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  1. LOL welcome to retirement! Funny enough, before medicine I was an electrician. In other words, I use to work for a living as my blue collar friends would say :D. We had a saying..."until your linemans (pliers) were scorched with electrical arcs...you were not really an electrician
  2. Thank you for the question..the answer is.....No. I have reached maximum patient saturation. One more and either I or they go out the window LOL.
  3. The days of easy lateral moves are over. Long over. When I started, docs owned their own practices and most would take you on in a heartbeat. Now thanks to the massive competition out there it is next to impossible. In addition to working for peanuts for 2 years, perhaps look to move to a small town no one wants to live in. Consider it your residency.
  4. And I agree with you Scott, and I certainly don't know the specifics of this case but according to the poster this was his first DUI. I know this may come as a shock to most people, but just about every single person I know has had something to drink, even a small amount, and drove afterwards. Obviously the original poster was impaired and as I said earlier there should be hell to pay. I just don't see the long term benefit of destroying someones life though by taking away their ability to provide for themselves and their family if they are a 1st offender. People can recover from addiction and become productive members of society, but this scorched earth policy guarantees he will never recover.
  5. Thanks, all good tips. I had actually applied to my local CC a few years ago but never heard back. I guess maybe if I show up and wave at them it might help. Everything is online now a days it's so easy for your cv to get lost in the shuffle. I would really like to still do something in medicine going forward...just not seeing patients.
  6. Perfect. Then they can put me on their governing board and watch the sparks fly. What a load of crap.
  7. Don't need $70/hr anymore. Done with seeing patients. Semi-retirement gig making $30 bucks an hour. Any thoughts?
  8. Can someone please explain to me exactly how making a bad decision to drive after drinking should result in taking away someones medical license and ability to feed themselves? I am NOT defending DUI's. Honestly, there should be hell to pay....but destroying ones livelihood? I just don't get it.
  9. I have been predicting this for years on these boards, but have not had much reason to scan the indeed job ads until recently. I went through them with a fine tooth comb and I am really dumbfounded by the marked increase in NP only jobs. In the past, the title might have said "Nurse Practitioner" but in the actual job description it would include PA's. Now...I am seeing a vast increase in the phrase, "NP ONLY". That cliff I have been screaming about appears to be arriving. If I was a new grad just getting out and had that to look at?...Good grief.
  10. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it surprising? Nope. Why? We are taking their jobs. No two ways about it. We are simply doing what they do for less money. In Urgent Care, about 80% of corporate UC jobs are now AP's. Docs are freaking out, and I'm not so sure I would blame them. If I went through all that crap to be a doc, and then couldn't find a job I would be pissed too.
  11. I had to refer a 12 year old boy to ortho oncology for a pathologic fracture of his right humorous. Quite frankly I was terrified for the child and the father, a 39 year old pool installer who brought him in. When I told him what was going on I sent the boy out of the room, I did not want to scare him. The father burst out in tears but not just out of fear of his son having cancer, but because he said he had no way to afford insurance and how was his son going to be treated without insurance? I had no answers for him. All because our shit insurance system punishes people who work for themselves or have their own business. It's a GD travesty and yes, I wanted to cry with him.
  12. Good luck. Toughest field out there to get into without experience. If you are really interested in it, find and complete a Derm residency...other than that......good luck.
  13. With our extreme lack of access to medicine today either by cost or geography, it falls into the "better than nothing category"... Ask a remote tribe in Alaska if they would prefer telemedicine to nothing...? They would and do choose door number 1.
  14. But the way I read it.....it wasn't their patient...... To go outside the loop and insert yourself into someone else's patient/provider relationship? That's some thin ice man. Ventana is right though, with the exception of witnessing the provider being impaired in some way.
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