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  1. Gave up my interview spot for November 11th this afternoon at 12 pm due to attending another program. Good luck everyone, hopefully they send an invite out to someone!
  2. I just sent a request to the facebook to join! My name is Jordan Minugh
  3. My status got updated to admit on Mystar this morning when I checked at 11:30 am! Received the email shortly after I checked around 11:45 am. I interviewed at the 10/25 session!
  4. It is MMI! I am not sure about much other than that. @KatD11
  5. @Whoop2018 I haven’t seen anything yet for me. I just know that the people accepted from the past interview sessions saw their Mystar update a few hours before they got an email. I don’t think anyone from our session(10/25)has heard anything back quite yet
  6. Ugh not yet! I have been anxiously waiting all day because most in the past sessions got their emails around noon and my star was updated around 10 am. I am thinking it will be tomorrow for us since we had the biggest session, must be taking them longer.
  7. I am wondering the exact same thing! ^ If anyone could update us if that's happening that would be amazing.
  8. That’s actually super helpful advice! Thank you for that, I really appreciate it.
  9. I haven't done an MMI yet but will be doing one soon at UTHSCSA! I have just heard they can be scary but I feel like it could depend on the person. I personally really like how UTMB did the one on one because the professors are very relaxed and welcoming so it felt like more of a conversation with them! I also feel like they were truly trying to get to know you more as a person based off of the things they asked and it felt like more personable because of that.
  10. No! It is two one on one faculty interviews that are around 15 minutes each. Way more relaxed than MMI!
  11. Oh thank god! I literally thought I was the only one. Ive literally been giving myself heartburn constantly my anxiety is so bad lol. Exact same though! I am beyond in love with UTMB and its 100% my top choice. I hope we both find out soon!
  12. Who else is extremely nervous for tomorrow or Wednesday that interviewed last Friday (10/25)? Hope I am not the only one!
  13. Has anyone heard anything today or yesterday about acceptances from the 10/18 interview? I am interviewing this Friday and wanted to double check on if it followed the pattern of getting acceptances the next Tuesday or Wednesday after the interview.
  14. I just got an interview invite for 11/11! Was verified on May 29th.
  15. I also received a rejection email from them this morning as well! Submitted my application in late May. Got an interview for another one that was my top choice so I am not too bummed thankfully. Good luck to everyone else!
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