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  1. Relax, enjoy the ride read *all* of the instructions, and even look on the back use *all* of your time remember that even though the interviewer isn't allowed to chat with you, she/he is a person you're getting a chance to interview them: ask as many questions as you can dress professional, but be comfortable make friends. I don't mean network--I mean get to know some current students, some interviewers, and the staff. Get there early a make a friend in the interview pool. You'll feel and perform better when you're at ease! They're not kidding: there is nothing you can do to prepare. Be yourself. Be awesome.
  2. Has anyone done the immunology course at Doane? I just need 3 hours of another science, and I'd rather take 3 hours without a lab than the biochem w/ lab.
  3. I wonder if this whole experience is really just preparation for a killer lecture on Cushings & Addisons.
  4. Wait, tell me more about this affordable car insurance. I'm hoping to spend 30 months in poverty at UNTHSC.
  5. I have not, and from the two other folks I've talked to, they haven't either. Which is cool, b/c I love carrying this much anxiety around at all times. It keeps me sharp!
  6. So this is probably a little weird, but the interview was actually kind of fun. There really is no way to prepare for it – just be ready to answer questions and don’t let your nerves get to you. There’s a little bit of writing about yourself, but it’s just a paragraph or two, to text written communication, and then a few 8 minute sessions. Oh, and dress professional but comfortable.
  7. October interviewees got an email about a spot opening up for THIS Saturday, so I snagged it... but now I’m shook! I was anticipating another month to prepare, and now I have 2 days and I don’t even know which socks to wear.
  8. I'm in a similar boat, and have to finish ASAP Any advice? I'm reading through all of the HOL reports and material again to prep for that final, but don't really know what they'll ask, and then I have to take the lecture final by Friday. This class was absolutely awful. The lectures didn't line up with the slides, and they were poorly organized and scripted. I learned more skimming the book and studying entire test banks and extrapolating what the chapter was about.
  9. Invited for interview October 19th! Email received at 1327 hrs. Cried at 1328. Replied by 1330. Application submitted last Saturday of July, verified that Tuesday. Stats: GPA: Undergrad 3.76, Grad (seminary) 3.9, Post-bacc (all my prereqs) 3.67? cumulative undergrad 3.73 overall 3.80 sGPA: 3.48 (I addressed in my application that I've maintained a senior level FT job while in school, and got a C in Ochem) PCE/HCE: 0 Shadowing: 50? GRE: V 166 Q 156 (combined 322) W 5.0 10 years work experience: military service + nonprofit
  10. Spend a semester at a community college doing an EMT program. You'll come out certified, pick up like 18 science hours, and boost your GPA. Plus you can accumulate PCE / HCE while you wait.
  11. I think you'll be just fine! Shadowing is about knowing what a PA does and how they fit into the healthcare system. PCE hours are far more valuable!
  12. Obviously I don't know for sure b/c I'm on the same forum as you but, as I understand it, and for what it's worth: Influencing factors would include questions like these: why was it not higher? was there an upward trend in your later classes, particularly your last year? does your school have a history of hard grading? How are your test scores? crushing the GRE--or better, the MCAT--can help Did you discuss your GPA in your essay? I got a C in O-Chem I, though it was while I was working full-time in a senior position at a nonprofit and full-time between two different schools. (I wish I had addressed that more directly in my essay, but I was worried about drawing attention to it.)
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