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  1. My take? Start working on getting your license in the state you want to go to early. Some states take 5-8 months to get a license. Also remember you must apply for a state specific dea in each state you practice in unless you work for the feds. Big $$$.
  2. ^^^. Good grief, who can pay $200k cash for a house? Especially someone younger. I bought our house on 30 year loan and paid if off in 8 years. Similar to what Ventana is recommending. If I had a bad month I just made a regular payment. Took all the risk out. PLUS I didn't pay rent for 8 years while "saving up" the $200k cash. Remember, the original poster still needs a place to live.
  3. Kabul? Like Afghanistan? lol
  4. Those there say the job market is super tight and worse for new grads. Check on the state specific Florida section on the boards here.
  5. Cideous

    Verbal offer

    I get 1 week PTO for a full time Urgent Care job. Pathetic.
  6. Betsy Devos will reimburse you, but only for guns to ward off bears.......
  7. I think you were applying to my Urgent Care. We have the same phrase in our job description and let me tell you they mean it. Our scores are tallied weekly and we each get a report. "Courtesy". "Satisfaction with Provider on course of treatment". etc.....And these scores directly affect your bonus. Drop under their required 9 out of 10 and BAM...no bonus. So, we often comment after a visit..."Would you like fries with that Z-pk..."?
  8. Cideous

    DFW CUSH job opening!

    DFW is a large place geographically speaking. Didn't I hear you mention this was in or around Garland? That might be part of the issue.
  9. Mercy. Just mercy. I've got nothing for that kind of coin...
  10. I am happy to help. I think that is the most disappointing thing about our profession today. Over the last 25 years I have seen a massive change in how PA's interact with each other. When I first got out, if you met a PA it was like you were instant life-long friends. It was great. Now, I witness PA's F'ing each other over time and time again. All I can figure out is that the job market has tightened so much that everyone is tense. Or maybe it's just a millennial thing? I am still best friends with a lot of my classmates, but the newer PA's will stab your ass right in the back if they think it would further their career. Something utterly unheard of when I got out. Point being, I am always ready and willing to help.
  11. As to the employment gap, the only thing worse then a gap is multiple short stents...unless they are locum assignments. I would pass on the second sucky job and move on...literally.
  12. Unless you are independently wealthy I would.... 1. Get a license, a process that can take months at least. 2. Then get a job. 3. Then move. California is one place you absolutely do not want to get stuck with no job. Housing alone is enough to bankrupt you.
  13. 1. Your not alone. This is almost exactly how most new grads feel, even if they won't admit it. 2. The reason why it's so hard to find a doc "willing to teach", is that most doc's don't own their own practices anymore. They simply work for corporate overlords like . They have zero incentive to "teach". 3. Your PANCE score is great, but don't take this the wrong way, in the real world it doesn't mean jack. Advice, -Move. That area is horrible for new grads. Do a residency. The only way to feel more comfortable practicing is to practice in a controlled setting. A residency is literally designed around this, and I sincerely believe that a residency will be required in the next 8 years....see move advice above. It does get better. Most of the time. Just learn and know now that medicine has for the most part become a corporate endeavor. If you have ever worked in the business world then you know what I mean. Almost all practices today have real corporate struggles. Just plan for it and set your expectations accordingly.
  14. Cideous

    Verbal offer

    I made that back in 1998. Low $50's should be the minimum starting hourly wage for any specialty.
  15. Cideous

    Job issues- legality?

    1. This is a good example of how ones sup doc can/does make all the difference in the world for how well your job goes. 2. Another example of pain management gone wrong, and a lawsuit/DEA showing up at the door anytime. 3. And finally a lack of support from your company. Sounds like you were helping them out and they screwed you for your efforts. Corporate overlord management at its best. 4. As mentioned, if in an "at will" state, you are screwed. Absolutely nothing you can do, and if so I would advise against getting a lawyer, you will lose and the attorney will suck you dry. Cut your losses and move on if possible. Way too much liability here, and I agree with the others. Document everything.
  16. Cideous

    DFW CUSH job opening!

    Do you guys do DOT's there? Don't worry, not applying, just wondering lol
  17. I have a few 5 star google reviews...I should be good, right?
  18. Cideous

    DFW CUSH job opening!

    ^^^ ROFL Nice
  19. https://www.aanp.org/advocacy/state/state-practice-environment This was posted on another thread, but it deserves it's own. Look at that map. Put the Green and Yellow together.....Green being full practice authority and yellow having some restriction. Only red requires doc supervision according to the AANP. Honestly, I had no idea it was that many states. This visual representation of this map leaves me speechless. How long before California chimes in with full practice authority? And we can't even move forward on a name change???????? Welp, I am officially changing my recommendation for kids asking what they should go into. PA or NP. Looking at that map, how could anyone in good conscience recommend becoming a PA when you could have full practice authority in all those states as an NP? I wonder how our AAPA funded "focus group" firm is doing.......
  20. Cideous

    Alternative PANRE

    If we fail it we have another year to take the stupid PANRE....AGAIN for the 5th freaking time......Let's hope I can retire if that happens lol
  21. This is somewhat ridiculous. The Colorado state license requires 5 years of reference letters from every place I have worked during that time frame lol. One of the places is no longer in business. Good grief, that is quite the hoop. Not to mention, not every employer is "happy" when you move on. Getting a letter of reference from some employers is just not going to happen. Has anyone had to go through this where they could not secure said LOR? If so, what was the outcome. Thanks!
  22. Cideous


    Agree, close it. The pancake on the rabbit was the best thing about this stupid topic. Get your kids and patients vaccinated. The end.
  23. I locum full time. By definition I am an independent contractor. I was just sent a contract/attest, that among other things, included a non-compete clause. I thought this must be an honest mistake and called HR. No mistake. They said, even as a locum, I must sign this form. It states that I can't work at "any" other place that *might* be in any form, in competition with this Urgent Care I locum at. It states if I locum any other place, I must let my supervisor know when and where I am working.... To say this is wrong on so many levels would be an epic understatement. i think this is yet another shot across the bow at an individuals ability to change jobs and simply work. This is a very large corporate UC chain which will remain nameless. Complete BS

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