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  1. Having an Scorp has nothing to do with it. IC is defined by the job, how you are scheduled and what you do. The IRS is pretty specific about it, but Cal just took it to another level of no you can't be an IC as a PA....
  2. Go Derm....get rich....retire early...travel the world.....very not boring.....problem solved. Your welcome
  3. And the next question the lawyer will ask you is.....When will we receive your list of assets....cause we are gonna take them all. Yes, being the guy that killed Bernie Sanders. A thousand flood lights would be shined on that case if things went bad. Hell, I would prob be calling 911 the second he walked through the door even if it was for an earache LOL. (You thought it was an earache but turned out to be a stroke! You killed Bernie!....). Uggh.
  4. Cideous

    Bay Area Pay

    ROFL you beat me to it!
  5. Not going to happen. There are entire swaths of new doc's graduating who have NEVER known anything but working for the corporate man. I asked my supervising doc (a young guy) if he was interested in starting his own place? He had a look of horror and just said, there is no way I could ever do something like that. So many young docs graduate and go straight to work for a corporation owned practice. It's the new norm.
  6. Like I said on the other thread...make other plans. You as a PA can not be an IC as of Jan 1st. Try and push it and you will have the IRS right up your rear with a spotlight. And California did it to try and slow down people getting screwed in gig jobs that employers were taking advantage of instead of paying benefits.
  7. Start making other plans now. I firmly believe this will be the end of IC's in CA functioning as PA's.
  8. Nextcare Fastmed Medpost CareNow Medexpress Medspring (now Carenow) Carespot These are the big corporate players in UC. None of them have cardiac panels on site. This group prob makes up over half of the UC's in the entire country. The only UC's that have something like this are started and owned by an ER doc trying to do "ER medicine light" outside of his day job. I STRONGLY advice staying away from these gigs. They have no business working up cardiac and are only delaying care when at some point....and it will....come back positive. Btw, the way I read it, the UC provider took one look at Bernie and had his butt out of there...no cardiac work up lol.
  9. Can one of you guys hit the highlights of what this does for us in CA? I read through it, but am not that familiar with the laws their now. Thanks.
  10. Sweet Jebus....Trainwreck indeed. Do yourself and your malpractice carrier a favor and do not do this. Get some experience with an IM hospitalist doc and about 5 years under your belt before you try something like this.
  11. This is extremely common, and I have worked in many just like it. Virtually all UC clinics are like this in the corporate world and now most private UC's are like this as well. They have adopted the corporate mindset to compete. Also, your lucky the only lawsuit that they have faced was for billing. Seeing that kind of volume, being that shorthanded....uggh. What a nightmare of liability. Ok here is a tip....admittedly somewhat cheesy, but we're all friends here sooo.... Corporate UC's are constantly opening new clinics....constantly. Look for one of these and try and get hired on at THAT location. Every new UC clinic I have ever worked at has taken a minimum of 1-2 years to heat up. You literally buy yourself a year or two of not getting killed. Then, once it enters into the "unreasonable" volume stage and they don't support it? Move on. Like I said, cheesy but effective.
  12. ^^^ Good advice and probably the best you will get. If you are in a super high cost of living area like NYC....move. You will arguably make more, and will no doubt save a ton in living expenses. Set a goal, say 5 years. Go hard for 5 years in a low cost of living area and burn that school debt down. After that, you would be shocked at how much more peace of mind comes with becoming debt free, or mostly debt free. It opens up doors you never thought possible.
  13. And that is exactly what I have been seeing. Exactly. Part-time NP's willing to take much less than a full-time PA and there are thousands of them pouring out every other semester ready to work for whatever they are offered. It has definitely made an impact or salaries for new grads, at least in DFW. As Boats mentioned above, I am starting to get email blasts for jobs that pay half of what they should. It's almost like we are starting to slide backwards in salary as a profession. I worked for an UC about 6 years ago and left because of the drive. They wanted me to come back though full-time again, but when I told them I would think about it and to send me the offer....they actually offered me $6/hr LESS than I made before! I was shocked, called HR and they said they had recently done a "mid-level provider market analysis" and determined that the new rate was more in line with the current market standard. Needless to say, I am not there...
  14. For the love of gawd....this is exactly what I meant. Good grief...and no a Troponin and one ekg doesn't rule out jack........ Have you ever done urgent care? What field of medicine are you in Boats???
  15. Just to elaborate.....there is no damn way I am going to put my license and liability on the line to try and rule out a MI or acute abdomen in the UC. Please....send them to the ER. Thanks.
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