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  1. My responses to these issues are usually not very popular..... Have you addressed the issues with PA school? Is this going to be a repeat behavior in school or in your career? And bless you for not saying you are "asking for a friend". Is the bridge to PA school on fire? Why can't you get back into the next class or redeem this situation somehow? I take these issues very seriously as a PA, a PA educator/preceptor and, yes, as a Mom. My PA class accepted 30 and we graduated 24 - yes, eons ago before the Internet. One left because she had the WHOLE wrong idea about being in a career and was more worried about who would cook her husband dinner at exactly 5:30 (at age 24). One had serious academic and attitude issues and was asked to leave. One messed up at work as an Xray Tech and was convicted of a crime that prohibited further healthcare work. One just disappeared and we actually have no idea what happened to him. One was found cheating and asked to leave. I can't remember what happened to the last one. Point is - do you still want to be a PA and why? What have you done to improve/correct the situations and can you stick with it? If the same thing is going to happen in nursing school or plumber apprenticeship or law school or even working at a hardware store? Just food for thought. I have seen this happen more than I like. Hope it works out for you.
  2. I second the motion that new grads are NOT prepared for the intensity and internal medicine scope in the VA. Not even the float position you describe. Sorry.
  3. Dave: Ummmm Hal, what are you doing????? Hal: (hear the movie voice) Nothing Dave, just improving on nature..................... ======================================================================== Or, Terminator AI taking over and making arbitrary decisions about humanity. ======================================================================== Anyone see the old Farrah Fawcett movie Logan's Run where the laser surgery goes awry? Sorry, feeling a bit snarky today
  4. Don't forget autoimmune issues - check thyroid antibodies, especially in women. Think food allergy or work environment - used to treat a ton of cops with fungal dermatitis from heavy, hot kevlar vests that never got washed or dried properly. I get a fabulous and impressively uncomfortable rash on my legs from knapweed that grows in our acreage and hits my legs if in shorts. Dermatology mantra - if it's wet - dry it - if it's dry - wet it.
  5. Advantages to being a government employee - largest US employer - good rates. I cover the whole family for about $650 a month. It is Kaiser, the devil I know - and I know how to make it work. $250 deductible per person, $1000 max family deductible. $30 office visit copay $15 dollar generics My husband's entire total knee cost us out of pocket - $450. I cannot complain. And we use Flexible Spending pre-tax dollars at max $2500 per year for copays, dental copays, glasses, etc My husband got VEBA - had to learn about that - another type of flexible spending from a pool of sorts - very confusing but it has a running balance and doesn't have calendar limits like Flexible Spending. We paid anything beyond Flex Spend out of that account. Small practices or small groups have limited purchasing power and that sucks. I can start the war of words and ideals again - I am not opposed to a National Health System.
  6. Find a Family Practice where you want to move and get some more experience under your belt THEN try to switch to WH only through OB/Gyn. Many employers don't want to talk to folks until they live there - don't have to entertain moving expenses that way or mess with waiting on the state license, etc. Not fair but that's how they do it. Or try Planned Parenthood.............
  7. Born and raised in Texas and ice storms suck. No one should drive in those. Where I have lived for 20 years - snow happens - a lot. For about 5 months a year. We don't have excuses to not come to work unless the State Patrol says - DON'T DRIVE. That happens about once a season. My favorite weird-out remembrance in Texas was hiding in a bathroom at a small Urgent Care during an active Tornado on the exact same day the Oklahoma Bombing occurred and some guy banging on our door wanting a pre-employment physical while the tornado sirens went off and the streets were abandoned. Told him he wouldn't get job points for stupidity and locked the door and went back to the bathroom while the roof was coming off the building next door. How ANY facility can operate as the OP describes in the ad - with the MA "maybe" coming in and the provider expected to suck it up - WOW, just WOW. Do they expect Xray and lab duties too?
  8. I am a bit baffled by the whole "if they cannot make it to work" thing. How does that work? Anywhere? What happens if PA can't make it to work? Who writes these ads? What happened to professional HR folks? And grammar? And work ethic? Sorry, ranting........................
  9. Clip nails Socks on hands Check UDS for meth - they get heebie jeebies and scratch all over Check for scabies - family or bed partner with same Hibiclens in shower to prevent secondary infection Hydroxyzine for itching and anxiety Clomipramine for OCD tendencies Psych for root cause investigation and therapy Rinse, repeat
  10. Until your illicit hotel room at a less than classy hotel/motel gets known to the cops while you are selling your medicinal pot cards - then you clear out in a hurry and end up on the local news.... happened in my town several times before Washington legalized pot. Now you can buy 500 different types in store with cash only and Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High is your salesperson............. dang, I am so old.
  11. The words medical practice and stress are pretty symbiotic. I don’t think there are any positions that are without stress - just doesn’t exist. 28 yrs in - you just have to pick the type of stress you can handle - corporate medicine, surgical with on call, disease intensity , management or pay/benefits. what can you leave at work and what keeps you up at night. What called you to the profession in the first place. Not saying I am good at it all the time - but taking stock and checking perspective is a good place to start. Just my crusty old 2 cents
  12. What are your best medical funnies? chlamydia.jfif
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