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  1. cGPA: 3.89 sGPA: 3.91 GRE: 318 4.0 Writing PCE: 2500 Hours Pharmacy tech and medical assistant Volunteering: 300 Hours-Ronald McDonald House charities, Hospice volunteer, Habitat for Humanity Shadowing: 60 hours- 3 PAs in different specialties Also had a lot of extracurriculars and was very involved at my University.
  2. Anyone know if there’s a Facebook group for accepted students?
  3. Same. UNT just got me again with the email for the interview survey.
  4. So I get a call this morning from an unknown caller ID. I excuse myself from clinic, run outside so excited to answer hoping it’s them, heart beating so fast... and it’s a scam call. So much anxiety y’all lol.
  5. I haven’t been accepted, but I did interview! My biggest advice would be to prepare yourself for the format of an MMI. It’s fast paced and a little nerve wracking, but as long as you know and are prepared for that before going in, you’ll be able to give it your best shot. Good luck!
  6. Can some of you send pictures of what kind of shirts you wore under your blazers? I’m having a hard time figuring out what is professional enough to go under! I don’t really want to wear a long sleeved button down since I’m in Texas and it’s super hot.
  7. Who is everyone bringing to the meet and greet? I am debating on who to bring as my guest!
  8. Same here. I got the application complete email 5/21 so it’s been quite a while for me!
  9. I just got an email that my application has been received and is being processed!
  10. @Hmhguy95 I sent mine last cycle when I took the GRE and had to resend them because they did not have them. I would send them just to be safe because their GRE scores go straight to them and not CASPA.
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