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  1. Some years ago I took training to do sexual assault exams in the ER. It was a didactic part followed by a day in the classroom and then you had to be proctored by another certified examiner for 10 exams. That was a while back so the expiration date on that information may have passed. Whether your SP would have to be similarly certified would probably vary state to state so your state society would be your best choice to get accurate info.
  2. You have to log CMEs and pay a logging fee every 2 years. If you don't your certification lapses and you are required to take the PANCE again.
  3. I get everyone's frustration and disappointment and I'm not going to try and talk anyone down off the wire. I just want to point out we wouldn't be having this conversation or OTP if it wasn't for PAFT. I have never been a member of a group that always did everything the way I wanted them to. If you want to let PAFT die on the vine that is certainly a choice.
  4. It was a vote of the board decided by a mostly even split. My personal choice doesn't matter. When the board votes I have to carry the flag
  5. I don't know the answer but I know what I was told the last time I owned a practice. If the PA is 100% owner then they consider that paying for PA services and they didn't do that. With the direct reimbursement now approved it would seem that doesn't apply anymore. I'll be interested in the answer myself.
  6. Just offer them some money. Let's end the pretense and cut to the real deal. It is hard to parse what happened but if you have been practicing for 2.5 years that means at 2 years you had to have submitted your CME and paid your logging fees. While they should have updated your contact info, at the end of the day, you are responsible for keeping up with your stuff. I hope you get it worked out. It seems most of the 4000 people who supposedly participated in the pilot program and were pending loss of certification were a computer error. That is just a guess because, after the init
  7. That is an issue. I really think we are going to settle on associate and the physicians are going to lose it. They aren't going to like anything that suggests we are anything but their assistant but associate! They are not our associates! Those inferior beings.... My BS from OU says associate. My masters' say assistant. You can call me Ray... you can call me Jay....you can call me Ray Jay. It's an old TV commercial children.
  8. I am heartened by the amount of participation in the discussion. More people have spoken about this in different places I haunt than any subject I can recall ever. If there is a fringe benefit this is breaking some people out of their torpor and apathy.
  9. The short answer is, after a lot of discussion, the board voted and that was the choice that won. It wasn't my choice and it was a split decision but my obligation is to carry the flag once the decision has been made.
  10. The BOD has, so far, taken a hands off approach to this so the HOD could do it's thing without the board's influence. I have some idea where she stands but it is only educated speculation so I'll not guess. I'll say that the closer it gets to time for her to be annointed the more I am hearing from some old guard folks who have been pretty quiet for the last few years.
  11. I'm going to try and listen in at least to title change but it will be between patients
  12. When I went through the Army PA program it was associated with OU. I have never set foot on the campus and couldn't pin it on a map. I still get 4 things in the mail and 2-3 calls a year from the Alum group asking for money.
  13. It seems to be a universal business model. I inquired about a MS program in a computer field a year ago and then balked because of the cost and the number of unrelated classes they wanted me to (pay for) take. They still email me once a week and called me as recently as last month.
  14. yea.... that is kinda where I'm at right now. Things have been going so well in the last few years but, knowing most of the key players, I am seeing the old guard re-emboldened with the pending changes in leadership. I'm reserving final judgement until after the HOD.
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