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  1. Depends on the state...big time, also on your income. Our cut off for subsidies was $74k for me, wife and son. Me 49, wife 51, son 15. With subsidies we paid $700/month. $15,000 family deductible, $7800 individual HMO. Or as we referred to it, a steaming pile of horseshit. Without subsidies it would of been $2100/month....... Is it any wonder Texas is the most uninsured state in the union?
  2. Cideous

    Ortho Xray reads

    Of course we can. We can do pretty much anything delegated to us by our supervising doc and most of the those agreements are left open ended and vague. I read all my own films although we do get overreads at my clinic by a rad group which is just smart from a liability stand point.
  3. Cideous

    Moving to California

    20 miles there is like 80 any places else. Traffic there can be soul crushing every morning and every night....
  4. I'm sorry I can't help. Got my Texas license 25 years ago but still....Can I just LOL at Texas yet again? The TMB is and has always been ridiculous. In the 90's if you were taking an SSRI for mild depression or anxiety they held your license and you actually had to drive to Austin and STAND before the board to prove you were not crazy. Ridiculous! Is it any wonder that 90% of providers in Texas that take the brave step to seek help with anxiety, depression or even etoh abuse never tell our crazy ass board about it? If they did, the board drops the hammer on them. Stupid Stupid Stupid.
  5. Cideous

    Med Spa PA position

    So many are trying to get into Derm now, the Derm groups are starting to drop pay and benefits. Several PA's where I live were just fired from a local Derm group as their contracts were deemed "to high". Before they were let go their CME was reduced, PTO days taken and RVU's lowered. And yes it was the result of yet another merger. A corporation/investor group bought the practice. Out came the axes...
  6. The least surprising thing we will read today. "Physician Assistant" has always been and will always be a terrible name. Until it changes, we will never move forward as a profession. Same old story.....and yet, nothing changes.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking. Just unacceptable.
  8. It was more about expanding the number of potential places to teach than promoting one profession over another. ?
  9. and if the person with Melanoma was your child.........? Heaven and Earth.........Heaven and Earth...............
  10. Has anyone ever done this or heard of it being done? There are a LOT of NP programs popping up and for someone interested in transitioning into a teaching position I was curious if this was possible. This would essentially double the size of perspective places to teach vs just PA programs alone. Thanks!
  11. Cideous

    Study or move?

    So here is the thing. Clovis, right outside of Fresno is rated one of the best cities in California to live in. Safe, low cost of living, adorable downtown. Every Friday night they shut down the downtown area for a giant farmers market, wine walk and beer crawl. You can get a great house for $300k.............AND YOU ARE 3 HOURS FROM THE COAST. Monterey, Carmel by the Sea, SF, SLO.....these are all a short driving distance. Come to Texas and what is within 3 hours of DFW....."Jack Squat"! (que Chris Farley). Austin? The hill country. Bring your mosquito spray and IV rehydration bags. Oh and the sun has been out how many days in Sept? Like two? I will take the armpit of California any day with the weather and drive proximity to the coast over any place in the South.
  12. That is incredible. We get less then 1 week of PTO......per year. No CME, No sick days, no holidays. Welcome to corporate Urgent Care in the South.

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