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  1. I think not. The hospital is responsible as you were the final disposition of a case that they cleared. Perhaps a PA JD would like to make comment since we are divided in our response.
  2. I think that Scott (SAS) did an excellent job at interpreting this. I started to read through the new regulations that are now out for public opinion and there are so many areas that bored me to death and were unclear that I finally gave up. Yes, I would comment on this area. Yes, this is ging to be new federal law and states and professions will have nothing to add after the thirty day period. This has nothing to do with our national organizations except for the fact that they can give a creative and thoughtful job in responding and I am sure although I do not know if, in fact , this is happening but the AAPA should have a task force that includes staff, committee members that are PAs and attorny's doing this and preparing the professions response.
  3. SEMPA and ACEP are the best organizations for this. EMERGENCY MEDICINE BOOT CAMP may have a course on this or if you write them and suggest it, they have the resources and can add another day or two. I have looked at all the PA related forums on Facbook and one great course is usually offered. Nothing is free and this knowledge is invaluable for a PA ER provider in today's world.
  4. This is not a job for Super PA but the job of all those clerks, administrators and nurses who she will have to get past before ever seeing you. Remember that old answer we used to hear? "It's not my job."
  5. I've been hourly as a first assistant in surgery for an entire service where the hospital did not wish to pay a salaried employee. I have also been paid by the case in certain specialties. Years ago we were paid to do lazy high hitter physicians charts in the hospital up to thirty days after they were discharged although the hospital had the usual 24 hour rule. Things changed and this is no longer practice , even among the super feeded physicians who are usually surgeons. I'd worry about graduating passing your boards and getting a full time job as anything else takes a few years of experience.
  6. With the increase in DM in the United States and the large number of patients who have yet to be diagnosed, the answer is yes. I would suggest getting a CDE which is available in a course that is easily attended and working in endocrinology, weight loss or attching your self to a bariatric surgery practice as the person who becomes the the "life changer."
  7. This is a bit of an unusual post on this forum but it is a response to what we have been reading in the literature and other medical sites concerning wire fragments that have become a foreign body in the esophagus. It's enjoyable to visit with friends and family and to sit down at a great BBQ and enjoy burgers and steaks and fish and whatever other creations you like to consume. It's not enjoyable when that visit lands you in the ER with a foreign body that is actually one of the wires from the grill cleaning brush. This weekend , we hosted a family BBQ for my son-in-laws parents who were visiting from Florida and his Dad, Ken, asked me what I was using to clean my grates. I had read the articles on foreign bodies and promptly discarded my wire brush and replaced it with a synthetic hand brush . He told me about a product that he used and this morning I opened my front door to be surprised by a delivery that contained the brush he spoke of and a copper re-usable mat for the grates. I examined the brush as if it were a surgical instrument and it far surpassed what I had expected. It was well made, sturdy, heavy and long--everything you need in a good brush. If you want to see the brush and purchase it, I went to the source website and found it. www.mountaingrillers.com.
  8. Let us know the outcome of your visit.
  9. AS a surgical PA who has practiced on LI fpr 46 years and as a past administrator of a surgical group of PAs, I would stay on the Island.
  10. I agree with everyone else. Your prior orthopedic experience makes you ideal and your knowledge of medicine is a real plus because you will be able to round with a better eye than a surgeon or another orthopedic PA. You possess knowledge in two specialties but you need to let them be aware that you are not a novice and asking about the prior PA is to your credit as you don't want to make this transition on a shaky bridge. they will appreciate it.
  11. All great ideas. The name of the game is hustle, learn but leave time for yourself and your family.
  12. What a great post. I am going to save it and send to any newbie looking for guidance. this was perfect.
  13. I enjoy having a good night's sleep and not worrying about a patient who had a poor result after I may have treated them. It has not yet happened to me yet, but neither have I expired and yet have life insurance. Always have insurance and be vigilant with the part-time and moon lighting jobs as the company may disappear and the insurance may be inadequate. Get a personal liability insurance policy. I have had mine with CM&F for twenty years and am a sound sleeper.
  14. We continue to need much more input from members of the forum on this issue. We are in danger of being invisible to insurance companies and employers and from the feelings of some of my closest friends, they feel I should use the word extinct.
  15. We are not extinct until we are no longer a profession or it’s not over until it’s over. I empathize greatly with my brothers and sisters in medicine, if this is a national Provo. There seems to be an abundance of jobs for new and middle aged PAs in the northeast and I am ignorant of what may be happening elsewhere. The senior PAs of ages 55 and above find themselves in a different but hostile situations of being highly experienced and perhaps less motivated and desiring higher pay. The institutions and the Doc’s just don’t want to pay higher salaries for better care.
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