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UNT 2019-2020 application cycle

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13 minutes ago, 1stgenPA said:

Anyone with a rejection care to share their stats?? 

GPA: 3.7

Science Gpa: 3.72

PCE: 2000 working as a patient care associate on med surg floor

GRE: 310

Volunteer: 300 hours 

Shadowing: 200 cumulative hours of different PA’s and doctors 

LOR: clinical director, charge nurse, ortho doctor

besides getting a LOR from a PA, I will gladly accept advice someone has on what to do when I apply next year!

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Hello. Can someone please share when the most recent interview invite email was sent and for what interview day? I think they have 2 more interviews (November and January). For those who got a rejection email, did you ever interview at UNT this cycle? Or was the decision based on your application? Thank you so much and good luck everybody.

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3 hours ago, KatD11 said:

Anyone who interviewed want to share any insight into the interview process? The October 19th afternoon session will be my first interview. Any tips or info would be appreciated!

Also, congrats to all those who were accepted. Hopefully I will be joining you!

  • Relax, enjoy the ride
  • read *all* of the instructions, and even look on the  back
  • use *all* of your time
  • remember that even though the interviewer isn't allowed to chat with you, she/he is a person
  • you're getting a chance to interview them: ask as many questions as you can
  • dress professional, but be comfortable
  • make friends. I don't mean network--I mean get to know some current students, some interviewers, and the staff. Get there early a make a friend in the interview pool. You'll feel and perform better when you're at ease! 

They're not kidding: there is nothing you can do to prepare. Be yourself. Be awesome. 

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