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  1. The CDC said those infected COULD wait 90 days for vaccine if there was a shortage of vaccine etc. The VA says you can have a COVID vaccine as soon as 14 days after resolution of symptoms. The Vaccine will reactivate symptoms in those who have had the infection - it is like a mini deja vu back to COVID. One of our directors had a very vigorous reaction to her second vaccine 5 months after she had COVID. I had a "noisy" reaction to the second vaccine and have never knowingly been infected. Just how the vaccine works. See article in The Atlantic about immune response.
  2. Hi there I fell of the grid for a while for multiple reasons. Nothing critical but a lot at once. A tad disturbing to see that the conversations here are still beating the dead issues over and over. I have received both Moderna vaccines - the second one kicked my butt. Temp up to 100.4 for a day and then 99.4ish for another day, nausea, some weird dizziness, fatigue and my arm throbbed like no other. Some headache but that could be the computer system at work. Can't remember a day of my life without nasal congestion and allergies - so who knows on that one. I have not kn
  3. Got my first dose of Moderna today. ok so far. The whole vaccination process is a cluster - needs national organization and support. It will take far too long to get everyone done.
  4. Still waiting for my position in the food chain. ICU, Urgent Care and long term care are all first. We are supposed to get more info this week. They are rotating the number of people per dept so if there are side effects - one dept won't be decimated if folks can't work a shift. So, I am waiting.............................. Spouse works for school district - ZERO communication from them about vaccinating staff.......
  5. I am honestly concerned about an allergic reaction for the first time in my life. We will get Moderna most likely at work. Maybe next two weeks. I am super allergic to the weirdest things and get random hives still. No anaphylaxis to date. Will definitely want to be monitored afterwards. I believe in vaccines - just a tad concerned at this time.
  6. One of my classmates would go the bathroom and barf before every test in PA school. She had to take NCCPA 3 times to pass and get special accommodations for her anxiety - and barfing. She is HIGHLY proficient in Neurology and has been for years. Test anxiety...... it's real. My high school valedictorian scored perfect on the SAT back in the 1980s. He had an over perfect GPA. He had the interpersonal skills of a rock. He was a dick. I will take the clinically proficient person any day of the week over the person who is "book smart" and street DUMB. Clinical
  7. I am out pushing 30 yrs and couldn't tell you my PA school GPA to save my soul. NCCPA is all that mattered when I graduated and pretty much still does. You pass your PANCE - you get the C and you keep up on CME. But learn everyday and never think you know more than you do!
  8. Seriously not trying to derail this to a philosophical, political thing but Lies are currently a huge political weapon in our country. In our country there are huge lies about COVID and what it is, what it does, etc as well as vaccines and government control conspiracies. Truth and Science are at risk - we can't let them die. Just remember that Science is real and keep repeating the Science. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from t
  9. No one deserves to die ugly. Vaccinating the elderly who require constant care protects them from each other, their families and their medical professionals. Yes, they have life ending diseases and illnesses already but preventing an ugly demise that could take out 10 more with them - YES. We proved that the cross contact in nursing homes helped make this a pandemic. You can't just put a finger in the dam - you have to bolster the whole system. If vaccinating the elderly or disabled in homes allows their families to visit and see them to their end - that is humane.
  10. Not sure where we stand in federal food chain but I suspect that our long term care facilities will get prioritized just like others in the nation. Unless our patients are willing to get a vaccine AND the providers/nurses, etc get vaccinated - we really won't protect the patients overall. A vaccine won't make masks go away...... More and more patients are telling me that vaccines are created to control the population as the viruses were man made to kill off certain groups and somehow Bill Gates is the villain in all of this. I expect an uphill climb to good population vaccine
  11. I saw it in an elderly lady with a TSH of only 18 or so. It resolved with compliance and increased dose within 2 weeks. I checked her for everything else - CHF, HTN, salt intake, dependency in her legs. It was pretibial and big/deep. Did not seem possible at just that level of TSH but it was real.
  12. I got all bent last night and starting looking up stats on PAs and care and studies and all. Then realized I will never change these authors' minds. Dr Bernard is on her 3rd or 4th book over the years. Seems to have a lot to say about a lot. The Amazon reviews for this book are terrifying. People saying things like "wow, I did not know and will now demand a doctor". I certainly get tired of people judging and criticizing our profession but making no attempt to actually speak to a PA or AAPA or present any suggestions - just bashing. How about going to the source and hav
  13. This was a link this morning in a regular email series I get. I clicked on it and wish I hadn't. HOW can two doctors with 10 yrs less experience each than I have even think this is ok? I am disgusted and appalled.
  14. Patients at Risk The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare by Niran Al-Agba, M.D. and Rebekah Bernard, M.D. Number of Pages: 254 ISBN-10: 1627343164 ISBN-13: 9781627343169 Publisher: Universal-Publishers Year: 2020 Category: Medicine & Health, Business & Economics Synopsis Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare exposes a vast conspiracy of political maneuvering and corporate greed that has led to the replacement of qualified medical p
  15. Minimum wage is Washington is $15 per hour and I made more than that in 1992............... Good grief - help us all.
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