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    • Thank you for taking the time to reply to me in detail.  It is very much appreciated!  So i assume I need to file for financial aid as an independent vs. dependent? Would I need to claim my spouses income? Thanks a million!
    • you need to work as an EMT for it to carry much weight.
    • Any Alaskan Native Health Organization can put you in remote sites. Fairweather LLC out of Anchorage  has many remote site positions as does Beacon OHSS. Remote Medical Incorporated has international positions and remote US ones too, They like to hire Paramedics also. Some of the Seafood Processors hire PAs to work in their coastal processing plants across Alaska. Some villages hire seasonal PA like Camai Health Center in Naknek,. AK. The best plan is to get to know folks working the type of positions you are seeking, once you have " a rep" jobs will come looking for you!  
    • I have worked in both occ med and a retail clinic.   I enjoyed them both, and the pay was much better than my previous position in family practice.
    • Submitted 6/10 and verified 6/15- suprized that I’m seeing decisions coming 2 weeeks or so

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