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  1. The only book besides sanford (which I hardly use) that I carry to work every day. Consider it the Urgent Care bible: https://www.amazon.com/Minor-Emergencies-Expert-Consult-Online/dp/0323079091/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_img_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PE50GQ07N3YWTKQMN6EZ Also please remember this rule of Urgent Care.....Stop/Don't order useless shit that the guy the next day has to deal with! I come in and some whackjob AP has ordered all sorts of stupid blood work on a patient that I have to somehow interpret never having seen the patient. Want to piss off everyone in UC you work with? That's a good way to do it. Remember, if someone is bad enough that you think they need "blood work"....send them to the ER. UC is not Family Practice and it is not the ER. Stay in your lane and treat+refer. Either to a specialist, their PCP or the ED if you really are concerned about getting bloodwork. This goes for the vast majority of UC's that have clia waved labs. If you have cbc and chem machines onsite then knock yourself out. Just don't order and dump on the guy or gal on the next shift.
  2. In a perfect world I agree with you however the medical community is about as far from perfect as you get. There is really no way to find out that someone trashed you short of suing them, subpoenaing them and then them actually telling the truth under oath. How much money do you have to pay a lawyer comes to mind. Not to mention the case will take literally years to see the light of day... Really, just get out. Your hosed. Get as far away from this guy as you can and start over.
  3. Yes, employment at will is what I was referring to. Thanks for the correction.
  4. Unless you are in Texas. If so, save the money on the lawyer. Your screwed. Right to work state = fired without cause and not a damn thing you can do about it.
  5. Cideous

    Narcotics Maximus

    Can I get an Amen here? Hell no today and twice on Sunday. You are under dire danger my friend especially in this climate. Ask yourself this question....How bad do you want to be on "Action News 26!?", because that's where you are headed.
  6. Cideous

    Keep up ACLS?

    Completely agree here. And I LOVE that saying....pick a side and get on it. The last urgent care I was in that had a real crash cart was 15 years ago and they got rid of it after 6 months. If it is there you are expected to use it. If all you have is an AED, some 02 and maybe ASA and nitro, that is all you can be expected to use. None of which requires ACLS. I have shocked people (1 actually) back to life from Vfib in an Urgent Care with an AED so it does happen but without the tools to run a full code, ACLS is not helpful. Also EMS in my area is freakishly fast. My take...if your company requires ACLS then get it. If not and you plan to be there awhile and not do ED work, then stick with BLS.
  7. Cideous

    San Antonio Practice for Sale

    "He possibly needs to the money for his own care....." Single payer now. I wish him the best.
  8. And this is my only point on this thread stated much better by someone who does it every day. Thanks Rev. It's a tough job in medicine but we need open minded providers like you to continue the work of helping people.
  9. Easy to say. I live in a saturated PA/NP market in Urgent Care. Notorious for being owned and run by large corporations and investor groups. Where do we go? How do I explain to my child that I'm pulling her out of high school? What I am experiencing is becoming more the norm and not the exception and it can literally change on a dime with one admin change or practice sale.
  10. You guys get CME money? CME days? I get 36 hours of PTO a year....that's everything. CME, vacation, sick time...everything. Oh....and zero CME money. To top it off we were told we were going to have to start paying for our own licensure including dea, bls, acls etc. lol times they have a changed....
  11. And then there are those with Migraines that spend their days puking, in a dark room with total silence. Any light or sound makes you want to kill yourself. So bad they are willing to have electrodes installed sub-Q that with a remote can fire the occipital and trigeminal nerves in an attempt to offset some of the pain.... There is fraud everywhere. You can not judge everyone based on someone you know who is not legit. Each case needs to be reviewed with an open clear NON-BIASED MIND. Something in very short supply by providers today.
  12. Ever had a Migraine? 4-6x per week? Yes there is a lot of fraud, but there are reasons to grant disability that don't involve being in a wheelchair or blind...
  13. Boy everyone should read and re-read this post. It happens EVERY SINGLE DAY and don't think for a second that your family member or close friend's significant other would think twice about suing you into oblivion. Just don't do it. Tell them you would love to help, but it is illegal and you must protect your license. If they don't understand, they are not worth the time in your life to begin with. I played golf with a next door neighbor for 5 years almost every week. We were even in a men's prayer group together. He called me up one day and asked me to prescribe anti-anxiety medicine for his son....in another state. When I said no, he said..."So you're refusing to help us?" I told him that I could not prescribe in the other state even if I wanted to, and that I had never actually seen his son in my office, even prior to this event. After 5 years of friendship he basically never spoke to me again. People can suck.
  14. lol....ah nevermind.
  15. Cideous

    Advice on moving to California

    And those people are staying put. House poor millionaires...That and the cash flooding in from China makes buying much of anything out in those areas a non-starter. Even if you offer full price, you will still be outbid and even if you are the high bidder, if you have a loan good luck. Most houses sold now are paid for with overseas cold hard cash.

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