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  1. sas5814

    DFW CUSH job opening!

    surely someone has applied. I am forever hearing people complain about not being able to find a job in DFW. is this one of those quasi government jobs that take 6 months to reply to applications?
  2. Welcome to life. Like many of my military colleagues I graduated and was sent overseas to a remote post where I had 500 active duty troops and their families to look after. My first patient ever...ever was a senior NCO who came in with blood in his urine. What he had was a little urine in the blood. Based on my training I called the urologist (80 miles away) because I thought he needed a cystoscopy and IVP. He laughed and said "give him some Bactrim for a week and if it doesn't go away call me back" and he hung up. I did and the patient got better. This was my first inkling that perhaps my skill set wasn't up to the task and my education inadequate. What I lacked was experience. So you have a choice. You can recognize that you are at the very beginning of a life long learning adventure or you can fold. The jobs where you have a lot of hand holding for a long period of time may exist but they are rare. IMHO what you need is a position where you are working with and around experienced providers you can lean on a bit when you need it. Also anyone that hires a new grad or someone with minimal exposure should give you a light schedule for a while until you get into the rhythm of things. Your job is to do everything you can do, read, study, stretch yourself a bit every day. Your colleagues will help you if they see you doing these things. If they have to hold your hand they will resent you. You have done a lot of hard work to get where you are today. Don't let fear take it away. good luck.
  3. Because you are now a shoe salesman and not a provider of health care. They are now customers and not patients. This is the paradigm for the forseeable future. I told my admin folks that, if they were around long enough, they would see the pendulum swing back the other way after the data conclusively proves this mentality is harming patients....which it is and the early data is already in. They looked at me like I was totally insane.
  4. sas5814

    Am I Setting a Good Example...

    Give them a cookie....
  5. sas5814

    Verbal offer

    Sounds very low to me but there is a great deal of variability by specialty and region. That's 93,600/year. The benefits sound pretty meager too. 4 weeks PTO, 5 days for CME, paid holidays, CME money, all fees for licenses, DEA etc can all increase the value of the offer as well. Also call....will there be any and if so how will you be paid for call time? On the non-money side the work environment and how you will be treated by physician and staff matter a great deal. Hourly rate is the 1st consideration but it isn't everything by a stretch.
  6. sas5814

    Crazy FB removals

    Yea I think if it is in your comfort zone...why not? I know all the arguments against and I'm a pretty conservative guy but I recently re-assessed my own sense of trepidation because, in a word, I felt like I had become a coward. I'm not going to manage something that needs to be managed at a higher level of care but I'm also not going to defer something I'm comfortable with just because somewhere there may be someone who could do it better.
  7. I have often counselled people who complained about difficulty finding a job to network network network. This includes leveraging any and all contacts you have. I think the best thing is to drop in, ask to speak to whomever or the office manager or the hiring authority, and if you can have a few minutes of their time great...if you can't leave a copy of your CV and cover letter. I suspect there are more unadvertised positions than advertised ones.
  8. No it was both voluntary and unpaid. I had students off and on for 15 years. I always felt like I was just giving back to the profession.
  9. sas5814

    Alternative PANRE

    I didn't even take it but found it to be very difficult.
  10. Nice! Someone actually put some thought into it and reached out to some PAs.
  11. I'm on zero as well. Didn't do it in FP. Not doing it in UC. Charting is part of work so it gets done on the clock.
  12. I never had to deal with loan repayment but as someone planning his last several years before retirement I can promise you that being debt free is a huge part of having a quality life and (someday) retirement. Good luck!
  13. This is a coming thing and cannot be stopped. I suspect most PA programs with a very minor tweak can be made doctoral programs muc h like my BS was well qualified to be a masters program.
  14. ^^ This. I worked rural for most of my post-Army career. Pay was great. Cost of living was low. I was treated as a respected colleague. I had people clammoring for my services. Sadly life happened and now I work for a giant organization in a mid-sized town where I am a voiceless cog in a money making machine run by nurses and bean counters.

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