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  1. when I went from w2 to 1099 I got an extra $9/hr. nowhere close to 20%. And I am paid more than any other PA at all 3 of my jobs.
  2. for a $5000/month policy starting 180 days after the start of disability I pay $650/quarter. I am a healthy nonsmoker and almost 50.
  3. but I would not have to fund my cme, health care, retirement, disability, life insurance, PTO, etc. I would not even need an accountant. I never had one until last year. remember a deduction saves you the value of the taxes on that money, not the money itself. a $100 deduction is actually worth about $28. I would not have the business tax if I was w2, my boss would.
  4. that is funny and I am old enough to get it....
  5. it doesn't make a difference with docs, it makes a difference to the HR administrator who sees one person with a doctorate and one without and decides to go for the non-physician with the higher degree because it is a higher degree
  6. ok, confession time...this time it got me...frequent flyer with abd pain, negative recent huge workup with neg labs/ct, etc. Nurses moaning when they see them arrive. so and so is here again for constipation. complaint" I need you to give me something to help me poop, I have not pooped all day". minimal exam on my part. no complaint of abd pain, fever, vomiting, etc. discharged within 15 of arrival with rx for miralax. call from local hospital 6 hrs later. pt presented there with abd pain, fever, and n/v. cbc with leukocytosis. ct shows perfed appy. surgeon was pissed. fair enough. I went and saw the pt and apologized. They realized it was atypical and did not seem upset. I blew it. it happens. anchoring bias, playing the odds, and minimizing common sense....I hope to learn from this.
  7. What good reasons do you have for making our degree a doctorate? I find that more of a barrier than anything. the competition(nps) have one. we will lose jobs if we stagnate at the ms level. also , with 120+ credits after a BS we have already earned a doctoral credential. in most other fields 25-50 credits post bs=ms . add another 50 or so for a doctorate. you can go from bs in biology to MPH to DrPH for less than 100 credits total for both grad degrees, probably 80-90 total.
  8. under the scenario above, the DMP would be awarded after X date, just like when we switched from cert to as, from as to bs, and from bs to ms. yes, if you want the higher degree you would have to go back to school, but you would not need it to practice. there are still folks with non-academic certs as PAs practicing today. I got a bs from pa school and decided to go back for an ms later.
  9. I made 70 k my first year out of PA school....of course that was 1996.....
  10. been doing ER for 32 years. sick three times during that time. two of those 3 were something I ate on shift. lots of water, lots of exercise, daily multivitamin with C, don't let folks cough in your face, wash your hands, etc.
  11. I think MP is the best compromise. we should have gone to PA= physician associate years ago, but that ship has sailed I think.
  12. I think the key would be to never say MP. say, Hi, I'm Jack, I will be your medical provider today
  13. The AAPA could also make a statement like" from this day forward the term x and PA shall be considered equivalent" and then folks could start using the new term and billing under PA until it was formalized in each state. Nametags could read(for example) John Smith, MP/PA to meet requirements that certain states have that PA be listed. I am really surprised this has not been done already actually. the chiropractors, naturopaths, and several other professions did overnight changes like this.
  14. yup, I wonder how many of these tpa "saves" are actually TIAs that would have resolved anyway.
  15. feeling like you are not doing well enough is an occupational hazard. Just the other day at my solo job we had a big trauma requiring a lot of interventions in a short amount of time, coordination with specialists and lifeflight, etc. After it was over people were telling me how well they thought it went and that they were impressed with the quick eval , stabilization, and transfer and all I could think was that my u/s fast exam was not good enough and I had to rely on CT findings to make a diagnosis....unreasonable, probably, but I felt like I was winging it while the nurses and techs all thought it went smoothly....
  16. and even if surgery is not your thing there are lots of other specialties out there....
  17. most places don't really care much about the GRE score, just that you took it. GPA and medical experience are the most important factors in PA school admissions. PA school admissions are competitive. A GPA > 3.4 is ideal. > 2000 hours of health care experience is ideal. good luck.
  18. I never say assistant. it is not on anything associated with me. everything says PA, including name tags, CV, scripts, etc Hi I'm Emedpa, one of the PAs here. what can I do for you today Mr Smith?
  19. yup, knock, knock Hi I'm emedpa. you are Mr Smith? what can I do for you tonight sir?
  20. my last job (interval between 2016 and 2018) was 1 week of pto and 1 week of paid cme/yr. Now I am 1099 , so obviously no paid leave, but I can schedule myself off almost anytime. My full time job is 6 24s/month. I have another part time contract for 3 12s/month.
  21. the thing that I am happiest about from my time doing that is that I convinced the powers that be to stop hiring moonlighting 2nd and 3rd yr IM residents who would see 1 pt/hr , require lots of handholding, and refused to see kids(and made $100/hr) and instead to hire experienced PAs/NPs who made about 50/hr at the time and would see 2-3 pts/hr independently. It was great telling the doc(who was kind of an ass) who scheduled the moonlighters that we would no longer be requiring their services.....:)
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