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  1. I never call them by their first name unless they say, "Hey, call me John...." or something. Until then it is Dr. So and So.
  2. Cideous

    Shady new job?

    So many issues. I looked into a job like this in Texas once and I honestly don't have enough time to list all the issues, but here are a few.... 1. Pay: You are being paid on patients seen? Who is marketing? You? That seems like a colossal financial risk you are taking. 2. Taxes: I worked for a shady doc that did the same thing. VERY hard to get a pay stub. At the end of the year I found out why...he had paid none...ZERO taxes on me to the feds even though I was a regular non contractor employee. It was a nightmare. 3. Mobile care center: The one I looked into was "mobile urgent care". They had a little van to drive around and see patients that had expired medicines, NO BIOHAZARD TRASH BAGS and no place to clean/properly wash lacerations. I could not even begin to imagine the OSHA violations. 4. Malpractice insurance: They were new and had an umbrella policy that, if they went under, must have a tail paid to cover me...something they would not do because you know bankruptcy and all. Hence, it would have been left to me. 5. DEA license. At least in Texas it needs to be tied to a practice location, and can NOT BE YOUR HOUSE...I found this out the hard way. We had no practice location so it was very sketchy, and if I were to get tagged by the Nazi Texas Medical board no one knows how they would have dealt with it. 6. Documentation. They were using a free EMR and there was no easy way for a patient to get their records. No defined path. The whole thing sounded like a dream job for me, but it was so poorly implemented that it would have been a nightmare. I backed out before ever seeing a patient and am very glad I did.
  3. CM&F has a specific 100/300k policy that works as an adjunct to your main employer based policy. It pays for your own attorney and a host of other things. For me in Urgent Care it costs about $650 bucks per year. Well worth it if you have a main catch all employer based policy.
  4. Cideous

    Job saturation? Michigan

    Stay away from DFW.....talk about saturated!
  5. How can an "assistant" be in charge? Change our name. Now.
  6. Cideous

    Candy Man Situation

    And can only be assigned to one clinic last time I checked. What if we work at several clinics? LOL Texas system is just stupid.
  7. Learn how to shoot your own film. Dropping your X-Ray tech will be the next big money saver....
  8. Cideous

    Candy Man Situation

    Where is she located....I need a new PCP. LOL
  9. PA X is delegated all duties up to his/her level of training -Doc Two signatures. The end.
  10. He will prob cheer you on....and be a little jealous.
  11. can't get away with that now. If they are failed, it has to be reported to the fmcsa.
  12. ^^^ Such a good post.
  13. lol the most unsurprising thing I will read today. Welcome to corporate urgent care my friend. Just wait, there are a whole litany of ridiculous policies waiting for you thanks to our non-clinical corporate overlords...
  14. Let me be clear, I fail people all the time and I would never think about fudging a DOT with a non-compliant CPAP user, diabetic or the like. I was simply pointing out that if someone is a few pts high on their BP? Well, that just seems over the top to me to fail someone because of that, but hey different strokes and all that. p.s. I hate doing them as well for all the reasons stated. I have been threatened, told I was killing his kids, sentencing him to be homeless...etc etc. They are in a word....AWEFUL.
  15. I've seen medical corporations in Urgent care go after providers that broke their non-compete clause. One in perticular it almost broke him just with the lawyers fees. Google "non-compete clauses in Texas are they enforceable,,,?" and you will find that they are AND frequently upheld by Texas courts. Everyone is different, but I have a hard time sleeping at night knowing I could receive a knock at the door and be served at any time. They are nothing to jerk around with, at least not in this state.

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