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  1. Thank you so much! I appreciate all of the recommendations and will definitely be looking into these before the rotation!
  2. Did anyone study some type of resource in advance for their ER rotation during clinical year? If so, what book/resource did you use? I have it as my first rotation and I am extremely interested in doing ER in the future so I definitely want to impress. Any tips would be great!
  3. No problem at all! I remember you also! I hope you are doing great as well and merry christmas!
  4. I also wanted to say if any of you that were currently accepted or on the waitlist have any questions- I would be happy to answer them if you shoot me a message on here!
  5. Hey Y'all! I am a current UTMB PA student. I just wanted to let you know that they tend to start pulling off the waitlist as soon as christmas break is over. We go back and start our spring semester on 01/04 so I would assume that they will start around then! I know a ton of people in our class that were pulled off the waitlist and some were even called as late as June (1 month from starting). Keep an eye out on your emails and your portal! Keep up the positivity and hope- getting on the waitlist is such an accomplishment!
  6. Hi there! I am a current PA-S1 (half way through my didactic year) and I received the NHSC scholarship in October. I do not have too much insight on after PA school stuff but I do know how amazing it is financially. The stipend they give us with taxes taken out is about $1,300 per month and they give you a one time lump sum amount annually for books/scrubs/equipment. They pay for literally everything and they definitely are not on top of you with pressure at all so far. I am so thankful that I got it and so far it seems 100% worth it to have this level of financial security. Would highly
  7. Hey guys! Current first year PA student at UTMB. The thank you cards were sent to every person that interviewed! So do not worry if you don't receive one yet, they are not an indication of anything just that we were thankful to have y'all!
  8. Yes! That means that it is definitely guaranteed! The contract says it is effective once the secretary signs it!
  9. Mine just says "electronically signed by" and the way it changes when you have it countersigned is that it shows that it was electronically signed by Jamie king right below your own electronic signature section! The portal status hasn't updated for me yet but I have heard most people don't get an update until a week or so after the countersignature!
  10. Second round finalist and first year PA student- I got the countersignature yesterday at 4:20 pm from Jamie King! Last name starts with M. Their is always multiple rounds of countersignatures- definitely will be more on Monday and Tuesday!
  11. Hi there! Current UTMB PA student and will be helping at interviews tomorrow morning! So excited to meet y'all. 1) The faculty is super down to earth and SO laid back! I'm super type A so I absolutely love that they are so mellow! UTMB is also super well known in the medical community, especially in Texas so it's great to be at a school with such a good reputation! One of my favorite things that I am about to start is volunteering at St. Vincent's student clinic (run by UTMB students) here in Galveston. You get to work with underserved communities and get hands on clinical experiences du
  12. That's how Ive felt also but I am just worried since they state it isn't a guarantee! But I don't see why they would have us sign a contract and provide our bank account information if they didn't plan on awarding us with it!
  13. You are not wrong lol anything could happen with this year honestly! I would not be surprised at all. This year has been odd with how they only did one credit check too so they could be ahead of schedule!
  14. Yes it's totally normal that you're able to access it still on some parts of the site! Yes I definitely got the maintenance message Saturday so I have no clue what's going on right now! Most years it was around 09/11 so it's pretty early right now?
  15. See same thing for me! What is weird is I have the portal log in bookmarked and when I click on it through bookmark- it works and lets me in fine but when i just look up NHSC, it gives me the maintenance message! Apparently last year someone was saying they did two site maintenances before countersignatures went out? Could be nothing but I have no clue!
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