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  1. Kudos to you! I hope it is a great position. By leaving your old position and taking this new one from scratch you've also created a job opening (your old one) for a new graduating PA.
  2. jmj11

    Do you get sick a lot?

    I was just looking up. I had missed 1 day per decade in my career, until I was hit with this cancer and now I've missed 4 weeks in a row. I didn't see sick kids or contagious patients in my practice (Headache Medicine) and that may be one reason I didn't get sick very often.
  3. I always designed my CV to each particular job I was looking at. I didn't use a generic CV that went to all potential jobs. I would list my goal as the goal for that particular job and no others.
  4. The first software I worked with, small outfit, it was terrible for PAs. I had to list myself as an MD to make it work. The software used "Physician's Assistant" with your name and always assumed you were seeing a patient as "incident to" where you had to have the MD sign the note. The silicon valley 20 year olds didn't know better. If this was 15 years ago, I think I would take some programming classes, raise a couple of million, and create a medical software company that has a software that works for the provider, and is flexible, and only cost 10 million, not 20 million to install in your facility.
  5. Is this a "solution" in search of a problem? In other words, did something happen to trigger this response? I bet not, that it is purely political. While many preliminary reads are done by the PA or MD in the acute setting, I don't know any situation, correct me if I am wrong, where the final read is not done by a board certified radiologist.
  6. I have had 9 positions in my 29 year career. I created 8 from scratch (had to convince someone why they needed a PA when they had never considered it). I got one job through an ad in the PA Journal. That job was a total disaster and I had to sue them in the end. So, my lesson, the best jobs are those that you create yourself. Ask a MD to go out to dinner. Convince them what you can do for their group. Then try to write your own ticket.
  7. I, unfortunately, have become acutely and seriously ill (typing from a ICU step down unit) so I will give you this lead while I can. I could try and answer personal questions once you have looked at the official site. Go here. Best of luck, Mike PS: I just saw that they are calling this a part-time position. That is negotiable and that is probably why they haven't had any responses from PAs.
  8. jmj11

    Air force PA- no military background

    I was in the Air Force I went in at age 35. I know that every base is different, however, my work situation was a cushion job (FP and ER). I liked it a lot and had some of my best friends while serving. The pay is better in real life than on paper. The down side, for me, is that I color outside the lines. I'm not a conformists and I new that I would never make the rank I needed (I came in as a captain) to stay in as a career. For example I refused to give the base commander's wife antibiotics in the ER for her runny nose and I got into really big trouble. I would do it all over again, if I could get the right assignments. My base closed and they tried to reassign me in an unaccompany status site and I had a wife and five kids. So I got out.
  9. I am happy to help when I can. I know that things are better now, but when I graduated it was a nightmare finding a job. I almost considered once scheduling myself to see a local physician as a patient, and then use the time to beg him for a job. I didn't. But here is one thing that I can't understand. I work in a hospital where my wife is an administrator, so I know a lot about recruitment here than most. They have had several jobs for PAs or NPs and they almost never get a PA applicant. They have given up on PAs and often only advertise with NP groups. I was frustrated when my own clinic partner said he wanted a PA and I just found out yesterday that he had about 5 NP applicants and no PA applicants, so now he is going to consider one of the NPs. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. It is hard to imagine why no PA wants to work here. I literally put a pin in a globe of the world trying to find the perfect place to live and it was here. Anyway, I'm just venting as I was looking forward to having another PA in the office.
  10. I really think there should be class action lawsuit against insurance companies over "credentialing." They claim that it is a tool for them to guarantee that the providers taking care of their subscribers are qualified. However, it is the responsibility of each state's medical board to make sure that the provider is qualified. The insurance companies use it as delay technique that saves them millions in payments. Seriously, I'm not just blowing a gasket, but we need a lawyer who could do that. I sense damage to providers and hospitals is in the billions.
  11. jmj11

    ANYONE hiring in Portland?

    If you think Portland or Seattle are great, you should check out the San Juan Islands here i Washington. I know of a few jobs locally. My clinic is looking for a PA in interventional pain management.
  12. jmj11

    Alternative PANRE

    I have worked for most of the past 35 years in headache medicine. I did not study, I did not do a review course. It is just basic common sense stuff that all PAs should know.
  13. jmj11

    Alternative PANRE

    I just finished the 1s qt alternative exam. I think it took me 15 minutes. If you don't get 90%, in your sleep, you shouldn't be a PA. That's all I'm saying.
  14. 1) A functioning EMR and using it to its peak potential. 2) An excellent MA

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