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  1. Oh I have found my chill. That doesn't mean I don't still feel passionately about the profession I gave 26 years of my life to and most importantly to the NEW grads that are $120k in debt with ever darkening prospects for jobs. It's not about my chill anymore, my career as a provider is over, but as a dad of two kids in their 20's I will never stop advocating for the next generation of providers coming out of PA schools.
  2. Do you think MD's supported DO's quest for parity? How about NP's independence in 30+ states? Who gives 10 shites what MD docs think? NP's didn't and they are destroying us in the job market now. Our profession has always had an "assistant" chip on our shoulder which has held us back. We could change our name to MCP and go straight after full independence, what are NP's gonna say, no? We out train them 2:1. But we won't because our profession is full of cowards despite our training.
  3. LOL Yep. But changing our name to associates will surely help!? LOL idiotic. I've never seen another profession snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so many times. I grieve for new grads.
  4. Left last year. The million dollar name change recommendation gave me great hope for our future until PA leadership all over the country dismissed it outright. A decision that still infuriates me . The really hysterically tragic thing about our name change fiasco is the money, time and effort that will now go into "Associate". When, if anyone reads the professional name change report, they clearly state that "Associate" will do nothing to advance our field as evidenced by docs, nurses and the public survey responses. Stunning lack of courage on part of our profession. Just cowardly.
  5. I worked in a rural ER solo pretty much right out of school. Stupidest thing I have ever done. Thank goodness it worked out, but I saw the acuity handwriting on the wall and got out after about 8 months. I started at $42/hr but was given several incentive raises the first 6 months to stay and ended up about $55.
  6. CNN, the PA must be fake news....
  7. I do give the guy credit for coming here to face the fire and answer some questions. That says a lot to me.
  8. I wear yoga pants to work. Lowers the risk of Covid by forcing people to socially distance when they see me in them.
  9. I'm stealing "Necrobump". Damn Boats...that is funny! LOL
  10. You see? Not so hard to do when they need us. They can do it, it is only us that stands in our own way to getting independent practice done and a reality. This should be the norm, not just a pandemic special...
  11. As someone who investigates clinic complaints and providers I can tell you without a doubt.....NP's are killing us. Their legislative victories are incredible compared to our impotent OTP. Their independence from docs is the end of us as a profession. I see it every day.
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