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  1. Long haulers is real and kids/teens are experiencing it. Not vaccinating your kids is your choice as a parent, but damn will you have a lot to answer for to those kids. Our son has a friend whose parents are anti-vaxers and the kid resents the shit out of them. He is counting the days until he is 18 and planning to start the catch up series, something he should have never had to do. And for whoever said they will not get their kids the Gardasil vac? It's quite literally a anti-cancer vaccine. What, do you think your kids are never gonna have sex? Keep on preaching that abstinence
  2. BTW, I got this last night. *sigh* MedEvals Management 6:18 PM Hello, PAs have done very well in this position but unfortunately PA's require a physician supervisor. Which we can not provide. If you have a physician supervisor willing to serve please let us know. Steve N This was a job I applied for last week. This was their response. Btw, the job listed NP's AND PA's to apply.
  3. I love your posts Scott. You say exactly what this profession needs to hear.
  4. Let's be clear, vaccine passports as mentioned would only be for travel and NOT GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE. That is the typical "slippery slope" argument given by all conspiracy theorists and it's bullcrap. You needed vac's to go to school, your kids need them to go to school there is nothing nefarious about it. You live in a society and as such have certain responsibilities to it. Don't like it? Move to an island in the South Pacific all alone. But if you like power, water, hospitals etc...stop your bitch'n and act like a responsible citizen grounded in science. Bah.
  5. Yep, you are smart. Plan for it now, NOTHING is showing me that NP's will not totally dominate us in less than 5 years from now. I have been turned down for 3 jobs in the last month for one reason and one reason only...I am a PA and not an NP. That is exactly the reason I was given.
  6. If you are a PA, you HAD to have a whole set of vac's to get into and through PA school. Were you surrendering your "individual liberty" by having to get your Hep B vac??? Give me a break. Jump off the righteous personal liberty box please. As clinician you should know better. Vacs are safe and incredibly effective. In Texas you can NOT go to college without a meningitis vac...is that surrendering personal liberty? Hell no, it's protecting your 18 year old and his/her classmates. Gawd.
  7. Your individual freedom stops at my health and the health of my family. Don't have a right to wantonly spread a potentially deadly disease. You need vac's to go to school, travel etc. This is no different.
  8. Told me today he is going for his RN at a local CC and will be doing a duel credit BSN program at the same time so when he is done he has his BSN. From there he is interested in traveling or possibly management. We went to Indeed and looked up how much travel nurses were making and SOB....I mean $100k +++. I had to laugh Because the ENTIRE BSN is about $18k.... He is interested in becoming a psych RN and they simply make bank. I find it bizarre that me, as a PA, has a son who is going to be an RN. All I can think is that we have so many brilliant people as PA's who are hamstrun
  9. California is the exception, not the rule. Having said that, I am from California and am proud to say it for this reason alone.
  10. Can you elaborate? I'm interested in what you mean.
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