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  1. In my experience, this is one hundred million percent not true. The physicians I work with have the same opportunity for work/life balance as the PAs do. We get to work at the same time and leave at the same time. But when they leave, they do it in much nicer cars and go to a much bigger houses. Work life balance has a whole lot more to do with specialty than credentials as far as I can tell.
  2. I got the FELS grant and I think it's great. Jobs aren't that hard to come by in most of NC unless you're being way too picky. And the worst case scenario is that you get some great job out of state and have to pay it back. Which is exactly what you'd have to do if you rolled that amount into your regular loans. Pro tip: find out when the application opens and make a reminder on your calendar. I'm pretty sure the grants are first-come first-served.
  3. I think most people do emails, but I did brief handwritten thank you notes individually to the faculty I interviewed with personally as well as the program director and the admissions coordinator. It took a bit longer, but I only applied to one program so it wasn't too bad.
  4. Pitt Community College in NC has offered online genetics in the past. Not sure if they still do.
  5. I took all of my prerequisites online with the exception of o. chem, applied to one school and got in.
  6. Not sure if it's as visual as you want, but the Medscape CME has some interactive simulations that I like a lot. You get a pt presentation, then order labs, imaging, meds, etc, and get feedback as you go. Different, interesting, challenging....and free, of course.
  7. I got mine three weeks after I took the PANCE. There is no temporary license in NC that I've ever heard of.
  8. I've joked that there should be an uptodate logo in place of the university seal on my diploma.
  9. Similarly, one can go from BSN to DNP in way under 100 hours. There's no reason that a 116.5 credit hour program should award an MS.
  10. My study approach is probably nothing that you want to model. I would take the PANCE topic list, group the disorders logically, then outline patho/signs&symptoms/exam findings/diagnostics/therapeutics &pharm for each. One good recommendation I have is to get a test bank (kaplan, rosh, etc) and use it as soon as you're learning clinical medicine. It'll be good studying for your exams, and it'll start your PANCE prep early.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty firmly in the "go cheap" camp on these questions, but your experience with school #2 at this point would have me avoiding it at any price. 80k for a quality education is really expensive, but worth it. 50k for a lousy education is a horrible waste of money.
  12. I'd spend some time learning about how to study medicine. There is a lot of information out there for medical students and not as much for PA students, but it should translate well. Didactic year would have been SO much easier if I had a better approach from the start. Also, do try and have some fun before you start. Good luck.
  13. I'm sure there are a lot of people living in Manhattan who would find it equally ridiculous that a person would spend a couple of hundred grand to buy a house out in the country where there's "nothing to do". To each his own. There are a ton of people moving to both Charlotte and Raleigh. With experience I'm sure you can find a job, but you might also want to look just outside of those cities for the best opportunities. Monroe, Gastonia, Concord, Rock Hill...the list goes on. If you're looking for EM, Apollo and USACS have a huge footprint in the Charlotte market and pretty consistently have jobs posted.
  14. Apparently the people who have the power to affect change do buy in to the idea that the doctoral degree matters. This, in spite of how useless, redundant, awkward-sounding, or extortive it might sound to those of us in a position to really know. There might be a lesson there.
  15. If they ask you which rotations you enjoyed in school, make sure to mention the one that corresponds with the place where you're interviewing. I'm not going to say how I figured that one out.
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