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UNT 2019-2020 application cycle

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On 8/13/2019 at 10:38 PM, ancientMedicine said:

Obviously I don't know for sure b/c I'm on the same forum as you but, as I understand it, and for what it's worth: 


Influencing factors would include questions like these:

  1. why was it not higher?
  2. was there an upward trend in your later classes, particularly your last year?
  3. does your school have a history of hard grading?
  4. How are your test scores? crushing the GRE--or better, the MCAT--can help

Did you discuss your GPA in your essay? I got a C in O-Chem I, though it was while I was working full-time in a senior position at a nonprofit and full-time between two different schools. (I wish I had addressed that more directly in my essay, but I was worried about drawing attention to it.)

I struggle with debilitating depression so i talked about that. I did not directly talk about it but it was implied thats why my grades were so low. I don't believe it will be enough though.  I went to Texas Tech, I don't know if they're known for that tbh. 

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5 minutes ago, HopefulPA2019 said:

Ironically all my prerequisite courses were a b or higher. That is why im so shocked that Caspa calculated my science gpa so low. Overall, my gpa is 3.3 which is still not so hot. I guess it is because of my electives from my biology major where i scored some Cs. I talk about it in my essay what happened but i dont know if that will even matter. UNT is my only shot because it does not have a minimum for the science. I had to withdraw my other applications which is very discouraging.

Spend a semester at a community college doing an EMT program. You'll come out certified, pick up like 18 science hours, and boost your GPA. Plus you can accumulate PCE / HCE while you wait. 

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On 8/15/2019 at 11:40 AM, Hmhguy95 said:

Anyone know when unt plans on sending out invites again? I mean I know my odds aren’t great of getting an invite since my app was under review on 6/5, but I’m still trying to remain somewhat hopeful.

I got an interview invitation for Oct 19 today. Hopefully you'll get one soon! 

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On 8/13/2019 at 1:11 PM, HopefulPA2019 said:

Im kind of embarrassed to ask this but does anyone think I could get an interview with a 2.9 science gpa? I know theres no minimum but im still nervous.

Look at schools that have a replacement GPA- they look at either the last 40 or 60 credit hours. My GPA was 3.2, sGPA 3.08 but my replacement GPA was 3.8

After I graduated in 2016 I went to EMS school, became a EMT-B, then went to work at a private ambulance company and at several ERs. My CASPA GPA wasn't great (didn't do well freshman year and paying for it now) so I continued to take classes every semester and just recently took biochem. I was able to raise my science GPA and my overall GPA but STILL was pretty low. I've recently been accepted to a out of state program. I was in your shoes not that long ago so it's not impossible. I would recommend if you haven't retaken those C's in your science prerequisites then you should just because they obviously want to make sure you can handle graduate level science courses. I applied to CASPA twice and if I hadn't been accepted this would had been my third time applying. 

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Invited for interview October 19th! 


Email received at 1327 hrs.

Cried at 1328. 

Replied by 1330.


Application submitted last Saturday of July, verified that Tuesday.


GPA: Undergrad 3.76,

          Grad (seminary)  3.9,

          Post-bacc (all my prereqs) 3.67? 

          cumulative undergrad 3.73

          overall 3.80

sGPA: 3.48 (I addressed in my application that I've maintained a senior level FT job while in school, and got a C in Ochem)


Shadowing: 50?

GRE: V 166 Q 156 (combined 322) W 5.0

10 years work experience: military service + nonprofit 



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