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  1. Basically they announced and discussed the results of the branding survey which looked into all the aspects and feeling about our current title and how we are perceived by various groups medical and non. The general result was we need a title change. Now they start evaluating what title and how to best roll is out.
  2. PLEASE VOTE! Dear Colleague: I am asking for your help and support and it’s a big favor. In 6 weeks I will be needing some very good people next to me, working together, to forward our profession into the future. I know many of the people running for office very well and they all are fine and good people. A number of these leaders have been fighting the progressive fight and have been outspoken about taking the profession to a new level for many years. They have called for and understand full responsibility/OTP, title change and other things we need to achieve for continued success and are now looking to how to implement these and more in the future. That is why I am asking for you to support the following candidates running for office: President: Beth Smolko BOD: Jenn Orozco Billy Collins Stephen Lewia What I will ask you now is, if you agree, is to send your own email (not mine) to 20 colleagues ASAP who you know are AAPA members asking them to do the same. I do believe that these people offer us all the best chance to make next year and our collective futures the most positive they can be. Also, whomever you feel are our best leaders, please vote! With much thanks and optimism, Dave
  3. PAs for Tomorrow provided the 2019 AAPA candidates questions regarding their beliefs about the future of the profession. Please go to www.pasfortomorrow.org for more information about our endorsed candidates. After a lengthy review and robust discussion, the BOD of PAFT is pleased to endorse the following candidates: President: Beth R. Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C Director-at-Large: Jennifer Orozco, MMS, PA-C, DFAAPA House of Delegates Director/Second Vice Speaker of the House: Leslie Clayton Milteer, PA-C, MPAS, DFAAPA #PAFT #AAPA19 As of right now the more involved explanation of our process and reasons hasn't been posted but will be up soon. If you are an AAPA member we encourage you to vote!
  4. Shrug it off unless you think he was intentionally trying to belittle you. My last SP used to gently pimp me and I had 20+ years in. If I didn't know..I didn't know and I'd learn something. I didn't see any malice in it and I think as my SP he was entitled to probe my understanding sometimes. No blood...no foul.
  5. Oh yea. I am not pro union generally. Generally I think they have outlived their usefulness and original purpose. My recent experiences suggest they still have a place.
  6. I have seen how large organizations treat people here in Texas (an at-will state) and I would sooooo love to see these places unionize. My entire agreement with my current organization went in the shredder less than 2 months after I started work because we took on a "strategic partner" . That means a company who will slash and burn through the organization cutting everything regardless of its impact on the staff and patients. I have watched this organization, which quite frankly is better than many, change anything and everything it wants with no discussion or notice with the people affected. Its maddening.
  7. I think that is a pretty universal feeling. I can take written exams for years but even the simplest hands on test gives me the willies.
  8. Maybe. They seem to be balancing things by having some candidate events at the conference but the attendees are a small number compared to overall membership. This is an interesting new way of running the elections. We will have to see how this works. I'm not for or against this new way. It is just different.
  9. ^^This. Always. You can't eat pride.
  10. Do the math with real numbers. How much does a visit generate and how many visits can you do in a day if someone else is doing the simpler tasks.It won't take many more visits a day to make the numbers work. However your comments are telling and it sounds like you will not be successful in convincing them. If they have already lost providers over this and failed to make any adjustments they are probably stuck in their ways. A little basic math using the numbers you quoted suggests you are making about $27/hr. That's 48 60 hour weeks a year at 80k in pay. Now those numbers are rough but you'll have to really modify them to make it palatable. me? I'd be looking for someplace to go. Over worked and underpaid and treated without respect. Bye Felicia.
  11. network...network....network. Other students, preceptors, practicing PAs you may know. If they don't know of anyone ask them for their contacts and reach out to them. I think you have a hill to climb being a new grad and trying to get interest from other areas where explaining why you want to be there is tricky. Employers want a sense you are coming to stay a while. You need an anchor. "I'm coming to get closer to family/girlfriend". Something credible that explains your interest. Employers are like first dates...they can smell desperation and it is a turn off. When possible face to face is always best. Show up at clinics and hospitals with your resume and cover letter. As for the hiring authority/physician/office manager to give you a few minutes. If they can't or won't leave your CV. I'm sorry you are having to grind this hard but keep grinding. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.
  12. Yes and no. You patient load is OK though maybe a bit heavy for your specialty. The rest is utter nonsense. You should have a nurse, MA, or office assistant rooming patients, documenting mammos etc. Not only is the practice wasting money by paying the high dollar help to do these things it is insulting to you as the PA. Does the surgeon do this? Does he/she have a nurse and/or a clerk? You don't need to answer. I already know. I'd approach this from 2 directions. I'd start with the amount of money being wasted while you do office chores when you could be seeing patients. The other is simple respect for you an a provider.
  13. One of the few things I love about our EHR is the ability to create a flow chart on nearly any value. It really helps paint a complete picture. I agree context is king in determining the significance of labs. That said there are easily searchable reference for determining "normal" values but , as stated, what an abnormal value means is tough to quantify sometimes.
  14. i echo what Rev said.I think this would be a horrible job for a new grad. You have to make decisions without a physical exam and, no offense intended, I would be suspicious of a company that would put a new grad in such a position.
  15. The decision on the Huddle was based on the vitriol from last year when attacks were far more common than any useful discussion. I get that. They want to keep it above board and productive and spent way too much time policing up angry posts. I haven't seen much in the way of campaigning yet but I'll be interested is seeing what people have to say.
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