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  1. The security at the test centers is over the top. There is no way they would allow you to test from home.
  2. It is like a slow leak where I work. We reduced hours last week. Yesterday they announced they are closing 2 of the 5 UCs in our system. So we have gone from 5 clinics with double coverage 12 hours a day to 3 clinics with single coverage 10 hours a day. I anticipate this will worsen and they haven't indicated if this is temporary or the closures are permanent. On the upside my organization is doing everything it can. They are extending benefits. They have a 5 tier plan that projects out to getting back to normal. They are allowing people to burn up PTO, even borrowing 20 hours from next years PTO. Its grim times
  3. I received the folllowing from TAPA today: Hello TAPA Members - As you are more than likely aware of, the TAPA Board of Directors sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott a couple of days ago asking him to lessen restrictions on PAs in Texas. We are pleased to announce that yesterday, Governor Abbott has temporarily waived certain regulations to expand the health care workforce to assist with Texas' COVID-19 response. Although there is mention on the Governor's Website, TAPA expects a formal announcement by the Governor soon regarding the waiver of restrictive supervising requirements during COVID-19: PAs will not have to formally designate to the Texas Medical Board whom their SP is/will be It will be a verbal agreement and can be any Physician in good standing. This will allow PAs to move around to other areas of medicine without hassle (Medical Director of Hospitals could be SP for the PAs going into these facilities to help during the crisis) There will be no limit as to how many PAs or NPs an SP can supervise. (Formerly in Texas this was 7 total) There will not be a requirement for written delegation of prescriptive authority (standard of care should still be met) Students that only lack the PANCE as the final step of licensure will be granted temporary licenses Additionally, the following changes have been implemented since the emergency declaration on March 13, 2020: Telemedicine unrestricted (Source) PAs can volunteer without a Supervising Physician. If you would like to volunteer, follow this link. Retired PAs can return to active status (Source) TAPA continues to monitor this situation closely as things evolve and will be in direct contact with the Governor’s office if there continue to be statutes and regulations that do not allow PAs to be at the forefront of this fight. Updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has on PAs can be found on our website. TAPA would like to thank the Governor, the Texas Medical Board, the Texas PA Board, as well as all of our allies in the legislature for their unwavering support and knowledge that PAs are a part of the solution during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 crisis. Sincerely, TAPA Board of Directors So while many states are making bold, aggressive moves to eliminate supervision and move the profession forward TAPA has, once again, demonstrated its inability to imagine a world without supervision. Someday, when the NPs have independent practice in Texas, and we are all unemployed that will lay on the shoulder of every leader TAPA has had for the last 15 years. I have very solid reasons to believe TAPA has no intention of pursuing OTP. This affirms that. If they can't make a bold move now then they are incapable. I've been angry with them for too long. Now I'm just sad for us.
  4. I think if you didn't have some degree of anxiety you might need therapy for that. These are very uncertain times and we are awash in bad news stories that amp up the fear. When I told my family the current best-guess on mortality they said "that's it?". They assumed mortality was 90%. There is a pandemic. Many thousands of our colleagues are unemployed. Businesses are shut down and people are struggling. There is a lot to worry about. Getting a little help managing anxiety seems like a great idea.
  5. They have made special rules under COVID relief for the "gig economy" that lets 1099 employyes apply as well
  6. These things are always a bit nuanced. Interestingly the only thing that changed when we started calling it OTP instead of FPAR was the title. As I watched all this play out I found the 4000 hour guideline to be a pretty reasonable standard and answer to the concerns about new graduates. I think everyone knew there was going to have to be some compromises. That was a pretty good one. I think you make a great point about adapting. To my observation our "pillars" have been painfully slow to do that.
  7. Thanks brother. I just had an ER nurse as a patient. She said the ER is actually being used for emergencies. She described it as "weird".
  8. How do you feel about PAEA coming out against OTP stating, essentially, they weren't preparing PAs for that level of autonomy?
  9. Well the financial bite came to my house. My wife works at a psych hospital. They are moving 25% of their beds to another facility and closing the doors. Within hours we (in the urgent care system) got notice that clinic hours were being shortened, we are now single coverage everywhere, and they would "try" to get us 30 hours a week. Times are tough and I forsee a lot of people making tough choices just to get by.
  10. The Texas Academy petitioned the governor to allow physicians to supervise more PAs. The idea of eliminating supervision, it seems, never crossed their minds. I just want to scream some days.....
  11. I was accidentally invited o a Zoom meeting of "leadership" Friday. It was to discuss our PPE shortage and how to make it last and training on proper removal of PPE. I heard multiple references to making sure this training got documented....over and over. Not once did anyone say anything about making sure we were safe or healthy or anything similar. Their focus was on making sure it got documented....you know in case there was an inspection or something. I now have a great understanding of our corporate mentality.
  12. It was hard to put that title together.... I had one of my posts deleted from the Huddle for being "an attack" after I was enraged than an old PA basically told everyone who was contacting legislators on their own to stop it and let the smart kids handle it. You'll know who because 95% of his posts start with "I have been a PA for 40 years". This is so you will know that he is the smartest guy in the room and you shouldn't dare to disagree. So here is the post for your consideration. Please feel free to share it in every forum on the planet and explain it was deleted from the Huddle: I have been a PA for more than 30 years (and I'll make sure to update that with every post and list my many boards and committees etc each and every time) and I find it astounding that we (I'll use the term collectively for the sake of discussion) decry how apathetic we have been as a profession and then, when people get excited and start to participate, chastise them for not doing it right! So if I understand the concerns people should participate but only in ways approved by certain leaders?What about people who don't want to be part of organizations they don't agree with?What about people who don't agree with what the organizations are doing?What about people whose organizations aren't doing anything or whose response is totally underwhelming?Are you really suggesting they should just write checks and sit down and shut up? Or try to get the attention of people who are fully convinced they have it all figured out? And the comment "if you don't like it run for office" was the most disrespectful condescending thing I think I have ever seen on this forum. What hubris! Anyone who has been a part of an organization for more than a minute knows most orgs are completely closed to anyone who isn't a like-thinker. Try and get elected to a position in an org whose style and ideas you totally disagree with. It doesn't happen.I waited days to respond because that post made me so angry and I am still angry.Perhaps there are different or better ways to do things. Maybe the same old way of slow, polite engagement has led us to be in crisis with the survival of the profession to be in doubt and people are tired of the old guard telling them what to do and how to do it. If the old way of doing things has gotten us to this spot...maybe the old guard needs to sit down and be quiet. Perhaps when people step up and engage, leadership and organizations should embrace the energy and try to focus it rather than demeaning them and telling them they are wrong.Perhaps everyone in this profession is entitled to be heard and communicate with legislators in whatever manner they choose. It is their life and their profession too. They require neither your permission or approval.I am part of the old guard I suppose. I am engaged with leadership at many levels. I have had my share of legislative and committee work over the years. The difference is I am listening. I suppose I do shame people for not being involved. If I ever shame people for being involved I hope someone knocks some sense into me.
  13. Our volume is way down. Probably 20% of what is typical for this time of year
  14. We have 2 N95 masks per clinic per 12 hour shift. We are supposed to decide among ourselves which 2 of us will be responsible for taking swabs each day. At 6:30 this morning my wife was on her way to work and a horse ran in front of her and she hit it going 70 miles an hour. Through dumb luck and modern technology she is beat all the hell up but is sitting next to me on the couch. We are all leaving this world and we don't get to pick when. I'm going to keep living and working and trying to do what is right regardless of the risk.
  15. I think that is a valid point. I'm in the middle of this mess working at a UC that is testing 25-30 people a day in addition to the people going to the drive through in the parking lot outside the front door. This thing is very real but given the high variability of symptoms including people who are infected and have little to no symptoms you are probably right. The near hysteria surrounding it and the media constantly fanning the flames of paranoia makes rational discussion hard sometimes. Over hype or not we have to deal with what is actually happening.
  16. Nah...they are too busy chastising people for trying to do things the state chapters weren't doing. I'm particularly stunned by one PA (who will spend half of every post telling you all the things he has done in his 40 years) that if you don't like what the state is or isn't doing run for office. F*** you. I have lived in a state where the society remained in the warm embrace of the physicians while they screwed us again and again. The notion you should just sit quietly while your state org either screws things up or does nothing galls me to the extreme.
  17. I had a beach house in south Texas reserved for July. I cancelled it. There are too many unknowns and I'm going to wait for things to settle a bit before making any plans
  18. Prescriptions can be printed on just about anything as long as they contain the information required in your state. Make your own form.
  19. I'm seeing more and more of these posts. It is disheartening. From now to eternity I will not complain about the crazy stuff happening in our UC system. My heart breaks for people who are essentially unemployed health care providers during a pandemic.
  20. One of my fill in nurses last week was from our pain clinic. She said providers were refusing to go in the rooms with the patients. Mandatory visit a UDS..... won't actually see the patient. I suppose they were doing refill then. I don't know about now
  21. Yea we are in the same kind of struggles.. I'm in the UC (one of 5 in our system) and PCPs are refusing to see any URI anything. Many are just telling their patients to come here and get tested. Specialty clinics are just closing for weeks at a time so follow ups and refills aren't getting done. Our PPE? If I wore nothing but that gown out in public I'd get arrested. It is transparent and you can stare a hole in it. Fear seems to be the order of the day. Panic won't be far behind. On the upside I scored 64 rolls of toilet paper yesterday. Sam's Club had some. A nice lady from the store was handing them out so everyone only took 1. There were 2 security guards protecting her.
  22. Let me add this can be signed by anyone. Please share with family and friends The fact this was originated by PAFT in no way colors my opinion of the matter....much.
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