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  1. Do you have your own malpractice policy or do you have it in writing you are covered by them? Many contract jobs put everything on the PA including their own malpractice. As for being nice to the patient, I highly recommend this as well but becomes less relevant if they die....
  2. The only thing surprising about this thread is that you are not ALREADY an ATLS instructor. You have done everything else in Emergency Medicine I am a little disappointed that you have not already done this. So much so, I am thinking about withdrawing from the other classes you teach like: Viagra! Living with the blue pill! and my other favorite. Female Viagra! Why doesn't it exist yet?
  3. Medical Care Practitioner would have went over better. We are not Physicians and we are not Associates....
  4. Awesome, 30 more states to go for some form of parity with NP's....
  5. For who? Evangelical Christians who profess to be the sworn enemy of gay Americans? Who EXACTLY does this cost sharing work for? If I am a Christian who loves Jesus, spreads the gospel and lives by the 10 commandments or Jesus' two great commandments and love and choose to share my life with someone of the same sex then I am not welcome in your solution?....I am still not welcome in your answer to America's disturbingly high cost of crap insurance? The arrogance of this is downright shocking. And just so you know, I grew up In this church. I can run circles around your theological
  6. Life is also to short to live in a place that you hate but do it simply for money. Bad weather = bad existence.
  7. Yeah, I'm with EMEDPA. I looked in SLO for a long time and it was pretty darn barren. One UC job and one worker's comp job near the aquarium. Otherwise pretty ghostly.
  8. Maybe consider up the coast just a little instead of SD proper. My wife and I LOVE San Diego and in fact, our favorite place on earth to vacation is at "The Del" hotel on Coronado. Gawd what a wonderful place. Having said that, maybe consider the north side like Vista? Same weather, short drive (or rail) to SD, nice area.
  9. No one's going to care about schooling if they are getting hired over us. More and more of them get jobs while we fade from view still clutching our diplomas, waving them saying look at me...look at me.
  10. I wish the boards would let me "like" this 10 more times...
  11. Looooooooow pay, especially considering the cost of living which is nuts as I'm sure you know. Also lots of "not primary breadwinners" there. MANY two income homes where the PA is not the primary provider and that person simply takes what they are offered to stay in San Diego. It's a very weird market for PA's. Still, if you are single not trying to raise a family and don't mind taking lower than normal wages especially for California, then go for it. Good luck though, CA just passed NP independence. I have a friend in CA who has already started hearing rumors that they will not be hirin
  12. The one place that could out you is if they credentialed you through CAHQ. EVERY job you have had is generally listed there.
  13. MCP won over the data convincingly with physicians and most importantly patients. It would of been easy to defend. Associate is a joke and will be a nightmare to defend. My prediction? The VAST majority of states will NOT change to associate because of the confusion associated with it. In fact, if you read the entire DO statement, that is EXACTLY what they focused on. The "confusion" associate would generate. Basically, our stupid leadership by choosing Associate over MCP did the docs work for them...
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