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  1. fishbum

    EM Residency

    Wouldn't hurt to do your master's project on something EM-related too.
  2. Most importantly, you get to keep your screen name. I guess you can't move, either ?
  3. Go with B. Didactic education kinda is what it is, IMO, but good clinical experiences are invaluable. I've only had to share with other students a few times, but it's definitely sub-optimal.
  4. fishbum

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    I've always understood high level heart blocks to be almost universally refractory to atropine...rate would probably respond to dopamine (over dobutamine which is mostly inotropic, right?) but that's nothing we'd want to do to a guy with what we're guessing is myocardial ischemia. Cool case, thanks for sharing.
  5. fishbum

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    3rd degree AV block. Pace it.
  6. +1 for CK. Also like TSH in new onset a-fib.
  7. fishbum

    Tips for surgery EOR

    My idea of an ortho question from the surgery EOR: A 16 year-old male presents with knee pain, swelling, and inability to bear weight. The patient states that he was playing soccer when he attempted to suddenly change direction and then felt a "pop" in the affected knee. On exam, Lachman test is positive. What is the best lab test for ruling out pancreatitis in this patient? Seriously, just study GI a lot.
  8. I’m not great at localizing infarcts, but PE suggests left MCA stroke. I understand that hemispatial neglect is more common in right MCA infarct, but not impossible with left. I’m pretty sure the NIHSS form specifies that the aphasic pt gets the full score counted unless he’s intubated, bandaged up, etc. Important stuff to know are time last normal, is he on anti-coagulants, recent major surgery/trauma,etc. These are potential tpa contraindications (seizure at onset might be also). CT is looking for blood to r/o hemorrhagic stroke, non-contrast head CT is the most sensitive test to do that acutely. Activate code stroke or neuro or whatever it’s called at the hospital. Labetalol is also a good idea here (current BP is contraindication for tpa, and BP goals for SAH and ICH are much lower than current).
  9. fishbum

    The medical model

    The medical model refers to patient care that focuses on disease pathology, pt physiology/pathophysiology, etc. and relies heavily on the scientific method for diagnosis and treatment. It’s a way of thinking, I guess. It’s important to note that PAs don’t only approach problems from the disease angle-the social history, finding out how a disease affects the patient’s life, and considering barriers to care are also things that PAs do every day.
  10. fishbum

    Anyone only apply to one or two schools?

    I only applied to one school. The higher your stats are above the average accepted applicant, the better your chances will be.
  11. If assets are being considered, they should be offset by debts. That is to say, you have $40k in the bank but you owe 40k, so it should offset from that standpoint.
  12. Proceeds from a loan are not considered income and thus shouldn’t affect your financial aid. The plan makes sense to me assuming that the rate on the new loan is lower than the ones being paid off.
  13. fishbum

    Flight Medic?

    It’s almost certainly not going to help your application compared to regular medic experience. The experience has been VERY useful for me (critical care stuff like vents, pressers, etc that you wont get doing 911) but that’s not going to matter in the admissions process.
  14. The most common thing I hear is about some great experience people have had with PAs in the past. It’s a tad bit irritating when they sound as if they’re surprised that a PA would be competent, caring, attentive, etc. but it’s nice that people seem to have mostly positive impressions.
  15. fishbum

    Another Doctorate program

    I guess that means you’d help yourself.

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