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  1. I have actually contemplated a retirement gig doing transcription…. But no T1 internet exists in the area we want to live. My old Ortho transcriptionists were awesome. I could dictate a letter and just say into the device - if this sounds stupid, please edit…. They would. One Ortho took his pocket recorder home at lunch - it was turned on. It recorded his “Nooner” activity….. not even sure if it was his wife….. it was quite steamy. One surgeon had a habit of dictating on The Throne….. not cool, dude, just not cool. So, absent one moderately paid human transcriptionist - m
  2. Our programs are shells - working thru our servers. So we can't use anything embedded in our laptops for a program like that. Or that is my limited sort of understanding of that tech. Nuance got bought by Microsoft - I am not sure that is good or bad. They took a perfectly good product - DMNE - Dragon Medical Network Edition and made it into a crappy DMO - Dragon Medical One citing that DMNE was a constant problem - Never anything I experienced in 20 yrs of using it. Nuance wants to make per user contract sales, not network contracts for endless users. End users need a
  3. Nuance Dragon is phasing out DMNE and going to something call Dragon Medical One (DMO). I have tried it and it sucks. Gone are all years of DMNE learning my style, diction, etc. I am starting from scratch with DMO not even being able to spell my name unless I enter each name separately and say it/spell it. It can't spell COVID............... seriously, it can't. It requires each word to be typed in by hand to learn it. Gone are the days of reading medical jargon from textbooks in LEARN mode and having it figure stuff out. Gone are the days of teaching. I hate Dragon for th
  4. This doc has severe issues and no HR knowledge. Severe lack of boundaries and perhaps a few too many “feel good” seminars. RUN. Don’t look back. Use your own shampoo again.
  5. The Karma Bus moves too slowly and patient safety is the bigger issue. I have a director title with no supervisory status and certainly no extra pay but I get to “mentor” my directees. A problem NP has required me to do write ups several times. They are painfully necessary as the ONLY way we have to work with govt HR on eventually doing something about a problem provider. For the sake of your bad provider and patient safety - write it up for a file and ask your director to consider false faith in this provider’s intellect as the potential harm. You rocked the situation an
  6. July 1 of any year MS4 plus one day = doctor WORST time of year to need anything done Not enough training, stupid ass computer systems, some inflated egos and some vindictive staff Heaven help us
  7. Somehow the universal belief that every human has "adrenal fatigue" has gained them a crown. They make my life miserable in Washington State. Just miserable......................
  8. The 2 nurses I work with daily are expected to work to the top of their license and they do. It is amazing and we really are a team. They use their gut and smarts and make my life easier. Having EKGs, vaccines, labs added on and just forethought is so nice after years of nothing but sketchy vitals and no real insight to the patient. We work to make sure the patient gets what they need and do the orders and such in whatever order we have to. Just get it done. Even when the patient makes me go HMMMMMM at high volume, I have one less thing to worry about with my team.
  9. Today was extra “special” kind of day. “I think the radiologist didn’t really look at my study. I looked at it and zoomed in and it is obviously abnormal.” Throw in general chaos and the last minute - “Are you having any chest pain?”……… “Well, yes, I am”……… I am toast. Don’t drink and can’t figure out why right now.
  10. TDI That is when you "drop" a $100 bill on the floor and see how fast person picks it up. Recurrently dislocating hips are not terribly common. If the foot wasn't pulseless, I would straddle and pull - here's a stick to bite on. GIANT OVERWHELMING HMMMMMMMM
  11. “You should have all of this information. I know your systems communicate.” Nope. Not even a little.
  12. The cocaine in the urine drug screen was the product of oral sex and swallowed…. Yep, that is what she said straight faced…..
  13. No compensation. Honor and pride….. Not even a lanyard. And no Xanax either….
  14. Any chance you could be pregnant? Pause, dull look "What exactly do you mean?" Sharp rock under head, bang head repeatedly
  15. The former meth user tells me he needs something "to give me energy" - he is tired all the time. The immunocompromised guy tells me he needs something to boost him immune system so he won't get colds so often while working with the public and declining COVID vaccines. Why don't you think I can lower my LDL of 300 with diet and exercise? You just want to push pills. BP 147/92, A1c 8.0 =================================================================================== I am putting the tinfoil back in my hat................ need protection for the rest of the day
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