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  1. It was posted on the website a few days ago and was in the newsletter. Adler and Prevelige for DAL. We didn't endorse other positions because we either chose not to endorse an uncontested race or the candidate didn't provide a written response to our questions. The full summary is in the members section of the PAFT web site including the answers we received.
  2. Fair enough. I'm not sure I'll be able to make the HOD meeting. We have had the usual COVID mania in our area with furloughs and firings and it isn't showing any sign of letting up. I hate to miss it. I'm not sure "interesting" is a big enough word for what it is likely to be. Stay safe
  3. So the candidate should wait to see which way the political winds are blowing before having an opinion? Nonsense. He can have an opinion that doesn't dovetail into whatever the outcome of the title change investigation ends up being. PAFT sent a series of questions to all the candidates before endorsing anyone. I know exactly what our response would have been if the answer to anything was "I have to wait and see what everyone else thinks". I want a leader that leads. That said John took a good deal of time and put a lot of thought and effort into his responses to PAFT which we all appreciate. All the candidates responses are available to PAFT members at pasfortomorrow.org. Just click the link in the right hand column. While he did not garner our endorsement I, speaking for myself and not the organization, have no doubt he would do a superior job.
  4. You are in one of the most over saturated markets in the country during a time when many PAs have been furloughed, had their hours reduced, or simply been let go due to low patient volume. You are in the wrong place (on a good day) at a bad time. One of my favorite wise old sayings is...the more you limit your options the more your options are limited. If you limit yourself geographically, have a particular specialty in mind, or high salary expectations (or some combination of those) your chances drop significantly. I know not everyone can move (I am in a similar position right now) but if you can I'd get out of DFW and start looking for places that need help and would be glad to have you.
  5. One man's opinion but it would be better to release all the data BEFORE the HOD meets. That would give the HOD time to review it and, theoretically, all of us to share our thoughts with the delegates that are supposed to represent our interests and opinions.
  6. It's not a well worded series of questions. I am guessing MDs and DOs have distinct boards in PA so if a PA is going to have a supervising physician he/she may have to apply to one board or the other. The question is should this PA go ahead and apply to both boards just to increase the chances of being better prepared when the job offer comes. That is my best guess over my Sunday morning coffee.
  7. BOOM! Let me add an off subject comment. Leslie Milteer is running for a AAPA position (unopposed). Because she was so tied up in this legislation she couldn't give an official written response to PAFT's candidate questions so we could not officially endorse her. I think someone who has walked the walk...and had great success doing it deserves a lot of consideration as we think about who needs to lead this profession. This is my personal opinion and not the official position of PAFT.
  8. Lort. I have a pocket oto-opthalmoscope set somewhere around here. If I can find it you can have it.
  9. Just so Rev. The differing opinions, sometimes with great passion, makes this a much more productive board. I participate in the Huddle but they seem more worried about "nice" than subject matter sometimes. I've lost count how many times I have been censored or censured there. That said I tend to side with CID. I think the profession is in deeper trouble than most people, including some thought leaders, realize. My time is nearly done (unless my furlough turns permanent which is a possibility). I worry for the younger PAs who will need a profession in 25 years....or 10 years.
  10. Many of the advantages of a LLC were lost in the tax changes a coupe of years ago. Best to consult an accountant
  11. Having experience might help but it doesn't make you bullet proof. I have 30 years experience and have been furloughed for about 6 weeks. My estimate is it might be 90-120 days before they start bringing SOME of us back. I am looking at positions everywhere that doesn't require a move. I can't move for a lot of reasons. So you are in good company in your misery. You can wait, look for other positions, or try to retrain for something else. It is a maddening situation.
  12. OK I know I could look it up but the NCCPA is a certifying organization. They take your money and give you a test. How would disciplinary action be any of their business? The above info is correct. Keep your cards close to your chest and seek professional advice.
  13. I'm not sure where you are but here in Texas unemployment maxes out at about $520 a week. The current federal subsidy is $600 and end at the end of July. So I'll be making about 25% of my usual pay. My bills remain at 100%. I've been furloughed for 6 weeks and, if I get invited back at all, it will likely be months. Then there is the whole "stir crazy" problem.
  14. There is a lot of information out there and probably more bad than good. This popped into my mail yesterday and I thought it explained a lot of things really well: Why Corona Virus Is So Confusing
  15. This was a great effort but, in my opinion, was not likely to gain enough traction to secure the necessary signatures. PAFT had a similar petition and it didn't even come close after a lot of work. Then there was the issue of what was going to be gained by putting in the amount of work needed to get the signatures. It would get your petition looked at. No promise of response. To get a response it would take 150k signatures and then the response could be "nah". So our effort led me to believe this would not be worth the incredible amount of energy this would take. I, and as far as I know, most PAFT members, signed the petition and shared it but looking at the energy put into this, and that was a lot, and the outcome, it seems my assumption was proved out. Lots of time and energy to accomplish nothing. Its both sad and, I'm sure, frustrationg for the folks who worked so hard on this. Doubly sad for me is the organizers and close followers of the organizers are now trying to blame PAFT for the petition's failure. They are short more than 70,000 signatures but they want it to be PAFTs fault. I have been leading and managing people and organizations for some 30 years. The poorest leaders try to blame others for their failures.
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