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  1. $60/hr In Texas for UC sucks. Sorry, but it does no matter how you slice it.
  2. ^^^'' VERY HARD. They say you can always tell the derm PA's at a conference. They are in the Ferrari......
  3. ^^^ Thanks, I actually find sleep and disorders associated with it as fascinating. Something I can not say about any other aspect of medicine anymore. Perhaps I could find a pseudo residency type job that would train me. Seems like a nice field to go into in the last part of my career. I appreciate the tip!
  4. We have little to no control in the business world of medicine. Basically zero in corporate owned Urgent Care.
  5. ^^^ I've read that jobs are drying up in this field (sleep) secondary to the new "take home" tests. Any thoughts?
  6. You read that right. What is the least stressful, least litigious aspect of medicine that our degree could actually get us a job in? Not worried about money. Thanks!
  7. You think right... I made that out of school 30 years ago.
  8. I make $72/hr with average benefits and crap PTO. This is in Texas.
  9. It's true. Texas sees us in an identical light as NP's. Anything coming their way bad will hit us.
  10. The whole thing is a clusterpuck. No way you should need to pay those buttmonkies $731 PER STATE YOU WORK IN!!!!??? But alas you must if you prescribe controlled in each state you work in. Stupid.
  11. Our front office is required to perform the requisite wallet biopsy on all patients before I see them. Welcome to Corporate Urgent Care.
  12. All these years on these boards I'm not sure I've had two down votes on any one post. I had to laugh at these though. So, for the record, I don't do FLMA forms because I do Urgent Care, not because I don't think they are valid. Just fyi LOL. Oh sooo angry you guys are....! LOL
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