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  1. 9/16. I was not sure I would get an interview since I applied so late.
  2. Anyone know how many interviews they have left? I sent in my supplemental and my app was complete around mid june and I still have not heard anything
  3. I just spoke to them over the phone and they said they plan on sending them out next week.
  4. I did the same thing. Last year I was rejected in late August. Either they are waiting to send out rejections or we are still in the running.
  5. Congratulations, when did you submit your application?
  6. I emailed them recently and they said they would be interviewing through February. The deadline is October 1st so I would hope they wouldn’t fill up before then. I received an email that my app was complete and being sent for review on 9/16.
  7. I spoke with them on the phone yesterday and they said that they have gone out. I’m not sure if I heard that wrong but I find that hard to believe. I would think someone on this forum would’ve had posted about getting an interview if they had gotten one. I’m out of state so I know my odds are very low but you never know.
  8. I actually found a pdf online detailing the admitted stats for the class of 2013. They accepted a little less than 40% out of state. I know these aren’t recent stats but I can’t imagine they would change that much. Some public university based pa programs accept more out of state than others. Feeling a little more hopeful now.
  9. Are they still interviewing through December or have all of the seats been filled?
  10. Does anyone know many out of state students they accept? Is it just a few or is it more like half their class?
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