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  1. Has anybody confirmed the style/type of the interview? I'm part of the 9/21 group and I'm really wondering what it's going to be like.
  2. Hello! I have an interview this weekend at UNT and was hoping to hear which interview format, quirks, and tips anybody has to share about their interview process. Hoping to hear back. Thank you for any info!
  3. Received an interview today for September 27 from 1-5pm. Here are some basic stats: 316 GRE, 3.63 GPA (3.74 Science) and about 2,000 hours of pharmacy tech experience, 400 hours being at a specialty fertility pharmacy. Any previous applicants know the structure of the interview and what to prepare for?
  4. Mine still says "under review by an admission specialist" and I emailed the graduate college and they said the applications are being reviewed as a whole and that this does not affect our status. Not sure if others here who received interviews also had their status set for the same as mine.
  5. Did anyone get email correspondence saying the application was complete and actually sent to the committee for review? I only got the "student center login credentials" and "thank you for applying" email. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything here. Thanks!
  6. Congrats, any inclination at all if they are going to be sending another round of invites soon? Or how full the class is so far?
  7. Ah dangit, I put UTSA in my answers to the supplemental application questions. Maybe that's why I haven't been selected for an interview yet.
  8. Do we need to have our transcripts mailed to them now, or is that just for accepted students? Anybody verify this?
  9. How do you access the portal? I received an email a while back about the application passing the first prerequisite review, but nothing after that. Edit: Nevermind, found it!
  10. Wondering if there are any applicants here that applied the first few weeks after CASPA open and have not received anything at all yet . It's radio silence, at least give me something! Lol
  11. Congratulations to everyone who received interview invites. Last correspondence I received was the "thank you for applying" email.
  12. So, just to be clear, nobody has received anything regarding faculty review or interviews yet right?
  13. What compelled you guys to apply to UNT specifically, or did you guys apply to all the Texas schools?
  14. I haven't received a confirmation email yet either. The most recent correspondence I received was regarding the Merlin account. I did email Aubrey and she told me that everything was in, and that I should receive an email shortly confirming. I have not, and that was in June. I'm going to email her back today. Edit: She got back with me and said it's still under Admissions Office review. Edit: I received a confirmation email and "sent to committee for review" yesterday.
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