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  1. From what I understand, it is true that a program is required to "teach out" students if it loses accreditation. This happened not too long ago at Mountain State University when the whole university lost accreditation. But from a practical standpoint, there is nothing to keep the faculty in place. Why would they want to stick around a dead end job at a dying program? It certainly won't be good for their professional reputation. If all the faculty bails out, what will the "teach out" look like? This is the major risk of going to a probationary school. Here are why schools are on probation - most problems are not trivial: http://www.arc-pa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Accreditation-Actions-2015S-to-2017July-Prob-only.pdf
  2. Nope. I don't think anyone makes exceptions for anything.
  3. Thanks - that's good to know. They only had 19 scores and it says their entering class size was 30 - does this mean they lost a third of their class?
  4. Does anyone know how they did on the PANCE? Their website still says: NCCPA PANCE Pass Rate: The first class will graduate in 2017. Following graduation of the first class, we will post the PANCE pass rates here. Didn't their class graduate in June?
  5. They have some pretty big issues: http://www.arc-pa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Accreditation-Actions-2017Jan-M-5.10.17.pdf I asked about this in another thread and someone said they were real issues and they were not fixed. They also have not posted PANCE scores yet. I'm nervous.
  6. Your stressing over things you can't control! Just get complete as soon as you can. Good luck!
  7. They will probably run a background check, but if this was all handled by the school it sounds like it might not be in "the system." You are probably ok. You make stupid decisions with alcohol. I would fix that. A medical licensing board won't like it.
  8. It looks like they took their website down. I guess they are done. Anyone know anything? I heard they will never get any clinical sites because the big local healthcare system works with Rutgers.
  9. You're saying they have bad issues and they are not changing? That's not good. Any idea on how they did on the PANCE? They don't have their scores posted. Coupled with the accreditation problems above it is making me very nervous to apply.
  10. The ARC-PA website said these are the issues - are there any current students on here that can comment? Report due for standards related to the sponsoring institution supporting the program in securing sufficient clinical sites and preceptors the program director being knowledgeable about the accreditation process instructional objectives in didactic and clinical courses that guide student acquisition of required competencies, the curriculum including instruction on the treatment of substance abuse and the principles of violence identification and prevention, supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) in preventive, emergent, acute and chronic patient encounters that enable students to meet program expectations and acquire the competencies needed for entry into clinical PA practice, SCPEs with patients seeking medical care across the life span, women’s health, care for conditions requiring surgical management and care for behavioral and mental health conditions, SCPEs occurring with physicians and PAs teamed with physicians specialty board certified in their area of instruction, SCPEs with preceptors practicing in pediatrics, documenting effective processes for the initial and ongoing evaluation of all sites and preceptors used for SCPEs documenting that each clinical site provides the students access to physical facilities, patient populations and supervision necessary to fulfill program expectations of the clinical experiences.
  11. Are there any current students that can give feedback about the program? Did they graduate a class yet?
  12. Your best bet is to contact the program and have the course descriptions ready to send to them.
  13. Personally I'd be concerned about the all the ones with a big report due. The ones on probation with a huge paragraph should not be in business. Look at Loma Linda and Monmouth University. They the program director does not know what they are doing and the objectives for courses and rotations are a hot mess. What does it take to get out of business?
  14. Here is the new hitlist: http://www.arc-pa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Accreditation-Actions-2017Jan-M-5.10.17.pdf There were schools on this list that I might have applied to if I had not seen this. This should be better advertised. Some of these places have multiple big problems - I don't know how they let them run like this.
  15. Do you know how long they have to wait to reapply? If they intended to seat a class for 2018 they would have opened their CASPA app already. Cornell has a big surgical focus. Is this the same at Kean? No one there will respond to emails.
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