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  1. What do they say when you call and ask them about the letter?
  2. USAF - 4 years, first Gulf War-scheduled for deployment (spoke Arabic at the time) but war ended before I had to go. Easy tour stateside.
  3. The thing I have learned over the years, is to always get your own personal lawyer to go over your contract. WIth that said, my most recent contract, I designed (compensation) formula myself and felt like, by this time, I knew what I was doing. Things happened so quickly I felt like I didn't have time to get a lawyer like I did the previous time. I think that was a mistake. Not a big mistake, but I think a good lawyer would have helped me make sure all my bases were covered.
  4. I am reading John Updike's Self-Consciousness. It is beautiful writing. I will give an early plug for my book, which will be coming out in the next few months, Waters of Bimini. It is my 3rd book and my first novel. I intentionally wrote the medical-thriller where a PA evolves as a hero. If I can make it successful, it will be a good plug for our profession. It is accepted for publication now by a small, local publisher, but I am in the process now of having agents pitch it to major publishers. If I do not get a major publisher gig, it will be out by January. If taken by a major player, it would several months later. Here is a teaser: Robert Eisner, a gifted neurosurgeon discovers a way to heal spinal cord injuries. What happens when Mack Pendleton, a billionaire financier, takes this discovery in a new and dark direction that Dr. Eisner never imagined?
  5. You are correct. Having been there. I had my SP buy in at 1%. But it could be anyone. It looks better if it is your SP.
  6. I don't know if anyone else saw the NP ad on TV. I saw it last night on CNN. I was going to link it here, but I cannot find it. It was very professional and gave the message that NPs are being limited their practice across the country. They can provider excellent care. If you want better access to excellent care, support the NPs. My paraphrase. This is the kind of ad, that may have been helpful to the PAs a while ago.
  7. Go for it! I do hope someone has good stats for you. But this type of baseless rhetoric must be challenged. This is not something objective that you can use, but when I get the state quality medical assurance newsletter each quarter, they mention the physicians and PAs who have lost their license and why. Most of the physicians lose their licenses are for sexual offenses and for self-prescribing / using narcotics. The PAs are most often dismissed for treating family members / friends without documentation. This treatment rarely is narcotics (from what I can tell).
  8. This was the drug of choice of a previous SP, who attempted to take her own life. It wasn't pretty. For several days we didn't think she was going to make it. I don't know what her dose selection was, but the "whole bottle."
  9. Defender 90, it is called.
  10. Well, when you have been around as long as I have, you have done about everything. I went from Headache Medicine, to Public Health (overseas) to FP/ER to Rheumatology to Urgent Care and back to Headache Medicine. I think the closest parallel to what you are talking about was when I went to Rheumatology. I studied hard. My SP gave me books. I created index cards with meds and learned them as fast as I can as well as labs which I was not familiar with. So, I was making progress learning the new field. Then three months after I started, my SP attempted suicide (not my fault I promise) and ended up in ICU. She was the only rheumatologist in our practice and only the second one in our small city. The practice asked me to take over her full practice while she was out (for about 2 + months). That was very scary, but I survived. You are a smart guy and I think you can pull it off without any problem if it is something you want.
  11. Okay, I was forced to take almost 90 days off from work. Old clinic suddenly closed. I quickly created a new headache clinic associated with a hospital. However, the insurance companies required 90 days to do the credentialing. So, besides taking care of my mother with dementia in Tennessee, I bought an old junker Land Rover Defender from the Italian Alps and restored it. Everything under the hood is new. I finished the bodywork and paint. I am now doing the interior. This is my second restoration project (last one was an old, 1973, Land Rover Series III). I took this photo today, coming back to a trailhead.
  12. We now order it through the patient's insurance pharmacy plan ( so we don't loosing money if we are not reimbursed for it ). I use to order it directly. I had to create an account and then I just ordered it from Allergan on a routine basis and it was shipped to me.
  13. In 2010 I started my own clinic (headache). Being the owner I was cast, head on, into billing and collecting issues to support a 3 provider practice. It was the stuff of insanity. I went to battle with several insurance companies and fought them on a daily basis. The last straw was when one of our major insurance companies in our region (finally) agreed to contract with us. Via e-mail from their VP of provider contracts we could start seeing their patients as of Jan 1, 2014. Our schedule was full of their patients for the next few months (there was a long waiting list). It took about three or four months before my biller noticed that we were not getting paid for that insurance company's contracted patients. This started a long battle where that insurance company said, "Yes, we have contracted with you and yes Mr. X sent you an e-mail saying that you can start seeing our patients on Jan1, however, you are not in our system, therefore we cannot validate the billed visits or pay you for them." After going to the state insurance commissioner (who was worthless to us because he said he only represented patient causes), I met with my lawyer to start a lawsuit (we had lost over 100K uncollected bills during the three months). The lawyer said it would cost me at least 200K to pursue a lawsuit against them and in the end, if it was ruled in our favor, the insurance company would have to pay us the 100K. So, it was not feasible. I continued this battle for a year on my own. The losses from that insurance failing to pay us (making up more than 40% of our practice at that time) was the death nail to our clinic. I closed the doors on Dec 31, 2015. I had to leave the country for a month to regain my own mental health and to recover from the rage I was feeling. I then joined my old practice where I wanted nothing to do with contracting or billing. I worked on pure productivity. That practice was struggling with their own billing problems (which all independent practices face). To all of our surprise, on July 31 the owner suddenly closed his doors to avoid bankruptcy. Tomorrow I start the last job of my career. I will be starting a headache clinic as an employee of a hospital on my island. I know that I have not answered your question, but my billing issues have been simplified. I bill mostly on time. I have done a lot of research on the procedures and he codes that I do. I have well-defined templates on my wall and I bill consistency with those. I don't have to get involved with billing issues. Once again I am working on 100% productivity, per my request. So, collections is important to me. But I have simplified it and now, as compared to before, it is not a problem an longer.
  14. # 1, talk to previous ex-employee PAs (or NPs if no PAs).
  15. See here. I notice they say of course "experience," however, with no applicants you can make your case why they should give you a try. I beat on their door for three years why they should let me create a headache clinic there, and they just agreed a few weeks ago. So persistence pays off.