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  1. Thank you! I actually didn’t even know you could sub score your gre scores. The gre doesn’t seem to be much a of a limiting factor in terms of getting an interview. Once you get an interview, it just comes down to the interview itself which I think is great. Some schools go back after and score your entire application after the interview. I got accepted at South College Nashville, so it may be slightly different at the other two campuses.
  2. I interviewed with Dr Braun and Dr. Yozzo and haven’t heard anything. Since someone else has heard from Dr. Yozzo, I’m guessing that means she has made her calls.
  3. It’s a private program, so no in state preference. I’m out of state and I was accepted as were several others in my interview group.
  4. Got my waitlist letter in the mailbox yesterday. Better than a rejection! Thankfully, I have already been accepted to another program. Good luck to everyone else still on the waitlist, hope y’all get in! P.S. Does anyone have an idea of how many they waitlist and is it ranked?
  5. They made it seem like they were doing it differently this year. I was under the impression that everything including waitlist and rejections would go out at the same time. It’s definitely possible because I know of other schools that do the same thing. If they had made all the acceptance calls already, I would expect more people posting on this forum.
  6. Just received a phone call! Interviewing Jan. 7th. I thought they were done giving out interviews, so do not lose hope!
  7. Can anyone give some insight into the interview process? I have an interview on 12/6 and would greatly appreciate a general idea of what to expect.
  8. Hey I think I know who you are! I sat next to you at the interview. I was also also accepted!
  9. I was just notified that I was placed in the alternate pool due to pending admissions decisions and to be on the lookout for an update in the coming weeks. Does Trevecca typically pull a decent amount from their waitlist?
  10. Congratulations! Have they emailed you back confirming your date?
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