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  1. sas5814

    Another bad op/ed on PAs

    I think for the most part there wasn't much bashing and a reluctant agreement with most of the points. I am unaware of any state mandated chart co-signature. Maybe it's out there but I'm unaware. Chart reviews which are conducted retroactively yes. Most counter signature rules are local/institutional where, for the most part, the physicians write all the rules. So maybe his target audience for this op-ed is his colleagues
  2. sas5814

    Another bad op/ed on PAs

    yea the tone was actually pretty mild for this website and most of the points he made were valid. Peter did a great job of working against the comments. My comment was "support OTP and this won't be an issue". Now lets see if they want to do something or just bitch and whine.
  3. I always read my own EKGs before looking at the machine read but I notice they machine interpretation often varies from mine and sometimes I can't find any criteria to explain the machine's reading. So I was curious as to others impression of the value and accuracy of the machine's interpretation.
  4. sas5814

    Another bad op/ed on PAs

    Peter Berg. Smart guy. I don't always agree with his take on things but his responses are thoughtful and factual. He is actually retired and lives in Mexico.
  5. 44 hours a week on average. No call. UC. 153 base pay and I'm tracking to hit about 180 this year. Trust me...there is more to a good job than money. Being treated well/respected is a big one. Good relationships with the docs. I have had crap jobs that paid well and they sucked...period.
  6. Guess I got used to the Army paying for mine. :-0
  7. sas5814

    Life after a lawsuit

    That is a tough nut and echoes the experiences of most people I know who have been sued. It doesn't seem to matter how good your care was or your documentation or the organizational support....it leaves you feeling dirty and bruised.
  8. Our ER generally lists "differential diagnosis includes" and lists 4 or 5 other things they considered and eliminated along with appropriate follow up instructions.
  9. sas5814

    Life after a lawsuit

    I have to tell my one and only "I got sued story" because its so funny. I was named in a suit where I never saw the patient but another PA with the somewhat unusual last name did. Apparently the attorney didn't read very carefully and, because I was the senior PA and well known, missed the name difference in involving a part time PA. When I realized what happened the hospital attorney said he would get me dropped but I suggested we let it ride until the statutory time passed for adding anyone to the case...which we did. We went to depositions and the patient's attorney asked me what my findings were when I examined the patient and I told him I never touched the patient. He got all agitated and waived the ER records in my face and yelled " Isn't that your name and signature on the chart!!!". I very calmly said ...no it isn't. It took him a minute and a few more questions to realize his error. I hope he got sued for legal malpractice. It was the most fun I have had at work ever.
  10. Tuition:$23,589 complete program Ouch....
  11. I think you painted the picture pretty well and it sounds like admin already has an idea they may be wasting money. I suspect with time it may change. In the interest of my own sanity I removed myself from decisions made by other folks that I have no control over. I think you guys gave your input and now its up to admin to do something with it. I don't think there is any added value in worrying about something you don't control.
  12. sas5814

    Life after a lawsuit

    Generally a "yes" requires a long detailed explanation of what happened and what the outcome was. If you lost the case there will be lots of questions about why. Was it your fault in fact or did the case get settled just to make it go away? I worked with a physician that had been sued 5 times never successfully. He owned his own practice so it didn't really change his life much. If he applied for a position with a large medical group they would probably give him a pass unless he was really needed. Is it the end of your professional career? Certainly not. Is it going to cause you some headaches and limit your job opportunities? Yup.
  13. Doing 1 man CPR in the back of a fast moving ambulance.... been there done that. Starting an IV while flying down a bumpy road...been there done that. Ahh the halcion days of being 10 feet tall and bullet proof.
  14. I have probably read "somebody needs to do something" or "The AAPA needs to fix this" or something similar 20 times this week about different things that are going on. My answer, almost universally, has been "what are you doing about it?" Apathy in the profession has existed about as long as there has been a profession with a small number of people doing the bulk of the heavy lifting while everyone else went about their professional lives. From time to time something will happen and the hue and cry will begin and, often, the people doing the crying have done nothing to help themselves. This is very much a "it takes a village" kind of thing. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of small issues that can effect us all on any given day. While we all need to pull together on big things there are many remedies to smaller issues that can be handled locally. Pharmacy won't accept your prescription even though it meets all the state requirements? Have you called the pharmacy? Have to contacted their corporate office? Have you posted on their Facebook page (something I find gets a faster response than just about anything). A recent suggestion I really like... write "DO NOT FILL AT PHARMACY ABC" in big bold letters on every prescription until you get some satisfaction. Found the dreaded apostrophe "s" someplace it doesn't belong like a hateful journal article? Post a comment on the article. Email the author and publisher. Take some action. Found grossly incorrect information about the profession somewhere particularly in a journal or opinion piece? Send correct information and an explanation of why the information is wrong. Again let the author and publisher know. Sometimes the author is simply working with bad information or maybe they have an axe to grind. Publishers almost always care about publishing correct truthful information. Do you feel like you are being squeezed in the job market by the NPs? Are you a member of AAPA? Your state society? Your specialty society? Have you given money to your PAC? When it is time to call regulators and legislators do you pick up the phone? Send an email? Do you participate in the solution or just complain about the problem? When working for or advocating for the profession sometime we need to all heave-ho together to accomplish something. More often we are suffering the death by a thousand cuts and we can only remedy these things if each of us individually take some ownership and make some efforts on our own behalf and on behalf of our colleagues and profession. We all know what synergy is. Now we just need to develop some.
  15. Well this has wandered way way off subject. Can we just all agree everyone is the best, hug, and move on?

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