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  1. What’s In A Spoonful? Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA-C Emeritus, DFAAPA Being a grandfather or grandmother is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. While reliving the early stages of life with our grandchildren we can enjoy their movies and get a second chance at some which we may have missed. I was recently watching Mary Poppins with my grandkids and found it delightful and uplifting. For days, I was rehashing that famous song in my head, “just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” As a clinician, I paused with some concern as I had to ask myself: What, act
  2. I did this for about twenty years but already had twenty plus years of practice. If I were the opposing attorney I would blow your testimony out of the window based on your lack of expertise. Is the attorney who is asking you to be an expert a novice attorney? I was always paid and did this in steps to make all charges clear. I never went from one step to another without payment and each time I put in ten hours I expected to be paid. Charges today are different than my last expert testimony about eight years ago and I agree to go for the big bucks but............respectfully your time in prac
  3. Here is a prehistoric reply. I practiced in the Golden age of medicine and I would classify today as the Bronze age. I am a firm believer in a good H&P and I did my surgical exam's using the techniques that I learned from Cope's Examination of the Abdomen. I believe in touch, palpation, percussion, auscultation and carefully listening to my pulses and cardiac information. I always would examine the aorta of a person who had hypertension and complained of chest pain, abdominal pain and pain that radiated to the back. A clinician does not get a second chance on an aneurysm. Personally, altho
  4. I was the patient and survived after five days of hospitalization with no vents or oxygen. My internist said thirty days after the disease that I had my immunization with Moderna at the VA at six weeks post Covid. The next day I had fever, chills, nausea,diarrhea, severe coughing and lethargy. Some other friends said I should have waited ninety days. This form is usually the most appropriate place to gather current information. thanks.
  5. Ditto. This is a no-brainer that requires no more than a good ER Nurse could do and I am sure that as you think about it to fill your void --- an NP will jump in for it and succeed.
  6. MediMike is thinking ahead and it rings true to me. You are young, excited and learning. Continue with this surgical specialty but hope that you can find a PT job as these are now hard to discover.
  7. Just to keep it short, Molly, I would suggest Urgent Care. A new graduate can carefully navigate this specialty and learn everything from radiology to wound care to suturing, primary care and ACLS . It's a great way to learn basic pediatrics and drug addictions. I am sure that some of my colleagues on this chat will contribute even greater ideas.
  8. “Tis far better to SHOW what you know than to SAY what you know, and equally important to say, rather than show, what you don’t know". This simple quote can produce far less personal industry. It's very easy to memorize it and every educator should share it with their students.Great post above, Ventana. Tis far better to SHOW what you know than to SAY what you know.docx
  9. Same here. I am scheduled in my county and at the VA but my county is giving Pfizer, therefore I am canceling my slot with the VA.
  10. I would contact the University of Medicine in Bologna, Italy. It is their largest medical school and many of its graduates are practicing physicians in the USA. They may consider you "insider information".
  11. Rest in peace, primary care Dr. Alexis Gopal | Physician | January 18, 2021 The corporatization of medicine has destroyed primary care as a specialty. The primary care physician is supposed to be your go-to doctor, your advocate, the coordinator of your health care. Now that corporations buy out hospitals and private practices in an almost predatory fashion, the priority is turning a profit for the corporation at the expense of not only patient health but also the health and well-being of the primary care physician. Who do you think bears the brunt of patient fr
  12. Thank you both as Shep is my gold standard and I have heard of PAs taking the CRNA course to segue into the field but your information is salutatory, particularly when you speak of the AA who I thought was the prep person for the anesthesiologist.
  13. I can only say to things that pertain to you and your situation. 1. Every PA needs personal liability insurance that covers all of their acts in every hospital, moonlighting, etc. A personal law suit could cost you a hundred thousand dollars and if you lose, more. You need an occurrence policy. 2. I hate to disagree with Ventana has he is one of the sharpest PAs on this listserv but CM&F is not $66,00.00 for a cardiology PA. Surgery PAs are higher but yours would be much lower. Ask to speak to Will Sullivan, VP of new business with CM&F.
  14. So why are these poor new grads waiting months for a job and taking them in areas where they have little interest or are under trained?
  15. I completed my next malpractice article two weeks ago but have not sent it in as my wife needs to edit and I had Covid and was hospitalized for five days. Fortunately I was able to get four doses of antiviral medication and I returned home with a chronic cough and feeling very lethargic although my PaO2 was appropriate as well as the fact that I was afebrile. My article deals with a similar situation where HCP's are being forced to return to work when they are lethargic, not on their game, slower to focus and have the ability to transmit the virus to others. Did we not take an oath to "Do No H
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