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  1. Hey guys, I was debating on whether or not I should apply this late to Trevecca. At this point in the cycle, would I realistically have a shot at an interview? My stats: Cum gpa: 3.67 Sci gpa: 3.63 GRE score combined: 302 ( do they place a lot of emphasis on gre?) PCE: 1500 hours Scribe, 1150 hours Cell saver technician in the OR Shadowing: 175 hours ( many of these hours are pa shadowing between surgery and clinic) Volunteering: 10 hours ( my weakest area imo)
  2. Has anyone received a waitlist or rejection email? I haven’t heard anything yet
  3. I’m wondering the same thing. I live in Northwest LA and haven’t heard anything.
  4. Anyone know when they plan on sending out more invites?
  5. Anyone know when unt plans on sending out invites again? I mean I know my odds aren’t great of getting an invite since my app was under review on 6/5, but I’m still trying to remain somewhat hopeful.
  6. They said they planned to send out invites at the beginning of the week
  7. I interviewed on 8/2 as well. Based on last year, they send out acceptance letters 4 or 5 days after the last interview date, which is today.
  8. I’m wondering the same thing. I got my confirmation email on June 8th.
  9. Just talked to admissions. Invites are expected to go out beginning of next week.
  10. Well I was verified 5/31 and under review 6/5, so I think it’s safe to assume I will not be getting an interview. This is my second time applying as well.
  11. Seems like everyone that’s has gotten interviews this morning submitted early-mid June. I got my under review email on 6/12 so I really hope I hear something soon
  12. @PrePaGal4, do you know how many more interviews they plan on having? If there’s 20 per session I have a feeling that there aren’t many more interviews left.
  13. @JLMC1016, when did u submit your application?
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