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  1. I would never say that. My wife and family are my world. They did not volunteer to get sick and die because of my job. No way.
  2. Exactly what I was thinking but who has the $$$ to sue them....
  3. Lots of babies going to be born in about 9 months from now LOL
  4. 25 questions. Most are easy. Whole thing takes about an hour to do and you have 3 months to do it. What could be easier?
  5. Hey I saw you had posted in a forum about AB5 and how it is affecting the PA community. If you want help figuring out what's going on with AB5, want to ask questions, or hear about the latest news in the fight against this law, please check out this group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/217854619311379/

    It's called The People v. AB5 and was started by a Democrat Lawyer with blog posts to inform the public and spread awareness about AB5 and encourage helpful discussion about working as independent contractors. 

  6. 15 years ago that was true. Not today. 3 years from now if we don't start getting some major autonomy victories like NP's have, we will be finished off.
  7. And so it begins...the great replacement of PA's for NP's
  8. Having said that, they are letting us do the PANRE re-cert at home now. Not the big test, but the quarterly questions. That was a big leap, so who knows.
  9. but you might soon be an.......Associate! lol gawd. You my friend are a PRACTITIONER!
  10. So has anyone really thought this out? Let's be honest as health care providers....we know where this is going folks. I really hate to always be mister doom and gloom but...... This is going to go on for 6-18 months. 6 months if there is some miracle vaccine and therapeutic intervention drug to keep people from developing pneumonia.. 18 months if the virus just burns through us all and we all (those that make it) develop natural immunity. I do not see our jobs returning anytime in the next 6 months MINIMUM. My advice is to start making financial plans now
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