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  1. Ok, all seriousness. Maybe IF we did choose Associate - LOTS of money saved on letterhead and name tags. PA to.... PA. I get it - the docs would squeal. If we chose Medical Practitioner - we get MP - see the fun below. I we chose Medical Care Practitioner - we get MCP and that has no ring to it. Millions in stationary, name tags, etc. ALL the legal paperwork has to have a FIND/REPLACE festival no matter what we do. We gotta get rid of Assistant and soon. How about a vote of all PAs in the nation and majority rules?
  2. Doing a disservice to the patient is a customer service issue. Doing NO harm is quite another. These drugs ARE harmful long term, habit forming, addictive, etc. They create their OWN issues. I want the patient as safe as possible. Not in a haze or unable to sleep EVER without chemical induction. If someone told me that a med I was taking caused early onset dementia or increased my risk and rate of death - Yep, I am done. I WILL find an alternative. Many patients are NOT following orders. They got themselves into these situations by seeking out the docs (like my ol
  3. Patients have to be willing to participate in their care. I would NOT consider medications to be "negotiable". One guy told me he does meth because I won't give him pain meds. He said "how about you give me some pain relief and I will take the HTN meds". NOPE - this is not a negotiation at a flea market, dude. This is evidence based medicine - we don't do quid pro quo for you to deal with your health.
  4. I won't go on Huddle. Not anonymous and I don't EVER want an employer using any type of media to watch me. It's wrong. Huddle is just a mouthpiece for AAPA and their agenda. They censor everything - that is wrong. I am not paying AAPA right now because I don't trust them to represent what the majority of PAs want and need in this country. No honest conversation or listening. Between AAPA and NCCPA we are just screwed most days. Trying to be positive but censorship and agendas really piss me off.
  5. Patients who serial no show keep getting primo face to face spots on my schedule…. Can’t fire VA pts. With our limited face to face still - schedulers will put ANYTHING on F2F - tomorrow - “bump on head” - asking for nurse triage now - this could be a pimple, his mastoid that he just discovered, etc. Zero common sense or triage thoughts - meanwhile, we have much more complex folks who cannot get in to be seen. I think my next favorite is - “pt wants to discuss a medication” - help me out here - did he see the commercial at 3 am that says “ask your health care provider if Repatha is
  6. This patient sent a nasty gram today saying I am a disappointment and they will “find their own way”…… I will still see the Zolpidem on the PDMP and still counsel on the dangers and document. I did allow 60 days Rx to find a solution but this was not acceptable. Can’t please everyone but won’t contribute to bad medicine either.
  7. I recently inherited yet another person as their new PCP and this person is and has been on zolpidem for YEARS. Zolpidem is likely my least favorite drug …. Just past Soma. This patient is over 65. Zolpidem is on the Beers List of dangerous drugs for those over 65. The FDA reduced the dose back in 2011 and 2013 but other providers still give full dose 30 nights a month endlessly. https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-drug-safety-communication-fda-approves-new-label-changes-and-dosing-zolpidem-products-and It is chemically related to benzos an
  8. Approx TWENTY people can put pts on my schedule. That in itself is a giant PIA. Today, a phone appt - for SOB and reduced exercise tolerance…… SUPER, how about that 02 sat, EKG, actual exam…… I agree that anything called Follow Up is nebulous - could be herpes, CHF, recent splenectomy - who knows. Might actually need hospital records - from out of state…. Some schedulers are blunt and obvious…. “Pt wants an oxygen tank for energy”….. at least I know going in...
  9. I will throw this oil on the fire.......... When I graduated in 1992, I had LESS THAN $30K in debt. ZERO from undergrad. I was paid off in 5 yrs. My starting salary back in 1992 was $55K. My first house cost $77K - listed today at $240K. Now, new grads are in easily over $100K plus or minus undergrad. Degree creep as well - everything is Masters. Skills aren't different Masters or whatever - we have regulated educational requirements. New grads want to (have to) make enough to pay their loans. I, as a very very experienced PA, deserve to be paid for my years of
  10. The recent threads and suspension of a newbie got me to looking at how things are in my world. * I am employed and have been throughout the Pandemic. I have not missed a paycheck. * I am extremely fortunate. * My job is good - not without issues - but a good job (federal govt) * I am very good at my job - have built a tool box of skills, knowledge, certifications and such over the years to make me appealing, needed and kept in employment. I have built a network of specialists who rely on me and trust me. * My salary is enough. I actually DO make what the NPs make in m
  11. Money, money, money....... hmmmm, so much more to life, happiness, professional integrity
  12. WanttoHope..... go find a new career and quit kvetching endlessly with no suggestion for solution. Be angry... your choice. Quit spreading it - useless. No more crypto BS. Move on. Move to another thread.
  13. WanttoHope..... you seem to be posting to stir some pot of unhappiness and a grudge about PAs. Move on. Either do your job or get another profession. I agree that the PA profession has to adapt. Sowing your ugly isn’t helping. Be a solution but quit whining already.
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