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  1. I submitted and was verified 5/17. Received my under review email today 5/22!
  2. Anyone know how long it takes to get emailed the supplemental fee instructions once you’ve been verified? It’s been a couple days and I just wanted to see how long it took for anyone else. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know how long it takes to get emailed the supplemental fee instructions once you’ve been verified?
  4. Hello everyone! I thought I would start a thread for this cycle. I submitted and was verified 5/17!
  5. I submitted and was verified yesterday 5/17. Now the long wait begins.
  6. I submitted today 5/17 and was verified about 4 hours later. Got my under review email 5/21. Good luck to everyone! Get those apps in early
  7. @Jminugh Me too! Hoping interviews come out early.
  8. Okay thanks for the response! @MaryFred
  9. Hello! I have a question that I am really unsure about. So, my dilemma here is that I will be applying to multiple schools in many different places. My spouse will be moving with me hopefully. So my question is: if I got an acceptance in City A and City B, am I allowed to accept at both schools for about a month or so and see where my spouse can get a job? We are trying to figure out how to do this and this is just something I have been wondering about. My spouse has a fairly niche job that he may not be able to get a job in one city vs another. Assuming everything between the schools is equal. Is this allowed to accept at 2 places for a short time?
  10. Anyone else taking the CASPer on May 14? I'm wondering if this is going to delay sending out interviews early this year. I will have my CASPA submitted but it says it will take about 2 weeks for the CASPer results to send to them.
  11. Anyone who got accepted would you mind sharing stats? I can't find any stats on accepted students and would love to see what they really look for. Thank you!
  12. I'd say definitely apply! Look at each school's website and see what they count as PCE, because it can be different for every school. Target your application to places that take your experience as PCE and I think you have a good shot!
  13. Hey guys! I am having a hard time finding this information on their website for some reason. When does Baylor's program start every year?
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