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  1. Varies by location. They used to require us to be ACLS and PALS certified. When they removed all the high dollar supplies they removed the requirement. It is a waste of time and training IMHO to require everyone to be ACLS qualified when you have no ACLS supplies. As said above...if you have a crash cart and trauma supplies you will be expected to use them.
  2. It is a 2 edged sword which is why my last org removed them from the UC. We had Tnkase in the box and it alone was $7000 a dose. 7 UCs .....2 doses in each cart. Fairly short expiration date. $$$$
  3. I worked at several different ones over the years. One had a pretty full lab including cardiac enzymes and full ACLS capabilities. The last one belonged to an org run by physicians who had to dumb everything down to keep PAs and NPs "safe" and we didn't do anything hard. Chest pains got transferred 100% of the time. No matter what your actual capability you have to manage everything that walks in the door in some fashion.
  4. well India is a fair example. They are getting destroyed by COVID right now. Why? because just a few weeks ago millions of Indians had to go splash around in the sewer they call the Ganges for a religious festival. I watched it and thought.... they are all going to die. And now they are. Sadly they are going to take a lot of others along with them. I think you have a right to be foolish. You don't have a right to kill other people doing it. We have our share of crackpots and outliers. I don't think they compare to India and its total disregard for the pandemic in favor of a ritual.
  5. actually when we did the docs tried to shame us and say things like "this won't be forgotten". Yea.... you can't do the job and oppose everything we say and do. Who cares what you think? Sadly we had plenty of "thought leaders" who said things like "legislators won't forget it if we take advantage during the crisis." Dumbest stuff I ever heard. They won't forget us for losing our health and sometimes our lives to be on the front lines of the worst epidemic since the Spanish Flu? idiots. Thankfully very few took that point of view, we stepped up and stepped in and those actions are pr
  6. Lort.... I had a feeling someone would come up with something but that caught me unawares I was gonna ask if he owned a banjo... Anyway I don't have a great suggestion because the limited time frame makes your options few. You can talk to a bunch of locums company and see if any of them have some short term gigs.
  7. Interesting. Very tactical thinking to let the NPs take the heavy fire and then come in later. I hope it works because that would be a huge improvement to your practice act. Keep us posted and if there is something us non-Louisinaians can do let us know.
  8. Greta read. I laughed when I got to lizard people.
  9. There used to be PA residencies in ortho a hundred years ago,,, at least in the Army. I haven't seen one mentioned in a long time
  10. Its not unreasonable but it isn't great. The PTO seems very low. My last UC started everyone with 240 hours off. As Cid pointed out patient volume is the single biggest issue. Last UC would not, even after years of discussions about patient safety and provider burnout, set any sort of limits on our 12 hour day. Let me promise you when you get to your 50th patient with 15 more in the lobby you are brain-dead dangerous. Do it multiple times and your safe number goes down further. It is bad for patients and puts you in professional jeopardy. My org would lose half the providers after every f
  11. No we don't. We have often been seen as an anchor and so they happily help cut us out of legislation because nobody understands why assistants should be included. I know this isn't a popular opinion in some circles but I think we are, in many ways, being help back by a group of old leaders who think "nice" and "diplomatic" are more important than progress. Probably more accurate we have always done things by being nice and diplomatic so anything besides that is inconceivable. We collectively lack the will to go bare knuckles when it might serve our purpose. I have said many time
  12. why would the NPs care if we are in the same legislation? Are they just trying to protect their job market? And our education and training should speak for itself credentials be damned.
  13. Rev I think your question goes to the "greater good" or "public safety" issue. I don't know where the line is but if kids are low risk for bad outcomes but can carry the virus around and share it shouldn't they be vaccinated for the greater good? They are lower risk of bad outcomes from the flu as well. How many kids will get COVID and have a bad outcome of some kind or accidentally kill someone at risk and how many will suffer an untoward event from the vaccine. It is always about balancing the scales.
  14. I don't really understand my 401k but I try. Tulip mania sounds like fun.
  15. I hear you. It seems wise to seek out other endeavors and means of generating income and, eventually, wealth. Most of us old guys just plod along banking part of the paycheck. It always interests me and makes me a bit envious when someone does something creative and different that works out. Many years ago I knew an Army dentist who decided he was done with the Army and dentistry and started a moving business and got contracted with the DOD moving military members. Last I heard he was happily working his butt off and making bank. I thought it took stones to give up 2 careers and do s
  16. Its not over until we quit. Title change took 40 years to get where it is today. Is it going where I'd like to see it go? No. But, at least, we are likely to shuck off "assistant". Real efforts get FPAR started began 7 or 8 years ago. Look at how its progressing. It is a war of attrition and a very long game to change a profession. It isn't over until we quit trying.
  17. they touted this all over social media as being a great bunch of changes. I don't see it.
  18. Preach! (Rev) It is almost an axiom that an employer will flog you with your "contract" when it suits them and then ignore it or call it something else when it suits them. Lawyer fee to evaluate a contract is typically $500-$700. Unless OP plans on suing and trying to get reimbursed attorney fees (which will be a years long hassle) it probably isn't worth it. For about $50 (or less) you can file a small claims court claim. Employer won't show up and you will get a judgement you then have to enforce. That requires police and such. Giant hassle and time consuming. I did read
  19. I have 3 thoughts on this. You have more skin in the game than I do because you will still need a job in 20 years. Speak out. There are plenty of old timers who passively intimidate by quoting their lofty resume before they express their opinion. I think it is intentional and I encourage everyone to push back. When I continue to pummel them in the forum they PM me telling how bad my attitude is and how inappropriate I am. An old pilot once said "you know you are over the target when you are getting the most flak." Your post was brilliant. Get more of your peer to jump in.
  20. Legal? Beats me. As pointed out a lawyer could tell you but it will be more costly to fight than give in. Generally nobody will reimburse for things after you have given notice.
  21. OTP is going better than I could have imagined but that is, for now, mostly about eliminating state mandated supervision. It isn't everywhere by any means. The OP's situation stems from reimbursement and supervision issues and is representative of us suffering from a set of rules because the rule maker sees "assistant" and either culls us out totally or divides us from the rest of the affected groups and make another set of rules for us. We are making progress but it is going to be a years long job.
  22. We are aggravating everyone we possibly can. We have members who are in the HOD and, with them, we have to be a bit careful about what they say and do because it violates the HOD rules to have outside conversations or "deals". I have been on a tear for weeks about it and have created so much havoc pushing back in the Huddle I have been warned twice and had posts deleted. Apparently I play too rough. We will have a newsletter out in the next few days, again, reminding everyone of what is at stake and asking them to contact their HOD members. It would be nice if everyone everywhe
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