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UNT 2019-2020 application cycle

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On 10/8/2019 at 2:36 PM, 1stgenPA said:

Anyone with a rejection care to share their stats?? 

Overall GPA: 3.81

Science GPA: 3.84

GRE: 319 (Writing 4.5)

PCE: 1050

HCE: 300

Volunteering: ~100

Research: 320

Shadowing: 0

Non-healthcare work experience: >10,000 (was serving throughout high school and college to pay bills so that's why volunteering and shadowing not too high - tried to explain this fault in my essay as well)

Was feeling pretty hopeful about UNT so kinda bummed but I have two interviews coming up so there's still hope for me haha. 

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55 minutes ago, tarynnoelle said:

Got my rejection email (no interview). I have two interviews coming up in the next two weeks so still hopeful. Good luck to everyone here! I visited their PA open house and really liked it! Too bad I couldn't interview!

When did you apply/get verified? I applied end of July and haven't heard anything so I'm assuming that is good news! Unless they just haven't gotten to my application yet lol

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On 10/16/2019 at 3:30 PM, Ehawk said:

Do those accepted mind sharing your stats??

cGPA: 3.89 sGPA: 3.91 GRE: 318 4.0 Writing

PCE: 2500 Hours Pharmacy tech and medical assistant

Volunteering: 300 Hours-Ronald McDonald House charities, Hospice volunteer, Habitat for Humanity

Shadowing: 60 hours- 3 PAs in different specialties

Also had a lot of extracurriculars and was very involved at my University. 

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