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  1. We don't have an official position yet. We were waiting for the title investigation to complete. There wasn't much point in spending a lot of energy on the issue until we knew what the issue was. Personally I have long advocated for ANYTHING that cuts us loose from physicians in title and the minds of the public. We need a title that is ours...just ours...and not one that associates us (makes us a lesser version of) any other group. I would have supported Praxician over Physician Associate
  2. You're right and I should stay offline when I'm really tired and stressed. Please accept my apology
  3. In Texas we had this odd system where when we wanted to expand our scope somehow it would get approved for use in underserved areas and then after nobody died it would be rolled out more generally. I'm not sure why country folks were the test subjects but it worked. So Rev's point about toe holds is true. Make a crack and then leverage it.
  4. We should absolutely use outcome data to try to move the profession forward and we have been doing that at many levels for a long time.. That data is valuable when dealing with regulators and legislators. It is useless when dealing with physicians because this is a political issue and one of control and money. Data and reality rarely have much to do with politics. That said most of my outcome data is getting old.
  5. Oh don't get all butthurt. This is a sore subject so you are going to get some responses you weren't looking for. I think what most of us were saying, including me, is let us concentrate on PAs and make sure we are identified as a unique profession. We shoot ourselves in the foot every time we try to make points for us and automatically include NPs in the formula. We promote the idea that we are the same or close enough it doesn't matter. So why promulgate data on PAs and NPs? Why not just PAs? Why are we obsessed about NPs besides the fact they are murdering us legislatively? When we talk about us...talk about us. There is a fairly substantial body of data about outcomes. I used to keep a pile of it but don't have it to hand right now and I'm getting on a plane shortly. Rod Hooker did some great stuff on outcomes. The physicians have adapted their game play. They used to deny the validity of this data and, now that they can't do that any more, state it is invalid because that data was generated while we were being supervised so it isn't relative to if we weren't.
  6. ^^This.....every time anyone studies this its always "APPs" and we HAVE to start distinguishing ourselves as a unique profession and not part of a larger group of "not physicians".
  7. In the VA PAs and NPs were offered, essentially, independent practice several years ago. The NPs jumped on it and our leadership declined. Here we are. I had an interesting talk with a VA doc a couple of months ago who didn't know NPs didn't require an SP anymore. She seemed pretty distressed by the news. I just was accepted for a primary care position at my local VA clinic about 10 minutes from the house. I have provisionally accepted. I say provisionally because they have a review board that looks at your experience and plugs you into the salary scale so I don't have a number yet. Its an arcane process I can't untwist. If someone who works at the VA has some insight on what I'm likely to be offered in primary care with 31 years experience I'd appreciate it. BTW I blasted through the interview process quickly. They had several NPs apply (I'm told) and they couldn't come close to matching my resume. From closure of the announcement to my offer was about 3 weeks which is stunningly fast for any government agency.
  8. Horrible on many points. The hours are bad. The vacation deal is nuts. The non-compete is insane. I advise folks to NEVER work somewhere that has family members in the practice particularly a physician/nurse or physician/office manager husband and wife. If there are disagreements you will always lose. You may have set the bar for bad deals. Run
  9. You touch on a possibility very few consider...the military. I was already on active duty when I was accepted into the Army program. It was a tough program in the first place...ranked in the top few in the country at the time. Combine that with required Army training like doing PT in the morning before school, range qual, field problems, mass casualty training etc it was pretty intense. However the entire time I had a salary, housing, health, dental etc etc. When I graduated all I owed was time I planned on giving the Army anyway. Jon I'm glad you landed on your feet. You said it....network network network. I was in a similar position and someone here suggested I apply for my current position.... a type job I would have never even imagined. So for folks still struggling....keep chugging and network anywhere and everywhere you can.
  10. yup....numbers going up. Hospitals in many areas are stretched until bursting. It is likely to be as bad or worse than when this first kicked off.
  11. I have lived in small towns for many years. If Walmart doesn't have it...you don't need it.
  12. I thought the test mish-mashed a bunch of odd standards questions with a lot of "normal" information. I passed it but it was a weird test
  13. ^This outlines it from the student perspective. The economics of it from the employer perspective has been discussed many many times. And I still hear a few loud "leaders" who want long term studies and data before we take any action. It makes my brain hurt.
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