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  1. I would add there is nothing to stop them from taking it from you last check(s) and forcing you to go through a lot of work to get it back.
  2. I think the argument would be they fired you for cause....why would they care if you work for a competing employer? The better argument is if they let you go for their convenience (layoffs due to COVID for instance) then it is unreasonable to refuse to elect to deny you your promised employment and then say you can't work for someone elese. Again that is a lay opinion and a few bucks for a lawyer can save you a lot of grief. I have left a position after 2 years of a 3 years contract and opened my own clinic just a hair too close than the non-compete allowed but I never heard a word a
  3. First congrats on some great planning and decision making that is surely going to benefit you a great deal. In fact it already has because you have options...which many (most) people really don't. I am a fan of list making. Start with a list of all the aspects of employement you can think of that matter to you. Pay, PTO, benefits, work-life balance, work environment, specialty etc etc. Make a column for each of your options and plug them in based on where they fit. For instance a job with fewer hours would have work-life balance near the top of the list. You get the idea. Slide them
  4. I think if you are a new grad and go to a med-spa your core skills are going to erode quickly and, when you decide to go into another specialty or even primary care, it would not be looked upon favorably. If you wanted to get into a crowded market or a specialty that is hard to get into you likely would get a second glance.
  5. This varies by state. Texas mandates written notification and the time frame (90 days I think but I'm not sure). I recently got such a letter in the mail from a physician I saw one time for a simple med refill when my PCP was on vacation. I couldn't have told you her name if you asked. Its an expensive process in a large practice when there may be hundreds or thousands of people you have seen who require notification.
  6. How do you fit test a ding-dong? Pictures and/or diagrams would be appreciated.
  7. The thing is if you want a close supervisory relationship (or however you would describe it) you are still free to seek that out even if we had full independence. However, under the current rules there is no option for someone who is well trained and experienced to seek a position with independence. I understand the arguments. I haven't had a position where someone was really watching over me closely in many years but the rules are still their to be used against me if someone chooses to do that. At its most basic level all our efforts need to be based on achieving continued market pa
  8. I sent their PAC some money. I hope they can get er done this time.
  9. I am at a remote site and we are going to offer the Moderna vaccine soon. I did a quick show of hands at the morning safety meeting asking who wanted it and got 3 out of 29 people. There are a lot of people here who think it has "dead baby cells" or the whole COVID thing is a government conspiracy or it will cause Bell's Palsy (really...can't make this up.) We may end up not offering it because we can't assemble 10 people at the same time who want to get it.
  10. I think one big driving force is the number of nurses in admin vs PAs. They look after their own. At my last position the CNO was at the top of the food chain for all the NPs and PAs. She was an RN. When I asked the (physician) VP why he just shrugged.
  11. Did a quick scroll through those jobs and there is some real crap in there. Some with hourly rates as low as $45. Having used Indeed before I can attest many of their "active" postings aren't. Yes there are 129 jobs listed but you'd have to dig through them a bit to see how many are actually active and how many are even worth serious consideration. A UC in the metroplex looking for a contract PA for 55-65/hr? Garbage.
  12. I don't know but it happens. There is a new UC being built in my small town and the ad for a provider was for NPs only. Why? Well as it turns out the company is based in a NP independent state and has lots of clinics in NP independent states so that is what they know best and prefer. It is sort of "bleed over" into a state where we both have the same practice act. I dropped a resume just to shake things up even though I'm not looking for UC work. I thought if I break the ice it might open them up to PAs.
  13. Unless the laws have changed in Texas a PA isn't permitted to have a higher malpractice term than his/her SP. It is just another reason we need to get out from under the thumb of organized medicine
  14. Personally I think new grads should work in some primary care field for 2-3 years to cement your core skills. I think you are correct in your concerns about being pigeon-holed. It is always possible to jump fields but its harder to jump into unrelated specialties than from primary care. Just one man's observation.
  15. OK...I laughed... Made me wonder if all the current PAs took it......
  16. A verbal contract is as good as the paper its written on....
  17. me neither CJ. That is my frustration. Don't leave the house, get tested every 2-3 days, quarantine when not at work....but go work with frail elderly people. You can't halve the baby.
  18. Yea I called someone on the board and they were glad to take my college transcripts. I didn't even try the academy.
  19. Yup...I did it in a small Critical Access ER and always had the worst schedule. I fired one of my full time people once and ended up working 5 days in a row. That's 5 24 hour days. It was awful.
  20. Central Florida is one of the most over saturated markets in the country. I don't think it represents the full reality. I do think it is the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.
  21. I'm always interested in the ideas for making giant leaps. I have been working PA policy and politics for 20 years and the chance to make giant leaps are few and far between. I too stayed out of the AAPA for many years because I felt they were a tone deaf star chamber. The last 4 or 5 years have been a seismic change for the organization. What you are seeing on the NP side of the house is the results of a relentless campaign that has gone on for more than 20 years and is supported and funded by a lobby that is orders of magnitude larger than ours in numbers and capitol. The idea that sudd
  22. They have been working on it for 2 years. OTP is about, among other things, eliminating state mandated supervision in favor of privileges and utilization being determined at the practice level. It also included direct reimbursement, having our own boards and a couple of other things. Since OTP became policy several (I have lost exact count) states have eliminated state mandated supervision. This work is being done by the state orgs with AAPA support. Time to join AAPA and your state society. You might also consider a donation to the PAC
  23. ^^ This. A couple of years ago I would have said this was a terrible offer. Now? Just getting an offer as a new grad is an achievement. Use it to get experience and pay your dues and it may lead to bigger and better things.
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