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  1. NP.....then straight into a residency to actually learn something. Take your boards and never have to re-cert again. Not to mention if you want to hang your own shingle out you can never do that as a PA. Within 5 years there is a good chance NP's will have at or close to full autonomy in most states while we all sit around spending a million bucks debating is being an "Assistant" bad........gawd.
  2. What you say is true, but in the corporate world of medicine there is VERY LITTLE negotiation. Basically you are presented with a contract and it's take it or leave it. The only wiggle room I have had is in base salary/hourly wage. CME/PTO/contract length are all take it or leave it factors, and over the years (if you've read any of my posts lol) I have been lamenting them all doing down down down year after year. This did not use to be the norm. Before doc's all sold their practices to corporate investor groups and our field became woefully over-saturated with providers looking for jobs, we had a fair amount of bargaining power. Not anymore.
  3. Seriously???? Gawd, I thought Texas had a lot, lol. That's insane.
  4. Not trying to be a jerk, but the position you are describing sounds like a provider who does the schedule so the Doc doesn't have to. That's not an admin...
  5. Tough to be thought of as "the boss" or "a leader".......When you are an "ASSISTANT". People judge on the pettiest of things, but their title IS #1 and we will never get past it unless our name changes.
  6. Only get raises when I renegotiate my contract. Other then that, am on my own.
  7. LOL Yes to everything in this post. Can I get an Amen!
  8. I did it for 2 years in UC. The agencies range from decent to flat out criminal. In Texas you must have a supervising doc on board BEFORE you start seeing patients. I've had at least two assignments where they tried to send me with no supervising doc. The first one, I turned around and left when no doc was there to do the Texas 2 step computer supervision required by the TMB. Had I of not known this, or pushed it, I would of been seeing patients with no doc and very much illegally.
  9. If yes, can you let me know what was involved and about what one can expect to make doing it part-time? Thanks ahead of time for any info
  10. Cideous

    Austin PA Job

    Do NOT move there until you have a job well in hand. Signed, sealed and delivered.
  11. ^^^ Boy are you correct. I would be punching my own ticket out the door. Having said that, I can not steal from patients and that is what they are doing. I simply refuse. I did not practice this long only to sell my professional soul now.
  12. Ummm.....the future of PA's is very debatable. We will know a lot more in the next 5 years, I can tell you that. Why? Because in 5 years most states will have passed close to or full NP autonomy. What we do as the PA profession in that time will determine the future of us all. Once they (np's) get autonomy, the fat lady will start warming up to sing....
  13. 90% of the time the front office answers the phone and this email was sent to them (and the providers). I do answer the phone from time to time if the front is busy or goes to the BR etc. The email I referenced was however aimed at everyone. If a patient calls and asks "do you guys do X, Y, or Z"...Everyone is to say "We evaluate and treat all conditions, come in and we will take care of you...". Just vague enough to get them in the door, charged and then when they get to the back...leave it to the provider to tell them actually no, we do not do that....AFTER the charge has been captured. It pisses me off just typing about it.
  14. Welp, just happened again. We were all sent emails that said in no uncertain terms to lie to patients on the phone and "try and talk them into coming in" to capture that charge! I printed the email and have now started keeping them all together just in case the time ever comes where I need them. Days like this I just stare at the computer and ponder how it ever came to this...
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