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  1. Looks good! How much time spent in the OR? How much time on the anesthesia service? I assume a significant u/s component- what do you know about that at this point? Kinda wish I lived in the area...
  2. Is the ready reserve still a thing for folks without prior USPHS experience over the age of 45?
  3. There are also postgrad programs in obgyn for folks passionate about the discipline and facilities that will credential PAs for all ob care, stopping only at the point of entering the OR alone
  4. depends on your job situation. As an EMPA, I am competing directly against new grad FP MDs...They know less and make more, but they are "physicians" so obviously superior... Look how this group defines APPs: https://emnacs.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=23
  5. So, an interesting aside with some relevance to the sky is falling, we are losing to NPs, etc. One of my per diem jobs is at a rural, critical access hospital that was just taken over by a larger organization affiliated with a well-known academic medical center. Yesterday, I went to the mother ship to get my formal ID. There was an NP there as well for the same purpose. We both got badges that say : Name (no title) Advanced Practice Provider Apparently docs both MD and DO get one that says Physician. My point is, they are treating PAs and NPs the same, despite this bei
  6. agree. And a lot of those folks are "essential workers" , who interact with the public and should be vaccinated
  7. you know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Let's say you do 15 min appts, so 4/hr. $60 to the doc, now you are at 65/hr and paying your own malpractice. The doc is getting the better deal here. 60/hr for signing your charts, for which he has no liability.
  8. getting your own malpractice is thousands of dollars/year and then you give up $15 per chart out of maybe a $50 visit? that's 20 visits/$1000 before the doc takes their part, 60 visits just to break even. No thanks.
  9. indeed. One can say no to getting vaccinated as long as they are willing to give up certain rights, like flying on an airplane, going to the movies or a sporting event, etc. Party on in your backyard all you vaccine refusers, I won't stop you.
  10. Yes, Arrowhead has such an affiliation with the DMSc at Lynchburg, so grads are residency trained with doctoral credentials and CAQ eligibility.
  11. My kid is thinking about speech language pathology at this point. If they wanted medicine, I would point them to MD/DO. PA is working for me now, but there were a lot of bad and ugly experiences along the way I wouldn't want them to have to deal with.
  12. me too. some with really ridiculously high rates. check out wilderness medical staffing. Those Alaska jobs pay bank.
  13. the last month or so volumes seem to be back to normal at all 4 of my clinical sites.
  14. agree. Intensive basic medical sciences are the main didactic difference between PA and Med school. No argument here.
  15. Do you anticipate that the students would be placing central lines and chest tubes, performing paracentesis and thoracentesis, doing LPs, etc?
  16. fussy with diarrhea. Holding abd. afebrile with stable VS and unimpressive exam and nl labs. CT abd/pelvis actually was read as normal. So, that plain film fooled me, my attending, and a radiologist.
  17. Getting the CT first, but yeah...think we are headed that way.
  18. Maybe half the time if the stylet is off getting sterilized. Hasn't been a problem.
  19. I have played around with the Cmac at difficult airway courses that can be used direct or VL with the same blade.
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