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  1. I'm an introvert also and had similar worries going into PA school. Don't sweat it. Go into an inpatient specialty and your face to face time will be more controlled/limited. Also like CJ mentioned, patient interaction tends to be more 1 on 1. It won't be as draining as you think.
  2. Hi all. My small community hospital in NM is looking to fill a hybrid hospitalist position. This is a M-F position that is almost entirely hospitalist work, but the person will be flexed to the walk-in family practice clinic on days in which the census is really low(which isn't that often), so the ideal candidate would have some interest in outpatient medicine as well. The area is excellent for folks interested in working with underserved populations(Native American) and those that enjoy the outdoors. The schedule is great for those that value their evenings and weekends. It's about 2 hours away from Albuquerque, so a weekend getaway to a decent size city is easy to do. M-F 7a-4p or 8a-5p schedule Opportunity to pick up weekend shifts on high census days, though not required VERY manageable census(caps at 8 encounters initially) Flexes to FP walk-in clinic on very low census days, which isn't very often The facility is very supportive of PAs/NPs and the ability to practice at the top of our license Highly competitive annual salary $3500 CME per year DEA/CSR/NM license reimbursed 27 days of PTO per year including holidays Medical, dental, vision, retirement benefits Moving expenses reimbursed 2 years of hospitalist experience or completion of a hospitalist fellowship is required. We need someone that can mostly hit the ground running. The patient population is medically complex and resources are more limited than you'll find in a big city. This is a great opportunity for a PA that wants to be challenged and grow their hospital medicine skill set. PM me with any questions!
  3. 2 or 3...depending on how much you can expense.
  4. For those involved in the hiring process of your practice, regardless of specialty, where do you get the most hits from? i.e. doccafe, indeed, ziprecruiter, state board websites, alumni groups, etc. For those job-seeking, what are the resources you are commonly using?
  5. I give it all the time as a hospitalist. Explain it fully and in clear terms. Don't try to beat around the bush or soften the blow...just be honest. My biggest piece of advice is to pull up a chair and sit down next to the patient and family when you tell them. Give them the appearance that you aren't in a hurry and are there for them.
  6. Agreed. I always find it frustrating when I call a nurse and talk about a patient only to have them say "ok, I'm in their room right now so I'll let them know." A heads up is warranted.
  7. I feel ya on this. I definitely feel that anxiety that comes with big expenses(student loans and soon to be a mortgage as well, though only 1/4 of yours) and that feeling of needing to work more shifts because of the crazy amount of money that can be earned.
  8. I think this may actually be a good job, despite some of the others' reservations here. The fact that they were willing to negotiate means that they have at least some respect for you and what you could potentially bring to the team. You said it seems like the cardiologist is willing to invest time into training you, so that's a good sign...as long as it plays out that way. Give it a shot.
  9. The post says..."We will be accepting 2 residents in 2020. The class will start June 29, 2020 but we will be offering rolling admissions into the Fall for accepted applicants who have a later PA school graduation date. "
  10. What if a patient chart, EKG, radiology result, or whatever else gets stolen or lost from a secure place?
  11. I don't think it is an issue as long as it's generally kept in a safe environment within the hospital/facility, i.e. personal locker or office. If wanting to be very sure, something like a procedure logging app that encrypts the files would work.
  12. I've also had this issue when working on credentialing at a new hospital, but I don't do any procedures, which is even more ridiculous. I just tell them that I won't be able to get them because the medical records database searches based on the admitting physician, i.e. even if I admit it'll be under a doc's name.
  13. The CMO will not have your back when the medical board wants to take your license away after a patient dies from an overdose. These chronic pain patients that require opioid therapy should be seen by pain management. I would mention in your email that your patients would be best served in that way to assure they receive appropriate, SAFE care.
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