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  1. Through a community college? Yes. Unless you have a bunch of money sitting around, do this instead of Doane. Through the link I sent? No. 9Unless you pay for the course.) I suggested you take that only for a refresher.
  2. I haven't taken it at Doane, and you shouldn't either. The ONLY reason to take Doane classes is b/c they have science pre-reqs for science majors, and you're going to pay through your nose for them. Take Medical Terminology as an online class from any community college that offers it and save $1,500+. I took mine through McLennan Community College; the online platform has a 2 week trial with book included; I completed it in 9 days at the beginning of the semester and moved on with my life. I highly recommend doing the same. (You're going to need a refresher before school starts anyway unless you're working as a CMA, EMT, or scribe; my school tells us to take this free one.)
  3. You can use Interlibrary Loan if you're in good standing with any library, or you can download a PDF of the previous version. It's off by a chapter or so. I strongly suggest you start a GroupMe with your class using the discussion board. Having help from your peers will benefit all of you immensely as you tackle this time-intensive course.
  4. you wont need to remember orgo, save for maybe a few naming conventions. When you run into that, just use Chads Prep as a refresher.
  5. @LC1201, how are you? How did you do it? Anything you wish someone had told you 8 months ago?
  6. Yes, 3__ level classes, but if you have any doubt you really need to check with the registrar or admissions team at your school(s), and get approval in writing. Don't spend $2k to find out it doesn't really count.
  7. I’m basically done with BIO Kim – my final isn’t due until December 8, but I’ve already taken it. There’s a lot of work in the class, but it’s not incredibly difficult and there are no hard deadlines.You just need to expect to spend a lot of time getting through the work.
  8. I applied August 31st and didn't hear anything until mid-November with an interview offer. (I've already accepted at UNTHSC, so I turned it down. And honestly, it felt great to turn it down after waiting so long to hear *anything* from them.)
  9. Relax, enjoy the ride read *all* of the instructions, and even look on the back use *all* of your time remember that even though the interviewer isn't allowed to chat with you, she/he is a person you're getting a chance to interview them: ask as many questions as you can dress professional, but be comfortable make friends. I don't mean network--I mean get to know some current students, some interviewers, and the staff. Get there early a make a friend in the interview pool. You'll feel and perform better when you're at ease! They're not kidding: there is nothing you can do to prepare. Be yourself. Be awesome.
  10. Has anyone done the immunology course at Doane? I just need 3 hours of another science, and I'd rather take 3 hours without a lab than the biochem w/ lab.
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