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  1. It's actually a good question. 1. The job market especially in large cities is not great and places like MinuteClinic hire new grads, pay low, but the brain power involved is exceedingly low. Some people want that. 2. Jobs like this can help transition from one job to another. They are easy to get into and easy to get out of. Last I heard at MC you only had to give two weeks notice lol. 3. The medicine is spoon fed to you. It's almost impossible to get in trouble at a place like that unless you ignore their protocols. 4. You work alone. All day long. Which has its own appeal. IMO the downsides far outweighs the good, but you can't argue with the numbers. They are the #1 employer of AP's in the country.
  2. You have obviously never been to a minute clinic. That is exactly what they put their providers into and many of them do not have AC. It got so bad MC was trying to retrofit lots of them with portable AC units because they started off pretty much as storage closets. Another fun fact....MinuteClinic is by FAR the largest employer of PA's and NP's in the country. So, the largest employer of AP's puts their providers in large closet like rooms to work for 10 hours a day. Not a big stretch to see how this could happen to the original poster....
  3. If you are in an at will state where they can fire you for pretty much any reason I would think long and hard about just how important making the complaint is to you....
  4. uggh, everytime this comes up and read about it I feel like I need to take a shower.... I worked the ER for a few years and I can confirm that there is definitely a dehumanizing atmosphere that goes on there. I think it is in part a defense mechanism by some people to survive the horror that is the ER. I have said it before and Ill say it again, every provider should work in the ER for a few years...then get out. It has a way of destroying one's soul.
  5. if you pass the pilot your are done testing for 10 years
  6. but....they don't. When is the last time you saw a doc hang a shingle? LOL. yea....it hardly if ever happens anymore. Docs have completely given up their role in medicine. I'm glad I didn't waste my time joining their ranks
  7. No. Not the way I understand it. If your state does not require it then it doesn't matter if you pass or not. In for instance CA, they don't require it, but if you do get it, you meet their CME requirement. That's what I was told by the Ca Medical board.
  8. Was he convicted of a crime? If no.....it's a big nothing burger. He's in school so he hasn't lost any privileges. I would not even report it to the board, but if he is really concerned then consult a lawyer as always.
  9. I regretted not going to Medical school around year 7 of my career. Then over the last 20 years after seeing the complete and total surrender of docs to corporate medicine/investor groups in all things medicine, I am VERY glad I did not go to medical school. My current supervising doc is a young guy out only a few years and he has no concept of self determination. All he and his class know is being an employee. It's sad.
  10. I bet some of the questions are beta tester questions which will prob be thrown out at the end. Guess we will find out in ...oh 1.25 years? lol
  11. $1200/year for everything. If your DEA comes up that year it comes out of the $1200. So does state license. Frequently it doesn't cover both if they come up in the same year. Better then $0 which is what I got when I did locums full-time.
  12. LOL I thought my boss was the only one with that bumper sticker....
  13. At least they do give the safety net if we fail this beta. It would suck though. Hopefully the bar to pass this is pretty low LOL
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