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  1. I admire you for this. I worked in Community Health (deep south) and had a patient who ranted racist garbage all the time. When he came in one day bragging about shooting a guy (you can imagine the language) and how his buddy the Sheriff was helping him not be charged I threw him out. It was a simple matter of no longer caring if he lived or died. I could not provide him quality care so he needed someone else. before anyone asks...yes I called the Feds regarding the shooting but they were apparently too busy.
  2. I had to laugh only because it is true. So many fat old out of shape drivers who want to blame the examiner because they can't pass a physical and act like its your fault they have uncontrolled diabetes. I had one come in with an insulin pump hidden under his shirt one time and lost his mind when I wouldn't pass him. Never again.
  3. I'm not reluctant to give notes...I do it several times a day. I'm reluctant to give notes for the time period before I saw you. If you clearly have something going on that has been happening for a few days I'll stretch that juuuuuuust a little. But if you come in healthy as a horse and say "I was out for three days because I had a cold and I need a note" it isn't going to happen. I know it sounds corny but we have a duty to the truth and if we compromise our integrity in small ways how can we be trusted in other ways?
  4. In what sense? Duration of the term or the amount of actual time it takes to make a difference in the profession? It varies. There is a fair amount of day to day collaboration via a platform we are now using to keep discussions organized and linear. there is a monthly board meeting via teleconference. Most of us attend the AAPA conference because that is where we have our membership meeting and annual face to face board meeting. There have been other opportunities to do some "in person" things but they tend to be random and voluntary. its some work and probably not for someone who want a ticket punch on their resume. It is, however, the most progressive PA organization in the country.
  5. I won't certify people for handicapped stickers unless they meet the standard. I won't give antibiotics for colds..patient satisfaction surveys be damned. I won't give work/school excuses for days prior to being seen. You could have been at the horse track yesterday for all I know. I won't sign trip insurance waivers unless they meet the standard. (Don't come to me 2 weeks later and say "I was sick and couldn't travel" if I didn't see you when you were sick. I don't certify comfort pets. I have had more people try to abuse this just to get into "no pet" buildings or avoid pet deposits.
  6. I'd be a bit cautious of non-approved Cat I CME. If you get audited and the NCCPA disallows it you could be in a pinch. You may get audited for last year and, after something is disallowed, may not have submitted enough to keep you certified. Just be sure before you bank on it.
  7. I really enjoy the people I work with. Patients... meh. Some days I feel like I'm helping and some days I feel like I'm swimming to the ocean of stupid and I'm working too hard to keep the wrong people alive. I think that is the definition of work for the most part. The folks who love what they do every day are in a very sweet spot indeed.
  8. Elections have opened for officers for PAFT and we still have open seats so if you like what we do and have an urge to participate in all the exciting things going on in the profession go to our web page and nominate yourself! PAFT
  9. To extend the analogy to an extreme just for discussion...what if the Sheriff believed in stopping insulin because diabetes is just a disease of fat people and they just need to eat right and exercise? Or what if she was an herbalist and wanted to substitute plant remedies for medicine? I covered a small poor local jail when I worked at a Community Health Center and there was endless pressure (and complaints) to switch people off meds that were working fine and put them on something cheap. Once they wanted me to stop an expensive anti-psychotic and give the patient Prozac "because it's the same thing like and we looked it up." Yes it is medical decision making. Is it legal? Probably
  10. The problem is we keep talking about respecting or physician partners. 1) They have no respect for us except when they control us and 2) They aren't our partners. They never will be. They oppose everything we do so why do we continue to worry about their feelings? What else can they do to us? We don't have to be antagonistic but we need to keep them informed and then proceed regardless of what they think or how they feel.
  11. "we may find ourselves with a DNP as our supervising provider some day!" I'll practice out of my garage for vegetables and chickens first. Title change is important. OTP is more important because it will keep us competitive in the marketplace.
  12. Don't let them. Much of what they say it true but a lot of it depends on the practice. I have been in primary care in one form or another for 30 years. Some days its a suck fest. Some days are really good. There aren't enough of us in primary care. We have, like the physicians, followed the money into specialty care. If you want to do primary care....go do it. If it were possible I'd work for a private practice again but they have gone the way of the do-do.
  13. It would beyond my comprehension that AAPA wouldn't follow through. They have some very forward looking leadership and, so far with just a couple of exceptions, the people who are seeking positions in the upcoming elections are very progressive thinkers for the profession as well. I'll be at the meeting and the HOD. I want to see the outcome.
  14. Nope just everyone in their lane of traffic. If you have X amount of training you can do Y. However while doing Y nobody has to hold your hand or look over your shoulder.
  15. It is highly unlikely, though not impossible, that no such rule exists. Our entire system followed such a guideline and it cost them millions all because 1 physician in administration said it was the law and nobody double checked. I did. It didn't. Rule doesn't exist anymore.
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