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  1. there are a surprising number of rapid tests that are CLIA waived. I haven't looked at the list in a couple of years but it starts with basics like strep and flu and goes on to HIV and A1Cs. Accuracy varies by test so the clinical value of some of them is pretty questionable
  2. I made the change too (since we work at the same place) and the new one is working pretty well for me. I don't make many corrections. That said I wish it worked outside of the EHR. Would be nice for dictating letters/emails etc
  3. Fair enough. I was not really focused on an exit strategy. OPs problem in that regard is it almost too late because of school debt. Its hard to leave a fairly high paying field you have spent a lot of time and energy training for and find another job that will cover their nut. If that were easy I think a fair number of PAs would already be gone.
  4. each provider is responsible for coding on their own visits (only) unless there is some kind of conspiracy going on which is a different conversation. That's why the provider is the only one allowed to code a visit (though lots of back office nonsense is sadly common). So no...you can't get in trouble for someone else's coding. At one of my previous employers I had to threaten to call CMS because the billing office was changing my codes which is very illegal.
  5. OPs question had more to do with daily struggles with knowledge and confidence as a new grad than whether the profession is screwed or not. I I have a pretty good grasp on the state of the profession and my years in it don't make me see things through rose colored glasses. It would seem you could make you point without disparaging other people who shared their opinion.
  6. What Vent said. My last employer really has a subtle disdain for PAs and NPs and really just didn't get it. Ortho had a problem with people showing up post ER with sores under an inappropriately applied splint so they decided ALL PAs and NPs would have 3 days with ortho for training. It sounds good (sort of) but the whole thing was premised on people who knew nothing about splints and casting and ortho in general. My first day, and I can't make this up, was "this is a Stack splint and thins is a ribbon splint, and this is a volar splint." They didn't have a clue how insulting it was to a retir
  7. 10 years? drunk on the golf course....and I don't play golf. Until we flush out some of the old timers in the "everything is just fine" club we are not going to make any significant progress. I have stated, and still believe, that the bus will have to fly off the cliff, hit the bottom, and burst into flames before we "get it" as a group. Even then some of us will be squirting the conflagration with a garden hose saying "everything is fine." We have not developed the fortitude for bold action as a profession.
  8. Copies on my computer backed up automatically to Dropbox and Evernote. That is in addition to the copies logged with the NCCPA
  9. It takes time and some seasoning to figure out how to strike a balance between perfectionism and reality. One of the PAs I worked for when I was a medic said "it takes about 3 years for you to get your head out of your ass and practice good medicine." I think that is pretty close to the truth. I've been at this for 32 years and every day I bump up against something I don't have any experience with or, sometimes, just something I haven't done in a long long time. I just had to write the first prescription for hormone replacement therapy I have written in probably 10 years. I had to sit dow
  10. One of the hardest things I have learned (ok still learning) is to stay out of things I see that look wrong to me unless it is a hazard to the patient....particularly inter-office stuff. In my current job I see about 100 things a day that aren't being done right and if I chased after them all not only would everyone hate me I'd go mad. Pick your battles so when you do it counts.
  11. The most valuable thing I have is time. More time off (PTO) would be at the very top of the list. Towards teaching? A residency of your own or more time/money to help you get an advanced degree. If you want to teach at a program or in a teaching center an advanced degree or skill-specific advanced certification
  12. Jipped-Gypsies-thieves. Holy Cow- mocking term referencing Hindus. Paddy Wagon- self explanatory. Lots and lots of these old tropes scattered though our common language we need to have some awareness of. You may now return to your regular programming.
  13. One of my all time favorite quote. Some pigs are more equal than others. I said that to my director recently about having the exact same panel of patients all the docs have. They all have nice big private offices and mine is in a tiny unused exam room. I also can't use the 2 that are empty because they are going to hire someone some day. She hasn't read "Animal Farm"
  14. There There never was at any of the UCs I worked at. You meet a front desk person who has zero training in identifying possible big problems. They would recognize 2 out of 3 gunshot wounds.
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