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  1. fishbum

    student em case

    Ok, I'll bite. Sounds like he should be intubated and needs a fluid bolus. Would love to know about skin color, WOB, pulses, any other PE findings. IV/O2/monitor, what have we got for HPI and PMH?
  2. Even if you got back into a PA school, I'm guessing you'll have to repeat didactic (again). ABSN+FNP might take more calendar time to complete, but I doubt it's way (or any) more schooling. It doesn't sound like that's what you want, and I don't blame you. Just making sure that you're evaluating your options realistically. Why not go into admin with your MHA?
  3. fishbum

    Which School?

    I have edited your post to include all of the pertinent decision-making points in this case
  4. fishbum

    Pre Pa Major

    CASPA is the centralized application system used by most PA schools. Pre-requisites do vary pretty widely so you'll need to check with each program you might be interested in to see exactly what you'll need. However, you can bet on some courses being required pretty much everywhere...2 semesters of chemistry, 2 semesters of a&p, etc. You'll notice these trends as you start looking around. Good luck!
  5. For dyspnea in the dying patient, I don't think anything has been studied as well as morphine. Other than that, I've got nothing.
  6. fishbum

    Doctor of medical science

    I'm a supporter of the DMSc, but I wouldn't do a 36 month program to get it. If you do a 24 month program, you can get a job and then work on the DMSc while you're making money instead of waiting another year.
  7. There have been over 100,000 PAs in the United States, so there have been over 100,000 people who hated didactic year at one point or another. They made it and so will you.
  8. It seems like this point is lost on all the people making the slippery slope argument against modernizing supervision requirements. "Without supervision, what's to stop a PA from doing neurosurgery solo?" Answer: the same things that keep FM/IM/EM/OB/derm/peds/ortho MDs from doing it.
  9. fishbum

    Paramedic CEU's

    I used PA school classes for almost all of the educational requirements. There are a couple of topics that I had to find online courses to cover, but that was pretty easy to do.
  10. fishbum

    RT to PA

    Your application looks good, and your experience/prior training will help in school. We don't have any RTs in my class, but I worked with several in my last job before school and it seemed like most of them would have had a good foundation to build on.
  11. fishbum

    General Chemistry requirement!! HELP!!

    If I'm remembering right, I think most schools I looked at specifically said that neither "introductory" nor combined courses could be used to satisfy prerequisites. If you think about it it makes sense...covering general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry in only 9 semester hours can't allow any of them to be covered more than very superficially. From a practical standpoint, there's not enough time in didactic year to cover a lot of the basic science-type stuff--but you still have to know it, so having a solid preparation from undergrad/prerequisites ends up being really important. At least, that was my experience for what it's worth.
  12. My last rotation is critical care and since it's an elective I get to make my own learning objectives. I'm interested to know what EM folks would focus on given six weeks in the ICU (I'm planning to go into EM after graduation). I'm comfortable with airway and vent management and pretty good with pressors. I'm going to try and get more comfortable with central lines and chest tubes, and plan on using ultrasound as much as I can. Any other advice? Which ultrasound studies would be most beneficial to learn/practice? I appreciate whatever thoughts you all can offer.
  13. fishbum

    EM Residency

    Wouldn't hurt to do your master's project on something EM-related too.
  14. Most importantly, you get to keep your screen name. I guess you can't move, either ?

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