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  1. See here. I notice they say of course "experience," however, with no applicants you can make your case why they should give you a try. I beat on their door for three years why they should let me create a headache clinic there, and they just agreed a few weeks ago. So persistence pays off.
  2. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the country (San Juan Islands). Our hospital has been look for a PA for Urgent Care for a few months and last I heard, not one application has come in.
  3. I've seen drone film making becoming a big thing out here in real estate (bird's eye view of properties) and rock climbing. I live about 2 miles from a very active rock climbing mountain. Some of the climbers use them to film their buddies' climb and for exploring new routes. My dad had a museum full of Native American artifacts ( ci 500 BC - 1000 AD). The only thing I remember him finding that was related to shipwrecks was what appeared to be a sail-mending kit such as:
  4. I have used Kareo for the past few years. Just a thought, I am now moving my practice and Kareo does not have a way to export medical records or to allow access unless you continue paying the $150 per month forever. They will purge all my notes in 60 days of stopping payment. This will be a real problem for us, although, until now I have like Kareo (after losing my shirt on a previous one, Glostream).
  5. Lincoln U has proposed a new role for PAs in Washington (as they have in other states) for doctorate of medicine. See:!AjdlNM7HXhw8plvqpIcMLtspn97F
  6. I don't know if anyone has asked this question in this way, but which program would you recommend if you were doing it only for personal vanity and no professional value? My point is, I will be at retirement age by the time I finish and I can't see any professional value (unless it could land me a volunteer position overseas). I have two sons with PhDs and two more children working on doctorates so it would be fun to join them in a terminal degree.
  7. I have a metal detector that I fool around with at old homesteads and mines. I have looked a lot at drone submarines. I live on an island (with six freshwater lakes) and would like to explore some of this area. I'm unaware of any significant shipwrecks in our area (plenty of divers here too who would have explored them) but it is just fun to explore on my own. My dad was an archeologist and had treasure hunting on the side as a hobby (Cape Hatteras and outer banks of NC). That would be my dream hobby. I had a small, cheap quadcopter but broke my last spare propeller and the company has them on back order. But it gave me the taste of moving up to bigger models like you probably have. I was a rocketeer at one point. I have no place to launch here, however, I did just learn about a club that as a good launch/recovery site on the mainland. So, I'm toying with getting back into that. I am also into auto restoration (Land Rover series and now a Defender). So those are my main ones. What do you do with your drone?
  8. I have used a MS Surface with several EMRs with good results. I use it now with Kareo. Sometimes the text is almost too small to see, but that could be my older eyes and would be the same for an iPad.
  9. I'm not sure what the compensation is at this time. My wife, who is in administration, says they are looking with no applicants so far but she wasn't sure of the package. HR would know. Mike
  10. We have a full-time Urgent Care position on our glorious island. If interested, go to the Island Hospital website. I'm considering it myself if I had more recent work in UC.
  11. “Good loses. Good always loses because good has to play by the rules. Evil doesn't.” ― Henry Mills
  12. I live in a hotbed of "naturopathic medicine." NDs are PCPs just about as often as MDs, PAs or NPs. These NDs are doing more and more things that make my head spin. A patient of mine yesterday is doing "Ozone Therapy" now with her ND. They take her blood out into a 1-liter bag. Heparinized it. Bubble ozone through it for a few minutes and then put it back in her vein. She pays $150 cash for each treatment. She must have two treatments a week for a year. It has a 100% cure rate (per the ND) for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, autoimmune disease (all of them), obesity, seronegative Lyme Disease and hundreds of others (did I mention cancer). For more information see: I was a lecturer in a meeting once where I went after an ND. I sat and listened to her. She made no sense and seemed to have a high school level understanding how the human body work. She made outrageous statements with 100% confidence. Some days I wish I were an ND because I could make shit up all day long and look like a freak-in genius.
  13. I am on the verge of changing employer systems. I have worked on pure collections for a number of years. The new systems are talking RVUs. As you know RVUs can be complicated to calculate. I know a neurologist (national average) is paid about 60.11 per wRVU. Any PAs work on pure RVU and if so, what $ per RVU? I have done on the forum a search for RVUs and it came up empty. But I thought we had discussed this before.
  14. sorry, posted in the wrong place.
  15. My threshold has gone way down as I've gotten older. Twice this year I've told patients to leave and to collect their copays on the way out that I'm not seeing them. When I owned my own practice I dismissed patients who were non-compliant. This practice has a much higher threshold for dismissal, basically asking me to call our malpractice insurer about every case. I refuse service when patients bring up pain pills at the beginning such as, "My new PCP told me they will not refill my pain meds any more and I have to come see you." Then I say, "My job is to help you get better not to be your source of pain meds. Do you want to try and get better or just get pain meds?" If they say, which one did a few weeks ago, "I don't want anyone messing with my treatment I just want my pain meds." Then I say, "There's the door. Pick up your copay as I will not be involved with your care."