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  1. Nietzsche? Damn Bob. That is a deep dive. What is next? Kafka? "
  2. Sorry Corp I think that is just a bit paranoid and I don't trust much of anything I can't prove so for me that is a big statement. I work in an organization where "nice" is more important than anything and I could see them firing a physician (or anyone else) who wrote something "bad" about another group of employees. It is a feel good tender touchy feely world these days often at the expense of common sense, thoughtful discussion, and progress.
  3. I listened to the testimony which was strongly in favor of hiring the outside consultant to determine the best choice for title change. The voting will take place in the morning (Monday 21 May). The voting begins at 8AM central on all resolutions and should be completed by noon. I suspect earlier. The 2 main things PAFT is watching is title change and some suggested change to OTP language. I'll try to post an update when I can
  4. Well I'll be in the bleachers at the HOD here shortly. I can't parse their agenda to guess when title change and the states trying to modify OTP language will come up...they meet for 3 days...but I'll try to post an update. Anyone in NOLA who wants to say hi PAFT has a membership meeting and meet and greet today or shoot me a message. I'll try to watch for them. I'd give my cell phone # but dark forces are watching for me....
  5. "Now that I do predominantly Internal Medicine, 26 yrs in - I guess I have earned the esteemed title of Flea and should be proud of it..... somewhat better than being a Bonehead in Ortho - maybe" Why Flea? Because it's the last thing to jump off a dead body..... Never gets old. :-0
  6. It takes every PA with an opinion calling and writing their state delegates to the HOD and expressing an opinion. Your state society is there to represent your interests and they can't do that if they don't know what they are. Look on your state society web site. There will likely be an email address for every board member and every HOD delegate. Let them know how you feel.
  7. It has been a conversation for years and there is some discussion and hopefully some action started at the AAPA HOD next week.
  8. On the nickname theme... when I was in clinicals at Ft Knox Ky. I was on urology and they sent us a basic trainee who had hurt himself. It seems he woke for PT and they were being hustled to formation and his erection wouldn't go away so her forcefully folded it in half and went and did PT. When they were done with PT he realized he was hurt and went to the ER and then to us. His nickname? PBD... Private Broke Dick. Personally I hope he had a long career in the Rangers or SEALs or something because that was a feat of will most people couldn't even imagine.
  9. Did you do the home violence questionaire? "Do you feel safe in your home? " "No." "What makes you afraid?" "Dirty dishes."
  10. Pardons if I am repeating myself because I have this conversation a lot......physicians don't think of us as associates (generally). Only another physician can be an associate of a physician and many physician groups are organized at PA (Physician Associates).
  11. sas5814

    Need Help Please Advise

    run, run, run....you aren't practicing medicine. You are in a money mill. Get out yesterday protecting yourself as much as possible. Another conversation and there will be wildly different opinions but while getting out you may consider reporting them to appropriate agencies. There are so many things wrong here it defies description. In law enforcement we used to have something called queen for a day. The first person to snitch gets a pass as long as they are 100% truthful about everything. It may not work with regulatory agencies but it will probably be better than getting sucked up in an investigation somewhere down the road.
  12. Look at it from the employer's viewpoint. You have several applicants to look at and 1 hasn't applied for licensure. How serious is the candidate? How long will it take to get a license if we offer a position? I need someone who is available now and serious about the position. Next candidate ....
  13. Sorry Boats but the DNP is never going to die. Nurses have a political machine and nurses in leadership everywhere...and their numbers are growing. It is a sad reality but reality just the same. People get advanced degree for a lot of reasons. Mine was stupidly simple...I was doing a lot of legislative work and legislators LOVE a title. It gave me some gravitas with them when talking data. Suckers..... So this is just one more pathway for those interested. It's an easy metric. If it interests you and the time and money is worth it to you...participate. If you think it is a waste of time and money...don't. Easy peasy....
  14. *OUCH* The worm story reminded me of one of our patients who had some psych issues who came in with her arms all scratched up stating she had worms crawling out of her skin. The part that made me almost laugh was when the described them as white with little black eyes and then there was a dramatic pause and she leaned in pointing to her eyes and then mine with 2 fingers over and over again said "AND THEY LOOK YOU RIGHT IN THE EYES!" I know she had psych problems but her delivery was priceless.
  15. Just to lighten things up...what is the most bizarre complaint anyone has ever given you that you had to struggle not to laugh out loud. Please... don't wander into "it could be this serious thing". Just have a little fun. I thought of this last week when a family of 4 adults wanted a medicine to make an 11 year old boy's feet stop stinking....... This was 4 portly adults all crammed into the exam room with this kid whose feet looked fine but were stuck in a pair of smelly sneaks with no socks.\ However that is a distant second place to the woman whose complaint was...her belly button smells funny a few days before her period. People never cease to amuse me.

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