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Found 9 results

  1. Monday to Friday 9-5. No weekends. But I’ve shadowed on Monday and they usually stay late. When the doctor is there the work seems very secretarial. Calling about results a lot of the time from what I’ve seen. There’s a PA there that’s been there for 3 years and even she seems to spend most of the time at the computer. But I will get to do joint injections and the standard pain management stuff. Benefits: 80k + 10k signing bonus (repaid in full if I leave within two years) Insurances Full Licensing, DEA, and credentialing; Full $750 CME 2 weeks paid for vacation and sick leave 1 week paid for CME Malpractice Covered with No tail (but tail seems to be required) 2 Year, 15 mile non-compete (they have 3 offices) Oh and they want me to start as an MA at $16/hr while my licensing is going through. Pretty bad huh?
  2. Hello Everyone, We are holding the first open house for our Physician Assistant Program on January 30 at 6:00 p.m at the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown NJ (www.cse.edu). For information about the program visit https://www.cse.edu/academics/aas/physician-assistant. Please see the attached file and register soon by emailing me at ltarke@cse.edu. Space is limited. What you will gain: CSE requirements, tour the PA Program, meet the faculty, and Q & A.
  3. I am very excited to have been accepted to Monmouth University's new PA program. Please post if you have been accepted too, I would love to meet my new classmates!
  4. I didn't notice a forum for this program, so I thought I would try to start one.
  5. Hey Everyone, For those of you who have shadowed physician assistants already, how did you get the ball rolling? I'm currently typing up a letter of interest that I can personalize and leave when I approach places of interest. At the moment I'm considering going to Urgent Care or MedExpress facilities in hopes I can find some PAs there. I've also put out feelers to friends in the medical field in hopes they can point me in the correct direction. I've already contacted universities in New Jersey with PA Programs to find out if they have a program for alumni who are interested in having someone shadow and was told no, the information is not available to non students. This is understandable, but I am looking to change careers and believe it is vital for me to shadow now so I can figure out if I really want to go down that path. Any help, questions, or comments are welcomed. Looking in central/southern New Jersey as well as the Philadelphia, Pa area. Yes, I am on pashadowonline.com and every PA is at least an hour and a half-two hours away from where I live and they are not available on the weekends. My current job will only allow for nighttime and/or weekend shadowing. Thank you for your time! -H.Lilly
  6. Hello, Our office is currently looking to hire a full-time PA, we are located in South Jersey. I was wondering where is the best place to find the right person to fit our office. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello all, Come the fall semester I will be a senior at Richard Stockton College of NJ and I am looking for a PA to follow in south jersey/central jersey. Willing to work whenever I can/working around my school schedule. Feel free to write back here or at dgen7792@gmail.com. thank you so much.
  8. My name is Tom and I would like to shadow a PA to gain a better understanding of the profession as well as meet the shadowing experience/hours to apply for a program. Ideally I would prefer to shadow a PA who works in emergency medicine, GI, infectious disease, or internal medicine, but I would appreciate any opportunity that is available. I've completed most prerequisite classes, with a 4.0, and only have to complete Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry. I'm currently working as a CNA in New Jersey and have previously volunteered for a year in the emergency department at Georgetown University Hospital. My BA is in communications/public relations and I was previously working in the public affairs department of the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC. That is until, at age 30, I realized I wanted to have more of an impact on people's lives and help educate them on how to better care for themselves. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help with shadowing experience or point me in the right direction. I tried the http://pashadowonline.com/ website, however there aren't any PAs registered in my area. Thank you, Tom
  9. I'm taking my recertification next week, can someone send me copy of packrat please? Thank you.
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