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  1. I just got a rejection email. Applied and confirmed the end of July. Good luck to everyone!
  2. I havent heard anything. I emailed a few weeks ago asking for a update and they said it was still under review.
  3. Hey! I was in a similar boat, messed up during my freshman/sophomore years. I too had a low GPA. I would look at schools that have replacement GPAs. They look at CASPA GPA, sGPA, and they have their own replacement that looks at either the last 40 to 60 credits hours. There are a handful of school out there I know EVMS is one and their deadline is in March and no rolling admissions so you can update new things and submit in February, although they do require the CASPer . I would also recommend trying to find a organization to volunteer to increase your hours.
  4. CASPA averages everything so even when you retake these classes they'll still be averaged in. I didn't know this until a year before I graduated so even though I graduated with a high GPA my CASPA GPA was low. I messed up my freshman and half of my sophomore year and had a bunch of F's because I would just stop going and then eventually stopped like you. I was apathetic and had no motivation. A few years later when I went back to school I was a completely different person, but I had so much work to do to fix my GPA. I retook all those classes and graduated with honors. As previously stated, CASPA doesn't replace your grades so when you retake classes everything is averaged in. If you took one semester than you have like what, 4 F's? Just retake those classes and make sure you stay focused, aim for A's most schools don't like C's for your prerequisites or at all, for the most part. They want to make sure you can handle graduate level courses. You will have to compensate by doing well now and showing you have grown and are dedicated to becoming a PA. Make sure you volunteer, get as much HCE/PCE hours, and do well on your GRE (if your applying to a school that requires it). Since your just going back now you have a lot of time to find a job to give you clinical experience, if you don't already have it. After graduating I become a EMT and worked on a ambulance and a couple ERs. Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any questions, and by the way I was recently accepted to a school even with my low GPA! Dreams do come true!
  5. Hey all! I'm getting so impatient. Has anyone heard anything that applied at end of July? applied 7/29 verified 7/31 Also, does anyone know if and when they evaluate your application do they send a rejection letter then or wait?
  6. Congrats! When did was your application verified?
  7. Congrats! When did you send in your application and when was it under review?
  8. Look at schools that have a replacement GPA- they look at either the last 40 or 60 credit hours. My GPA was 3.2, sGPA 3.08 but my replacement GPA was 3.8 After I graduated in 2016 I went to EMS school, became a EMT-B, then went to work at a private ambulance company and at several ERs. My CASPA GPA wasn't great (didn't do well freshman year and paying for it now) so I continued to take classes every semester and just recently took biochem. I was able to raise my science GPA and my overall GPA but STILL was pretty low. I've recently been accepted to a out of state program. I was in your shoes not that long ago so it's not impossible. I would recommend if you haven't retaken those C's in your science prerequisites then you should just because they obviously want to make sure you can handle graduate level science courses. I applied to CASPA twice and if I hadn't been accepted this would had been my third time applying.
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