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  1. Congrats! I don't believe there's a difference, it's just whatever time you prefer. I chose the afternoon session simply because I will be flying in from out of state so I wanted to give myself plenty of time to ensure I wouldn't be late. It shouldn't matter which session as long as the time works for you.
  2. Just received an interview today for October 19! I chose the afternoon session. Anyone else get an invite?
  3. My app was verified by CASPA 6/5 and Hardin-Simmons sent the "we have everything we need" email 6/6. They sent me the interview invite 7/8 for 8/5. I took the CASPer test on 6/2 as I saw it mentioned on CASPA so thought it was required. Stats: 2500+ pce (CNA and currently hemodialysis technician) 150+ volunteer hours 56 shadowing hours (1 PA) overall science gpa 3.68 (CASPA calculated) Hope this helps. I am a re-applicant and probably what helped is this time I applied really early in the cycle instead of towards the end right before the deadline and have a lot more pce. Last time I did not receive an interview and was rejected outright.
  4. I'm from California too! I haven't received an interview invite either and mine was under review 6/12. Where are you from? I'm from Sacramento.
  5. Did anyone get an email from Stanford stating if they received the CASPer score? I had already taken the test in the beginning of June for another school before they sent me the email and it shows that it was sent to both schools. Just wondering if anyone else has heard anything.
  6. I received that too. Hopefully we can start hearing about interviews soon.
  7. No I did not receive an email stating that the scores were received. I just saw through CASPer that the scores were sent, but the school never sent a confirmation that they received them.
  8. I got an invite to the 8/5 interview! I'm flying in from California.
  9. I am interviewing 11/3 at 12:30pm! Good luck to everyone! For those who already interviewed, how was the process structured?
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