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  1. I would never go on the Huddle because it didn't provide anonimity and employers read social media posts - we all need a place to be honest and share with others who really can understand. PLUS their espoused ideas of "just say nice things" and such. This forum lets us get to nitty gritty, vent, create, share and be a real group with ideas - that don't have to all be the same. They shouldn't call it Huddle - they should call if Stepford PAs. Go get em guys -
  2. Just hard to answer questions without knowledge of what the OP is actually referencing. Not all of us have worked for or know these acronyms. I work for the govt and we have an entire webpage dedicated to acronyms - it gets exhausting. So, just a vote for clarity and more information than not.
  3. Hawaii now says that if you fly over - you will be quarantined for 14 days on arrival - so - no beach view for you - all hotel walls.................
  4. Between chronic Noro virus outbreaks and the whole Ghost Ship corona festival - eewww. Not sure you could get me on a cruise ship - even with a scopolamine patch I doubt we will ever see airplane seats moved any further apart - shame - could have been a positive out of all this mess.
  5. I wouldn't plan on anything for 2020 - as in nothing. No Vegas, no vacays, and especially no international travel. We don't know enough about this thing and I do believe a second wave is coming. It will definitely change the way we travel for a long time to come.
  6. I am asking for explanations - will get back with more info. Govt lingo still boggles my brain most days.......................
  7. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/927541 This is dumbfounding. Hospitals are actually worried about their reputations and silencing medical professionals when we all know there is a massive shortage of PPE and folks are literally putting their lives on the line - and dying - to try to take care of patients. Shameful Disgraceful
  8. https://nypost.com/2020/03/22/new-jerseys-first-coronavirus-patient-released-from-hospital-on-oxygen/ James Cai, the PA in New Jersey is out of the hospital and at home but on supportive oxygen at age 32. He has lung fibrosis and no one knows if it will heal or heal completely. Glad he survived. Sad to see this disease is going to leave behind long term disability for some. Everyone out there - take care - hope you have PPE
  9. There was a PA on Good Morning America this morning who was laid off. New York, I think. He never said what field he worked in - Derm, Plastic Surgery, private one doc show - I don't know. It just seems completely counter intuitive that any licensed PA would NOT have a job right now. The obvious is painful though - go to work front line against COVID with little PPE, no vents, etc. Is that even an option? Kind of a no win situation at some point.
  10. Got this email this morning. Yes, PAs have their own posting ========================================================================================= To All VHA PA’s All Good morning Temp PA positions 157+ locations. Please forward to state PA associations etc. new grads, retired or previous VHA PAs Please notify your HR and COS https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/563878400# Additional FYI VHA has lifted all hiring authorities as of 12P yesterday PAs can be hired via non-competitive, direct-hire, trainees that are licensed, etc.
  11. I hope the folks doing this get in trouble. It shines a poor light on the medical profession when our colleagues do "favors" and selectively provide treatments to folks. Dealt with this during H1N1 and tamiflu then bird flu and cipro and always with supplies. Found one of our own nurses walking the halls with a mask on - she isn't sick, isn't immunosuppressed and just flat out said she would wear a coveted N95 because she felt safer - guidelines be damned. And she doesn't have first line exposure - except at Walmart, I am sure. I seriously hope those two guys who had 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer go to jail - they donated the stuff after getting caught trying to price gouge and sell it. This pandemic is bringing out the best and worst in people.
  12. https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/flsa/pandemic This has been my go to site for employment issues during COVID. Pretty straightforward scenarios.
  13. My VA isn't hiring anyone that I am aware of. The onboarding process is a nightmare - takes months - fingerprints, background checks, credentialing, a physical, urine drug screen. Everything has to go through a compensation panel. It is not easy. Not sure where they are looking. They are asking for volunteers from our Primary Care to go work in UC right now. Was this on usajobs.gov?
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