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  1. Why did they not choose to get a Doctorate in Psychology?
  2. Surgblumm@gmail.com A PA by law in many states cannot supervise an NP and signing paperwork may be categorized as that. I was on the national board of Minute Clinic and started the first MC in NYS only to discover a few months later that I could only hire NPs because of the supervisory cost of an SP and a couple of months later discovered I could no longer be the Manager of operations because I could not supervise an NP in NY
  3. We recently passed legislation in the HOD that advocates for a name change and the Academy is going to endorse it, but what are we doing to advocate for ourselves with this new piece of PR? When you graduate you proclaim it to the world. When you become married you are filled with happiness and announce it to everyone. when you have a new baby you create excitement for your family and friends. When NPs started getting FPA they shared it with each other, with all of the medical boards and with institutions that hire them They were proud, excited and fearless and we see the result from their TV
  4. AS I have surfed the social network PA sites, I have seen a number of people who do not understand that this is not our name yet. I don't need to preach to the choir as to what must be done between now and the official title change. I don't know what the Academy or any other leader can do but what has already been done. I would warn PAs not to use the title on their lab coats where they are giving patients the idea that they are more than a assistant until their state ratifies the change. I know I must be redundant.
  5. I think you have a nice deal and M-F eight hours a day is a gift to someone like me who normally worked 80 hours a week or more. You will need to bone up on your hepatology while you give your current practice notice. Their expectations should not be high for a transition but your previous work as a hospitalist , will be invaluable. Go for it!
  6. Looking at your four specialties, I would advise with one reservation on all but emergency medicine. I think your employer will need to know that you are a novice and be willing to give you OJT and a bit more supervision. For UC you need to be able to suture wounds well, read fracture radiographs and chest films at the least. EM is a tough nut unless they are willing to place you in Fast Track with another PA for a few months. I always ask this question when answering about the ER;" would you want someone with your experience to be making decisions on your children or loved ones? Simple things
  7. Between SAS and Ventana, you filled in the information needed. I fail to accept the fact that so many of our colleagues are totally ignorant of the legislative aspects of medicine, particularly when it comes to NPS and PAs. I can praise the legislative savvy of many NPs all day but unfortunately we have too many ostriches with the credentials but not the understanding. That my friends is how physicians and administrators take the game ball.
  8. In reference to Scott's last post----Remember Samson. And the pillars did fall!
  9. Online courses are superb and can be watched or read at your speed and with interruption if you wish. SEMPA is the best conference for those in ER medicine as is Emergency Medicine Boot Camp. The APACVS is the best conference for Cardiac PAs and the preparation for PANRE courses is plentiful, I started Steve's course and do not need to pass PANRE because I am retired. Forget the cost of a program, add food, travel and hotel and you could be on a beach with your spouse drinking Pinacoladas and soaking up rays with a good sunscreen. IMHO.
  10. If this were our marriages, we would be giving our histories a toss to the wind too quickly. I have been at odds with many of the AAPA's opinions for decades but still maintain my voice in this marriage. I am a founder of PAFT and would not divorce this group so quickly. Do we pull the plug on sepsis or do we do our best to resuscitate? I call for some patience as we need to see how it plays out and what a new PAFT BOD can add to the mix. It changes from when it was created and will continue to be in a metamorphosis.
  11. Unless I am wrong, and I think I am correct, regardless of the HOD vote, it will still remain the vote of the AAPA BOD to make this a reality. All of the other arguments have been made over the past twenty five years and are, in my opinion, invalid. And to add to others, who gives a damn what the physicians of AMA think? We need to stand up as a profession like most of the girlie NPs who accomplished their goals.
  12. Thanks for the input. Although I am on a dozen PA networks and manage to keep my finger on the pulse, I am however not in the job search realm. In times past an experienced PA in any specialty had the opportunity to pick and choose, yet today physicians and hospital employers do not seem to be interested in excellence but rather in filling slots and using a person that does not require supervision. I have also noticed a real downtrend in the capabilities and the examination by many providers such as physicians and PAs. I was so disillusioned last week after presenting with a cough of thre
  13. This remains the best advice but many of you are so eager to get employment that you throw this advice to the wind. do the math, it's simple and it demonstrates that it is costly. When you get a contract it is better to bring it to an attorney that specializes in this area and get an opinion that IS better than social media.
  14. I agree with the first half of your observation with the exception of wanting no supervision. As an experienced PA, I know the limitations of some of my colleagues and lack of supervision can be a goal after five to seven years of practice which is similar to a residency. I feel their is a very decreased application of physical exam skills being practiced in all of the medical professions, from physicians, residents, medical school students as well as PAs and NPs. As a seventy year old I am both concerned and fightened as I feel that I came from the golden stage of medicine having practiced fo
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