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  1. Cideous

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    Do they still call it TCOM? I thought UNT took over that program...
  2. Cideous

    UC and EM leads

    Any update on the job hunt?
  3. ...or Associate. Whatever the hell that means. Heck the cleaning person is an associate.
  4. Ahh Ok. Gotcha. I was just confused by what you were saying. I do stand by my comments, but will add this. I don't believe a new doc with little experience should be in a rural ER either. Hopefully they would of put in 3 years of residency first in a busy ER. My point being, I've been in a rural ER, and although the volume is usually less, the acuity seems to be REALLY high. Having said that, I would defer to EMEDPA's opinion on the matter.
  5. Cideous

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    ^^^ OUCH! Thanks for the honest accounting! That will help a lot of people here I believe.
  6. So one thing I will say about this. EMEDPA has a TON of experience and is obviously very good at his job. I am however very hesitant to recommend rural ER jobs to anyone but the very VERY most experienced among us. I'm talking 15 years of hard core high volume, seen it all done it all, ER experience. In the rural setting you almost never have onsite backup, and you must be incredibly strong and experienced. There is nothing quite so butt puckering as being all alone in an ER...no matter how rural it is.
  7. The wound care jobs I have seen have been terrible. No benefits, paid 1099 etc. Am I missing something?
  8. How exactly is TAPA working on this? And by exactly, I mean EXACTLY....!? I sent those guys money for 20 years, yet here we are.....same name, same NO OTP. So I ask again...what EXACTLY is TAPA doing to change our horrible name and enact OTP??? Thank you for your opinion.
  9. Great letter to CAPA. Tell them to sell out and beg to be included with the Cal NP's in this endeavor. We are not going to get any help from our national leadership so maybe NP's will have pity on us and drag us along with them.....
  10. Cideous

    Do you get sick a lot?

    I do and it never ceases to get old.
  11. Cideous

    Clinical Assistant

    Impotence. Arrogance. Weiner roasting while the house burns. And so on... Call your state president. Call the AAPA president. Cal the Nurse Practitioner president and beg for help. Anything.
  12. 25 years now I have been watching the occasional "promoting of PA's". That's great, but if they are serious about a name change, why pump money into promoting the PA name now? You get my drift....? I don't think there are any plans to change our name to what it should be. Medical Practitioners. Hence, throw some money at promoting something most if not all of us are NOT....."Assistants". Uggh.
  13. Just not ordering, reading and interpreting X-Ray's in Texas.....lol sorry. I would much rather see them spending money on a name change campaign. Not trying to be a jerk, but that's how I feel.

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