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  1. https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america?view=total-deaths&tab=trend Newest model shows 371,500 US deaths by January 1st, 2021. But I guess that's just "hysteria" or "fake news". Sadly, there's nothing fake about it to the families who are being devastated by loved ones dieing needlessly thanks to this administrations mishandling. I'm still waiting for it to go away...you know...."Like a Miracle!".
  2. I don't know any MA's making $47k/year. I think it 's real. "Assistants"
  3. Ok back on topic. This winter=bad. Already cases are shooting up across the US again. 2nd wave or continuation of the first wave? Dunno, but it is simply not looking good. Having said that, I need to run and get my Flu shot!
  4. Same thing happened to me in DFW at a very popular Urgent Care. Worked there almost 2 years and saved their butts on multiple occasions when someone would call in sick. Then one month...no shifts. Then the next...no shifts. So I moved on. About 3 months later I got a frantic "can you help us!!!" phone call. Umm nope. I'm busy.
  5. and now the dear leader refuses to agree to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses, saying "we will just have to see". Congrats, he has officially gone full autocrat. Putin would be proud.
  6. It passed ridiculous about 5 years ago when NP's lapped us....now with us defeated in Florida and about to lose California to independent NP's, it's a 5 alarm fire.
  7. I've lost count of how many "Assistant to the Physician" job posts I get. i.e. Scribe.... It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. But hey at least the "final name review" is in November....No need to rush AAPA.
  8. I trust the CDC will eventually do the right thing, but watching the head of the CDC give interviews is like watching a hostage blinking out SOS.... Until this Administration is swept into the dustbin of history, the CDC and HHS will be under assault. Complete and utter political assault. Scientific America broke with 175 years of tradition and endorsed the Blue guy...not the Orange. Why? They said this administration has attacked science and scientists in ways that have not been seen since the dark ages. 175 years!!!!! https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/scientific-american-endorses-joe-biden/
  9. This spring and summer were only a warm up, this winter is going to be the main event and folks... it's going to be UGLY. Hold on to your butts and start padding your savings now, we are in for a wild and terrible 6 months. The real second wave is just now starting to hit in Europe and is right on track as predicted to hit the US in about 3 months. While 42% of our country's residents are still waiting for it to "Go away like a miracle!"....the rest of sane America knows better. So here we go.. 1. Some Americans are acting like we are are on the downslope of this pandemic and resuming super spreader events. As this continues over the next few months and influenza hits, it's going to be a double whammy. Add to this that we will NOT have a Vaccine ready for the masses this year, no matter what the dear leader says, and our therapeutics are questionable at best. 2. I believe we have not seen anything yet when it comes to hospital/ICU capacity overloads. Drop the flu on top of Americans interacting more and Covid+Influenza is going to be common place. 3. If you are working as a PA and have not made a will.....do it. This is good advise in the best of times, but never more important then now. I use Legal Zoom. It's cheap, easy and valid. 4. If you work in a sub-specialty, start getting ready now for the possibility of being furloughed again. I can not see hospitals continuing elective specialties with Winter+Covid+Influenza running over them. 5. Have a plan. Have some cash on hand and maybe hold off on any big purchases if it can be helped for a few months. 6. The really bad flu seasons go into June. Which is probably about the time the vaccine, if they get out of phase 3, will be available in mass. I am praying that the efficacy of this year's flu shot is good, but so far we have not been terribly lucky as a species in 2020. And for the inevitable people who will proclaim "Your so negative!", I say this: Wishful thinking never accomplished anything, but planning for the worst and hoping for the best might just get us through this nightmare.
  10. DFW was one of the worst areas in the country to find a job BEFORE the pandemic. I recently left, and will never go back. About half of the PA's I knew there were furloughed and/or just flat out fired. My one piece of advice would be to get out of there. NP's are POURING grads into DFW every few months....3 NP schools and 2 PA schools all in DFW. I've mentioned this before, but the last Urgent Care job I got there had over 40 CV's/Resumes turned in. It's become a dumpster fire for PA's in DFW.
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