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  1. There have been posts in the past by people who were accepted off the wait list the day before class started. It can happen, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't. Just keep working on improving your application for the next cycle.
  2. You come across to me as someone with anxiety d/o. I would highly recommend seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist that practices CBT. It could be a game changer for you.
  3. lol Bob...too true. Go with a beard, though. A mustache by itself is only good for 1800s cowboys and serial killers.
  4. You can open an HSA on your own with anyone(i.e. Fidelity) as long as you have a HDHP. Definitely take advantage of it. Let it grow tax-free and then withdraw it tax-free after retirement to "pay" for all those medical bills you had along the way.
  5. 60k/year is average for a fellowship and totally worth it if it's a good program. Check out https://appap.org/ for other options.
  6. Rural places will often have some sort of housing arrangements for the providers because people are willing to work there consistently, but not necessarily live there. One CAH I work at has two call rooms(shower, fridge, etc) and two apartments for the ER and hospitalist providers. Another place has apartments because it's a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for hotels for everyone. If you're interested in working somewhere a bit far and they don't have something like that, sell yourself hard and include travel expenses(i.e. hotel) as part of your negotiation. Another option would be to do locums work. Travel is paid, though contracts can reach an end point.
  7. Apixaban going generic will be huge for us hospitalists. Rivaroxaban, possibly in 2021, will be as well.
  8. Yep. This. Then go work somewhere rural where there is a manageable/enjoyable patient census. Sure, I can manage 18-20 encounters per day as a hospitalist, but that sucks. I much prefer to see 8-12 patients per day and have time to provide good care and actually interact with them.
  9. I agree. I listened to a podcast a few years ago(EMRAP, maybe) that discussed creating a trusting partnership with these mental health patients. "I have a medication that I'd like to give you that I think will help you feel calmer. Would you be willing to try it?" I've had good success with that approach, especially when offering PO meds...i.e. oral vs IM haldol. Even agitated elderly delerious/demented patients will usually give it a shot.
  10. Make sure to do some research into the area before an interview. "I have always had an interest in rural medicine." "I really like the outdoor activities the area offers." "I am looking for a smaller area to settle down in." It's just like getting asked why you want to be accepted to a particular PA program.
  11. I think it's an easy question to deal with. "I am not tied down to a particular area and am willing to relocate for a great position."
  12. Put on a mask, take some sudafed, and tough it out!
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