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  1. Apply. 1) you may not be accepted and 2) even if you are you can politely decline. A little further down the road you may have a better idea of what you want to do. Right now you don't have a clue. It is never a bad thing to have more options.
  2. yea... this^^ The lines are getting to blurred and, by your own admission, you aren't asking questions you might if you were a totally disinterested person. Time to change the plan.
  3. I suspect the titles were essentially made up to test the perception of something totally unique and different vs something similar to our current title.I doubt if those were the actual recommended titles. I think people are getting into a twist a little too early. Wait until the end point.
  4. How bad is it to quit after a few weeks? I understand the PA community is small.. It isn't the PA community so much as employers. Do you want to explain this short stint at every job application or do you want to try and omit it (which I really really don't recommend)? That said a small stumble early in your career is unlikely to do you much harm especially if coupled with a reasonable explaination. It will be less important as the years go by. It is no small thing to be happy in your work. The reverse is true too. Act ethically and honestly and follow your heart. You will have a hard time making too big a misstep.
  5. One of my favorite old chestnuts I trot out from time to time. The more you limit your options the more you limit your options. I have heard many people complain about not being able to find a job in pediatric nanosurgery in an oversaturaded market because that is where they want to be and that is what they want to do. well...we all choose based on our personal currency. I want to eat and pay my bills and maybe have a little fun along the way. I have heard untold people complain about finding work in dallas and it is one of the most oversaturaded markets in the country. Meanwhile literally hundreds and hundreds of jobs in rural and under served areas all over Texas go unfilled. Choice meet consequences. Widen your circle and open you mind. Consider something and somewhere you have never imagined before.
  6. The only time I use these types of article is when the physicians want to use isolated anectdotal stories to demean us. I promise them for every 1 they have of us I can find 10 about them. Then I ask for data and if they offer any at all is is flawed data in an article written by someone with an agenda.
  7. Some people have received it and some people are discussing the options listed despite being asked not to.
  8. Gotcha. I was operating from a "fringe" PA group and was, really, trying to shake up my state society by linking the name of a PA organization (mine) to the NPs efforts at independence. To a degree I was successfull though it happened in a bit of slow motion. There was GREAT hubub by PAs in Texas about why ANY PA would help NPs get independence blah blah blah. What it did accomplish was shaking some people up and making them realize that if we didn't uncouple from our paternal attachment to physicians the NPs would, eventually, leave us behind. Once I got them to trust me I got to see just how much better organized and financed and just plain old driven they were than we are. I was a bit envious. You touch on a point I make often. If someone snapped their fingers and made us all independent tomorrow what would change? Nothing. A lot of paperwork and administrative BS would disappear but we would still be credentialled by insurance companies and hospitals. Our scope of practice would still be determined by legislation and regulation. What we could and could not do would still be based on what a lot of groups and organizations say. The splintering concern came from a splinter group that, basically, wanted to make a whole different profession with a different name and full independence based on being PAs who had completed a doctoral program. The whole thing got quashed fairly quickly excepting a few hard core believers who are still trying to get some traction.I don't think fracturing the profession into 2 distinct, differently named professions serves anyone except those that want to elevate themselves.
  9. i don't know cost of living in the area so my comments are qualifiied. 160 hours of PTO and no sick or CME days is a bit lean. I walked into my UC job with 240 hours and 40 for CME. Then there is odd stuff like unlimited pay for jury duty. 3 days bereavement for loss in the family. Things like that. $1500 for CME is pretty low particularly since they don't want to give you the hours for CME. 64$/hr may be reasonable given your years but again I don't know the COL. I started at 72 and I'm somewhere near 78 now but I have 30 years experience. If you are hourly and not salaried do you get OT after 40 hours a week? That can add up if you want to do the work. My first year here I made about an extra 50k in OT. I don't want to work that hard any more. You also didn't mention health and dental insurance. 20-30 patients a day may be the average but is there a limit? Trust me...this can be a big deal. When cold season hit and half the staff quits (happened to me) and that number turns into 60...what will they do? If it isn't written down...it isn't real. If you go forward make sure all the terms are spelled out somewhere. A verbal agreement is worth the paper its written on. Good luck!
  10. Stay tuned. PAFT is working on the final lnaguage for Shared Responsibility and Liability which was an idea I came up with after working in UC and listening to these kinds of horror stories. We had some bumps in the road getting it organized but we will formalize it soon and then start spreading the word and trying to get other organizations to embrace the concept.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. I am usually just pouring my brain out in a free form fashion. When I was first involved in the doctoral/independence issue, at its very beginning, it was one program pushing for their own independence because they were using ther programs standards as the level for achieving it. If your program didn't align with theirs...no. The issue has been churning now for a while and had changed a bit but not much. It will come around and around but I'm not sure where it will land. I have great concerns about fracturing the profession in that manner. I'm not sure I understand your last question. I have my hands in so many things (past and present) I can't always summon them up
  12. Delta I hear you and you are not alone in your observation. People who have a complaint will spend 100 x more energy complaining than someone who is happy will talk about how happy they are. I think the overt "no expansion for any non-physician" is out there at the political level and is ubiquetous. The ground level at work stuff is more subtle and insidious. I think I work for a pretty good organization in most ways. Recently I had some exposure to physicians at the upper levels of management and was somewhat stunned to discover a "sit down and shut up we know everything" attitude that was thinly disquised behind a polite veneer. "thanks for sharing your thoughts" and "we are aware of that" with zero feedback or any suggestion feedback or follow up would ever come. When I suggested the organization could really benefit by having a PA at the senior admin level nobody said "tell me how we could benefit". The answer was "no we wouldn't".
  13. Paula I liken this to steering a ship by blowing on it. It can be done but it takes a lot of time and breath.
  14. I am trying to get in to be seen. Sorry for all the confusion.
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