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  1. Thank you! I emailed them today, but they have not responded yet!
  2. I just gave up my seat in the class as I have accepted a seat at a program closer to home! I truly loved the program and faculty, and if the program was closer, I would have most likely gone there! I have nothing but good things to say about the program and my experience with UTRGV! Best of luck to everyone! I hope you will hear back soon!
  3. Just received an interview invite for February! I will be giving up my interview spot as I have already been accepted at another program. Good luck everyone!
  4. I gave up my seat for another program! Best of luck to y’all! I hope you will hear back soon!
  5. I just received an acceptance call from the 10/7 interview!
  6. I also received an acceptance email from the 10/25 interview earlier today!!!
  7. Just got waitlisted from the 10/19 afternoon session interview!
  8. Did anyone not receive an email confirmation from UTMB when accepting the interview?
  9. Has anyone who has accepted the interview by emailing the UTMB received an email confirmation from them?
  10. I just gave up my interview spot for October 28th due to a recent acceptance! I hope this opens up an opportunity for someone else!
  11. I also got accepted! I got the email this morning from the 9/20 interview date! Good luck to everyone else interviewing!
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