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  1. Congratulations to everyone who received interview invites. Last correspondence I received was the "thank you for applying" email.
  2. So, just to be clear, nobody has received anything regarding faculty review or interviews yet right?
  3. What compelled you guys to apply to UNT specifically, or did you guys apply to all the Texas schools?
  4. I haven't received a confirmation email yet either. The most recent correspondence I received was regarding the Merlin account. I did email Aubrey and she told me that everything was in, and that I should receive an email shortly confirming. I have not, and that was in June. I'm going to email her back today. Edit: She got back with me and said it's still under Admissions Office review. Edit: I received a confirmation email and "sent to committee for review" yesterday.
  5. I just received an email saying the application went through first pass for requisite requirements and now will be sent to faculty for review.
  6. Same here, good luck to everyone. First interview invite last cycle went out late July. Now we play the waiting game.
  7. Well, I emailed them Friday and she got back with me today saying faculty review will start in July and my application is complete and ready for review. She also said I wouldn't hear back for some time (presumably sometime in July). I never received an email about the review being completed, but I did receive one stating my application was completed. Guess just waiting now.
  8. Thanks, I'm sure we'll be discussing here. Good luck to everyone on this.
  9. Can we get either this topic or the other topic in regards to the 2020 application cycle closed, so we all know which one to go to and we're not spread apart? Also, had anybody heard anything yet? Based on last cycle's topic it looks like it could still be a little while.
  10. Congratulations to all - can you keep this forum updated on the status of the probationary "hearing" or visit the ARC-PA will be doing this month? I applied for the 2020 cycle, this is my top choice as I live in Houston and Baylor is (probably) a no-go. I am concerned about the probation status of accreditation, though. I wouldn't want to be put on hold for any reason or have to find another school halfway through. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, which email address did you get the "under review" email from? I sent my application in the second week of May, and I still have not received that email yet.
  12. Congratulations!! Hope to see you there! I chose the afternoon session. I'm known for missing my alarms sometimes.
  13. I received mine last night too. I show an application for the "Graduate School of Medicine", but their PA program is in with the school of medicine (MD), as far as I can see.
  14. Has anyone received the 3 MyStar Portal emails yet? I submitted my payment last week and still haven't received anything.
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