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  1. I had a recent patient that was admitted for COVID and respiratory failure and the conversation went like this... Patient: So let me ask you...now that I have COVID, I will have antibodies right? Me: *Wondering where this is going* Uh huh... Patient: So when I leave, can I have a note saying that? Me: A note for work that says you had COVID and when you can safely return? Patient: No, just a note that says I had COVID and now I have antibodies Me: Um...what is this note for? Patient: I am going on a cruise soon and they are requiring vaccination Me: *Stares at patient in silence* Patient: I'm not going to get vaccinated Me: *Stares at patient in silence* Me: Ok, see ya tomorrow.
  2. On the inpatient side, I recommend being the provider that physically goes to assess the patient when they call with concerns. If it seems overblown, educate them on what to look for. Defend staff from patients with bad behavior. Take responsibility as the care team leader when a patient has complaints. Be willing to teach new nurses. Ultimately, it's the little things that count to nurses. They are often feeling insecure about something and want someone to have their back. I have never really dealt with truly malignant nurses fortunately.
  3. OP: Please make an appointment with psych. Don't take your mental health lightly. We're all facing similar feelings, especially during this past year and a half. It will help to talk with someone even if just to vent.
  4. lol, good lord, that sounds like a terrible place to work at. For an opposing view...I work as an experienced rural hospitalist and don't talk to a doc about anything unless I have a question or just want a second opinion on something. We have very limited specialty support, so the hospitalists handle a whole lotta stuff. /Edited to add - Bigger facilities, especially those part of big systems, have a lot of bureaucracy and the degree of supervision can often be really stifling. I've been there. Go work at a smaller or rural hospital. It's a night and day experience when you have a facility and physician colleagues that support PA practice to its fullest. It becomes more of a "Hey, you got this...just let me know if you need anything" kind of place. Of course, some of that comes with time and demonstration of your knowledge.
  5. I'm expecting that I will have gone to med school, finished residency, and have just finished paying off med school loans.
  6. Has anyone been a super user for an EMR like Epic, Cerner, or Meditech within a hospital? How were you compensated?
  7. Everyone is just jealous that we used to be our own country!
  8. TMA, TMB, and TAPA are three reasons why I don't practice in TX.
  9. You are fine from a legal standpoint, but you will probably end up regretting not doing the fellowship at some point.
  10. Your school doesn't want you tarnishing their PANCE pass rate. They have to make sure students want to keep giving them tuition dollars.
  11. I had some mild arm soreness that started a few hours after getting the first Pfizer dose. About 24 hours later I got one of those headaches that is mild in terms of pain but just ached all over my head/neck. It got a bit worse throughout the day, but luckily responded to some tylenol/ibuprofen, and then I also didn't sleep well that night. I was a-okay the following morning. Then again...maybe the headache is because I was at work and it always gives me a headache.
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