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  1. I emailed her early this week and she said that we would hear back next week at the latest.
  2. I gave up my interview invite a few days ago as well, wishing everyone good luck and I hope we all find the best school that fits us
  3. Also got an invite today for 10/07! I am also very excited. Hopefully they will send out more details soon!
  4. They only give the supplemental to some candidates, but it will come through email! Good luck!!
  5. I also got an interview invite today, and chose 10/28! I'm curious as to why it is rolling admissions but they still allow us to choose interview dates. (But I do appreciate the fact we do get to choose)
  6. I don't think so! I know their interviews keep going through the fall. And I think I read on last year's forum they finished sending out secondaries around November. I waited a while to hear back about a secondary so I wouldn't lose hope yet.
  7. Received an interview today for late September! Also wondering how many candidates are at each interview.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm actually a pre-PA student who applied this cycle. I am just wondering to those who are practicing PAs: Have you ever experienced situations in which the patient does want to see a "real doctor" over the PA? I've definitely heard about this happening and I know it will likely happen, but I want to see how you usually deal with situations like that. Knowing that a lot of patients may not understand the role of PAs, or maybe even a doctor not really understanding, have you ever felt disrespected for your knowledge and training and how did you go about that as well?
  9. Also received an invite for 09/20 today!! Anyone else planning to fly over there?
  10. Hi all! My application was under review 06/12 and I received an interview invitation for October today!! There is definitely hope for anyone who submitted a little earlier and have yet to hear back.
  11. Ahh!! To continue giving others hope, I received a secondary application today and my app was under review 06/22. I'm so excited!!
  12. No, don't consider yourself out of the running. We have all got to stay positive on this journey to PA school, I know how draining the waiting game is.
  13. I received an interview in early-mid July for the first interview date in September, and I was verified the first week of June. I'm not sure how much this helps but just incase!
  14. Okay thanks! There is hope for the rest of us who have yet to hear
  15. Congrats! Can I ask when you received the under review email from Cornell?
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