  6. It doesn't sound like you're looking to borrow very much. Consider applying for a credit card with an introductory 0% interest offer for 12+ months if you have decent credit(may be hard without having demonstrable income) or a personal loan from a credit union.
  7. @LT_Oneal_PAC Do you feel as if this program will make you stronger clinically? I'm becoming more committed to the idea of a doctorate now that I've paid off all my student loans, but I am debating which one and what I want out of it. I love the clinical aspect of medicine and am not super interested in education or admin, though there may come a time when the latter becomes a bigger interest. I think at that point I'd do an MBA with healthcare focus or an MHA. I'm considering the LMU program among others, but want to know my money won't be wasted on a program where I'm not really learning
  8. Just say you are still examining your options. They only require 2 weeks notice?
  9. This is somewhat typical of locums jobs. You would likely speak to the hospitalist director or CMO at some point over the phone, if not in person when you show up for orientation. Locums positions are not ideal unless you have a lot of experience in that field because, as you said, you are expected to hit the ground running.
  10. I'm not in California, but... 1. https://www.healthcare.gov/ 2. https://www.ladderlife.com/ Feel free to look at any other major insurers. 3. Get a good CPA. Create a spreadsheet that has all of your work expenses. Malpractice insurance should be covered by whoever you are working for. 4. Being a 1099 employee has some great benefits, but you need to do the math to see if it makes sense. Calculate your income tax burden including federal, state, and local taxes. Your 1099 rate should reflect the fact that you are responsible for all of those taxes instead of an employ
  11. @ventana I went to match your $25/mo. donation and found out that the site won't let you donate unless you are an AAPA member. My membership expired a few days ago and I plan to renew, but it seems like they could be missing out on a lot of donation dollars.
  12. I can't tell if this is a sarcastic post or not.
  13. I agree with Bob regarding asking an attorney. It's also not a bad idea to call the state medical board licensing folks and just asking the question anonymously.
  14. So I made my final student loan payment a few weeks ago(woohoo!) and am starting to revisit the idea of a doctorate now that I'll have the extra funds. I'm curious whether folks that are in or have finished LMU's program felt that it really added something to their practice? I'm a hospitalist with 6 years of experience including a fellowship and for whatever it's worth, the CAQ. Did these classes bring a new depth of knowledge to others with similar experience? I love the clinical side of medicine and am trying to decide if I will be happier with something like this vs. something like
  15. You can get an HSA account on your own if you have a HDHP.
  16. The market's current success in no way reflects the state of the country and is being propped up solely by the trillions being dumped into the national economy by the government, so I think your thoughts are totally valid. If I was within a few years of retirement and didn't have time for the market to tank(again) and then recover(again), I honestly would probably move all of my retirement out of the market, dump it into a CD at 1.x%, and wait a year to see what happens. Fortunately I still have 30+ years until that time so I'll continue to steadily invest, watch the ups and downs, and buy m
  17. I continue to invest the way I always have in general(target retirement fund or 70/20/10 split of total stock market index, international total stock index, and bonds), but did buy a bunch of pharmaceutical and defense contractor stocks with my extra spending money when the market tanked from COVID. 15-50% gains, so not too bad.
  18. Scott, I think you did an excellent job with the interview. Thanks for your work for PAs.
  19. I thought this program didn't require the MCAT.
  20. I think it's important to make the distinction between administrative supervision and clinical supervision.
  21. I got a little nauseous after the first dose, but otherwise no problems. My heart seems to be beating normally still, so hopefully that means my QT is doing a-okay!
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