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  1. I have always said, there is NOT a shortage of Providers in this country....there is a shortage of places for them to work. Because we live in a "for profit" medical system, if your clinic is not rolling in the big bucks then it is shut down. It doesn't matter if the people will not have access to medical care. It's all about the money.
  2. I had that happen SEVERAL times at the church I went to. I would never respond in any way.....also....I stopped going to that church.
  3. Great, next you will tell me a bad golf swing increases risk for Covid-19.....why not. I've pretty much hit every one of the top 5 risk factors anyway, what's one more.....
  4. And there we go...we have a winner. Common sense wins again.
  5. Or friends....I cant tell you how many times I have been asked by friends or even other staff members to be treated off the books. I won't do it and have been called a jerk because of it. I'm talking like REALLY close friends.....it sucks to say no, but when it goes bad you will be glad you said no.
  6. My wife and I were discussing this evening asshats. People that ignore science, ignore doing anything that would potentially protect others and willfully look for any reason to "not be told what to do...." She was disgusted by them and asked who, in their right mind, would fail to do the very least to protect those around her? I told her that some providers are the worst culprits. A splash of Brietbart, a touch of Limbaugh and a dash of 'Merica! You can't tell me what to do!"... And there you have it. Asshats that for whatever reason would put their own families at risk just to endeavor to prove a point. She shrugged and sighed. p.s. QAnon is not real not matter how much you want him to be. November 3rd cometh quickly...and right soon.
  7. They are and I read if you fail to do them that quarter it is considered a loss/fail. Just kidding, I have no idea but I have done all of my surveys just in case
  8. do you mind me asking what field you moved into?
  9. ^^^ That's the big debate right now. Will or won't housing prices drop ala 2009/10. They certainly have not yet, but we are only 3 months into this thing. Even with the forbearance relief, if people don't have jobs they are going to lose that house eventually. I think the big economy hit is going to be next spring when forbearance stops and unemployment runs out and we are in the middle of the 2nd wave with no vaccine yet, but who knows. Retirees on SS will be just fine and they are simply not moving. If nothing else, it might be a great time to buy a car!
  10. What you eat and who you worship won't spread a potentially deadly virus to others, wearing a mask will help to slow the spread and is the least we can do for each other as humans. There ya go.
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